Google is Killin' It -- Indeed = Baby Bathrobes?

Searching is so hard. I man seriously you have to type words to search, push ENTER, and then search again. Nobody has time for that, which must be the reason why Facebook and Google are making life more tolerable for recruiters by just serving up perfect candidates without all that searching stuff.

The boys discuss.

- Google Job Search API, NEW Candidate Search API and New product names?

- LinkedIn adds voicemail to messenger

- Uber drops autonomous trucking

- McDonald's reinforces their drive to the kiosk

- Upwork is down wit IPO - Yean you know me...

- Canvas loves Bitmoji

AND YES -- Indeed baby bathrobes..

WTF? I know right, that's why you gotta listen ... and show our sponsors - America's Job Exchange, Sovren and JobAdX - some big love!


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Joel: Yeah, and we're back bitches.

Chad: Ha, ha.

Joel: You're listening to the Chad & Cheese Podcast, HR's most dangerous. I am Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I am Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's show, Google and Facebook are playing the matching game. We're leaving a voicemail for LinkedIn, and baby bathrobes are coming to a trade show near you. Dogs and cats living together everybody. We'll be right back.

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Joel: We're back.

Chad: We are back, so how was Nashville man? I love Nashville, it's such a great town.

Joel: It's great, but I'm not sure I get the whole appeal of it.

Chad: Really?

Joel: It's sort of like boots, and rednecks, and fried food. Now, fried food is probably my favorite part of the town.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: I mean it's a small, little, intimate city. It's not like a Chicago or a New York, so it's really manageable. People there are friendly for sure. It's sort of a community of folks. It's a growing tech scene I believe. Obviously the music scene is cool there.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: It's all good, but I don't want to move there any time soon. It's a nice place to visit I guess. It was great. Jobg8 was last week. I went down for a couple days. Job boards talked about how they're dying, I mean how they're not dying. A lot of folks who want to partner with Job Board. I mean, there are probably more not job boards at the job board conference than there were job boards, which is sort of a testament to the business. It's always great to see old friends, meet new folks. There are people that are startups and trying to get into the business. It's all good. I enjoy getting out and networking, as I know you do as well.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: You weren't able to join me, so I wasn't held back by the albatross that is Chad Sowash. I was able to blaze my own trail, which is always nice.

Chad: You were taking naps in the corner, is what you're saying. That's what I'm hearing.

Joel: I just put my AirPods in and don't talk to anybody basically. It's a good time.

Chad: When you say that about the job boards dying, or not dying, or what have you, I always think of the Monty Python skit, where it's the black plague and they're like pulling dead bodies out and they're throwing on the cart and they're saying, “Bring out your dead.” The one guy's like, “I'm not dead yet.” It's like the job board industry, “I'm not dead yet."

Joel: Yeah, or if we're keeping with Monty Python, the knight who gets in a fight and his opponent cuts off his legs and his arms, and he's like, “It's but a flesh wound.”

Chad: “Merely a flesh wound.”

Joel: “Merely a flesh wound.” Yeah. They're not dying according to the show. Their stock is rising. They're a strong buy at this point. It's fun. Yes, everyone will always have a help wanted sign in the window, but is it something you want to like get on board with?

Chad: Yeah. It's all about evolving away from being a job board, that's what it is. You've got a shit ton of data. If you're not looking to do something with it, with some of these new technologies, yeah, you're going to be that guy who gets thrown in the plague cart.

Joel: Yeah. Right now it's all about technology, AI, chat bots. It's everyone at the show was trying to partner with, integrate with all the job boards that were there.

Chad: Right. I know. Totally dig that.

Joel: For people who love us during the week, they didn't get their weekly show, so we have a lot to cover today.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Lot of good stuff. Yeah, let's get to shout outs. What you got?

Chad: First off, Kyle Hager over at Hireology, who we haven't heard from in a while. Apparently work sometimes gets in the way of listening to the podcast, which I want to personally go on the record and say, that is horrible and wrong people. Do not allow work to get in the way of the great things in life, like the Chad & Cheese Podcast, and family, and happiness, but mainly the podcast.

Chad: It was really cool, because Kyle has this new hire starting, and she was starting like a week later or something like that, and she says, “Hey, is there anything that I can do to get ready for the job in the meantime?” He said, “Yeah, you need to listen to the Chad & Cheese Podcast.” Big ups Kyle, big ups.

Joel: Thanks Kyle. Mason Wong, long time listener of the show, long time fan of stuff that we've done over the years. He loves THE SHRED. If you haven't listened to THE SHRED, you've got to subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, et cetera. It's a snippet of news that's hot during the week, which we usually cover later in the week, with more opinion. If you love sort of your quick bites of news, THE SHRED is great, and Mason loves it.

Joel: I'll also add that his tweet was liked by Jobvite CEO Dan Finnigan, so I guess I could probably say that Finnigan is a fan of THE SHRED, so big ups and shout outs to them.

Chad: This is Mason's tweet, “Thoroughly enjoying THE SHRED. Nano episodes of #ChadCheese. Timely, bite seized tight news focused for subscribers.” That last part is key people. If you're not subscribing on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you listen to your podcasts, you might be missing THE SHRED. It's breaking news. It's happening at that time, so you need to subscribe.

Joel: Dude, Mason should be our hype man.

Chad: He is our hype man.

Joel: Really that's some really good copy there Mason.

Chad: That's good shit Mason. We've got Dinah Ribarski at TMP. Quick story. Yesterday I call Grasso because I need some Grasso time, and everybody needs some Chris Grasso time, right? Over at TMP. Anyway, Chris introduces me to Dinah, who I find out is a huge Chad and Cheese fan, and apparently she's the reason half of TMP listens to Chad & Cheese.

Joel: Wow.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: TMP is no little mom-and-pop shop on the corner.

Chad: No, but Gross, you've got to step up your game brother. We love you to death, you're the man. Get the rest of TMP to be listening to Chad & Cheese, and subscribe so that they can get THE SHRED as well.

Joel: Yeah, no doubt. Let's educate the world on recruiting news and opinion. I got a shout out to Melissa Patterson of Roan Resources in Oklahoma City. Melissa is an HR professional, so yes, many of them listen. They're not as vocal. They're sort of the silent majority, but we do have a high degree of HR folks listening to the podcast. She's a huge fan. Says everyone in her office makes fun of her because she's such a geek on Chad Cheese. Melissa, we appreciate you and thanks for listening.

Chad: Love some Melissa. Andrew Harris over at ULoop loves the show and wants to hear more about recruiting industry future state. Luckily Andrew today we're going to be talking about Google Talent Solution and Google recruitment tech future state. Today is your day my friend.

Joel: Nice. I'm going to give a shout out to Lindsay Lohan. Yes, that Lindsay Lohan, who does not listen to the show ever, but apparently there was a new story recently that Lindsay Lohan will fire her staff for wearing shoes that do not match. Lindsay is apparently a savage boss. The fact that she's in any sort of employment news is entertaining to me. Lindsay, you're not listening, but if you are, thanks for listening.

Chad: Oh my god, so last one from me. Nancy from Philly loved the interview with Skill Scout CEO Elena Valentine. A couple of points that I loved was we talked about how job postings suck. Again, these are no bullshit conversations, and how she thinks storytelling is dope.

Joel: Storytelling is dope. All right, my last and final shout out is going to make you really upset.

Chad: Oh god.

Joel: Typically, vendors will send along swag, particularly sponsors. Like we love the swag that we've gotten from Talroo, JobAdX, Uncommon, Next.

Chad: Uncommon. Yup. Next.

Joel: Good stuff, like my kids are at school right now, their first day of school wearing like Job Board and HR Tech swag. I don't need to go to Old Navy anymore for clothes, so that's great. Anyway, this past week ZipRecruiter from Israel.

Chad: What?

Joel: Sent me a care package, I guess you'd call it. There were the typical t-shirts, but there was Israeli candy, which my wife is a total sweet tooth, so she loved that. There was a bottle of booze in my FedEx package. I get this, and I'm thinking, oh Chad got it too, so as we were talking I was like, "Yeah, did you get your booze from ZipRecruiter?" He goes, "What are you talking about?" Zip in Israel, thanks for the booze, and thanks especially for not letting Chad get in on it and get booze as well.

Chad: What a bunch of assholes. How do they not know that I love booze just as much, if not more, than you do? I mean the t-shirts I definitely would love the t-shirts, but the booze. I mean seriously guys? Israel ZipRecruiter, you guys are listening all the time, what the fuck?

Joel: To them I say, [applause]. Very good.

Chad: Bullshit.