Indeed Gives Google for Jobs a Big FU

Dat Money keeps flowing in the Recruiting Tech world!

- iCIMS rang the cash register this week

- Wouldya Perkspot or ClearCompany?

- Upwork is moving into full-on Enterprise / Monopoly mode

- Indeed's says FU Google for Jobs

- We tease Smashfly and Emerson.

Big fun!

Visit our sponsors, because, money... Sovren, JobAdX and America's Job Exchange rock tha hizzy (do kids still say hizzy?).


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Announcer: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinions, and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Hey, hey, hey. It's your boys Chad and Cheese ready to drop another episode of HR's Most Dangerous Podcast on your eardrums. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm so pissed right now.

Joel: All righty, on this week's show iCIMS goes "Choo, choo." Indeed's parent company gives Google for Jobs a Big FU, and Smash Fry introduces the world to Emerson. Stick around, I think Chad has a rant stewing inside him.

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Chad: So much smart than human beings.

Joel: And that's not too hard to do if you're just on Facebook for a few hours.

Chad: It's not.

Joel: You got a rant inside of you, but we're gonna get the shout outs first-

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: ... and keep the audience waiting for this. I'm gonna start it off. Last week when I went off on HR Tech, justifiably so in my mind-

Chad: Yes.

Joel: ... I said that Todd Raphael, my editor at ERE, had dropped an F bomb. And when I went back into the actual conversation there were no F bombs dropped. So although Todd relayed surprise that I was not given a press pass to HR Tech, he did not drop an F bomb. He's way too classy for that. It's idiots like us who drop F bombs in podcasts. So just wanted to clear that up. Todd, you're all good man, don't worry about it. No F bombs.

Chad: Well Ed from Philly didn't drop an F bomb but I bet he wanted to. So he actually tweeted, "Boo hashtag Chad and Cheese won't be at HR Tech." He's not happy. And he actually came up with his own hashtag, #FreeChadCheese.

Joel: Which I love it. I think t-shirts are in order, maybe bill boards in Vegas for the show.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Yeah, I love it. Thanks Z, appreciate it. Shout out for Jason Crowell. Last week I talked about Google dropping related searches on his homepage. And had a talk with him, he was the one who actually saw it first, that I know of, shared it. Talked to him, he gave some insight which we might have time for at the end of the show to discuss. But-

Chad: Cool.

Joel: Jason, appreciate it. He's a recruiter out in Colorado for a trucking company there, so. Shout out.

Chad: Very nice. Well a couple of shout outs for our friends at jobAdX and Uncommon, who are going to be at HR Tech's startup Pitchfest. So if you're gonna be there, go to Pitchfest and check these guys out. Couple of awesome companies. jobAdX and Uncommon gonna be pitching out there.

Joel: Not to be mistaken with Bitchfest, which is what will be happening after hours when drinks are consumed.

Joel: Shout out to Jennifer Henley.

Chad: Yeah!

Joel: Some of you may have attended our webinar this week on high frequency hiring. Jennifer's an executive with NAS Recruitment Innovation. The webinar was sponsored by Talroo, so shout out to both them as well. But Jennifer did a great job. She's a mountaineer, which my wife really likes. And you know, let's go mountaineers! Shout out.

Chad: Shut up. So ... And also shout out to some of the attendees who participated. We got a bunch of participation that happens. Kathy Plum, Claudia, Adriana Maddox, Jacob, Michelle, and a bunch of others. Thanks for attending guys.

Joel: Did you just say Michelle and no last name?

Chad: Yeah, 'cause she had Michelle hyphen or some shit like that.

Joel: Michelle. Nice.

Chad: Michelle knows who she is.

Joel: That's nice.

Chad: Michelle knows who she is. If you haven't listened to last week's firing squad with ZAPinfo you have to listen to this episode. Doug Berg, who I call the grandfather of RMPs ... he didn't like that but still. He pitched, did a great job. Got to see how it actually came out in the wash, but you gotta listen. There is some really good history and some good innovation that's happening there.

Joel: Dougie Fresh, dropping a bomb on firing squad. Love it.

Joel: Well I'm gonna give I think our first shout out to Death Match-

Chad: Yes!

Joel: Those of you know that we are in bed so to speak with TAtech, we're really engaged with those guys.

Chad: Oh man!

Joel: They came to us and said, "Guys, how do we liven up the show?" And after a few brain fart sessions we came up with Death Match, which is a final four competition pitting four startups against each other.

Chad: Yep.

Joel: Chad and I are gonna be judges, we're gonna have a surprise judge. And then I guess another judge, hopefully to garner who the winner is. And for the first time we can finally mention Death Match as well as who the Death Match competitors are.

Chad: Yes! We have Uncommon, Canvas one of our favorite domains. Go canvas dot IO. Talkpush.

Joel: Push it, push it real good.

Chad: And Allio. So Uncommon, Canvas, Talkpush, and AllyO. And just so that you know, I would really appreciate it if you not say in bed with TAtech because 'peat and repeat, having that visual is never something I wanna have again.

Joel: Yeah we want people to attend the conference.

Chad: Shout out to Disability Solutions, our transcription peeps.

Chad: Okay so we're always giving people shit, we just did with Canvas, "'go Canvas dot IO" about their URLs. Well Disability Solutions had a very long URL, it was Disability Solutions at work dot org. And wanted to give them huge kudos, because they moved from that long ass domain to simply disability talent dot org.

Joel: It's amazing when brains actually come out in business, it's very nice and refreshing.