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WTF is Monster Studios?

With the HR Tech Conference right around the corner, there's no stopping the news cycle in recruitment. This week, the boys discuss

- Bing doing its best Google for Jobs impression

- Google Talent Solutions will sell your product!

- Monster Releasing a new iOS app ... sorta

- ReSi Finalists

- Vervoe making news, and much more...

Enjoy, and checkout our sponsors: America's Job Exchange, Sovren and JobAdX. They make it all happen.


Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Aha, aha, aha. Well, less than 10 days before football season. Are Chad and Cheese on your fantasy team? Sure as hell should be. Welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast, HR's most dangerous. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm your number one pick, Chad Sowash.

Joel: Who gets injured in week one. On this week's show, is Monster readying for a close up? Bing does a great Google for jobs impression, and thank baby Jesus, generation Z is going to outnumber those pesky millennials within the year. And when there's a millennial mentioned, you know what comes next.

Chad: Sweet Jesus.

Joel: Oh, yes. Get ready everybody. But first a word from JobAdX. That wasn't a very good British accent. But here's one, it's horrible.

JobAdX: How many times has someone said to you, "We're the Uber of ..." or, "It's the PayPal of ..." Maybe they're the Facebook of. In many, many cases these comparisons fall short of being closer to reality, or even a useful illustration of what organizations actually do. In the case of JobAdX, our example is so accurate, so spot on, that it's synonymous our work. JobAdX is Google Ad Sense for jobs. That means we're an efficient, persistent, and smarter ad unit for job related advertising.

JobAdX: As the best ad tool in the industry, JobAdX offers recruitment marketing agencies, RPOs, and staffing firms real-time dynamic bidding and delivery for client postings, through the industry's first truly responsive tool. All this is done with the flexibility of JobAdX cost per impression, click, or application. We offer unique budget conservation options to effectively eliminate spending waste. We're not set in regret. For direct clients JobAdX deliver superior candidates with the best of programmatic efficiency and premium page ad positioning. We also provide publishers and job boards hire rev share than other partners through our smarter programmatic platform. In many cases, 30-40% greater and more scalable model.

JobAdX: To partner with us, you can visit or search or email us at to get estimates or begin working together. JobAdX, the best add to providing smarter programmatic for your needs. Oh and you've been wondering why the British accent? JobAdX has just launched in the UK, too.

Joel: We need to start putting a time limit on how long our ads can play. I love the British accent but damn, she's chatty.

Chad: She is chatty. Come on.

Joel: Speaking of chatty, let's get to shout outs.

Chad: Yes, first one, guess what HR Tech? Fuck off, guys. Guess what? Guess what? We're coming to HR Tech. Yeah.

Joel: We may have to wear disguises. For me,, the artist formerly known are also known as Juju is sponsoring my trip.

Chad: Very nice.

Joel: But you've been taking care for a while, because you've got sugar daddies all over the place. Uncommon is hooking you up, is hooking me up. HR Tech's in trouble. It's on.

Chad: It's fuckin on. That's all there is to it.

Joel: Yeah after getting snubbed-

Chad: Yeah, HR Tech, too bad. You're not keeping the Chad and Cheese down.

Joel: And we're crashing the press room. Whether you like it or not, so I hope you have security detail at the press room. By the way, if you want to talk to us at HR Tech, if you've got a good story, you got a good product, your start up, whatever it is. If you think you got the hutzpah to talk to us, hit us up and we will filter out the bullshit from the dope companies.

Chad: That's exactly right. And then another really dope place you should be is in New Orleans, coming up later in September where Chad and Cheese, we're going to do Death Match, startup Death Match.

Joel: Yes. Who are those four lucky companies, Chad?

Chad: Those four lucky companies. we've got TalkPush, We've got Uncommon, Canvas, and AllyO.

Joel: That's a top-notch group of suckers, I mean companies, that are gonna come to Death Match. Can we can we have the salt and pepper Push Push It theme song when Talk Push comes out, because I want to see you twerk to to Salt and Peppa in a little bit Spinderella.

Chad: I don't know how Max doesn't, whenever he enters a room, doesn't just like have that playing.

Joel: He should just have like an '80s style jam box with a cassette tape.

Chad: On his shoulder, yeah.

Joel: Push it. Push it real good. [crosstalk]

Joel: Todd Markle, a new listener, was turned on to our show by a longtime listener, longtime contact of ours, Matt Adam. They're at NAS. More surprising to me that Todd like the show was the fact that Matt Adam thinks so lowly of Todd to recommend the show to him, but a big shot out to both of those meatheads.

Chad: Oh, you know Matt Adam is a big time listener. He waits for it to actually hit the feed and then he's on it, man.

Joel: Well he can't watch Reds baseball or Bengals football, because they both stink.

Chad: I'm gonna get get beyond that. Louise Triance and UK recruiter. Big shout out for allowing me to engage with your peeps and really just rant about Google For jobs for like 40 minutes. It was awesome. We had a great chat back and forth, had about 125 (actually over 150 opps) people on the chat/webinar, whatever the hell you want to call it, but great. I mean, we talked about impact of Google for job, getting ready for Google for jobs, it will indeed die, and you can see it all. That's right. It's recorded. Go to, it's on the home page, click on it and you're good to go.

Joel: I'm just happy that there's somebody else as dumb as me to voluntarily put you on the air. Wow, it's good to know I'm not alone. Thanks. Of course, they're from Europe so they have a different hole.

Chad: Well Ryan Christoi. wanted to see what Chad had to say, because he emailed me and it was pretty much, I want to paraphrase, it was pretty much like, "What the fuck, Sowash? This is 6:00 am in California. And then he's like, "Oh shit, this is a UK webinar."

Chad: Now he didn't actually say that, that's my translation of how Ryan was feeling. But yeah, that was funny as hell.

Joel: Californians are so angry. I don't get it. It's sunshine there 300 days a year. Anyway, my last shout out is an order one goes out to Bed Bath and Beyond. And no, I didn't buy a new loofa. now goes to Bed Bath and Beyond new, destined to be super successful subscription service, for whatever you buy at Bed Bath and Beyond, so we've

been waiting for that change to happen. It finally did. I thought it deserved a shout out.

Chad: No it definitely deserves a shout out. Here's one that I love, so out to our friend Kelly Robinson, he apparently walked in on his 20 year old son and caught him doing guess what?

Joel: Well you better keep going or else even our show could be too hot for iTunes.

Chad: Caught him listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel: What?

Chad: I know. What the hell is this?

Joel: This kid needs to get out more.

Chad: No, he just wants to be like dad he wants to be an industry stud, so he needs to get in a little time with Chad and Cheese, that's okay. There's nothing wrong with that.

Joel: Can't blame him for wanting to have dad's bank account someday.

That's for sure. Well, what's his name? Do we know?

Chad: Kelly's son. That's his name.

Joel: Kelly's son, if you're listening, dude, ups to you, man. You're probably our youngest loyal listener, at this point. And go get a girlfriend and drink a beer, while you're at it, which I'm sure is legal in his country.

Chad: In his country? In California. They live in California.

Joel: Go smoke some weed. Can you do that in California?

Chad: If he has a medical card I think. No I think actually they do have recreational, I think.

Joel: Well there you go, go get high. Listen to Chad and Cheese on one half the speed, and you'll have a great time, apparently. According to some of our readers. Oh, man. Can we get to the show now?

Joel: Alright, this is kind of cool. Bing does great impressions of Google, right? Look and feel, algorithm, pretty much does everything Google does, so we should not be surprised that, I believe, you or one of your peeps found or alerted you to the fact that Bing is now doing a Google for jobs type feature on Bing searches for jobs. Now, what I think is interesting, and you have a little segue into Google's view on this, but the jobs that you see on Bing conveniently are only LinkedIn jobs or jobs that are posted on LinkedIn, as opposed to Google, which is all kinds of jobs from all over the place. Unless you're Indeed because you're too stupid put your jobs to Google.

Joel: This is, it's kind of shitty. I get it. You pay 26 billion. You want to drive more traffic and engagement and yada yada. So I have nothing bad to say, I guess I would do the same. Why push some other competitors if you own you know the competitor to them? So yeah, Bing is going Google for jobs. But it's only LinkedIn postings. So, if you're ... you know.

Joel: And by the way, it's like we think a lot that like Google is a monopoly in search, and I know it feels that way but they're actually not. Most numbers put Google's search market share in the US at about 60, 65%, which is a lot. But Bing and Bing properties, Microsoft properties, they're at like the 25 percent number. So this is like nothing to sneeze at, even if it's 1/3 of the excitement. If you want your jobs to get extra leverage and exposure on Bing, 25% market share in the US, post those jobs on LinkedIn, because they're going to get more traffic, most likely.

Chad: So here's Mona over at KRT. She hooked me up. So she sent the screenshot, and she also gave me some search research that is kind of counter to what you're talking about, where within the last 12 months in the US, Google has an 86% market share, where Bing is at 7.5% percent, and globally at 90% versus Bing's 3%. Now, we're talking market share right.

Chad: Different than the actual search gain, but still, we're talking about market share. That 90% of a market share, yeah, that's pretty much teach toward -- if not the definition of -- a monopoly. But when you take a look at Bing and what they're doing, Mona was able to capture it. I wasn't able to recreate it on mine so it looks like they're in beta. But the way that they have it set up, the Jobs Powered by Linkedin, since they only have a 7.5 or a 3% market share, I don't think that they're going to have to worry about any monopoly kinds of conversations. So they'll just slam Linkedin jobs down everybody's throat, or at least the small percentage of people who are actually using Bing.

Joel: We're seeing this with Linkedin in general, right? If you're an Outlook user ... You're the Microsoft user in the crowd here. They're integrating Linkedin everywhere, so it certainly makes sense that they do it in their search for job postings. And I would assume that people search at some point, like Linkedin searches for people, will get added exposure as well.

Chad: I think it's smart for them no matter what. You're talking about the long game here, and the long game isn't Bing. It's about being able to integrate Linkedin and its content throughout the entire Microsoft suite and beyond. Right? I think from a strategic standpoint, this just continues to demonstrate to us that Microsoft is looking at that $26.2 billion and they're saying we've got to do more with this, and they are.

Joel: And I think that it also underscores what we've been talking about forever in that this triple threat of Google, Microsoft, and Facebook is for real, and this is just another sign that it's moving toward that kind of three solution universe. Because they keep doing these things, they're clearly serious about it and this is another example.

Chad: Yes. And that being said as we transition into, we're talking about Google products, we saw a post actually before we got on the podcast from Tarquin Clark, who's the Director of Partnerships and Go-to-Market at Google for the Cloud, which used to be Jobs Discovery, which is now Talent Solutions, all that other happy horseshit. Anyway-

Joel: Tarquin's a big deal.

Chad: He's a big deal.

Joel: He's a big deal.

Chad: He's a big deal.

Joel: He's a big deal. Huge.

Chad: He actually posted on Linkedin, and it's probably everywhere as well, pimping their different partners who are using Google, and this is pretty much the truxt of the post. "Hey, look. Hey guys out there. Do you want to use Google products? You should, and here's who you talk to, to actually use those products." And it states, "Career Builder, great people; Jibe, on gig; Phenom ..." And it just goes on. So Google is actually, which is really cool, not do you just want their tech -- their machine learning and their AI and all that other happy horseshit -- but you want them to pimp your stuff. Here's Google actually on Linkedin saying use their shit.

Joel: Sorry, Indeed. They're not pimping you. We're partnered with Google, and by the way, their big, swinging you-know-what is tweeting out that they're doing business with us and hot linking to our stuff. That's pretty cool.

Chad: And he has a quote. It says, "And the best bit," here's the quote, "it was as simple as making a phone call and asking for it to be switched on." It was too easy, dude.

Joel: You and I could figure that one out.

Chad: Yeah. I could make a phone call. I could just ... I think at this point, Google knows that I want it turned on so it's just going to do it for me.

Joel: Our next bit of news will be Facebook buying ZipRecruiter, and ZipRecruiter jobs exclusively populating Facebook. Can I make that prediction?

Chad: Whoo, you can make that prediction. That's a big prediction. I'd like to see that. That would be fuckin' awesome.

Joel: For ZipRecruiter, it would anyway.

Chad: Yeah. I think it'd be awesome for both. I don't know about you, I think that shit would work out. I don't think it's going to happen, but I think that would work out well.

Joel: It'll happen right after Amazon buys Slack. Let's go to our next story, not quite as exciting but much more mysterious. Monster Studios is a new app in the iOS app store. So if you have an iPhone or iPad or -- I don't think there's a watch app for it but maybe there is -- you can go search Monster Studios and download it, however you will not be able to sign in. That's because it's not launched yet.

Chad: What the fuck is it?

Joel: It will be launched at HR Tech, according to Monster PR. So what this is -- and I did a little digging and did a story for it -- Monster is partnered with VideoMyJob, who I think we've talked about. I know I've done an interview with them at ERE. They do videos kind of a cool, interesting way. They have the actually script on the screen so you can be reading and being recorded, and you can edit it pretty in cool ways.

Joel: So anyway, Monster has apparently partnered with these guys. They're going to provide the tech to video record a recruiter employer. They do the recording, they upload it, they can attach it directly to a job posting on Monster, and then they can also push it out to social media, and I believe they'll also be able to advertise it on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook channels. So that's apparently what Monster Studios is. I have been approached by them for us to talk to their CEO, which would be kind of cool, and we'll definitely get to the bottom of it.

Chad: Do you think that's the only thing they have coming out at HR Tech?

Joel: Monster has sort of said we're going after mobile. Their new ads talk about on the mobile app, the Monster mobile app. And now they have a new app where you can record video, so it looks like mobile and video might be something that they're definitely focused on because that's what we've seen. Now I will say that some of you will remember the Jobr, that's J-O-B-R, acquisition from a couple years back ...

Chad: That was crap.

Joel: ... that pretty much looked like a big stinker.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Apparently someone from Monster, because I dissed Jobr on Linkedin, said you're right but if they get video cover letters right, then maybe we'll have done something. My guess is wouldn't be surprised if down the road they have something for job seekers to record a video, attach it to their resume. And of course, you and I are both big fans of video resumes ...

Chad: Not at all.

Joel: ... so video cover letters, even more awesome, right?

Chad: Right.

Joel: Let's Mr. Recruiter give me two minutes to watch a cover letter as opposed to the resume, or give me both videos on both because I have no better thing to do with my time than watch videos.

Chad: Yeah, yes. Do we have time for cover letters right now as it is? And then to be able to go ahead and stir the bias into that video resume or cover letter? It's just, once again it seems horrible.

Joel: So let's back up. Let's talk about what we know for sure. We don't know that they're going to do cover letters, but we do know that they're going to have employers post videos and connect those to jobs. Are you in favor of that at least?

Chad: Yeah. I think that is good content. I think that's good content. And hopefully, it doesn't flip over to the Jobr side.

Joel: Well hopefully, employers are creative and actually have their brand come out in these videos, and they don't just point the phone at their face and talk and then attach it, because it could be almost as detrimental to your brand if you just put on these boring little scripted videos to people than if you actually get creative with it. It'll be interesting to see how employers embrace this or if they do. Monster's throwing stuff at the wall. We'll see if it sticks.

Chad: See if it sticks. Hopefully, they have more at HR Tech to be able to wow us with. We'll see. Hopefully, we'll get to talk to the CEO and he has the coolest shit in the world.

Joel: And speaking of wow companies, we're going to take a quick break here from A-J-E and talk about some of the ReSIs -- if you don't know what those are, stick around -- some of the finalists for the awards at the ReSIs this year. Stay tuned.

AJE: America's Job Exchange is celebrating our 10th year as an

. We've been helping our thousand-plus customers comply with OFCCP regulations that directly support positive and effective diversity recruitment. Designed to attract and convert veterans, individuals with disabilities, women, and minorities, and empower employers to pursue and track active outreach with their local community-based organizations. What to learn more? Call us at (866) 926-6284, or visit us at

Joel: Whoo hoo!

Joel: So if you haven't heard, the Chad & Cheese podcast is a finalist for Best Blog Podcast, Recruitment Category, obviously. In this space, we're up against Matt Charney ...

Chad: Who's that guy?

Joel: A long-time blogger, Recruiting Daily. Most of our listeners will know Matt Charney. It should be a fun competition. Anyway, it's nice to be recognized. I am the reigning champ so I'm expecting to have a good showing at this thing, Chad. That means I might actually wear a tuxedo this year.

Joel: But anyway, TAtech has these awards every year. They call them the ReSIs. The finalists were put out; maybe we can get a list on Chad & Cheese, a full list. But going through that, what are some of the face-offs that most appeal to you?

Chad: First off, just so everybody understand what ReSI stands for because I always have to look it up: the Recruiting Service Innovation Awards. And the ones that really stuck out to me were the ones that included Google for Jobs right out of the gate. Everything else was like, "Yeah, that's kind of cool, that's kind of cool." It's like, "Oh." The Most Innovative Enterprise Solution was either Crowded, Refresh -- which we both like-- or Google for Jobs. And I thought I don't know how that actually fits into it, but obviously anything that says Google automatically makes it to the finals.

Chad: And then also the Innovator of the Year, Large Employment Site, Google for Jobs or ZipRecruiter. I see Google for Jobs getting a lot of love because there's no question they're changing the landscape I think right out of the gate. They're still at baby step mode. I don't know that I would say that they are on the precipice of innovation at this point. I think they're on their way to really just kickin' ass and taking names.

Chad: But this year's ReSI I think for the Most Innovative Enterprise Solutions should go to Crowded; that's me. And also the Large Employment Site, man, ZipRecruiter has knocked this shit out of the frickin' park. I think they ... I just think it's interesting that when Google is attached to something that they're automatically at the final stage.

Joel: For me, any chance that Howie Schwartz from Crowded can go up on stage and say something, I'm all for that because that could go any direction whatsoever. My takeaways from the list are, first of all, who the hell is Pushnami? They're in for Most Innovative Mobile Solution. Oh no, no, no. They're in for Most Innovative Cloud-Based Solution, and I've never heard of them so that will be interesting.

Joel: I like the most innovative big data, pitting Entelo versus LinkedIn. We don't see a lot of LinkedIn on this, so it'll be interesting to see how they perform on that scale. I think on the most innovative mobile, Indeed, I'm not sure why they're there and I think Canvas and Emissary maybe missed an opportunity to go against TextRecruit on that one. And I think the fun one is the small guy, innovator of the year, Resume-Library with a hyphen and Mac's List. Which, if you've never met Mac, it's literally like a couple dudes or a few people in Oregon, I think, that have this Craigslist type site.

Joel: So to me, those are heavy hitters. They don't deserve to be in the small employment site. By next year, I'm sure they'll be on the enterprise level, but so enjoy these small guys while they're small, because clearly Resume-Library and Mac's List are destined for bigger and better things. Tongue in cheek.

Chad: Yeah. And I think ... I know you're talking about suiting up for this and tuxing up for this, but I really think we should wear our Indeed orange jumpsuits. I think that would be cool.

Joel: I do like that idea, too. We have time to come up with something creative. You got me thinking. Alright.

Chad: Hey, if you're out there in listener land and you've got an idea of how we should dress, throw it out to us. Tweet it. Let's have some fun with it.

Joel: By the way, we should shout out to our listeners because we've been begging for votes for weeks. Apparently it has paid off. Thank you for those who voted, we greatly appreciate it.

Chad: Yeah. Where's the applause? What's going on?

Joel: Oh, hold on. I gotta. There you go. Because if-

Chad: You can find that baby, for god's sakes.

Joel: Because if we wouldn't have won ... that's where-

Chad: You said only millennials.

Joel: Damn it. It's just too tempting. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Well, your boys at Vervoe were in the news. What's going on with them?

Chad: Yeah. It seems pretty cool. I mean, Vervoe ... and again, they were our very first Firing Squad. And I really like the technology. I really like more of the process methodology. It just made more sense for screening and going through the process and allowing everybody at the top of the funnel to at least have a shot at it. What they're doing now is they've implemented obviously all these different test whether it's videos or it's coding or whatever it is.

Chad: What they've done is, they've turned AI and machine learning loose to score and then rank all of those individuals who are taking those tests. So as you're going into your system, which is totally cool because, again, everybody comes through one door and then they're funneled by the system after they're taking these tests and they're answering these questions, so I think it just makes a lot of good sense. They got some money from ... was it SEEK?

Joel: Seek and you shall find.

Chad: And it looks like they're using it in the right way, so good for Omer and the team down under.

Joel: Clearly it's a testament to companies who come on the Firing Squad that brighter days are ahead of you, including big paydays from big companies and new technologies and discussions on our show. So I think Vervoe is doing ... in juxtaposition, you like that word? Of what Monster's doing with video and making it more manual, Vervoe is coming to bat and saying, "Look, we're doing video. You don't have to watch the video. We'll do screening of the video. We'll rank the video in the pre-screening and the tests that they do and how they answer the questions."

Joel: Vervoe is making a very nice attempt to AI the whole thing, especially for the small companies, and bring that in a technical video format that's really cool. So it's been fun watching them grow, and I expect to see them continue. Omer, I believe, is gonna be at HR Tech. We should try to find some time to get an update from him.

Chad: Oh, yeah. No, I asked him for a full demo and also I'd like him to bring the drinks as well. That'd be great.

Joel: If he could bring the Foster's from Australia, that'd be nice. When was the last time you had a Foster's? Man, that beer used to be everywhere in the 80's.

Chad: Like the oil can?

Joel: Yes.

Chad: The big frickin' oil can frickin' Foster's. Yeah, it's been a long time. That's because I like good beer and I'm a beer snob now. So only the good stuff, Omer. Not that Foster's.

Joel: But is Foster's even around? I mean, do you have to go to the Outback Steakhouse to get it? Is that the only place? Which, I haven't been there since the 80's either, so. If you got any update on Foster's lager, hit us up at because the mystery needs to be solved.

Chad: Go to Twitter and tag Joel. I don't want to hear anything about that shitty beer, okay?

Joel: You're such a snob. And speaking of people who aren't snobs, let's hear that ... get a quick work from Sovren and talk about ... geez, I guess a rapid fire bunch of shit.

Chad: Okay.

Sovren: Sovren AI matching is the most sophisticated matching engine on the marked because it acts just like a human. You decide exactly how our AI matching engine think about each individual transaction. It will find, rank, and sort the best matches according to your criteria. Not only does it deliver the best matches, it tells you how and why it produced them and offers tips to improve the results. Our engine thinks like you, so you don't have to learn how to think like the engine. To learn more about Sovren AI matching, visit That's S-O-V-R-E-N dot com.

Chad: I love ... the best matches. I mean, literally. She could read the phone book, if they even make those anymore, she could read the phone book and it would sound amazing.

Joel: Dude, she's an employee.

Chad: Or she was.

Joel: I don't know what she does. Yeah, she's probably doing commercials for Clorox now, but we had her first, god damn it.

Chad: That's right. Remember that.

Joel: Let's talk about money and then let this thing really go off the rails.

Chad: Okay.

Joel: ThinkHR's in the news for raising, really, quite a bit of money. 67 and a half million dollars. It's a pretty unexciting space. Training, compliance tools, should I go on?

Chad: It's boring shit, but it's also shit that needs to be done, right? So there's the training and all those things. I'd really like to see this space become more focused on the experience. Maybe that's what they'll use the money for. I doubt it, but yeah. No, they're focused on the concepting side of the house, being able to provide tools and training to companies, and it's all revolving around compliance and just making sure that you're covering your ass.

Joel: Plus that ... we talk about the whole space, and there's a story this past week, I think, about companies hiring folks that don't have degrees that traditionally only hire people with degrees. And to me, it's this whole evolution of ... it's more than just supply and demand. I understand there's less talent to do the jobs. But it's also the fact that skills are changing so rapidly. Get people on that have a base level of understanding and train them and keep educating them, and I think tools like ThinkHR are sort of on the cutting edge of making that commonplace going forward.

Chad: Yeah. And that being said, employers now seem to be open to ditching degrees. Nine out of 10 employers report being ready to accept candidates without a four year degree to fill positions in an increasingly tight labor market. And this is my "yeah, no shit." Because after all the year of up and down in the labor market, we start throwing four year degrees on shit that they don't even need four year degrees. And then we look back later and it's like, "Well, why can't we find people qualified to do this?" Well, probably because your qualifications are all jacked up, idiot.

Chad: This is the kind of thing that we get into when we don't really look at our job descriptions and our requirements and boil them down to "what do we really need and what's the persona of the type of person who's going to be doing this type of job?" In most cases, you take a look at it, they don't need a damn degree for a sales position or customer service position or many of those things. They might've done other things with other experience which is actually better.

Joel: Amen. And you know what else doesn't take a degree?

Chad: Drinking beer.

Joel: Is reserving a room at the new beer-themed hotel outside of Columbus, Ohio. I have nothing else. It's a beer-themed restaurant. There's beer in the shower.

Chad: No. It's ... dude, it's BrewDog. If you know your, again, snobby beers, BrewDog was a beer that was originated in Scotland, and the number two location that they built was in Columbus, Ohio. They've got some amazing beer, and to be able to think that you can just spend the night and have BrewDog just surrounding you, some Punk IPA or some Jack Hammer or Dogma or something like that, just be able to reach out and grab it, to me sounds like heaven.

Joel: Beer in the shower.

Chad: Yes, I know! I bet is actually has beer-scented soap and shampoo.

Joel: We could go to a lot of different directions on that, but I will not. Lastly from me, story to this week, Gen Z is set to outnumber millennials globally in the next 12 months. There's no story or opinion, I'm just very happy that this it-

Chad: No, you're happy because you're looking for stories where you can use that goddamn sound effect. That's why you're happy.

Joel: Damn it. You got me. There it is again, folks. Yes.

Chad: Damn it.

Joel: Welcome to my world at three in the morning. We out?

Chad: I'm out.

Joel: We out.

Stella: Hi. This is Stella Cheesman. Thanks for listening to the Cheese and Chad podcast, or at least that's what I call it. Anyway, make sure you subscribe on iTunes, that silly Android phone thingy, or wherever you listen to podcasts. And be sure to give buckets of money to our sponsors. Otherwise, I may be forced to take that coal-mining job I saw on We out.

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