Facebook Launching Workplace.com

Straight off Halloween's sugar high, the boys are in rare form this week and talkin' about

- What the hell is Handshake going to do with all their new ca$h?

- Possible walkout protests at Google

- eHarmony sells for mere pocket change

- Facebook's rumored Workplace.com

- Ladders deserves the spanking the receive

...and get your lazy asses out to VOTE!

I'll say it again VOTE!

Enjoy, and throw money at sponsors Sovren, Canvas and JobAdX.


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Joel: It's to come down from your Halloween sugar high, and tune into the Chad and Cheese Podcast, HR's most dangerous. I'm Joel Cheeseman.

Chad: I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's episode, Facebook is launching, Google is protesting, and Handshake is raising. Gotta stay tuned to know what the hell we're talking about. Grab a Kit Kat, and relax to the sweet sounds of this Sovren ad.

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Chad: I already do.

Joel: Chad, I'm a little bit scared for the future. Last night, Halloween, as you know. I'm sure you had trick-or-treater's, you were doing the whole thing like I was. I've got to tell you, the costumes were pretty weak by the teen and preteens that came to the door. There was an entitlement like, just give me candy. I might throw on a baseball cap, or maybe I'll throw on some boots to look like a cowboy, but I was really unimpressed, and I feel like this is millennial 2.0 that we're getting ready to see, if Halloween is any indication from what I saw last night.

Chad: Our kids went all out. I mean full body suits, I mean the blood in some cases. Yeah, I mean it was rainy down here, so yeah anybody who was coming out, I mean they also wanted to go the extra effort to be able to get candy, right?

Joel: It's because you live in Mayberry, and Uncle Jed and Ed Clampett come over in their outfits. Yeah, you're small town America dude, I'm big city urban area up here, up in the big city, so yeah, maybe that's the problem. All right, let's get to shout outs.

Chad: Lazy kids.

Joel: We're moving beyond Halloween, we're going into November, and it feels like Christmas in my house dude. I've got major shout outs to LinkUp, particularly their CEO, Toby Sasquatch Dayton. We call him Sasquatch, because no one's ever sees him, and we finally saw him in New Orleans. A Sasquatch T-shirt was part of my goodie bag, as well as a little bit of refreshing beverages.

Joel: Also Judge, The Shred sponsor. By the way, if you're not listening to The Shred, what the hell's wrong with you? These are great little appetizers of news done only how Chad and I do them. Shout out to Judge and LinkUp for some great goodie bags, making it feel like Christmas already.

Chad: Yeah, you have to subscribe to wherever you get your podcasts, to be able to get The Shred. It's not just something that we're going to throw out there all the time, so if you're not getting The Shred, that's because you haven't subscribed to the Chad and Cheese Podcast. What the fuck is your problem?

Joel: There's a velvet rope, because it's so valuable.

Chad: Yeah, and it's free by the way. Ty Abernethy, CEO of Grayscale, and Gretchen Lindlau of Quad/Graphics, both fans of the show, big time shout out. Thanks for listening guys.

Joel: Yeah, I think that's two weeks in a row for Ty Abernethy. He's doing all the right things for us. HIREconf.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Hiring Solves annual conference is going on next week in New York. You and I will be doing something. As anyone who knows Jeremy Roberts, knows it feels like it's this the seat of your pants, but it all comes together at the end. Whatever we will be doing there will

be awesome. November 7 and 8th in New York, come check it out.

Chad: It's only $250 to get into this bad boy, if you go to chadcheese.com, you click on the banner, and it automatically has the discount code in it. If you do go to Eventbrite, just use ChadCheese, and that is the 50% off discount code. We'll be live on stage, and it should be a blast.

Joel: I mean come on, $250 in New York? That's what you pay for lunch. Yeah, just get under the seat cushions there of your studio apartment, and get $250, and show up.

Chad: Yeah, so Jared ... I think it's Glubin. Is it Globen, Glubin? Over at ZipRecruiter, yeah fan of the show. He nearly caught me on the wrong day though, sorry Jared, but it was Monday, so you should know better. You get snarky with me, the snark's going to come back, there's no question. Bill Boorman, dude thanks for sharing this fantastic T-shirt.

Chad: Here's what it said, don't blame the foreigners, you were shit at your job.

Joel: Bill is the quintessential English, snarky, self-deprecating person. It's been way too long since I've seen Bill, hopefully I'll run into him soon, but yeah he's well known for the snark.

Chad: Very nice.

Joel: He could be on the show at some point, we need to start upping our game on guests I think.

Chad: We've got great guests.

Joel: They're all ... Hung Lee should be on, there should be a whole British invasion of the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Chad: Well, I mean Hung Lee, is ... He can't get off a God damn plane to do the podcast, that's the problem, the guy is everywhere. Big shout out to Max Armbruster, the CEO of Talkpush, for tweeting a response to last week's texting shower rant that Joel had. His response was, "While regulators may struggle to protect SMS as with email from spammers, Facebook is equipped to fight them efficiently on Messenger and WhatsApp."

Chad: What he's saying, is his platform doesn't need that texting bullshit, they have messaging.

Joel: Yeah, I'm going to back up on my rant, which I totally stand by. I got some pushback, and I just want to make sure it's clear what I was talking about.

Chad: Oh, okay.

Joel: Okay, I understand that politicians don't have the same laws that marketers have, and people have, which is bullshit, but that's its own little rant. What I'm talking about, is today, I could get a Twilio account, set up a phone number to text people, plug in 100,000 phone numbers, and text those numbers through that Twilio 10 digit phone number, and there's nothing currently that I'm aware of that can stop that from happening.

Joel: If it can happen, it probably is happening, it will happen more. I'm just saying that needs to be addressed, or else people are going to start freaking out, because texts are going to be coming in at an escalated rate for sure once that starts happening in mass, that's all.

Chad: That's all, that's all, yeah Max, says, "Don't worry about it if use Messenger."

Joel: By the way, new legislation out of AT&T, that you can't use shared short codes. The companies that allow people to send one number, and have multiple clients sent through that same short code. AT&T apparently is starting to crack down on that. I'd say even the short code text messaging that we've seen is under fire. I'm just saying, this whole space could blow up really fast, if regulators, and phone companies, which phone companies like that you're texting, right?

Joel: Phone companies don't want texting to become email. They're going to do everything they can to make sure it doesn't.

Chad: Yeah, but unfortunately the regulators don't self regulate, and they just do whatever the fuck they want to do, which is another reason why ...

Joel: Phone companies do, phone companies don't want spam texts.

Chad: They're not the regulators overall, right? They're not, they can be regulated by government. That's what I'm saying, that's why the vote counts. Moving on, we'll get more into those rants. Big shout out to the U.S. Army for continuing to be the most bad ass recruiting machine ... If you're talent acquisition out there, or you're a vendor, and you're not reverse engineering the shit out of some of the major pipelining, or branding methods that the U.S. Army has come up with over the 100 plus years they've been around for God sakes, you're stupid, seriously.

Chad: These guys are the best recruiting machine out there, and as we talk the clients, as I talk to companies daily, weekly, it's amazing how many deer in the headlight looks I get when I start to point toward, "Hey, are you trying these pipeline methods?" It's ridiculous, look at what's happening out there. Look at the companies who are kicking ass and taking names, and have for over 100 years, and try to mimic that shit, idiots.

Joel: By the way, your recruiting better be good, if part of the value proposition, is you could die.

Chad: Yeah.