The Christmas Show

Ho-ho-Oh No! What should've been a laid back week has done blowed-up. Crowded goes through major ch-ch-changes in the C-suite...

And there's more under the tree kids...

- Indeed says "no," while ZipRecruiter says "yes,"

- Amazon and Walmart are waging "Robot Wars"

- People attack self-driving Waymo cars

- Uber autonomous is back on the street in Pittsburgh

- Employees ghost employers, because they deserve it?

- Indeed perpetuates stupid "Ninja" job titles

- and we perpetuate Indeed's perpetuation.. Huh?

Grab an eggnog and enjoy our Christmas show, sponsored by Sovren, JobAdX and Canvas, as usual.


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Announcer: Hide your kids lock the doors, you are listing to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, splash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel: We are in your ear drums but we don't watch you when you sleep. Welcome to the pre-Christmas week episode of the Chad and Cheese podcast, HR's most dangerous and totally loaded on eggnog right about now.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: On this week's show, Crowded gets all shook up, Indeed says no, but ZipRecruiter says yes. And the pitchforks are coming out against self-driving cars. Put your feet up and throw some milk and cookies down your pie hole. We'll be right back after this message from Sovren.

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Chad: Humans don't need to learn how to think like computers because they're not smart enough to think like computers. That's what it comes down to.

Joel: I just want to listen to our Christmas sound bite.

Chad: You just love the Christmas sound bite.

Joel: I love Christmas.

Chad: Any holiday where there is food and festivity involved, yes.

Joel: Yes and gifts.

Chad: No gifts.

Joel: Thanksgiving is great cause there is no gifts, there's no sort of all that effort of watching your wife wrap presents while you drink beer, cause you are often wrapping presents, but yeah. I love the holidays. Are you doing anything special?

Chad: Yeah. Going to enjoy some time. The kids are going to be a way for about a week or so. And then they are going to come back and we're going to do Christmas, New Year's and everything all balled up pretty much into one, so that should be fun. They are teenagers now so it's a little bit different, especially went off to college, she's back. We are getting close to being empty nesters which is going to be awesome.

Joel: I cannot say the same. My youngest has no idea what's going on, so that's neither here nor there. My nine year old still believes in Santa which is still precious. And my 12 year old is preteen angsty, who knows what's going on there. But yeah, I only get them on Christmas Day, isn't divorce fun. And then they leave me and then I get them back on New Year's, where we will be going to Canada and enjoying New Year's there. So yeah, good stuff.

Chad: Oh, Canada

Joel: Canada. Hopefully they'll let me back in.

Chad: We've got our Chad and Cheese Christmas party, holiday party, Hanukkah party, Kwanzaa party this weekend.

Joel: Christmas, Kwanzaa ... We'll have Chris Hanukkah-

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Basically it's about really good food and drink.

Chad: That's the way it should be.

Joel: That's what it is, yes. Yeah. We'll maybe live stream or maybe, who knows.

We'll post something, a little holiday message for the podcast. I don't know. We'll have fun

Chad: I've got an awesome sweater that I can't wait to wear. So, let's get this done.

Joel: Yeah, and I have some nauseous or enough anxiety medicine. Before I see that thing. All right, shout out, so what you got?

Chad: Ooh, first and foremost, I'd like to go ahead and thank Scott Gutz, CEO of Monster and Chris Cho head of product at Monster. Just did a really awesome interview with those guys and we just dropped it earlier this week, so if you haven't checked it out, you want to hear about the state of the union or the state of Monster, check it out. We didn't throw them any softballs. I mean, we threw them some pretty fast pitches in and they answered some questions, so it was good stuff.

Joel: State of the purple bugs bunny looking thingy, I believe is what we say, yes.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: From my words I think it's our best work to date on the interview side. You are not an iPhone guy but in iTunes it algorithmically shows podcasts that are the most popular, like most listened to et cetera. And the Monster interview is already in our most popular shows, so that's got to mean something, right.

Chad: Nice. Well, and this is really just a shot. Should be heard around the industry for any CEO that's out there, get on the podcast, be transparent. Yes, we're not going to ask you bullshit softball questions, but that's not what the people want. They want to hear the real shit. They want to hear what's going on and we are going to push you to answer those questions. So, get on the pod or over there at dice I see in the fetal position in the corner, get out of the fetal position buddy. Get on the podcast and let's talk. Let's make 2019 a kick ass year.

Joel: Tough but fair as my dad would always say. And by the way, my first shout out goes to my father who celebrates his birthday today. This will be published the day after, but yes, my dad is celebrating 79 years on this planet, half of which he's had to deal with me. So that counts for something. And we'll hopefully make 80 and many more birthdays after that. So, happy birthday coach Cheesman.

Chad: Yeah, he's got a lot left in him. He's got a lot left in him.

Joel: I agree. By the way, a double cancer survivor, prostate and colon. So they got mega ops for survival.

Chad: You can't beat that guy. It's all there is to it.

Joel: He's a cockroach.

Chad: Hence Joel Cheesman. Shout out to new listener [Greg Jim Bonko 00:06:48] I know you want to call him Jiambi but it's Jim Bonko. Thanks for listening man, a new listener now. Since you are a new listener, you have to understand that you've got to go out, get your peers, friends and family listing as well. This is our push to be able to make Chad and Cheese, again, the best or continue to make the best HR podcast out there.

Joel: And if not the best at least the most dangerous. Shout out to KFC, they had to make the list there somewhere. They have apparently released these starter logs.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Some people don't own fireplaces, so these starter logs you fire up and then the wood, sort of like, KFC has apparently released a starter log for your fireplace that smells

like fried chicken.

Chad: That's genius.

Joel: Yeah, it's like-

Chad: That's incredibly genius.

Joel: It's like indoor plumbing, the printing press and now the KFC starter log that smells like fried chicken.

Chad: Yes. This is amazing. If you do have a wood burning fireplace, you should be getting these for Christmas.

Joel: Agreed.

Chad: I'm going to say shout out to Google Home Assistant for the commercial rekindling Home Alone with Kevin McCallister. So it's got-

Joel: McCulkin.

Chad: Oh yeah it's got a today's, it's hilarious. It's got Caulay McCulkin, today's Caulay McCulkin. He's found himself home alone, he asks Google what's on his calendar for the day and then during the entire thing, I mean he's just telling, he's asking google to do things. Again, it rekindles the years where we've watched Home Alone over and over. And it is funny as hell. So big ups to Google for that one.

Joel: I love how he throws his back out when he's jumping on the bed. And by the way, you have to turn in your Gen X card for not knowing Macaulay Culkin, that's just awful. Macaulay McCallister, is that-

Chad: No, Kevin McCallister is his name in Home Alone.

Joel: Oh.

Chad: You've got to throw in your Gen X card for not knowing the character name.

Joel: No, no. Okay. All right. Anyway, that was a little funny side note. This is clearly one of the last shows of the year because we're getting ... TextRecruit shout out, we have this guy Eric Kostelnik, anyway, interviewed him for the show Kostelnik, I think that's right.

Chad: Kostelnik, yeah.

Joel: Interviewed him for the show, he has been a friend of the show for a long time, acquired by ICIMS. They sent out a tweet this week about getting their thousandth customer. So big ups to them for that.

Chad: I love in the interview with him, you couldn't say his name, he's like, "It's okay man. You've only known me for like three years."