Craigslist's Billions, Monster's Layoffs

Damn my head still hurts... It was Super Bowl hangover week, so the boys discuss takeaways from advertising's biggest day, including winners and losers, but not the game because it totally sucked.

- Microsoft goes right for the heart strings

- Google talks job search

- Monster Layoffs

- Will Video kill the Job Board Star?

- Craigslist is now a billion dollar money-making machine

- Mattermost is looking to squeeze Slack's market

- Is Walmart saving middle America?

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Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Chad: Give it to me.

Joel: Hidey-ho, boys and girls. Welcome to HR's most dangerous podcast, aka the Chad and Cheese podcast. I'm Joel Cheeseman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's show, layoffs. Layoffs. Layoffs. Layoffs at Monster. Craig and that list of his, well, he's one rich son of a gun. And we review shit from the Super Bowl. The podcast, by the way, is guaranteed to be more entertaining than the Super Bowl, by the way.

Chad: Easily.

Joel: Stay tuned, we'll be right back after a word from JobAdX

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JobAdX: Ah.

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Joel: Score.

Chad: I really think that when they talk about job search defeat, they have to remember they're on the Chad and Cheese podcast. The dude should go, "Fuck."

Joel: Oh man. It's a rainy, crappy day in Indiana.

Chad: It is. Yeah, you're gonna have to get your frickin' boat out, dude.

Joel: What's your favorite rain inspired song?

Chad: Rain inspired? I have-

Joel: Song about rain.

Chad: Song about rainy days and Mondays always get me down?

Joel: The Carpenters.

Chad: The Carpenters.

Joel: Wow.

Chad: There you go, baby.

Joel: I'm gonna go Purple Rain, little purple madness for Thursday morning. Anyway, the level might be low on energy, with all this rain and nastiness. But let's get to shout outs.

Chad: Do it. Roy Mauer over at SHRM, hey buddy. Thanks for suggesting the topic of recruiter ethics. That actually gave Joel and me an opportunity to reach out to Jim Stroud, bring him on, and if you haven't listened to the podcast, we talk about recruiter ethics.

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: Automation, and Jim's paranoia. I think he says "Duck, duck, go" about 37 fucking times.

Joel: Yeah, and aluminum headgear. Four or five references to that. You know, Roy is jockeying for the position of number one fanboy. And speaking of number

one, we're looking for new t-shirts.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Sponsored by We've got four pretty good designs that users, viewers, listeners can vote for.

Chad: Go to, click on our logo, and it takes you right to the voting area.

Joel: I guess we're gonna run that voting for about another half week or week.

Chad: Yeah, as long as we feel good about it.

Joel: Yeah. If there's clear winner, we'll close it down and get those shirts made.

Chad: Yeah. And if it's not the one I like, we're gonna keep it open for fucking ever.

Joel: Exactly.

Chad: Shout out to Tris Revill, who said he was dead impressed after getting finally getting around to listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast. Thanks, Tris.

Joel: And you might need some therapy, but that's a different discussion. I'm gonna go rapid fire here, George Laroque, Jim Stroud, and Thom-

Chad: Kenney.

Joel: Spacing on his name, yeah Tom Kenny, who we interviewed, and also Josh Wright from [Cims, their head economist. We've just been cranking out quality podcasts, and this week was really great, so be on the lookout for those coming up soon, but some great topics and some really smart people come on our show for some reason.

Chad: Yeah. Well, it's nice because we're knuckleheads. Shout outs, and this will probably, probably be the only one ever, so ... get ready. To the recruiting animal. He actually dug up, like in the web archives, our first podcasting gold moment, back in 2008, when we did our very first podcast. When you had to listen to it on your PC, because you didn't have podcasts on your phone back then.

Joel: Did it actually have the old embed code, on that site?

Chad: It didn't. The hipster, the hipster [crosstalk 00:05:16] like dumped all that shit, yeah.

Joel: So you couldn't listen to it, it was just there?

Chad: He was just proving that ... that we had actually, I think at one time, compared our show, our first shows, to recruiting animal, and saying that it was less WWE style.

Joel: I'd agree with that.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: So was he, was he dissing us, or like, giving us props?

Chad: No, I think he's giving us props. I mean, it doesn't matter, I'm gonna say he was giving us props anyway, so.

Joel: I mean, he's very angry, so I never expect to hear anything complimentary from him, so.

Chad: And he's Canadian, right? I mean, how the fuck is he, I mean, he's like the only angry Canadian.

Joel: They can get angry, trust me. I won't go any further than that. But they, some of them do have tempers.

Chad: Noted. Noted.

Joel: Some of them hold grudges, too. But that's a different story.

Chad: Yes. Yes, yes, yes. So thanks also to Josh Vesley, for letting us know that Indeed does, in fact, have pot jobs. Or pot job listings, rather.

Joel: Yes. As does Monster, as does Zip Recruiter, as does most of them. So, so this is strange. So I did a little bit of investigation, because it's still illegal, right. It's still a federal law that pot is not legal, right? So I went to Zip Recruiter, I went to Indeed, although they didn't reply. Shocker. And then Monster. And yes, they all post pot jobs, and they don't have a policy against it, but then I asked, okay well, if I'm in Nevada, and want to advertise, you know, my brothel for like escort positions ... no, I'm being serious, right? Like it's legal in Nevada-

Chad: Yeah, it is.

Joel: But it's federally illegal. So technically I should be able to post my prostitution job wherever it's legal, based on what their reply was. But they do not, they do not advertise prostitution jobs on these job sites. So it's a little bit of a double standard, where, you know, they're having their cake on the weed side, but then protecting their ass, pun intended, on the prostitution side. So I'm gonna try to, I'm gonna, I'm interested in this. I'm gonna try to call the feds or somebody, and say like, why is it legal for them to post pot jobs on their websites? And see if I can get an answer. But they all do it.

Chad: Dude.