Damn, Monster's New Commercials Suck!

Let's just come out firing:

- Monster's new commercials suck

- LinkedIn's consolidates and increases prices

- LTG to apply Breezy lipstick on the PeopleFluent pig?

- Tesla unmanned taxi service in 2020? (NFW)

- Google's bag o' bricks and....

- Facebook taking on Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

Buckle up, and show sponsors Sovren, Canvas and JobAdx some mad love.


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Joel: It's the home improvement, red eye episode of the Chad and Cheese Podcast. HR's grumpiest and saltiest, I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Get Off My Lawn Sowash.

Joel: On this week's show, LinkedIn is raising, ISMS Callin is unloading, and we end the Podcast with a facial. Grab a washcloth and get comfortable, we'll be right back after this word from Canvas.

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Ed: This is Ed from Philly, you're listening to the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Chad: Damn straight.

Joel: I'm in a mood this week so ...

Chad: You're always in a mood.

Joel: I always on a red eye, I haven't slept, I've got handymen in my house, I've got water draining in all the wrong places. And yeah, I'm in a mood, so be warned everybody. Anything could come out of my mouth this week.

Chad: Suck it up, buttercup. Let's do this.

Joel: By the way, I think we've got an explicit rating without actually cussing or doing anything bad just from the opening that we did there. Anyway, let's get to shout outs. You've got a ton apparently.

Chad: Yeah, let me run through a few real quick. Dave and Joann for sending me some delicious flammable material IPA. That's right, I keep getting beer in the mail and I love it.

Joel: So this is gonna be fun for me because I came home to a FedEx with beer in it.

Chad: Damn it!

Joel: So, you are not the only one ...

Chad: Damn it!

Joel: To get the love so ...

Chad: Damn!

Joel: So in your face, suckah, in your face!

Chad: Damn it! Okay, so I'm gonna revive with a thanks to ... Shout out to new listener from South Africa, Lindi Endlebrecht. Hello, Lindi. Get all your South African friends to be listening to the Chad and Cheese. I think we've got a double shout out for Tim Meehan. Why don't you go ahead and start yours?

Joel: Yeah, Meehan's got quite the sense of humor. He's sort of equal parts complimentary and equal parts just total dis.

Chad: Which I love.

Joel: He said, Indeed should worry about the bots and not so much about ZipRecruiter, which I kind of tend to agree. Everyone should worry about the bots. I don't think Zip is on top of mine for Indeed as much as Google is, but Tim, I appreciate the sentiment and agree with most of your comment.

Chad: Yeah, I would say that there's no question that Indeed is worrying about Zip. If you take a look at the new App Cast rankings that came out, if they're not, they should, but Tim also said, he wants to know what the benchmark is to get a T-Shirt, because it shouldn't be very hard since we only have about five subscribers. Well, done, Tim. Well done.

Joel: And that's including family, Tim. So thanks, man. I appreciate that. You can't leave people hanging, you can't leave people hanging on the App Cast thing without a little bit of color on that.

Chad: Yeah, well, there's actually a shred that's out there that will be out there by the time we publish this. So if you haven't subscribed to Chad and Cheese, the only way that you're gonna get a shred, is to be able to subscribe, and it's only gonna be like a three to five minute podcast, so that's how you're gonna get some in depth information about App Cast is subscribe. It'll be there and you're welcome.

Joel: And that's what we call a tease in the podcast business.

Chad: That's right, bitches! Duarte Mendonca, thanks for listening and commenting on our stuff. He's always engaged. Love that guy. Dave Pheobus, he loves Aldo Nova, 80s Rock Road Trips, so he loved the show believe it or not.

Joel: There's no need to restate the obvious. Who doesn't love Aldo Nova?

Chad: Life is just a fantasy. Lauren, Kyle, and Adam, and the rest of the crew at Higher Allergies for having us in. We're also going to drop another pod later, probably next week or something like that where we are actually guests on a podcast. So we're gonna republish it and it was pretty good stuff. Yeah, it was good stuff.

Joel: It was good stuff. I'm gonna give a shout out to ERE where I was this week. Gave a little talk on Google for jobs. And actually had two podcast fans come up and want a selfie with me. So, that was my little taste of I don't know Justin Bieberland over in San Diego this week. So thanks to them. I will dig out my business cards and find out who those ladies were.

Chad: Yeah, from now on you need to take a Chad Cutout with you just in case, and I'll do the same when I'm traveling without you. I'll obviously need an entirely new suitcase for that.

Joel: Nice, nice.

Chad: Chad and Cheese T-Shirts selfies aplenty. So shout out to all those individuals that are out there doing the Chad and Cheese selfies when they get the T-Shirts and that also reminds me of Ryan Christoi over at KRT, you owe us a selfie. The funniest thus far though is Louise Triance over in the UK saying that I spelled her name wrong on the T-Shirt. Chad and Louise. Get it?

Joel: I get it, yeah. And you can't spell Cheese without Louise or something. Shout out to Terry Baker our boy at Pando Logic for sportin' for tickets to a pod race game when I was in San Diego this week and met his son Pete who's a very nice guy as well.

Chad: Nice!

Joel: So lastly, the Whisky House in San Diego. Holy shit, dude.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: If you love whisky this place was like a library of booze, complete with the ladder to get stuff on the third, fourth, and fifth shelf. The most random hard to get whisky you could think of. So shout out to them and the fact that someplace like that exists is a very, very good thing.

Chad: You were sending me pics the entire fucking time and I was drooling. A couple of things, so pods to lookout for. Mike Tempkin from Shaker, he's a fucking industry treasure. Somebody that we're gonna be pushing out within the next week or so, Nathan Porot from AIA, we're gonna be talking about the rep tech hype cycle and last but not least we have events. Next week we're at Talroo.

Joel: Ye be poo without Talroo.

Chad: For an invitation only event where we will be unplugged. If you're not there, sorry about that.

Joel: Suckahs.

Chad: TAtech Europe, Death Match. That is going to be fucking outstanding. Dude, TAtech Death Match. We've got Candidate ID, we've got a fucking interviewing robot, yeah in kilts. We've got opening dot IO with their algorithm candidate matching and we just got Mia to hook up so now we have a chat bot on stage as well. This is gonna be fuckin' hot.

Joel: Yeah, Mia was the cherry on top. This is a massively awesome line up. Can't wait to get out there to Portugal and rock that shit.

Chad: So stocked. Recruit Philly after that, then we're live at Job Case, after that, and I'll be at Job Gate where I'm not gonna be doing anything except for sitting in the back and listening to smart people talk. So that's awesome.

Joel: By the way, we have a live feed from Philly right now.