Fear and Loathing from HR Tech in Vegas

What do you get when you combine one of the industry's most popular conferences, free booze and a hoard of ravenous Chad & Cheese fans?

A weekly podcast highlighted by sleep-deprivation, hoarse voices and inexplicably unintelligible commentary. In need of some serious hydration, Chad & Cheese still find a way to bring the pain.

This week ...

- TMP / AIA acquires Maximum. Who?

- Bullhorn drops a bomb on the recruiting industry

- LinkedIn dances on the grave of Hire by Google

- Facebook Marketplace rumor alert!

- Uber Work launches. Desperation or Mad Genius?

- Bikini shaming job candidates ... just say No

... and much, much more awesomeness.

Enjoy, and bow down to our sponsors: Sovren, JobAdx, and Canvas.


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Tengai: Hi, this is Tengai, the unbiased interview robot, you are listening to The Chad & Cheese Podcast. I love these guys.

Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, bottle up boys and girls. It's time for the Chad & Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Oh yeah, welcome to the phone it in after HR tech in Vegas episode of the Chad & Cheese podcast. I'm your cohost Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad, had a few hours sleep at least Sowash.

Joel: Yeah, just call me Joel red-eye Cheesman today. On this week show TMP go shopping in Europe. Uber gets into the world of work and Facebook just might be giving us another reason to care about their marketplace for jobs. Here's hoping my voice doesn't give out. Enjoy this word from Soren and we'll be right back.

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Chad: Bourbon so good, you want to drink it during the show?

Joel: A liver so deteriorated, you want to get a new one.

Chad: Dude. So Austin, Vegas, I mean it's a good thing we have a couple of weeks before we go back-

Joel: Oh, my God.

Chad: Tote I need sleep, my liver needs water. I mean this is, yeah, I'm ready to be home.

Joel: Pretty sure my two year old is driving by now. I think he's, my daughter is engaged to be married and calls in the army or something like that.

Chad: Oh, dude, don't say all that.

Joel: But we a had a good time, right? That was a fucking blast.

Chad: I hadn't had a great time, and part of the reason why our livers are shot is Shane Gray from clench. I mean, he's brought beer for us in at least three different show. Shan no, we want to make sure that the show gets what it needs, and he's a big supporter. So I think it was higher COF last year was the first time he brought the big case of Modelo, Austin, he brought Guinness straight from Ireland. He went back home, got more Guinness and came back Hoover and we had Guinness for our last show yesterday. So I mean it was a blast, but in Guinness doesn't taste even close to as good as it does when it's coming straight from Ireland. I mean, awesome.

Joel: Yeah, are Irish the most nice people in the world?

Chad: He's just amazing dude. I don't how-

Joel: Actually Europeans are so much better than us, it's ridiculous.

Chad: Yeah, I know they are. It's funny how nice and their sarcasm blends so well with being nice because you don't know if they're fucking with you or not. Most of the times they're actually fucking with you. It's kinda like the guys from talent nexus, we were in Austin with them and the entire time I'm thinking, they're just fucking with me the entire time. And they probably were, but they're incredibly smart, incredibly funny and then they like to fuck with you and I like that.

Joel: Yeah. If there's anything that is really cool about this gig is we get to go to places and really get to know the people in those places more so than we probably ever would have doing anything else. So yeah.

Chad: So yeah, so shout out Jeremy Roberts from hiring Soft who actually like impromptu, not much lead time whatsoever got on stage with us because he adds something that he wanted to share that we're going to launch next week in a different podcast. But good time with with Jeremy from Hiring Soft. And thanks Sean, the CEO for letting me get on stage.

Joel: I think he would have had to because Jeremy used to be a rock star when he was with source gone. He used to be on stage all the time and now he's sort of the back office genius marketier. So he was really pretty excited I think to be on stage. In fact, he was there well before we showed up. So he was stretching and doing his squats and hip thrusts. So he was excited for sure.

Chad: Shots of red bull. Yeah.

Joel: He's been in the room doing coffee for three hours. He's ready to go. Shout out to Jeanette Meister-

Chad: Maiester. It's Maiester.

Joel: Jeez, yeah. I've never seen more fire in a four foot seven package like I'd have Janette Maiester, this lady is full of attitude and knowledge of the industry and she made a pretty good request that we need some lady shirts for the Chad & Cheese show because we have a unisex kind of fits everyone looks okay, but she's like, I need the slim fit. I need the V-neck, I need the lady cut shirt.

Chad: She also needs like a triple X small because she's not big. And I told her, I said, look, this is a unisex kind of let's say world that we're in right now and that T shirt looks really hot on my wife, so if you can't make it look hot on you, I'm sorry, I'm not getting a shirt just for you.

Joel: She knows we're an inclusive podcast, we include everyone.

Chad: Everybody.

Joel: She goes to baby gap and they say, no, you too, no you got to go. You've got to go to Carter's or wherever the hell she shops.

Chad: All the parties, man, that we went to in Vegas, I want to thank the crew at Mya, Mike, Vinita, y'all got a chance to actually sit down and have some drinks with the co-founder CEO over at Mya. Acres, that bastard he brought us into a greenhouse checker in the hacker rank for that first night party and then-

Joel: They have tacos.

Chad: You can't go wrong with tacos.

Joel: Tacos and riddles, yeah, you can't go wrong with that people.

Chad: And they just kept bringing the sangria in the riddles. I mean that was a pretty good way to start off a show.

Joel: And don't forget Craig Fisher, Charney is a new company that he announced that was a good party. Was it Fetcher? Was that the other company Fetcher?

Chad: Fetcher was there, and also Jerome, the CEO of smart recruiters had some time to actually talk to him, so that was pretty cool. And Scott over at Fetcher stay away from firing squad, man, I'll send somebody after your knees. So don't be messing with firing squad.

Joel: You got a little bit of sneak preview, we might be attending smart recruiters next year.

Chad: It's a possibility.

Joel: I'm going to jump the gun, but it happened.

Chad: Yeah. And our sponsors were out in mass tower, JobAdX, Talkpush, Soren was hooking us up with bourbon.

Joel: The good stuff.

Chad: Yeah, who'd we-

Joel: We shamed Robert in Austin about going a little light on the bourbon, the wood you can get from your local Kroger store. So he brought the A game and brought the Jack Daniels Sinatra edition. Very nice. Thank you.

Chad: That was delicious. And we also have news that this way global received the people's choice award.

Joel: Very nice. So the Pitchfest there at HR tech, this is a highly contested competition. And this way global who we interviewed for our first brew review, which is coming out soon won the people's choice award. Now it was a five grand check and not a 30,000, which is what the owner got, but still you're the people's choice, hats off to you Angela Hood and team.

Chad: That's pretty awesome. That's pretty awesome. What else do you have to shout out?

Joel: I want to give a shout out to my favorite booth because I mentioned it in the show at the show, but I haven't mentioned it and I want to mention it because I think it's funny. Anyway, so in the startup pavilion these aren't booths, these are like little kiosks of going. And you get a little message, a little billboard and then like a little desk and a chair and you talk to companies and these are usually startups. Anyway, it's of my favorite parts of the show because you get to see the new stuff and the ideas and I'm really keen on that.

Joel: So my favorite booth and our favorite kiosk in the pavilion this year was I was walking by and the sign said Gen Z is coming, are you ready? Now the funny thing about this is the kiosk was empty, so it was sort of like, yeah, Gen Z is coming, but as soon as they're ready, not on your time there.

Chad: Not now.

Joel: Yeah. They're eating some quinoa and headed out to the smoothie King before they hit up the trade show. So let's get them on fire squad shall we? That was fucking, that was fucking Epic, like I couldn't stop laughing.

Chad: Two quick ones. Tyler Weeks just dropped a pod, he was so excited interview. He's a analyst and automation manager over at Intel. Great shit, great pod look for it, Tyler Weeks. And also our friends over at SmashFly, you are always the gift that just keeps on giving.

Joel: And by the way, to our fans who are named Ralph rant, I don't.

Chad: Oh God, yes.