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The Big Halloween Show!

Chad and Cheese are handing out tricks and treats this Halloween.

and... Tim Sackett should allow Halloween in the office!

All of these treats handed out by Sovren, JobAdX, and Canvas. Enjoy!


Hung Lee: It's Hung from recruiting prey food and you all listening to the chat and she show this, in my opinion, is the number one podcast in our industry. You just have to subscribe and listens to these guys.

Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors. You're listening to HR's Most Dangerous Podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where hurts complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Awwwwweee yeah,

Chad: What the fuck was that?

Joel: What's up ghouls and goblins? You cannot leave dude. Listeners cannot leave. It's the Halloween edition of the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Chad: Trick or treat

Joel: Be afraid, be very afraid I'm your cohost Joel. "Here's Johnny " Cheesman

Chad: And I'm Chad "I love candy corn" Sowash,

Joel: This week's episode, CareerBuilder and LinkedIn. Drop new commercials, tricks and treats a bound in the acquisition game and we break down the office party rules for Halloween. Grab your bag of rocks. Charlie Brown. We're smashing some great pumpkin's this week, right after this word from canvas.

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Joel: Oh yeah. Happy Halloween. Happy Halloween. Are you a trick or treating this year? Are you a

Chad: No, I'm not too old for that. I mean, we sit me in the neighbors. We have like a three or four different houses. We sit in one of our driveways. And we'll probably have prior to have the fire going this year. We'll have bourbon out and we'll have plenty of plenty of candy for the kids. So, yeah, it should be a blast.

Joel: Pumpkin spice. Goodness. I will say that one of our most more memorable Halloweens was when we went to Columbus to partake in Columbus's Halloween. Now what we do remember is there one of your neighbors actually created a, basically, I dunno, a haunted house and the garage and the kids walk in, some dude with a chainsaw and like it was, it was horrors, horrors galore. So yeah, if you're in the Columbus, Indiana area go check out that homemade haunted house. I of course with a two year old, a 10 year old and a 13 year old, we'll be hitting Halloween head on. I'm going as a prisoner this year. Prisoner. my wife is a funky chicken. Yeah, that's a little odd. Okay. Hey, it's Halloween. Jeremy, the two year old is going as a PJ mask character, which some parents will know out there. You probably don't know. He's, he's going to be cat boy. Stella. My 10 year old daughter's going to be 11 from stranger things. The popular Netflix show. And Cole is going as an executioner. So he's in a black robe and acts, some wild mask. All black. Yeah. That's my 13 year old son.

Chad: After last week being in Paris, I mean they did two, two entirely different weeks being in Paris, just Julie and I all last week and go figure going to the the catacombs where they actually talked about executions and things like that and seeing walls of bones and then thinking about Cole actually dressing up as an execution or that's yeah, that's, that's surreal

Joel: At best. Yeah. It's been a scary week to say the least. Catacombs is a fucked up place. Yeah. And only the French would S would think to say like, let's make this into art.

Chad: Yeah. I think it's, it's definitely a different way to, to, to quote unquote barrier people cause they are underground. You do feel, or at least I did and I know Julie did. We felt like this, just this, this reverence when you go down there, much like when you go to a, like the, the big cemetery, can't remember the name in Paris, which we actually visited where Jim Morrison is buried and whatnot. I mean, when you step on those grounds, you feel that reverence. And when we went down to the catacombs, yeah, it was scary as fuck. Cause there were 6 million ish people that are actually stacked up on top of each other bones. Yeah. But there was that, that, that reverence and I can't believe that people actually go down there and, and take bones or at least they try to, I mean it's just, it's fucking crazy.

Joel: Yeah. A lot of old timey, scary shit in France. Yes. Along with all via the glorified art and you know, creative stuff that's there. Yeah. Yeah. Jim Morrison, his grave was interesting. If you've seen the movie the doors, there's a scene at the end where they show Morrison's grave. And he, his, he has like a, a bust with his head on it and it just, it just says Jim Morrison 1948 to 1971 or whatever it is that's there anymore. The grave now is like James Douglas Morrison. It's like a more official, it's gated off. So I was kind of expecting to see the doors movie version but did not get that Chopin is buried there, which is kinda cool. And Oscar Wilde is buried there as well. I don't know if you saw those graves. Yeah. Behind glass. Oscar Wilde was weird, right? Yeah. Yeah. If anyone knows what's up with that grave, let us know. We have some Irish listeners, maybe they know what, what the deal is with that grave. That's, that's a weird sort of hood ornament on a car looking grave.

Chad: Thanks again to Unleash and SmashFly. We had a great time at Unleash was a really cool frickin event. If you haven't listened to our Unleash podcasts, go back, listen to both of them. They're a blast. One was a panel, talked about pretty much employer brand cult, brand experience, that kind of stuff. And then the other one, Joel and I were we pretty much took over the Mya booth just because it was nice and quiet over there and they had nice, comfortable seats. So we just took over the Mya booth.

Joel: Yeah. And getting flipped off by, no numerous CEOs was fun too. There in the Mya booth. Yeah. Unleash was, Unleash was great. We're excited to you know, to sort of be a part of that show to, you know, a few, if you have a conference take note. They do, they do a really good job of combining the vendors and the attendees and a really cool way.

Chad: Yeah. They do. And talking about shows, Bill Boorman, you might know this guy, he is having his 10th anniversary for true and a, so a big, big shout out to bill. Congrats buddy. 10 years.

Chad: He's one of our favorite Hobbits, you know.

Joel: Dude loves him some. Bob Geldof by the way, he he had a major conference boner when Bob Geldof spoke. That's the the live aid guy in case our young audience audience members don't know who Bob Geldof is. Yeah,

Chad: He's done a few things but live aid definitely. So big. A happy anniversary. Bill a hope to see at a, in a show soon. Man, I'm next in the shout out list.

Adam Gordon at Candidate ID for launching a free CRM.

Chad: ...And It was funny, we saw him in Paris and the question was, so why, why a free CRM? And he said, it's pretty simple because that's what CRMs are worth.

Joel: That's what he said?

SFX: That just one big pile of shit.

Chad: Yeah, he's, he said that's what CRMs are worth. That's why we're giving it away.

Joel: I was going to say, I typically don't like the free model. I think it works in this case because it's free for a certain number of, you know, individuals in your database and then you gotta pay for it. So it's a, it's a nice little gateway drug for small companies or who just want to kick the tires. But I didn't, I didn't realize he said CRMs or work Jack. So that was a, that's an interesting take. From him. I'm going to give a shout out to welcome to the jungle who just got 22 point $3 million, but I want to, I want this company. Yeah. I want to, I want to point out that it's a French company and no French company should be able to name their company after one of the greatest rock songs in American history. I just think that's wrong. And these guys should, should be deep six just for thinking that they could do that.

Chad: Well in naming a company and or a product a phrase is one of the dumbest fucking things. Especially, I mean, it just, that's stupid,

Joel: Yeah. Why don't you just launch some company's name like born to run and Jack and Diane and a American girl or something like what the fuck?

Chad: Born in the USA. How about that? How about you do that

Joel: Launching in Germany this week? Born in the USA recruitment solutions. Yeah.

Chad: Ah, big shout out to Megan Irwin over at SAIC, she's over in the employment marketing side of the house. Hey Megan. You get a chance, say hi to Amy for us over there. Really appreciate both of you guys listening.

Joel: Big fan Joe. And I'm going to butcher every name that I say on the show today. Joe Zen. I do you know how to pronounce this name? Josie. This is worse than Maura or whatever his name was a couple of weeks ago. Like, so Joe Zeinieh and I, I'll go with that from TMP. You, you had probably one of the best lines of the year at unleash when you called TMP Sibyl and that they should change their name to sell blood because they can't figure out all the brands that they have on board. Joe at TMP said, you guys got some good points. That's all. And that was it. So Joe, shout out to you for the, the short succinct message. And we love that you're listening over there, TMP.

Chad: And it was funny, not just Joe, but I received WhatsApp texts, Facebook messages for a bunch of TMP, AIA, TMP ER's. Let's just call them TMP as a whole, a saying. Pretty much the same thing. Laugh out loud. That was fucking hilarious. So we really appreciate, again, when we give company shit when they either give it back to us or you know, they just, again, they join along in the hilarity because that's some fucking funny shit.

Joel: And a shout out to Fountain, another gig economy platform, marketplace put in whatever words you want in there. A raised 23 million this week of a series B. So another win for the the gig economy. Congrats to them.

Chad: Big shout out to Talkpush and Francis Chan. So if you don't know Francis Chan, he was actually like employee number 11 over at Successfactors and TalkPush just landed him as the VP of product. I think it's pretty big. And when you see these companies making these types of hires, I mean that, that means something. So it was really cool to see something like that happen.

Joel: Yeah. Push it real good. Shout out to Facebook, although they've been in the negative news of late posted a job. This was shared by our buddy Matt Charney. They're hiring a product manager for recruiting products. So yeah, we talk about Facebook quite a bit of, of being serious. They keep doing stuff. This is definitely another move into the gee I don't know, the recruiting tech space, so expect some interesting things from them. Them heading into 2020 Facebook.

Chad: Yeah. I still don't expect exciting things happening from them because they're going to hire somebody with no background in this space is going to put together shit products. Fairly simple.

Joel: Now what if they hire me? Are you still going to say that?

Chad: Probably.

Joel: Yikes. Yikes.

Chad: Ready for events?

Joel: Yeah. Let's go to events.

Chad: Just off the backs of Paris. We're getting ready, getting a locked and loaded. You're going to recruit con in, in Nashville. I think you're going to, you're going to play this startup performance for my wife. So Julie's going to be on Joel's like this. The warmup act. I'm the warm up that

Joel: For Julie. Sowash that's just my lot in life.

Chad: And then we're going to ICIMs Influence where they have a new format. Last year we went and it was just the analysts and we just kinda sat in an area and talked about the industry and listened to what Collin and all the other leaders had to say about ICIMS. But this year they're going to have partners and clients and it's going to be a one big room full of people I guess. So we're going to have to see how this works.

Joel: Nice. That'll be an interesting take on the analysts meetings. That's a real risk for them because analysts are sort of stupid sometimes, but we'll see. We'll see what happens there. So Recruitcon, that's going to be in a couple of weeks. I'll be there with Julie. My presentation is only 15 minutes, which is interesting. She's probably an hour, which gives me a lot of a lot of grief. And then talent that in December. This looks like the final show that we'll, we'll be doing the naughty or nice show from Dallas that week.

Chad: Ah, yeah. Naughty or nice. I am stoked this year about naughty or nice. So if you're not going to talent net in, you're in or around the Dallas area, the fuck are you waiting for? Check it out online. Go get registered and come on out. Should be a blast. Let's get to the news shall we?

Joel: Yes. Acquisitions. We got one, one trick and one tree on this.

Chad: Yes. We're going to go, I'm going to go with the, with the treat first. And that's VONQ. Who is a Euro programmatic player? Yeah. V O N Q. VONQ. A capital D acquires 54% stake in the disruptive recruitment marketing technology business known as VONQ.

Joel: VONQ. Would you, would you rather be a sales person saying, hi, this is Chad from welcome to the jungle or hi, this is Chad from VONQ?

Chad: Yea, I think VONQ is easier. I think you can make that much easier. This is, this is another programmatic play. I mean, we've seen so much programmatic work happening out there. So many acquisitions.

Joel: Yeah. Netherlands, Germany, English and other European play. I mean, aside from the programmatic side, I mean they're into a lot of different things. Employment, branding, analytics, almost sort of a new style agency right out there. So yeah, not knowing a ton about them. You know, I'd say this is a definitely move that's trending in our industry. Programmatic remains hot and will remain hot apparently through 2020 so yeah, it's not too late to, to, you know, create that start up kids programmatic solutions are hot.

Chad: Yeah. I, I think this is what the new ad agency looks like. The, the programmatic scene is changing quickly and all around programmatic. You have branding, you have all these different aspects that talent acquisition just can't fuck with. I mean, they just don't have time to mess with. Right. they might have employer brand people or what have you on site, but they just, there's too much to do. So they need to have an agency to be able to work with an agency, not to mention from a technology standpoint, this is the big change app cast became the major tech player. And then we have the four different acquisitions in the, like what was a six to eight week span that turned the entire agency world on its head for pretty much at cast powered the entire infrastructure for agencies. Right. And that is being shattered.

Joel: Switzerland.

Chad: Yeah, that's being shattered right now. TMP and Perengo right. You've got 'em symphony had their own thing that the M cloud thing for awhile and then you have ClickIQ going to indeed. I mean you have all these different plays happening. Recruitics says hold my beer and buys KRT. Right. And that's, that's a flip on it. So now we had this one playing field that was pretty much for the most part, powered by Appcast and that is just being rustled to fucking death and watching an organization like VONQ who I believe does have some technology, but I guarantee you behind the scenes they are leaning heavily on a partner vendor tech. So that capital that they're, that they're seeing that that they're getting now is definitely going to help accelerate growth. But I also believe it's going to help them develop themselves out of needing these partners or these other vendors.

Joel: Yeah, very interesting. As we head into the new year to see what happens to the, the Joveo's of the world, the Pandologic's, the JobadX is because they're in the catbird seat and they have to be fielding offers as we speak, I assume.

Chad: Yeah. And then to the, to the actual acquisition Engage Talent acquired by Workforce Logiq. And that's Logic spelled L O G I Q... Yeah. Formally known as ZeroChaos. So in January of 2019 they switched their name from ZeroChaos, which are two words you should be able to spell.

Joel: Yup.

Chad: To Workforce Logics or Logiq or whatever the fuck it is with the Q.

Joel: You like this as a trick.

Chad: Yeah. I like this as a trick and here's why. And, and sorry, Engage Talent guys. What we've seen is Engage Talent is really, I think, wrapped in kind of like this, this marketing spiel of "predictive" and whatnot, and to try to make it feel different than that of an Entell or an Uncommon or some of these, some of these companies who have had issues and really haven't been able to get the play or the revenue that personally I think they should be getting because this is, I believe, the most important technology that we have out there today.

Joel: They Engage Talent?

Chad: I think this type of technology, it's more matching. It's more of that AI kind of like sourcing predictive model that that's, I love this type of technology, but it's just not getting the play.

Joel: Yeah. Yeah. Would you put like an Engage Talent and like a Glint on the same, on the same plane or different?

Chad: No, I'd say it's different. Glint. Glint entirely, yeah, I think that's, that's one of the, that kind of like tricks that Engage Talent is kind of like wrapped themselves and more of a predictive packaging. I think this is a big win for Engage Talent. Don't get me wrong, but it's a big win because they had to take an out quickly because most of these companies just, they're just not doing well.

Joel: Yeah, I agree. For whatever reason, they might be ahead of their time and we've certainly seen that in this industry.

Chad: Yeah. I love the tech for some reason it's just not getting the traction. I believe it should.

Joel: Let's talk about a scary ad from career builder that's hit the the airwaves and then talk about a much better ad that LinkedIn has put out.

Chad: We've seen Careerbuilder ads over the last couple of years and they really haven't been great at all.

Joel: So the, the Careerbuilder ad is basically one stock image, like one stock video after another. Like basically either someone internally at Careerbuilder or some agency like searched whatever solution gives you videos, stock videos for work. So you've got like the worker in the hospital, you've got the worker by the truck, you've got the worker among like schoolchildren, you have the worker with you know, in the business sort of setting in the office. They don't speak at all. It was just a narrator with all these sort of stock images. And then at the end there's like a general I dunno, it looks like they're having a cookout or something and then it says, ah, shoot, what's the....?

Chad: Work can Work.

Joel: Uh work can work. Yeah, work can pay more working. Don't do all this stuff. I dunno. Good on them for like creating an ad. But it's literally like a kid in college could have made this ad. I could've made this ad.

Chad: Do you think it's a trick?

Joel: Oh, it's a trick from a, I mean, there's nothing unique there. There's nothing that is going to make people go, Oh that ad is funny or oh that ad is touching or Oh that ad really, you know, connects with me. It's just like stock images on a, on a website, right? Like it's just people that don't connect whatsoever. It works on a website sometimes it doesn't really work that well on a video, commercial advertisement. So do they actually have money to run this thing? Cause they sure as hell didn't spend any money producing it. So yeah. W it's just sort of an, it's sort of like, like what's marketing going to do this quarter? Oh we're going to make an ad. Okay, your budget is $200 to go make an ad. And that's what they did.

Chad: See, I got something entirely different because what I was used to from Careerbuilder was it was really sterile. Right. And this to me I'm amazed you didn't see like the kid running up to the dad and the, there was more, there was more of this kind of like your work doesn't have to be just work. Work can be closer to home. It can pay more, you know, it can make us proud. Right. So there was more of this, more of this aspirational kind of a feel behind it. And then it was the, you know, CareerBuilder work can work and, and they used to work can work with those other sterile ones before. But I thought this really brought it together better. Was it an amazing ad. Was it a five out of five stars? No. Was it better than anything that I've seen from them in the last five years? Yeah, easily. Whether you didn't like the, the quote unquote stock footage or not, I thought the actual actual message, the aspirational message around work doesn't have to be just work was a, it was, it was pretty cool and it was better than anything they've done in a while.

SFX: That is one big pile of shit.

Joel: I can't believe you liked this ad. I'm just shocked. It's awful.

Chad: Alright. I'd like to talk about is the new LinkedIn ad because this takes that aspirational idea and takes it to another level without all the stock. Right? So what are you searching for? That's really the message behind LinkedIn and this new ad that they've launched in the UK. And a, I think they took the, the, the aspirational ad that Careerbuilder was, was trying to get to and they actually, you can hear it from the actual people themselves that they're currently helping and people that they want to help. And this was a very diverse group of, of individuals as well.

Joel: Yeah. First of all, I want to go back to CareerBuilder. I want to hear from our listeners, like hit us up on Twitter, #chadcheese delight, the CareerBuilder ad. Do you not like it? I'm just amazed. Chad likes the ad and I just want to know if I'm just way off here. I'm just a cold hearted son of a bitch.

Chad: Oh, we know that.

Joel: So hit us up on social about the CareerBuilder ad now on LinkedIn. I did like it. It wasn't, it was what you would expect from LinkedIn, right? It was produced really well. You know, I, I like that they were actual users of the product and at the end they said, you know, I'm Joe, whatever. And I got my job on LinkedIn and it says what their position was. And they have a nice little variety of positions.

Joel: It was very UK focused, right? So, yeah, like they're playing soccer. Slash. Football, there's a diversity spin. So they have different obviously diverse audiences in the ad. I think most people don't think of LinkedIn as a job search site. And I think LinkedIn is trying to change that perception. I think they'd been a good job in the States and now they're obviously turning their eye toward Europe and other parts of the world. So yeah, I thought it was, it was a good as effective. It's not, you know, it's not monster super bowl 1999 kind of stuff, but it is an ad that should resonate with people who are looking for work and never thought of LinkedIn. Is there anything more than just a professional networking? So, yeah.

Chad: Well, I think in a world today that is so divided, they're building on this in it together feeling. And it's really cool to have a company like LinkedIn ask bigger questions, then do you need a job? And more focused on what would you like to do with your life? And, and again, this was another ad that I felt was not centered around work a was centered on life. Right. And then how, what do we want to do with our life and work as part of that, but it's not the central part of it. So I, I really liked it was I thought it was pretty cool.

Joel: Yeah, it's a little bit of a change from a lot of the indeed ads which are really focused on work. So it is a, it is a nice little warm and fuzzy take on the the job search side. So the ads are definitely supportive. I don't know. So there's report this, this past week from aim group on LinkedIn revenues and sessions grow by double digits. Yeah. Things are, continues to do well at LinkedIn. I continued to drink the Koolaid, a revenue surge 25% year on year in the last quarter. This is from the earnings report from Microsoft. This continues the multi quarter run of double-digit year on your income growth for LinkedIn sessions grew by 22% year on year a reaching record levels. This is such and the Dalla I said, quote marketing solutions, this sale of ads targeting LinkedIn users was the fastest growing part of LinkedIn's business with income increasing 44% year over year. It's good for them to see them as an ad solution. Twitter banning political ads. I don't know if we'll start seeing political ads on LinkedIn.

Chad: You better fucking not

Joel: All right. It's the Halloween show. We don't need any more horrific political political speak. That's a, that's a trick. Yeah. In fact, let's, let's hear from a sponsored job ad X and we'll talk about some treats out of Chipotle.

JobAdX: Not for me. All these jobs look the same. Oh, next. This is what perfectly qualified candidates are thinking as they scroll past your jobs. Just half heartedly skimming job descriptions that aren't standing out to them. Face it. We live in a world that is all about content, content, content. So why do we expect job seekers to react differently while reading paragraphs and bullets in templated job descriptions stand out in a feed full of boring job ads with a dynamic, enticing video that showcases your company culture, people and benefits with JobAdX. Instead of hoping that job seekers will stumble upon your employment branding video, JobAdX seamlessly displays it in the job description while they're searching, building a connection and reducing candidate drop-off. You're spending thousands of dollars on beautiful, informative employment branding videos that just sit on a YouTube channel begging to be discovered. Why not feature them across our network of over 150 job sites to proactively compel top talent to join your team, help candidates see themselves in your role by emailing. that's attract, engage employees with JobAdX

Joel: Free degrees at Chipotle. You love this story.

Chad: Yeah, so Chipotle pays for college $20 million in tuition assistance over the over the past two years.

Joel: Dude, if this isn't a recruiting and retention tool, I don't know what it is.

Chad: Well, this is not just recruiting and retention, this is pipelining. This is knowing what your organization needs for the future. So instead of looking at it like, yeah, we, you know, we need to fill positions now. This is not about fucking filling positions now. It helps, don't get me wrong retention recruiting, but this is about the future and where to polo needs to go. Right. And this is one of the things that really pisses me off about major fortune 500 companies is that they're not thinking about talent pipelining and how to do exactly this. This is, this is too easy right now. It is way too much fucking money for are for a kid to go to college. $100,000 for God sakes. There's no reason for that. Get them in locked in for a three year contract. Who knows and and pay their fucking tuition.

Joel: Yeah. And some companies get this. I mean we, we tend to see stuff like this at a Starbucks, Chipotle, a Walmart, you know, companies that are willing to sort of go to the mat in terms of education and paying for college. And, and degrees. It's a great strategy in terms of, you know, keeping people loyal educating folks, putting people into college that maybe wouldn't have even thought about going in the first place. So a big round of applause, you know, for me, for Chipotle companies that are willing to take this expense and again, it's a great, you know, you'd build some great loyalty and your workers if you're going to pay for them.

Chad: Well, this isn't an expense. Okay, let's, let's go ahead and put this out there first. This is not an expense. This is exactly what a company should be doing.

Joel: An investment.

Chad: This is exactly what a company should be doing to ensure that their skilling, their people up. How many companies do we hear about today who are talking about skills gaps? This is ensuring that they can get product out, they can get product developed, they're waiting for somebody to walk through the doors with the actual skills that they need right now and they're losing product time. They're losing development time so that that's a problem.

Joel: Yeah. And they're gaining new skills, by the way. Yeah. Love this. This definitely a treat on Halloween from Chipotle, and I have to mention, I don't know if you know this or not, but if you, if you go to Chipotle on Halloween and dress like a burrito, you get a free burrito. Not that I've ever done that, but I wouldn't be above doing that. But yeah, I'd love to hear from some listeners if they're going a wrapping themselves with selves up in aluminum foil to get a free burrito at Chipotle today. Oh, it's a thing, man. Go check out the socials.

Chad: I will. And I believe it. I just don't believe that you haven't.

Joel: Oh, well, you know, there's no proof out there. Let's put it that way. No visual proof that I've ever wrapped myself up in aluminum foil and gotten a free burrito. Not that is there anything wrong with free burritos? Less of a treat. Is this new story out of Amazon where automation just as sort of lurking in the shadows ready to lay off a bunch of people?

Chad: Yeah, I think it's interesting. I mean Amazon top 750,000 employees and nearly a hundred thousand in the past three months. Now. I mean, they're getting ready for the season, right? I mean it's, it's more pronounced this year because of the, the onset of prime one day. But but yeah, I mean they, they finished their third quarter with a head count of 750,000 people a year over year bump of 22%. The U S headcount is over 400,000. So this is a little scary. It's very scary because when somebody, something grows this large, everybody looks at and they're like, yay. But we know Jeff Bezos and all, he gives a shit about his dollars. Okay. He doesn't give a shit about the people. He just cares about the dollars, which means, you know, automation is going to come and when they start retrofitting these warehouses or what, whatever thought automation, that number is going to drop dramatically.

Chad: And, and again, you know, robots taking the jobs, that kind of thing. That's, that's what we get ready for.

Joel: If you think it will happen gradually and nicely and friendly, you're probably lying to yourself. Cause when the automation change comes, it's going to be fast and furious.

Chad: Yeah. Yeah. But pull your nuclear you know, button kind of shit. Until then, I hope they've also pur purchased more garbage cans for their employees to piss in.

Joel: Yeah. By the way, I, yeah, I love you said because I have a message for all the Amazon workers who want to take a bathroom break.

SFX: You cannot leave...

Joel: Oh shit. Let's hear from Sovren and then we'll talk about company Halloween party rules. Do it.

Sovren: Sovren parser is the most accurate resume and job order intake technology in the industry. The more accurate your data, the better decisions. You can make. Find out more about our suite of products today by visiting That's We provide technology that thinks, communicates and collaborates like a human Sovren software. So human. You'll want to take it to dinner.

Chad: No, it. Okay. So this next one is from our buddy Tim Sackett and I think it's fucking awesome. Hilarious. And definitely it's a trick because it's, it's, it's from, it's from Tim second. Other than the picture of him, his Trump is, is pretty much a treat as far as know. Pretty fricking hilarious. He's spot on. So we have the Tim Sackett office Halloween party rules. Now, first off, Tim says that his office does not participate in the dress up festivities. And, and I, that's just a big boo. I mean, come on Tim. What the fuck?

Joel: That is a pretty big boo. And he does say in his roles, if, if, if more than 50 aren't gonna dress up, then just don't even have it. So maybe he just works with some lame motherfuckers.

Chad: All goes back to leadership, right?

Joel: Uh if he showed up looking like Trump, like that, probably not.

Chad: Now he did that before Trump was actually president. That was funny. Then. Right now it's, it's, it's scary. So I guess before and after.

Joel: That's probably a big no, that might, that might tip the scale at his number one keep racism out of, out of your your party. And I love this quote. No, really? We're going as the black KKK. Yeah, just don't do that. That's a, that's a great number one role and I love that he has eight rules because I guess 10 roles would've been just too much for him to come up with.

Chad: Well, I think, I think that's perfect. 10 top 10 if you go top eight it's like, yeah, I can do eight top three that's fine too. But yeah, number one, racist theme costumes. I mean, we all think that we're, we're woke enough to understand what quote unquote racism is.

Chad: Especially a couple of dumb white guys. Stay safe with your, with your costumes.

Joel: Yeah. And I think you could add sexism to that. Although I don't think that made his list. I don't think guys can dress up as girls anymore in the office.

Chad: I don't know why. I mean that should be more, that should be more heralded more than ever at this point. I mean, if that's how you feel comfortable there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to. I am behind that 100%.

Joel: Alright, alright I'm clearly not woken up to dude connect with this list.

Chad: Yeah. You're one of the most unwoke dudes anything with naughty in the title is number two. And I told him to get with, get that. Here's the thing, if somebody comes dressed as naughty nurse or something like that, more than likely during the rest of the year, he or she is, they're wearing things that are way too revealing already.

Joel: Yeah. Yeah.

Chad: This isn't, this isn't going to be a thing where it happens once. Okay. So I get the whole naughty thing, but still it's gonna happen more than that.

Joel: Yeah. Which is rough because I mean Halloween is the one time of year where everyone can, you know, let their freaky fly, but not in the office place. So this is a good number two rule.

Chad: Yeah, number three, don't be the guy offering tricks all day. That's that. I don't even know what that means. That's just creepy. You know, because Tim was that guy and he was told this. Now that's just creepy. Stop that.

Joel: Now I know you can't turn tricks but offering tricks. I'm not, I'm not exactly sure. We might need some clarification on that one.

Chad: Number four, anything that interferes with your ability to do your actual job shouldn't be a costume selection. That's pretty simple. Yeah. Coming in as an Amazon package where you can actually sit down and do your God damn job. That's just stupid.

Joel: The Rubik's cube one is a good one. Yeah. Don't dress like a Rubik's cube or a, or a minion. I guess that's, that's not good.

Chad: Oh, number five, dressing up like your boss is probably not a K. Especially if he hates you. He or she hates you.

Joel: Yeah. Don't do that. It's a good joke. If they like you and they have a good sense of humor, that's always a good, a good, a good costume. But yeah, if they, if they're a Dick, if they're, you know, a douche don't like you, don't do it.

Chad: Yeah. If you have to put up a sign to explain who you are, go back to the drawing board. That's pretty simple.

Joel: I'm a one night stand. Hahahaha. Get it? That's always one that needs some explaining.

Chad: Yeah.. Okay. Once again, you're probably the main reason for all eight of these. Uh...

SFX: That's just one big pile of shit.

Chad: If less than half your staff will be dressing up. You need to cancel dressing up. See. I don't get this at all because this is about being a individuals in a team environment and being, and allowing those individuals to be who they are. Not to mention this might also spur, I don't know, some creativity through the rest of your fucking team. So allow it to happen. Just make sure that they don't dress up like, you know, naughty janitors or something.

Joel: Oh shit. So what's your favorite candy before we we depart.

Chad: Reese's peanut butter cups. Very, very simple.

Joel: Boom. I knew there was a reason why we had a show together. It's definitely the number one candy. And with that, Chad, happy Halloween. Don't drink too much. Get woke. And we out!

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