Symphony Talent Gets Smashed

Okay Boomer, we're back for another week of news and commentary.

Welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast HR's Most Dangerous and most Gen Xiest. On this episode:

- Symphony Talent gets SMASHED!

- HireVue gets into an EPIC fight

- 4-day work weeks could be our future

- and Careerbuilder jumps into the ring with a new sponsorship.

Can you smell what they're cookin'?

This "wrastling" match is sponsored by the good people at Sovren, JobAdX, and Canvas.


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Joel: Okay, boomer, we're back for another week of news and commentary.

Chad: That's right.

Joel: Welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast, HR's most dangerous and most Gen X-iest. I'm your cohost, Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I am Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this episode, Symphony Talent gets smashed, four-day work weeks could be our future, and career builder jumps into the ring with a new sponsorship. Can you smell what they're cooking? We'll be right back after this word from JobAdX.

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Joel: We're back for another week.

Chad: We are back.

Joel: I was worried, this close to the holidays, that the content would be a little light, but it's pretty meaty.

Joel: We've got a good show in store for everyone.

Chad: Oh yeah, this is a good one. And kicking off, I've got to say, Adam Gordon from candidate.ID wins-

Joel: No, no, dude.

Chad: What? What? What? I've got-

Joel: I didn't know if you're going to save it till the end, or just come out swinging.

Chad: No, we're coming out swinging.

Joel: So we're coming out swinging. All right.

Chad: Yeah, we're going to come out swinging. So, Adam Gordon from candidate ID wins the video of the week, if not the month, if not the fucking year. So on LinkedIn... Adam Gordon, if you know Adam Gordon, awesome guy, amazing marketer, and he probably did this on purpose, probably not, but maybe. He just did a video where he was really combating the whole idea that the talent pipeline funnels are dead, and people are talking about infinity loops, and so on and so forth. So he crafts, it looks like out of cardboard, two things. This one funnel, I guess it was, that looks like a penis, and this person out of cardboard that goes up and down the penis. So I guess it's time for the talent pipeline penis...

Joel: Dude, the head of the penis is the job. He acquires the job. Oh man.

Chad: That's a win. Dude-

Joel: If that doesn't bring out your inner 14-year-old, nothing will.

Chad: We were getting ready for the show, it popped up in my feed, I'm like, "What the fuck is this?" I start watching it, and I just could not stop laughing. It is fucking hilarious. Here's, what I'm saying. If you are listening, go directly to LinkedIn right now, look up Adam Gordon. Go to his video. Watch it without-

Joel: Recent activity.

Chad: ...any audio. Yeah, no audio. Just watch it. It is fucking hilarious, dude. And yes, our inner 12 to 14-year-olds came out.

Joel: Oh, yeah. Yeah. You and I sounded like Beavis and Butthead on the other end of the microphones, laughing at this video, because it was just so obviously meat headed.

Chad: Yeah. So anybody who actually saw-

Joel: Yeah?

Chad: ...Adam pulling this together, and watching him do a dry run, and not look at that as a phallic symbol, as a penis, you, my friend, you weren't looking hard enough.

Joel: I just can't imagine with the sense of humors that Scottish folks have that that wasn't some subliminal joke that he knew you and I would see and talk about it. Like, it's that genius of marketing that he knew we'd talk about it if he posted it.

Chad: Yes, I agree. And another video... Going to jump into this while we're talking about 12-year-olds, because we just, pretty much, interviewed a 12-year-old yesterday on Firing Squad. His name is Adam Chambers. Firing Squad's going to come out probably next week, week after. It'll be sometime this month. But from a company called Applichat, and it was hilarious because he has been getting ready for Firing Squad on Chad and Cheese for a while now, and he jumps on, his mic sounds like shit. You can tell he's in like a little boxy office, where it's just echoing like hell, and then, for probably about two to three minutes, you hear him kind of like, running around looking for another place. And then what does he do,


Joel: He lays down in a bunch of pillows to do the interview, and then he videotapes the whole thing, and then posts it everywhere, so good on him, man. Like, the dude can't be a day over 16. I'm convinced. Like, there's just no... And you learn this in the Firing Squad, he does video streams with his customers, like they have to look at him and think, "Can you even drink legally? I don't understand. I actually bought something from you."

Chad: "Are you an intern?"

Joel: Yeah, like... "Is this a joke? Am I being Punk'd? I don't get it."

Chad: So Adam Chambers, congrats buddy. That was awesome.

Joel: Good on you, man. Shout out.

Chad: Yes, you deserve big time shout-out for getting couch cushions, laying on the ground, and sounding awesome during Firing Squad.

Joel: No doubt, no doubt. Shout-out to and AssesFirst. We posted their death-match presentations on the feed this week. Always entertaining and always nice, and also thanks to Alexander Mann Solutions for sponsoring Death Match.

Chad: That's right, that's right. Shout out to the US Postal Service for eating their own dog food and using direct mail to recruit. Now, did you actually get that in the mail?

Joel: I actually got that in the mail. It was for jobs at the post office. They show the hourly rate, hourly pay for those. Most of them were rural jobs, so I assume that they're having trouble filling some of those rural positions. But yeah, I'm sure that's a pretty cost-effective way for the post office to promote its jobs. It's sort of like when Google promotes its job openings on Google.

Chad: Very nice.

Joel: Shout out to Recruitology.

Chad: Oh.

Joel: We have a new Shred sponsor.