Google for Jobs is ALIVE

LIVE from sunny Arizona... Ummm wait., no that's rain-soaked Arizona for the iCIMS iNFLUENCE conference. We're talking:

- Google for Jobs LIVES

- Indeed goes gig

- Slack takes it in the nuts - again

- LinkedIn has its sights on the Supreme Court against hiQ

and we do an iCIMS tech and strategy round-up.

You can't beat this with a Talking Stick (get it?)... Thanks to Canvas, Sovren, and JobAdX!


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Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast, Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up, Boys and Girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: When's it going to rain?

Joel: From the rain-soaked desert in Scottsdale, Arizona, you're listening to HR's Most Dangerous Podcast, a.k.a. The Chad and Cheese Podcast, a.k.a. Right Said Fred and Seth Rogen. I'm your co-host Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Right Said Fred?

Joel: I'm too sexy for my shirt. On this week's show, is Indeed going full gig? Slack continues to take it in the nuts, and, "Hello, Supreme Court. It's us, LinkedIn." Yep, I just dropped a Judy Bloom reference. We'll be right back after we pay a few bills.

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Chad: And we're back.

Joel: And we're back here. Recording at the iCIMS yearly analysts/VIP/

Chad: Influence.

Joel: Customer event.

Chad: That thing.

Joel: And it just wanted to rain in Scottsdale, Arizona. One of the 30 days a year that it rains here, we get two of them. Whatever.

Chad: Not good for my golf game, not to be able to get out there.

Joel: But my massage game is rocking with this indoor activities. Got to give a shoutout to the masseuse that worked my tight-

Chad: Jerome?

Joel: Areas.

Chad: His name was Jerome, right?

Joel: Jerome and Bubba worked me over. Man, it's been a long couple days.

Chad: It has.

Joel: So, shoutouts.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Big shoutout to iCIMS, obviously.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: Class organization, class people, class product, always have a good time with them. You get the Jersey attitude with-

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: The soft touch of tech.

Chad: In literally opening the kimono. Susan just said that on stage.

This is where we open up the kimono-

Joel: It's kind of a naughty thing. I'm surprised in the Me too era that we can say "open the kimono so freely."

Chad: Susie Vitale can say whatever she wants.

Joel: That's true, she can.

Chad: She can do that. Big shoutout today to Matt Charney, it's his birthday. So he's turning 70.

Joel: Stay young and live forever, Matt. We love you, Man.

Chad: Stay young, Matt. This next one is kind of weird. Robert Half, big shoutout to the number one job board on Robert Half's new list?

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: Big shout, guess who it was?

Joel: Was it Robert?

Chad: It was Robert Half.

Joel: I didn't even know you could look for jobs on Robert Half's website.

Chad: All of the different, there's a huge staffing company, so they have to use all these platforms.

Joel: Great.

Chad: And then, to be able to rank themselves number one, on a list, I thought was fucking outstanding-

Joel: Usually, you try to be a little more incognito when you do these lists and want to promote yourself, but-

Chad: Yeah, you're in staffing, you just do what the fuck you want. That's just how shit works.

Joel: I mean, yeah, pity the fool that reads that and doesn't make the connection that it's self-serving. Man, who else was on the list?

Chad: I don't know, I just, I had to stop right there because that just blew the whole list for me.

Joel: Yeah, I think somebody commented, "Hello, 2012 called. They want their job board list back," or something.

Chad: As if Robert Half's job board was even on a list in 2012.

Joel: No doubt. Shoutout to Colin Day.

Chad: Colin, yes.