New Glassdoor... Who Dis?

Tim Sackett steps in for a napping Joel during this week's podcast. Chad & Tim talk about ...

- Glassdoor's new car smell

- Delta creating a legion of Iron Man employees (didn't they see Ultron?)

- Chipotle paying big Mass fines

- Bullhorn says "Show me the money!"

...and Canada beating the U.S. in more than just hockey.

Pay your gratitude to JobAdX, Sovren, and Canvas for making all of this podcast goodness possible.


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Chad: You know it, kids. Welcome to the Chad & Cheese Podcast. Today we'll be talking about new Glassdoor Who Dis? Bullhorn says, "Show me the motherfucking money." Canada is kicking the US's ass, and we're not talking about hockey here, kids. And Chipotle has kids rolling burritos for entirely too long, all after a word from Canvas.

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Chad: All right, kids, we have a surprise for you today back by a demand. I think like three people said they wanted to have Tim Sackett back on the show. So guess what, people? Tim Sackett.

Tim: Yes. Everybody wants a little bit more of Tim. That's the name of my autobiography coming out in late 2020: A Little Bit More of Tim.

Chad: A little bit more of Sackadomus. Joel just, let me through this out here real quick, he'll be back soon. Don't worry. But if you haven't listened to the 2020 prediction show, listen to it. Myself, Joel, and Tim, we predict the future, and we're really fucking-

Tim: Good times.

Chad: ... bad at it.

Tim: I don't know. I think one of mine almost came true. I don't know. We'll make them true.

Chad: Jason Roberts, who used to be the tech dude over at Randstad Sourceright, which, I mean, that's pretty much where all their technology, their big stack stuff comes out of the RPO anyway, he said that we actually got right Google without Pace Indeed. That was a roll-up. I mean, there was a roll-up of Google organic and Google for jobs. So we'll take that one as what I would like to call a win. Thank you very much. That's my thought early on.

Chad: Let's go ahead. We're going to jump into some shout-outs. While I'm going through these, I'm going to try to rip through them real quick, you think of some people that you would like to give some shout-outs to. First shout-out, and, again, all these people are either doing one or two things. They're engaging with us on social media, behind the scenes and LinkedIn Messenger, connecting with us, whatever it is. But Stacey Dunn-Emke loves the show. She owns a couple of job boards: nutrition jobs and exercise jobs. Have you ever been to a job board that is like that niche?

Tim: Have I?

Chad: Yeah.

Tim: Just searching midget porn. No, I haven't.

Chad: Makes-

Tim: Yeah, no.

Chad: I would assume that would make, especially when it comes to SEO and trying to get maybe personal trainers and shit and managers of these facilities, that would be great. I don't know. Stacey, you're going to have to let us know-

Tim: Yes, all in the SEO.

Chad: ... what the scoop is. Julianne Knapp, Recruitment Tech Manager and loyal listener over at Nielsen, so I don't want to know what our ratings is, so just kind of keep that to yourself, Julianne. Gregory Raymond from Jobrapido over in Milan. Do you remember when Jobrapido first came out?

Tim: I don't.

Chad: It's like the Indeed for everything else because Indeed was very US-centric. So this was a long time ago. And I was the VP over at DirectEmployers, and every company would come to us for corporate content because we pretty much indexed the entire web when it came to just core corporate content, worked with applicant tracking systems.

Chad: And Jobrapido came and it was one of the bigger names outside of the US for so long and we had so much traffic from those guys. He's actually listening in from Milan, Italy. He's a new listener catching up on the pod. Binge, baby, binge. That's all I've got to say.

Chad: Paul Drake, Head of Business Development over at Talent Funnel in Oxford in the UK, he's a big fan of the show, definitely our drunken Recfest bit. And I think I look back on it, and it's one of those things where I constantly nitpick all the shit that we do, but I don't know if there's a better way to close... You were at Recfest.

Tim: Yeah.

Chad: I don't know if there's a better way to close Recfest. What do you think?

Tim: No. I try to tell people, if you're going to hit one conference in the entire year, you have to go to London. In recruiting and talent acquisition, you have to go over to London. You have to check out Recfest. Holy crap, it is a party. It's fun. At the same time, it's still great content. There's great content throughout the entire day, but just it's unlike anything I've ever been to.

Chad: Yeah. Well, and it was funny because Jamie came, and he's like, "Okay, we have this slot at the end of the day." I'm like, "Jamie, you open the bars at noon, everybody's going to be drunk." "Oh, okay. Well, that's right on brand for us," which means we want whiskey on the stage. And we talked about T-shirts. They actually printed 50 Recfest Chad and Cheese T-shirts.

Tim: People were losing their minds for those shirts.

Chad: It was fucking ridiculous and fun at the same time. But Paul Drake over at Talent Funnel, obviously he had a great drunken time himself. Mitchell Davis over in Germany, he does recruitment for autonomous, intelligent driving. Dude is in recruiting, number one, but for autonomous intelligent driving.

Tim: Connect with me, buddy, because I got some needs right now with

some US auto makers trying to find some of those autonomous engineers.

Chad: No shit. Shout-out. This actually goes with the Recfest shout-out to Tim Sackett for giving my wife the shirt off his back. So Tim comes on the stage. And I think he's really just pandering to the crowd. I mean, it's fairly simple. Everybody fucking hates Trump. He has a Fuck Trump shirt on. My wife goes crazy.

Tim: Literally, were almost ripping it off me.

Chad: My wife goes crazy.

Tim: And not in a way that they're upset, but people wanted it. They kept asking me, "Can I have your shirt? Can I have your shirt?" I've never had so many people at once ask me for my shirt.

Chad: Shout-out to Jim Stroud. You know this cat, right?

Tim: Yeah, really well.

Chad: So he launched a new series, a podcast series called The Retro Lounge, and it is fucking awesome. And let me tell you, it's retro because the newest episode is a throwback from when he was doing a podcast in 2008. This one's called Sex at the Office: Is it a Wonderful Thing? So if you're not subscribed, The Jim Stroud Podcast, do yourself a favor and do it.

Chad: He's got great new stuff. It's almost like a black mirror kind of recruiting episode of technology. But then he does this retro lounge shit that is so fucking spot on. It's awesome.

Tim: Jim is a quirky, wonderful person. He's so smart. He gives so much to the community, especially in recruiting. The dude is awesome.

Chad: It's just, it's amazing. And giving back to community, I want to talk about this symphony talent thing, this exhibit that they did on the West Coast. Now, you heard about it. You didn't see it. I didn't actually see it.

Tim: I haven't seen it, yeah.

Chad: But I saw... Okay, so the exhibit is where you can go through the hiring process in the shoes of a candidate. It's an exhibit. And the candidate experience starts with a step. But it's what follows that matters. Gina Alioto, I think is what you say, the VP of Marketing at Symphony Talent was the go-to person on this one.

Chad: When I first saw the exhibit, well, I saw it on paper, and I immediately thought, "Oh shit, this is could be fucking awesome, but more than likely it is going to fall flat on its fucking face because trying to get like a real-world experience into like an exhibit, like a walk-through exhibit-

Tim: I tell you, the one piece of it, though, that I think is really going to hit home with people is when they fall into that 50-foot hole, the black hole, and hit the bottom. I think they'll realize at that point it becomes real.

Chad: Dude, I saw a quick video and also some responses back and forth from actual attendees. And they were blown away. And I actually got a quote from Gena. She said, "Everyone really appreciates how we took something that was a buzzword, overwhelming, and intimidating, and transformed it into something that was approachable and a fun experience."

Chad: And I agree. I think this is a big win or a big lose type of scenario. And I think from Symphony Talent's standpoint, them doing something that nobody else is doing right now in an interactive kind of this is why the process is fucked up or why it's great, this is exactly what we need in this industry. So when it comes to Symphony Talent and spending a shit ton of cash creating that exhibit for an event, I'm hoping they had some other events.

Tim: Chad, you got to spend money to make money.

Chad: That's what I hear. That's what I here. That's all we do here at the Chad and Cheese Podcast: spend money and take naps. So that's it for shout-outs. Do you have anybody you want to shout-out to?

Tim: Actually, Jim McCoy. He's a chief revenue officer over a Scout Exchange, goscoutgo. In Boston, I'm actually meeting with them next week. And we were talking on a phone call. And he was like, "I heard the show. I heard the Sackadomus show. That was awesome." So, I mean, it just shows the reach of what you guys are doing.

Chad: Goscoutgo, big listeners of the Chad and Cheese Podcast. Event: So first and foremost, we're go be in Banff at the gathering. This is happening again.