Upwork F*CK3D UP!

On this week's show, what else: CORONAVIRUS! OK, there's more than that, but of course the boys are talkin' about it and what employers are doing about it.

- Google is takin' care of business and by business we mean people.

- Upwork has a nasty surprise for companies who rely on its platform,

- Wiley swipes right on Madgex

- StepStone rakes in the cash

and the US women's soccer team needs more "responsibility"? WTAF?

Enjoy and show our sponsors - who always wash their hands for at least 20 seconds - some love: Canvas, JobAdx, and Sovren.


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James Ellis (00:00): Hey, this is James Ellis from the Talent Cast Podcast, and you're listening to the Chad and Cheese Podcast, which, I guess is your choice.

SFX (00:08): Oh my God. Okay. It's happening. Everybody stay calm. Everybody stay calm.

SFX (00:12): What's the procedure?

SFX (00:12): Stay (Beeps) calm.

SFX (00:12): wait, wait, wait.

Announcer 1 (00:15): Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel Cheesman (00:35): keep calm and carry on people. What's up? You know you're not heading to a conference, so you might as well be listening to our stupid ass show. Welcome everybody to the Chad and Cheese Podcast, I am your cohost as usual, Joel, virus-free, Cheesman.

Chad Sowash (00:52): And this is Chad, I'm in a bunker, Sowash.

Joel Cheesman (00:57): On this week's show, Corona virus, imagine that as a topic. Upwork has a surprise for employers. And the U S women's soccer team needs more responsibility. Stay inside because that's what you're going to do anyway. We'll be right back after a word from one of our loving sponsors.

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Chad Sowash (01:46): So

Joel Cheesman (01:46): Dude.

SFX (01:46): This Corona thing.

Chad Sowash (01:49): Trump goes on TV last night and to be able to calm nerves and stuff like that, he does the polar opposite, because nobody fucking believes his dumb ass and the markets fucking tank. The very first thing that happens this morning.

Joel Cheesman (02:03): It's the oil fight with Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Chad Sowash (02:05): Oh, bullshit.

Joel Cheesman (02:05): Don't believe the virus thing, man. Come on.

Chad Sowash (02:08): Yeah, right, right. Yeah. We'll go with both. Okay?

Joel Cheesman (02:15): How much longer can I play this before it becomes insensitive?

Chad Sowash (02:19): I think we're past that.

SFX (02:20): This Corona thang

Joel Cheesman (02:21): Dammit. It's so catchy though. It's so catchy.

Chad Sowash (02:24): Yeah, it is. It is.

Joel Cheesman (02:27): Shout outs for the still living among us. Amy English, super fan. Shout out to you. She hit us both up on social media saying how great we were. And Amy, we love that so much.

Chad Sowash (02:38): Amy, over at Zip and also Allah Bughara over at Joveo. Thanks both of you for listening.

Joel Cheesman (02:46): Much love. Much love. Robert Ruff, guys, talk about love. We can't stop the social media affection coming in for his latest Voices series on the podcast. If you haven't listened to some that good stuff. Go check it out at chadcheese.com or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Chad Sowash (03:04): It's good shit, man. Big shout out to Adam Chambers, our Irish kid genius, who is living in Mexico, has learned how to Salsa dance. And you're a smart man, Adam. I've always said, if you learn how to Salsa dance, then everything else dating-wise, is so much easier. I remember I was 19 in Panama, lucky enough to actually learn and that was like the end. Just period. It didn't matter.

Joel Cheesman (03:38): You mean it wasn't your charming good looks or you're charming demeanor and your dashing good looks?

Chad Sowash (03:42): It all helps, dude. Salsa dancing is the way.

Joel Cheesman (03:47): I just want to be this cat when I grow up. I wish I was that cool at 22. Shout out to St Patrick's Day for talking about Irish cats living in Mexico. How about Irish cats living in Ireland where St Patrick's Day, God

help us, has been canceled, as well as pretty much every parade here in the States.

Chad Sowash (04:07): Yeah. Chicago is big day, right?

Joel Cheesman (04:09): I've got a lot of Guinness I'm not going to know what to do with now.

Chad Sowash (04:13): Yeah, I doubt that.

Joel Cheesman (04:15): Party at your place.

Chad Sowash (04:16): So, not really a shout out, but a smackdown to The Ladders, for sending out all state franchise emails to the masses. This is what they are classifying obviously as 100 K jobs. Fucking idiots.

Joel Cheesman (04:37): Shout out to Steve Fogarty. Nothing in particular. Just the dude called me up and said he wanted to catch up. Many of u know him as the guy from Adidas, who did a lot of speaking gigs 10, 15 years ago. He's now at Twitter, doing TA there. But, just a cool cat, wanted to say hi. I think I turned him onto the show, after talking to him, rapping with him.

Chad Sowash (04:57): John's little brother. Yeah. We've got a question from the job board doctor, he asks, the real question for Chad & Cheese, will Corona virus sideline the dynamic duos aggressive travel schedule? And the answer is you'd better fucking believe it will. Yeah. We're not fucking with that shit guys.

Joel Cheesman (05:18): So, we're not going to talk about travel? Because there is none.

Chad Sowash (05:22): I actually spoke with Joe shaker yesterday, and it was funny because he brought it up. And Shaker Recruitment Advertising, remember people, is the official sponsor of the Chad and Cheese travel. He said, I quote, "I'm telling you guys, it's more than okay to stay home. No, you need to stay home." When your travel sponsor's actually telling you stay home, you know it's time to stay home. And shout out to David Manaster, who tweeted, instead of our event in Seattle to protect the health of our community members, SourceCon is going digital. We're seeing this pretty much everywhere, either postponements with the NBA, cancellations with the SEC tournament, the big 10 tournament. This is just prudent and responsible. I know that we are not known as prudent and responsible, but guess what, it's time to be an adult. This just makes sense.

Joel Cheesman (06:26): You failed to mention, unless I was daydreaming there for a second, that our new travel promotions will be like heading to the grocery store to get toilet paper or heading to the Walgreens for an acids or whatever. So, we will still be traveling powered by Shaker Recruitment Advertising, but it just won't be to exotic places like London and Vancouver. It'll be to the local Walgreens on the corner of Oleo and 96th street.

Chad Sowash (06:57): Exactly. Yes. Events be damned.

Joel Cheesman (07:00): This is where my virtual reality prediction maybe comes true. If we can all just put headsets on and go to the mixer, that might work.

Chad Sowash (07:09): This is something that we just noticed that we've been talking about the Groundhog, the Indeed Groundhog, and how we haven't seen them and any additional commercials. There's that one commercial and then he's kicked to the curb. Well

Joel Cheesman (07:22): Yeah. There's a new ad, dude.

Chad Sowash (07:23): We've been foreshadowing this Indeed replacing The Groundhog, and it's finally happened. That's right kids. Indeed kicked Gary, The Groundhog to the curb and replaced him with automation, AKA The Claw, that we know from Toy Story.

Joel Cheesman (07:38): We're pre