Checkr Yo Self B4 U Wreck Yo Self

Nobody likes boring, but you will enjoy some highly profitable tech sprinkled in with a little messaging cool shit here and there.

On this week's pod:

  • Background check solution (zzzzz) Checkr now has a $4.6 billion valuation after raising $250 million.

  • Workstream and TalkPush are making big waves in the messaging space - one of which hopes to turn Instagram into a recruitment juggernaut!

  • Then Solo, a well pedigreed and funded Seattle-based startup that is empowering gig workers to make more.

  • And who wins the DARWIN AWARD this week? ZipRecruiter or LinkedIn?

Enjoy another enlightened episode, powered as always by Sovren, Jobvite, and JobAdx.


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INTRO (2s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (21s):

Oh yeah. China just announced kids can only listen to three hours of Chad and Cheese every week.

Chad (28s):

What not cool.

Joel (30s):

What's up kiddies. It's your favorite Minecrafters and Fortniters, the Chad and Cheese podcast. This is your co-host Joel "Pac-Man fever" Cheeseman.

Chad (39s):

And this is Chad "Portugal wins" Sowash

Joel (42s):

And on this week's show Checkr yourself before you record yourself, the stories remain the same at LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter ready's for a good old fashioned power bomb. No, that's not a cocktail, but it sure as hell should be. What's up. Mr. Portuguese man of war?

Chad (59s):

Dude last night, was sitting at this beautiful restaurant, overlooking the beach here in Puerto Mao and watching Portugal come back last night against Ireland, they were down zero one came back two goals, late goals. Renaldo had a header. I mean, it was just like, the place went fucking wild.

Joel (1m 21s):

You know, like the real footballs getting ready to happen.

Chad (1m 23s):


Joel (1m 23s):

I'm really disturbed that you're bringing up Ronaldo with the college football season coming up this weekend lost you're lost soul, man. You're a lost soul. Yeah. So I mentioned China in my intro. So if you haven't heard China is limiting children to three hours a week of video games. Now, if you want a revolution, China, that might be the way to do it. I know my kid would revolt if I limited him to three hours a week.

Chad (1m 52s):


Joel (1m 53s):


Chad (1m 53s):

How do you do that? I mean seriously, how do you, so I guess everybody goes online. They use their online accounts so they can be monitored that way. If we were doing it old school, like with Nintendo and we were popping in cartridges, nobody would fucking know, right?

Joel (2m 9s):

Ooh. The return of analog video games in China. I think that's a thing. That's the thing buy that Nintendo stock.

Chad (2m 17s):

Look on eBay. I bet they're going for high prices right now.

Joel (2m 20s):

Probably are by the way, football talking of, you've been out of the loop here, but this was interesting. Ohio State, incoming quarterback, Quinn viewers out of Dallas, Texas, by the way, he has a mullet from 1987, which is really impressive. He signed a $1.4 million sponsorship as an incoming freshmen. So this is part of the new college players can make money. Dude hasn't even suited up yet and he signed a $1.4 million contract. I'd say that's pretty good for Ohio state's recruiting efforts. What about you?

Chad (2m 52s):

Yeah, that doesn't hurt at all. He's he's taken like the Ricky Bobby approach to football. He's going to go out, he's going to highlight sponsors all over him.

Joel (3m 2s):

Shake and bake.

Chad (3m 6s):

All right. Shout outs, baby. I've got a Mel Skansen. She's in compliance over at Fastenal. Thanks for listening, Mel. And I do not. I repeat, do not take any compliance advice from Cheeseman. You've been warned and if you haven't already check out Crazy and the King podcast, they're a smart, more of a compliment to the stupid shit we pull over here. But thanks for listening. Keep listening.

Joel (3m 32s):

Smart compliment. Speaking of smart, Steven O'Donnell is first-class with his breakfast choices. We wanted to mention this dude can rock an English breakfast. I don't know what a Portugal breakfast is, but English breakfasts are okay in my book pass the baked beans,

Chad (3m 51s):

Baked beans is not good for breakfast. As a matter of fact, I sent him the blazing saddles, campfire snippet, where they're eating baked beans and they're all farting all over themselves. Yeah, that's, that's what it's like to be at the O'Donnell residents in the morning for breakfast. A big shout out to Jay Arnold, NTA ops over at Continental, thanks for listening to the guy. He's a big fan of the shred. He's obviously a breaking news kind of guy. And if you are not subscribed to the Chad and Cheese, you're probably missing our late breaking news podcast called the Shred. So you need to go find Chad Cheese, wherever you listen to podcasts and hit that follow or subscribe button to get all the good shit.

Joel (4m 38s):

Yeah, let's talk a little VAX chat. I got a shout out to Tyson foods. You've had their chicken. You love their chicken. They're giving away $10,000 a week for five straight weeks to employees who have at least one shot of the VAX. So chicken makers out there enjoy that $10,000 if you win it, get that shot kids.

Chad (5m 2s):

Yeah. And look at where Tyson, I can't say where all of their Tyson facilities are, but I remember spending some time in Arkansas and they had a huge facility or facilities there and I know Arkansas is way behind the VAX rates. So yeah. Good for them. Way to go. And this is, I think the only way we're going to get anybody to get Vaxxed in the south is either they give them money or mandate it, one of those things or put it in, you know, Natty light, maybe that's it.

Joel (5m 32s):

Yeah. The character or the stick or in this case, the chicken or the stick.

Chad (5m 37s):

Shout out to George Laraque who had a premature fungilation this week. Guy couldn't even keep it in his pants. He couldn't wait till the end of the quarter. He was so fucking excited. VC funding for Work Tech approaches $12 billion. And as I had said for nearly over a year now, if you're not gaining ground in this market, or you're not getting funded in this market and you're in recruitment tech, you're doing it wrong kids.

Joel (6m 7s):

There's a reason we call him LaRock out with your cock out. Sometimes he gets just a little bit too excited.

Chad (6m 13s):

Premature fungilation.

Joel (6m 15s):

Nike is on the trend of closing its office for a week to get, give everyone a mental rest period, I guess before the fall cranks up. So Nike folks enjoy that week off. You're in good company with a lot of other companies doing the same thing.

Chad (6m 31s):

Well, let's hope that starts to be like a standard because it's like, this is almost like an optics play at this point. It's like, oh, let's give them a week off. COVID and then three years later, there'll be like, remember when we gave you that week off, get that shit done. Get back to work. So let's hope this becomes a standard as opposed to just a blip in the radar.

Joel (6m 50s):

Yeah. I agree. Smart Recruiters in our industry is a trailblazer for those weeks off.

Chad (6m 55s):

Yeah, I can. I can see that though, they will make that a standard. Big shout out to Gergo Vari. He's the CEO over at Lensa.

Joel (7m 4s):

Bless you? Gergo Gary who?

Chad (7m 6s):

Gary Vari CEO at Lensa. That's where our buddy Joey Stubbs works. I love it. When CEO's challenged, the bullshit that's out there in this case, Gergo he posted on LinkedIn challenging CEO pay that's averaging 350% more than aligned worker right now. So gotta love it. When the guys on top are saying, look, this is bullshit. This is out of line and CEOs like Dan Price, who we talk about all the time and Gergo from the top, but they're calling it. That's awesome.

Joel (7m 43s):

Nice. Shout out to a couple of a deals in our industry that didn't quite make the main news, but we thought we'd mentioned them. acquires Novo group, this is on-demand recruiting to help you scale up and down those recruiting efforts and also Compa a job offer management platform, raise 3.9 million in seed money this year. Kind of an interesting idea of knowing exactly how much you should pay people, what the competition is, offering those jobs. I think a lot of people have questions about that. So if you have questions yourself, go out to a Compa for offer management information.

Chad (8m 17s):

Cam you imagine if we had a transparent society where all that shit was out there and everybody knew it. I mean, we wouldn't even need platforms like this. That's how fucked up our system is right now kids.

Joel (8m 28s):

Yeah, I thought PayScale did that, but hey you know, whatever.

Chad (8m 32s):

Shout out to David Working, 43. Dude's 43, and he won a lawsuit against his parents. Did you hear about this?

Joel (8m 40s):

Yes but please, please, please go on.

Chad (8m 43s):

So working lived at his parents' home for 10 months, after a divorce, obviously, you know, we all fall down, we need to get back up. Sometimes we need help from mom and dad. But before moving to Muncie, Indiana, after he moved, he learned that his boxes of films and magazines were missing. Those were films and magazine of porn kids. So Working's father wrote him an email saying, frankly, David, I did you a big favor, getting rid of all that stuff. I eat porn. Well, a judge in Michigan didn't see it that way. And he ordered his parents to pay $30,441 to their son all over that porn.

Joel (9m 25s):

That gives a new meaning to the term Working it. That's this kid last name by the way, Muncie, Indiana home of the Ball State University fighting Cardinals who I predict will win the Mac conference this year. And you've heard it here. First. Will beat Penn state in a couple of weeks. When they go to happy valley.

Chad (9m 45s):

Ow, that's a hard one. I hope it happens. I hope it happened big shout outs to guys who don't get shout outs from us often. Our sponsors and believe it or not.

Joel (9m 55s):

Oh, hell yeah. Some new ones.

Chad (9m 58s):

Well, we'll give some love to some old ones first. You know, we've got Sovren, Nexxt, Jobvite, Recruitology, JobAdx, Shaker, pandologic, Emissary, AdZuna and introducing the Intelligence Group, House of HR, Hiring Solved and This Way Global, thanks so much. We really appreciate all the sexy love that you bringing.

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And if you love listening to our dumb asses, you should thank them too, because they make it all possible. By the way, if you haven't signed up for free shit, you got to do that. Go out to You can win t-shirts from Emissary, beer from AdZuna or whiskey from Sovren. And there's a new competition Chad, we've been talking football, all shout outs. If you love fantasy football and who doesn't, we're playing fantasy football this year, we've talked about it I think for two years.

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Joel (10m 52s):

We're finally doing it. Join us, go out to a They're sponsoring it. My company, it's a little bit of an inside job, but anyway, I got to I'm going to put up a little football link, click that put in your email address for a chance to play fantasy football with Chad and Cheese. We'll be posting the leaderboards every week. It'll be fun.

Chad (11m 12s):

Yeah. Yeah. I don't think they call that an inside job. I think they call it a reach around, but yeah, is it time for topics?

Joel (11m 20s):

Yeah, I got nothing after that. Let's get to topics! I forgot birthdays. Can I do those real quick?

Chad (11m 28s):

Let's do it.

Joel (11m 29s):

All right, birthdays. Chris Hoyt for a Crossroads. Our boy Bill Borman that's a big one. Send him a birthday. Shout out this week. Chris Murdoch at IQ Talent Partners, a long time industry vet. Our boy James Ellis, fellow podcaster and network member. He's over there at Roku and Gautam Gosh, if you're in India, you know this cat he's speaker, blogger, just pundit extraordinary. Gautam, Chris, Bill, double Chris, James, Happy Birthday. his coming week.

Chad (12m 3s):

Happy birthday.

Joel (12m 6s):

Now let's get the topics!

Chad (12m 10s):


Joel (12m 11s):

Chekr Yourself before you wreck yourself. All right. San Francisco based background check solution Checkr. There's no "e" at the end of that has raised $250 million in a financing round that more than doubles its valuation from earlier this year, they're now valued at $4.6 billion, which yeah, that's more than ZipRecruiter who we talk a lot about, launched in 2014, Checkr says it performs 30 million background checks a year and has revenue well above $200 million background check industry veteran Jason Morris, my former boss says he expects an IPO in the next six to 12 months. Will that be another one to add to your stock portfolio Chad?