OMG is it over yet!?!?!? Another million+ Americans filed for unemployment and some of them probably came from our industry.

...and dildo theft. Say what?!

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Intro (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HRS most dangerous podcast. CHAD SOWASH and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (10s):

Alll right all right, 18 straight weeks in the U S with initial jobless claims totaling more than 1 million. So how's your week going welcome to the chat and cheese podcast, boys and girls. I'm your cohost Joel, let's play ball Cheesman.

Chad (41s):

I'm Chad "Hercules Mulligan" Sowash

Joel (43s):

and on this week's show Glass Doors' future is so bright. They gotta wear Psych! it's better to be a job case in gym right now. And dildo theft.

Chad (54s):

Wait, what?

Joel (56s):

Sit back and get comfy. It's going to be that kind of show everybody.

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Joel (1m 28s):

Nobody's going to dinner now.

Chad (1m 29s):

Yeah, this is actually week 23 for us. We did the Corona virus edition first podcast on February 27th. And that was the week that we locked down here at the Sowash residence.

Joel (1m 46s):

And when did we officially retire The it's Corona time soundbite because of insensitivity, a little tone deaf with the coronavirus soundbite.

Chad (1m 58s):

So what's up on your end. It's it's fricking hot as hell outside.

Joel (2m 1s):

I got a cat taking shits in the house that I'm not real happy about right now. So that's what I'm dealing with animals.

Chad (2m 9s):

Oh, thanks for that shout outs.

Joel (2m 15s):

Shout out to Indeed. Yeah. They haven't gotten a positive, a shout out from us lately. They announced this week that they are not reopening their offices until July of 2021. This is a big move, considering that they've been gobbling up real estate all over the world for the last five years. That's that's gotta hurt the pocketbook.

Chad (2m 34s):

It's a fucking layup dude. They're in Austin, Texas right now. Have you seen the, you've seen the news? I mean, have you seen the cases in Texas? Jesus, shout out to Bill Borman. Who said I should try to work the word of poppy cock in during the podcast there. I did it. I think I'm going to go one further and try to substitute poppycock for all my F bombs. This a, this episode. I'm going to try. I don't, I can't promise anything. I'm going to try.

Joel (3m 0s):

Yeah. I'm going to tell bill, fuck the fucking fuckers. Shout out to Serial. Not the stuff you eat at the morning, but the podcast just announced the New York times bought up the popular podcast. The whisper number on that was $50 million. Chad and I are still waiting for our payday, but for, for Joe Rogan and Serial ring, the cash registers, baby. Shout out to you guys.

Chad (3m 28s):

No shit. So Kyle, the chat and cheese podcast, mascot, millennial just got engaged.

Joel (3m 35s):

Wow. Oh, Whoa, Whoa.

Chad (3m 40s):

Good stuff. Right. I guess, you know, you got to get out of mom and dad's basement somehow.

Joel (3m 46s):

So good. God, I could, I could go, but Kyle dude, go for it, man. That's awesome. I hope he's not going to get married in the, in the, the lockdown. I mean, how's that going to go?

Chad (3m 57s):

I don't know. I think that's the, the, the harder part is saying we don't have to do it right now. I think actually that's the easier part, right? Yeah.

Joel (4m 4s):

Assuming he probably met this girl online anyway, so maybe they could just keep it that way.

Chad (4m 9s):

He's known Corey for a while. So that's a, there's no chance. No chance.

Joel (4m 13s):

Shout out to Matt Miller. He's a huge fan of the show. He's a senior manager of town acquisition at Caliber Collision there in Texas. He says he listens to us every day, tells all his, all his coworkers to take a listen. So Matt man, super fan. We love you buddy. Keep listening,

Chad (4m 31s):

We got a new listeners, Chris Hanson over at Avature. Where have you been man? Casey Finch at SMC Corporation of America in Noblesville. She's over in your area and Alex Herr who said he heard great things about the podcast, Alex. They lied, man. They, they lied.

Joel (4m 54s):

Chris Hanson. Isn't that? The, to catch a predator guy?

Chad (4m 57s):

No, I think he was the, the one Hanson brother that didn't get into love.

Joel (5m 3s):

Hmm. Shout out to your boy. Jeff Bezos, who became $13 billion richer this past month. I know you love seeing him ring the register. So shout out to that rich motherfucker and Elon Musk equally rich as well. It's a good, it's a good time to be rich in America.

Chad (5m 26s):

Yeah. Rich white dude. Imagine that shout out to Melody Chung over at LinkedIn, she loves the podcast. Love you listening melody, but still think LinkedIn is the lesser form of a devil versus a Facebook who is the full devil,

Joel (5m 42s):

The full devil combo. Shout out to Snap and TikTok. So Snap shout out for walking the walk. They were, they had allegations of sexual harassment and all kinds of naughtiness going on there. And they said that they were gonna do an internal investigation, which they have actually hired a law firm to come in and actually question people and dig into the company. So shout out to them for that. They had kind of a shitty quarter, but have usership of 32 times per day as the average user of Snapchat, which is, you know, y'all need to get a life out there.

Joel (6m 18s):

And TikTok, you said there'll be a, there'll be hiring 10,000 folks here in the U S and also announced that they're close to spending a million dollars a year in lobbying. And what better way to not get pinched by the government and to employ a bunch of people who also hopefully vote. So they're doing the right things strategically as a Chinese company, looking to be banned by our country.

Chad (6m 43s):

Yeah. Well, they're just going to do an a U.S. IPO and by Snapchat, that's gonna, that's my, that's my call. Yeah. Big shout out to Alicia, Scott Garrel over at TMP, man. We haven't heard that much from TMP or AIA XB, expialidocious over there for a while. Good to hear from you. Alicia, tell everybody, keep listening. And we'd like to hear some stuff what's going on.

Joel (7m 9s):

Nice, nice shout out to Jobsync of death match winner, alumni celebrated their 500th day, I think in business or 500. I don't know. So we, I got a, I got a little gift box. I think you did too. They sent me a little like tall boy, Yeti, little thing that, that keeps my beer pretty cold. So shout out to you guys at job saying, keep, keep trucking, man.

Chad (7m 34s):

You know, you need a little Yeti thing for your beer when you're not drinking your beer fast enough. So I gave mine to Julie. She uses it for a wine, It's hot outside. a shout out to Portland. Moms

Joel (7m 49s):

Is one of them, the naked woman that was protesting this week. What did you, did you see this in Portland? They have, they have naked women, protesters.

Chad (7m 59s):

You're watching a different channel than what I'm watching. You've got the foreign channel on. I'm actually watching the news where mothers are coming out in droves to be able to, to support their, their town. But yeah, but shout out to Portland moms and last but not least shout outs for me is to Hung Lee and the new Recruiting Brain Food Tribune he had about about eight to 10 individuals who he gave assignments to.

Chad (8m 33s):

And we were actually able to, to pick our assignment, Elena Valentine she picked the hardest assignment. I picked, I think one of the easiest ones, where I answered 20 questions, but yeah, it was really cool. And if you haven't checked it out, if you're not already subscribed to Brain Food, go to recruiting, check it out and check out the, it gives you an opportunity to get a little bit more in depth about other people in the industry. And if you want to know more about me, check mine out,

Joel (9m 4s):

Shout out to a I've got to talk about these idiots. They got pretty shifty. They got pretty chesty this week, calling out the fact that they are a real site. We talked about the vice article. They sort of went after them. And then sort of generally that the industry was in a tizzy. I don't know if we were included in that or not, but if you're going to get real chesty boys or girls and girls, I suggest taking off the mask and showing yourself. Show yourselves is what I say.

Joel (9m 34s):

You ready to do the stories?

Chad (9m 36s):


Joel (9m 38s):

glass done.

Chad (9m 40s):

Welcome. Welcome to Indeed's version of a Glass Door, snuff film. This is just affirmation of what we talked about over the last few weeks. Indeed's going to be piping jobs into Glass Door.

Joel (-):

We called it

Chad (9m 52s):

They're going to be taking the Glass Door reviews. And the ad/job posting platform is going to be strictly through Indeed. So those are, those are some of the, some of the areas.

Joel (10m 6s):

Yeah. I love the way that they spun it though. They spun it as to benefit our customers. Yeah. We're going to let you access the power of two instead of have to buy both of them. So nice try on the spin there, but you know, it's, it's pretty clear that Glassdoor is going to be a filler site for Indeed jobs. I don't, you know, I mean the brand of Glass Door for reviews is so strong that I, I can't really imagine them messing with that.

Joel (10m 36s):

I think you'll still be able to post reviews that are fairly exclusive to Glass Door. I mean, they get so much PR out of it every year, the top companies, the top CEOs, I mean, still people still think about them in terms of seeing what it's like to work at a company, but anything that's duplicitous, like job postings is gone. And if you're still employed at Glass Door and you do stuff like, you know, has no effect on reviews, you probably want to go look for another job at this point,

Chad (11m 7s):

Glass Door's, obviously much, much different platform than Simply Hired. I mean, Simply Hired has been a dead brand for a very long time. I mean, pretty much as soon as in Indeed bought them. But I mean, this is just a colossal waste of brand. It's going to be a waste of the business model itself. The resources that they have there, I believe are just going to atrophy. And instead of using Glass Door to really create products, I mean, Glass Door was the brand that they could have used. I think more so than Indeed to focus on CRM, nurturing experience, those types of areas. Then Indeed. I mean, Indeed's really just, all their other focuses is getting a shit ton of traffic to you. They talk about targeting they're full of shit, but from a Glass Door standpoint, you had a brand that you could have, I believe could have used really to focus on the experience side of the house and building platforms that made you a brand for tomorrow.

Chad (11m 38s):

And Indeed obviously working in concert with that, but this whole quote unquote partnering thing is just a load of shit. It's, it's our poppycock. It's just not, it's not, yeah, it's not going to be a partnership

Joel (12m 26s):

Fuck the Fucking fuckers. So, so it's pretty easy to take away the job posting component. Like that's easy to change. I wonder, I wonder now how Indeed is going to let companies manage their brand or their profile pages on the Indeed platform and have that all transfer over to the Glass Door site. Cause that's sort of is the next step for me. You can't have the companies use two platforms for branding. You'll have to somehow cross those together. And that I assume is the next phase.

Chad (12m 56s):

We haven't heard anything around, you know, the Click IQ and Indeed IQ acquisition, other than the name change, you know, are there programmatic integrations that are going to happen here? I mean, just, it's one of those things where we see some big acquisitions happening. This is one point $2 billion to be able to create now a really a dead brand. It's just this to me just blows my mind.

Joel (13m 23s):

It's the era of COVID man. The shit happens, happens fast.

Chad (13m 26s):