Indeed's Master Plan!?

Football is in the air and Hail Mary's are flyin' all over the place this week.

  • Dice pumped $3 million into The Muse ... can you say midlife crisis?

  • Indeed's master plan. Yes, the seeds of CPAS can be found as far back at 2016 (yep, we did the research) ...but then they neurodiversity themselves - so dumb.

What else?

  • Amazon is encouraging its contractors to bypass weed background checks,

  • Trucking gets a good dose of tech with YouCruit's Lanefinder,

  • and Harvard says automation is to blame for our unemployment problem.

It's another touchdown episode powered by our biggest cheerleaders, JobAdx, Sovren, and Jobvite.


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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (21s):

Oh yeah. Are you ready for some super spreader events? I mean, are you ready for some football? What's up kiddies? It's your favorite guilty pleasure the Chad and Cheese podcast. This is your co-host Joel "take Ball State and the points" Cheeseman.

Chad (36s):

Chad "Bartender, I'll have another Mojito" Sowash.

Joel (40s):

On this week's show Dice finds its muse. Is automation to blame for our hiring lows? And high High Times at Amazon. It's a happening baby, hut hut. What's up my Portuguese man o'war?

Chad (55s):

Nothing but mojitos and Portuguese wine. I mean you just can't, you can't beat it. The two things I'm going to have to get used to, first off getting bourbon here, I'm going to have to get a guy. That's all there is to it. Cause it's not easy to get bourbon. And all the bourbon that you can get is pretty much shit.

Joel (1m 12s):

Is it basically Jim, Jack and Johnny? Basically?

Chad (1m 17s):

Well, the guys you don't want at your party. And then the beer is tolerable, at best. So I'm just getting better at, you know, mixed drinks and wine. And I'm going to, wherever we land, I'm going to set up a bourbon guy. That's all there is to it. There's going to be a underground bourbon tunnel.

Joel (1m 37s):

I have visions of you like Chad's whiskey bar and just shit from America that's hard to find, or you can't find, or you don't get there. And, and it's boats and hoes, man.

Chad (1m 49s):

I can do it.

Joel (1m 49s):

I've already said they don't body shame out there. So I'll come out with my Speedo and we'll sell some whiskey baby.

Chad (1m 55s):

That's what I'm saying, baby. So I'm now an Albufeira probably saying that wrong, but this place I shit, you not is like a mix between Vegas, Nashville and Miami. Just better clubs and better beaches. It's amazing! Fucking crazy, dude. But, yeah so it's been a blast. We were in Faro Portimão. Now we're in Albufeira, got a few more weeks, a couple more locations where we're loving it

Joel (2m 24s):

And you've never looked as relaxed and happy as ever. And I still hate you. So let's get to some shout outs. Shall we?

Chad (2m 31s):


Joel (2m 31s):

Hell yeah. Well, by the time you listen to this, the Buccaneers will probably have beaten the Dallas Cowboys. So by the way, I called it again last week, but I'm gonna say it again. Penn State potentially upsets or sorry, Ball State potentially upsets Penn State this weekend at Happy Valley.

Chad (2m 46s):


Joel (2m 47s):

This is the same ball, same team that won, won their bowl game last year. They had a pretty decent showing week one, Penn State's ranked number 11. This would probably be the biggest upset in Ball State history, which I'm alumni of for those listeners that don't know. So I'm going to be watching that game pretty closely.

Chad (3m 4s):

What you're saying is take the points?

Joel (3m 5s):

Take the points! 22 and a half, I think is the spread like take, Ball State in the points you won't be sorry.

Chad (3m 12s):

Well, shout out to Bill Bormann who actually threw out a term on the socials this week that I thought was fucking perfect. That's called herd stupidity. I think it's the perfect label for all of those who aren't Vaxxed while having the opportunity and ability to actually get that done. Thanks for sharing, Bill, more labels is what we need not, but it was funny anyway. Yeah.

Joel (3m 36s):

So I have a quick question. So Joe Biden is apparently gonna come out and say, if you're a federal employee, you got to get vaccinated. But also if you're a federal contractor, you have to be vaccinated. Now you come from that world much more than I do, although you're removed from it quite a bit. What kind of impact is is saying, if you have, if you're a federal contractor, you have to have employees vaccinated. What kind of impact is that gonna have on them?

Chad (3m 59s):

Most of these companies, I mean, we're talking about huge billion dollar organizations, who really are feeding off the tip of the U S government with federal contracts. I mean, hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars, the federal government comes out and says, Hey, look, if you're taking money from us, here are the standards of which you are going to do business and you don't have to it's your choice to not do this, just so that you know, those contracts are going to dry out.

Joel (4m 29s):

So is it really a good chance that we're going to see Boeing, Northrop, Grumman? Like all these companies announce, we're all getting vaccinated because the government has said, if we want to keep our contract, we're going to have to legislate vaccinations in our company.

Chad (4m 42s):

It was funny. I think it was like around 2009, 2010. One of the heads of Talent over at Facebook came up to me at a conference and said, Hey, we just found out that we're federal contractors because the federal government pays them so much money, like in advertising. I think it's like Army or, you know, the services. And they're like, you know, we're a federal contractor. I'm like, well, you can turn that money down. They're like, we're not going to do that. So what do we need to do? Right. So you know, all these companies that you, you definitely the defense contractors, of course, but there are so many companies that you wouldn't even think that are federal contractors that take money from the federal government that is going to be a huge, huge impact.

Chad (5m 25s):

And I hope it happens fast.

Joel (5m 27s):

Yeah. That'll be interesting. So let's go back to football real quick with my shout outs. So we're playing a little fantasy football this year, powered by Poach, no insider trading there. So we have our lineup. Now we had our draft last night, but I wanted to give a shout out to our players who many of our listeners will know. So we got Quincy, the Queen of chatbots, she's playing this season. Jason Pottnam from Pando. Bill Fanning from This Way Global. Ben Kunz from Jobcase. Christie Moon, who I'm just going to say is a super fan of the show. Michael Cox, Chris Russell, and Pete Suchi, as well as you and me are playing fantasy. It should be a good time. We'll go through the leaderboard every week and we'll have something special and on brand for the winter.

Chad (6m 13s):

Gotta say my auto-draft is looking pretty damn good.

Joel (6m 20s):

Then we both get graded a C though.

Chad (6m 22s):

No, I got graded a B, you got graded a C. I do not know how the fuck Fanning got graded an A, I don't know. I looked at his lineup. I'm like, that's not an awesome fucking lineup. That's a C+ plus at best Fanning, I'm going to kick your ass just so you know it.

Joel (6m 37s):

It's not where you start. It's where you end, in fantasy. That's all I got to say.

Chad (6m 41s):

Yes. So shout out to our buddy Shane Gray, who is sailing the high seas.

Joel (6m 47s):

Your idol based on your photos.

Chad (6m 49s):

Yo dude hopping from island to island. I had a call with him earlier this morning. I was out on my terrace, overlooking the pool and he pulls up his video, he's on his fucking boat. So I'm like, yeah, you win good one. That's awesome. Shout out to Shane, guy's enjoying life. And again, we'll get one of these, guys, so it's time to enjoy.