Indeed Tomfuckery

The industry remains as hot as ever, which is good because there's some Halloween weight I'm trying to burn.


  • Indeed leads off the show with the kind of tomfoolery that would even make 2007 Monster blush. (Yes, they're still who we thought they were.)

  • Greenhouse marries a sourcing solution you've likely never heard of... Errr...

  • Fiverr tells LinkedIn and Upwork, "Hold my beer."

  • A scorching round of Buy-or-Sell w/ 1) Multiplier 2) When I Work and 3) Ladder

  • Sam's Club is crushing the retention issue plaguing so many organizations,

  • ...and a mathematician teaches a masterclass on marketing: Sex sells.


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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (24s):

Minneapolis residents voted no on defending the police this week, but voted yes on the Chad and cheese podcast. Hi kids, it's your favorite guilty pleasure. This is your cohost Joel "silent majority" Cheeseman.

INTRO (37s):

And this is Chad "they are who we thought they were" Sowash.

Joel (41s):

On this week's show Indeed is up to its usual Tom-fuckery, climbing the ladder with a little buy or sell in a certain mathematician on a certain porn site shows us just how marketing is done. So let's do this. It's beautiful in the Midwest Chad, this is one of my favorite times of the year.

Chad (1m 0s):

Beautiful, yet a little cold.

Joel (1m 3s):


Chad (1m 3s):

It needs some warm apple cider.

Joel (1m 5s):

It's time to embrace the hot toddy. Chad, I need to introduce you to the hot toddy.

Chad (1m 11s):

A hot toddy. Yeah, that sounds great. I hope it comes with an umbrella.

Joel (1m 15s):

A little bit of spice, a little bit of cinnamon. That's what I like.

Chad (1m 18s):

You know, who likes spice? Max Armbruster likes spice the CEO over at TalkPush. The thing is he is now a proud Papa, so there's not going to be much spice and or sleep in that man's life. Congratulations with that new baby girl, Max we're we're excited for you, man.

Joel (1m 36s):

This is first born, you know, Max a little better than I do.

Chad (1m 38s):

This is number one, baby. Number one.

Joel (1m 40s):

So you can't just have one, it's like potato chips. So you gotta, you gotta have more. Shout out to Facebook.

Chad (1m 48s):


Joel (1m 49s):

Facebook is shutting down its facial recognition technology, which we've talked about and they've gotten sued over.

Chad (1m 55s):

A lot!

Joel (1m 56s):

They've decided that knowing who's in that picture, that you posted, isn't all that important. They're stopping the technology and they're deleting all the data. At least that's what Zuckerberg is telling us.

Chad (2m 8s):

You know who doesn't lie that new chief people officer over at Smart Recruiters, Lisa Sterling, she just picked up the new role on the heels of everybody might remember that Rocky Howard just left the CDO position for a new CPO position over at the Mom Project. So we've got great talent moving all over the place.

Joel (2m 30s):

All over the place. Speaking of talent, how about CareerBuilder in my shout out list?

Chad (2m 35s):

Come on.

Joel (2m 35s):

We talked about their new ad campaign on a recent show. Well, I was curious because I'm used to seeing ZipRecruiter ads where I am, I'm used to seeing Indeed ads, have not seen the CareerBuilder ads. And since they're in Chicago, I thought that was a little, little weird. Maybe I'd get a little bit of CareerBuilder flavor. So I put on a LinkedIn poll to see who out there has actually seen this ad on television. So my poll has gotten about 8,000 views, 200 votes, 96% say they have not seen the CareerBuilder ad. So the market must be real limited into where they're actually distributed in this thing, but they're not apparently unleashing it on the world to any grand scale.

Joel (3m 20s):

CareerBuilder, shout out.`

Chad (3m 23s):

Probably as boring as fuck as is along with that new logo, they have. That's great stuff. Ooh, shout out to Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka. So since they were strong enough to actually bring up the uncomfortable topic of mental health, it allowed players like Calvin Ridley of the Atlanta Falcons this week to step away from football to actually focus on his mental health. We're starting, I think we're not there yet. We're starting to understand that broken bones and torn cartilage are definitely injuries, but we can have different types of injuries and Calvin Ridley and he showed that this week.

Chad (4m 4s):

So he stepped away. And I think there's a lot to do with that with Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka because they pretty much broke that same line.

Joel (4m 14s):

Well, speaking of, out of the game with injury or COVID in this case, Aaron Rogers makes my shout-out lists.

Chad (4m 21s):

What an idiot.

Joel (4m 23s):

Americans will know him as the Green Bay Packers quarterback. He agreed to take partial salary in Bitcoin this week, and we'll also be giving away a million dollars in Bitcoin to fans just to get a little extra promotion in his decision to do so. Bitcoin is all over the place. Crypto is everywhere. I'm sure you've seen commercials with everyone from Matt Damon to Tom Brady, pimping, trading crypto, Aaron Rogers is the latest to get on board. We'll see how many more players look for Bitcoin salary. You'll remember Tim Sackett on our yearly show predicted more and more people would be requesting payments in Bitcoin. It looks like Tim was right too.

Chad (5m 4s):

If you're a millionaire and you have money to throw around, why not? I mean diversify. So yeah, but I don't think normal Joe is asking for Bitcoin. Okay? What they are asking for Joel is there. They're asking for new chatbots and a integrated with Wade and Wendy and dude, the chat bot is named that they created it's, it's a visual video chat bot. So it's integrated with Wade, Wade and Wendy has this amazing audio quality to it. And the chat bot is named Chad. So they actually made a Chad bot and it looks, it looks nothing like me.

Chad (5m 46s):

What the actual fuck? I mean, I'm totally going to go up the chain of command on this one. This is ridiculous.

Joel (5m 54s):

It's a video, it's a visual and audio experience. Is that what we're saying?

Chad (5m 58s):

Yup. Yup. So you can be on your phone and you can use your microphone. It asks you questions and you can reply right back to it.

Joel (6m 7s):

Ah, that's very interesting. We actually had a story in the feed about companies creating visual, I don't know, concierge for the Metaverse and that's kind of what I thought when you, when you said that. And I also thought, I think you're a fan of prophecy, right? Yeah. Scott Galloway. So you listen to his, his podcast is Standalone Thing. He also mentioned it in pivot with

Chad (6m 30s):

Kara Swisher?

Joel (6m 32s):

Kara Swisher. So he's, he's really, he hates the whole, Metaverse, the Facebook thing,the face plate in the eye, but he really thinks that the future is in the ears where that sort of your AI and that's your, that's your Metaverse being able to connect through audio. So interesting that, Wade and Wendy is making this play in the video and audio segment. Interesting future trends to watch Chad, another trend, Lever.

Chad (7m 2s):

Cash, baby.

Joel (7m 2s):

Yes. Popular with a lot of the kids out there announced a $50 million raise in series B funding this week, bringing the total to $133 million total.

Chad (7m 14s):

There you go.

Joel (7m 15s):

But the show is so packed with shit this week, that is a shout out $50 million, just gets you a shout out on this week show.

Chad (7m 22s):

So I know this is going to sound odd, but it seems rather light, right? I mean, with all the unicorn cash being thrown around, I would have expected double that at the very least, especially in a series D and also for global expansion, because they talked about global expansion, so I'm not sure. It sounds like it might be a setup for acquisition.

Joel (7m 44s):

Does it feel like a bridge, a bridge fund, a bridge? Like, Hey, let's just get you to the acquisition. Let's just get us to whatever.

Chad (7m 54s):

Yeah, a little validation through funding and then a glorious vision that is painted by the CEO. Right? I mean, it just, it's one of those things that just, there's something that's not right about that.

Joel (8m 4s):

Yeah. It's a little, bridgey, it's a little bridge. I'll give that to you. We're watching you Lever, we're watching you.

Chad (8m 13s):

Well, as we're talking about Lever, we talked about the new Cornerstone on Demand logo on the European show earlier this week. If you haven't checked it out, check it out. So we received comments after that show, that referred to the new Cornerstone logo as the cat anus, what? And then I went to the site and I was like, yeah, yeah, Cornerstone's new logo looks like a cat anus. This is, I can't unsee it. This is, I don't know who was in the marketing behind this, but yes, this is horrible and true.

Joel (8m 51s):

All right. For our listeners out there that have a certain skillset in Photoshop, please send us a cat ass with Cornerstones new imagery. And we will gladly post it onto social media, whether or not you want your brand or your company to be associated. You know, we'll honor whatever you want. But if anyone out there can make a cat ass as the Cornerstone logo, we will, we will hook you up with some social media love. By the way, you've seen Meta's new logo, that thing got the Photoshop treatment, one I saw it as a penis. I saw it as a pair of boobs. I saw it as nuts, like people had a lot of fun with that. So let's have fun in our industry with the Cornerstone logo. Put that thing on a cat.

Joel (9m 34s):

We want to share that on social call. And speaking of sharing, Chad, nothing is sharing and caring like free shit. If you haven't signed up for free stuff from Chad and Cheese, we got t-shirts from Emissary. We got beer from our new, our new sponsor for Beerdrop, Pillar,, Adzua who was our former beer drop sponsor. They've moved up there to the weekly sponsorship. Pillar's filling in for beer. And as usual, Sovren is a is killing our livers with whiskey. You can get it for free, but you can't unless you go to and fill it out.

Chad (10m 16s):

That's right. And we have an event coming kids remember? You've got to come and have Thanksgiving in Belgium, with Chad and Cheese. We already have a WhatsApp group created with about 15 people that we're going to meet in Ostend, Belgium for the Congress. We already have dinner scheduled the night prior. It's going to be a damn good time. Probably no turkey, there might be, but I, I don't know. Check out the speakers register for the And if you're attending, hit us up on the socials and we'll see if we can actually get you into the fancy dinner that Lieven reserved at the Royal sailing club.

Chad (11m 1s):

That's right. Posh, baby, posh.

Joel (11m 2s):

The Royal Sailing Club. That's nice. That's nice. I'm going to have, I'm going to have Duvel flavored turkey on Thanksgiving. Well, Chad, speaking of a group of fine folks, it's time for the fantasy football update sponsored by Poach. I'm going to go from first to worst here on our leaderboard. Number one, Benjamin, worst to first. Do you remember Benjamin was in last place a few weeks ago, way to go, buddy. The wonderful Miss Q just can't get over that hump to the number one spot she's been sitting in the number two place for quite a while. Jason and the Argonauts. You remember that one don't you Chad?

Joel (11m 42s):

Putnam is next. Followed by Cheesy does it, your boy here, Christy bad moon, rising. Pistol Pete Suchi, Bill race to the bottom Fanning. Chris, the football team, Russell, Michael Keaton Cox and Chad the bottom of the barrel

Chad (12m 1s):

Suck it.

Joel (12m 2s):

Is you. And that is your fantasy football leaderboard update.

Chad (12m 6s):

Oh shit. Do we have birthdays?

Joel (12m 10s):

We got birthdays, baby. Listeners, fans, and just friends of the show. A happy birthday to Jarvis Corel. Steve Juul, Graham Ferguson, Louie WHAT?.

Chad (12m 23s):

Excuse me.

Joel (12m 24s):