Jobvite Lights The Fuse

Chad is back from vacay, and it's a good thing because the news was droppin' like bombs this week.

Enjoy this Sovren, Jobvite, and JobAdx powered episode.


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INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (20s):

Oh yeah. He's back. Chad is tan, rested and ready everybody, be very afraid and welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast. I'm your cohost, Joel, "don't wake up Ted Cruz" Cheeseman

Chad (34s):

And I'm pastor Chad Sowash.

Joel (36s):

On this week's show Jobbite gets jazzy, ZipRecruiter gets Zippy and JP Morgan gets second chancey. We'll be right back after ransacking Giuliani's brownstone.

Jobvite (50s):

You know, Steve, it feels like we keep getting pushed to hire more and better candidates with no more budget. Right? I wish there was a way to get better results from what we're doing. Actually, I heard in episode of Chad and Cheese about this framework from Jobvite. Oh yeah. Evolve. It's a technology agnostic framework to help TA teams get better results from their recruiting efforts. And we don't even have to be a Jobvite by customer to use it. I bet we would get better results if we orchestrated all of our efforts. You mean like a centralized process and all of our channels working together? For sure, whether it's job boards, social, or even texting with candidates. Let's do that.

Jobvite (1m 30s):

I'll send you the link. Cool. I'm going to finish watching this episode of Bridgerton.

Joel (1m 36s):

What's the website for your new marital services? Is that or something?

Chad (1m 43s):

Yeah. There's more stress going into marrying somebody than prepping for a podcast. Fuck that.

Joel (1m 49s):

So tell the listeners what the hell that was all about.

Chad (1m 52s):

Yes. I went to the Isle of Palms last week and actually married a couple of very dear friends. Went off online, and got a, I guess you could call it just an officiant's license, married them by the beach. It was amazing. We had a blast and I came home, this was amazing to a box of beer, Irish whiskey and gelato. We have the best listeners out there.

Joel (2m 21s):

So much for your diet.

Chad (2m 23s):

Yeah. So, so real quick, I gotta do this. Oh yeah. Starting to drink. I received a kick ass IPA and John beer from Victoria Conley in the Philadelphia area and yes I am so John right now. Thanks Victoria. And, shut up Ed. James and the team over at Righteous Gelato sent me a whole damn box of gelato. And for our listeners, this is literally the best fucking gelato that's out there. I can't get it locally. So everybody's like, you know, Hey, can I come over and get some gelato? And I'm like, no, stay the away from my Gelato.

Joel (3m 1s):

Did they deep freeze that from like Canadian glaciers to get it to you still cold? How did that work?

Chad (3m 6s):

Yeah. Dry ice. Joel. It's called technology.

Joel (3m 11s):

It's still not cheap, man. I bet your marriage license certificate costs less than that shit.

Chad (3m 17s):

I would say. I would say you got, you got the, you got the Red Breast Irish whiskey too, right?

Joel (3m 23s):

Yeah. There's no hate in that. No hate in that. I was from our buddy Oras Oras coolest name ever. Auras. Hi. Hi baby. My name is Oras

Chad (3m 32s):

From That's yeah,

Joel (3m 35s):

Yeah, yeah. I'm not, I'm not hating on the Red Breast Irish whiskey. There was not the 21 or the 15. It was the 12th, but that's okay. I'll take the 12th. It goes down nicely. Well, are you excited about SNL on the Saturday featuring starring Elon Musk?

Chad (3m 53s):

Nothing like paying your way into SNL. I mean, come on.

Joel (3m 56s):

Well, that was the case Bezos would just be the guest every week.

Chad (3m 59s):

Yeah. He's spending all his money on HGH.

Joel (4m 2s):

Does Dogecoin go up after the a SNL episode? About 400? 800%? Something like that?

Chad (4m 9s):

It's been taking a fucking dive. So it better. Shout out to our friends in Indiana.

Joel (4m 13s):


Chad (4m 14s):

Emplify, Fisher's based Indiana Emplify was acquired this week by 15 five for about 50 million buckeroonis. Emplify had raised 33 million. So it's not exactly the home run that the VC's probably imagined, but it still buys a lot of beer, that 15 million. Well, if they would've come on firing squad, they would have quintupled that fucking number. So since you didn't get back to us.

Joel (4m 43s):

Yes, they wouldn't return one email from any of us at this show. Yeah. Things could have, you could have had an extra zero on that 50 Emplify if you'd just come on Chad and Cheese.

Chad (4m 52s):

That's right. Because listeners like Morgan Woods who tweeted the Chad and Cheese is giving me life this morning. She was listening to our fear, loathing and ZipRecruiter podcast. Morgan you're making me tear up. I've been gone too long. Come back to that love. Ian Partington agrees with our reopening and vaccination points. Employees and employers have choices. Right? Appreciate that.

Joel (5m 20s):

Speaking of love, our boy Mason Wong at Lyft loves him some air tags. You got into quite a dialogue with him this week. What the hell was that about?

Chad (5m 29s):

It's funny. It's like Julie uses the tiles, the little tiles so that she doesn't lose her keys. So there's like an app and you just put a tile on your keys or put a tile on something you don't want to lose. And Mason said, Hey, we could put these on candidates when they come in to interview mic. Yeah. Okay.

Joel (5m 50s):

Or put it on my 80 year old father would be a better, better idea. But I don't know. There probably will be made around air tags that do involve some sort of an employment visitor thing, interview thing, I don't know.

Chad (6m 5s):

Check-in. But I don't, I don't know that you need that. I mean, if the person is connected through their mobile phone and they, they log into the app. Why I don't understand what the tags are for other than other security perspective needs, but that's not an, that's not a recruiting thing. That's more of a security thing. So I think it's more security, less recruiting.

Joel (6m 25s):

So you disagree with Mason, is that what you're saying?

Chad (6m 27s):

Yeah. I love Mason to death, but I think he's gone way through Star Trek on this one. Phasers on stunn, Mason, phasers on stun.

Joel (6m 35s):

And speaking of going too far, your buddy Conor McGregor, ultimate fighting machine sold his stake in proper 12 Irish whiskey smarter. You can have Red Breasts as well for a whopping 600 million, $600 million. Holy shit and it sucks!

Chad (6m 58s):

Proper 12 is proper shit. Just so everybody know.

Scotsman (7m 1s):

Welcome to All things Scottish. Our slogan is if it's not Scottish it's crap!

Chad (7m 7s):

And that stuff is crap. Much like this asshole's podcast we were on. What the fuck was that about?

Joel (7m 14s):

Wow, that was weird. Huh? That was weird.