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LinkedIn, The Innovation Killer

Our robotic overlords are closer to running all this shit than you think. Have you heard of OpenAI and ChatGPT? If not, Chad & Cheese are here for an introductory lesson. To say it might change writing job descriptions, resumes, and interviewing forever is an understatement. Yeah, really. Then it's time for a little Who'd Ya' Rather with Allwork and Hunters Club (no, not the Polo knock-off from the '80s) and a little good-cop / bad-cop with LinkedIn and ending with a roundup of the good, the bad, and the ugly on the current state of global corporations. Ho-ho-holy hell it's a great episode of HR's Most Dangerous Podcast. God bless us, everyone.

TRANSCRIPTION SPONSORED BY: Disability Solutions partners with our clients to build best-in-class inclusion programs and reach qualified, talented individuals with disabilities of every skill, education, and experience level.

INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (19s):

Oh, yeah, Brittany Griner is free. Harry and Megan are Unleashed and New York, Yankee Aaron Judge is really, really rich. So how's your week going? Hi, kids. You're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast. This is your co-host, Joel "why is the carpet all wet, Todd?" Cheeseman. And

Chad (39s):

This is Chad "Is it live or Memorex?" Sowash.

Joel (43s):

And on this week's show. Who'd you rather? You will know LinkedIn by the Trail of Dead. And OpenAI is here to kill us all and I feel fine. Let's do this. How was your week, Chad?

Chad (58s):

It's been a great week, man.

Joel (59s):

How's Christmas time in Portugal? Is it just like the Midwest? Is it just like it is back in Indiana?

Chad (1m 6s):

Yeah, not so much. Yeah, no, no. Snow got a bunch of sunlight. So I actually get vitamin D here, which is nice. Yeah, yeah. I don't have to bundle up to go for walks or anything like that. Yeah.

Joel (1m 17s):

I mean, are there at least some lights up? I don't know, something festive.

Chad (1m 21s):

Oh, we'll go to Tera tonight to see the lights. It's all lit up. The bridges and all that other fun stuff. And then we'll go, you know, we'll go eat on the town. It's amazing. It's much easier, let's say stress free when you don't have kids, cuz you don't have to buy presents. Think about the toys, you go out to the malls, do all that shit that you used to have to do, hang up stockings and lights and any of that stuff. You just enjoy life.

Joel (1m 48s):

I feel like you're taunting me with all these comments. I'm guessing you don't even have a tree up in Portugal.

Chad (1m 55s):

No, no reason. We're doing Christmas with the kids in Paris, so we're bringing the kids into Paris for Christmas and the best lights at the Eiffel Tower. We're gonna be staying fairly close there, so that'll be nice.

Joel (2m 10s):

Yeah, that doesn't suck. That does not suck. Christmas in Paris probably does not suck. Well, I assume you're gonna be enjoying some World Cup this weekend as you have every week. Big match that even I'm paying attention to is England and France.

Chad (2m 25s):


Joel (2m 26s):

Who you got in that one?

Chad (2m 27s):

It's gotta be France. France, they're defending champs. Julie, her favorite football player is Kylian Mbappé, guy is on fucking fire. The English I just think that the US took the lion down for some reason. I don't know. They just haven't been playing the same. So yeah, I think France, Brazil looks amazing. Portugal finally woke up this week, six to one over Switzerland. I mean, so there, there's a lot of good, a lot of good matches to be played.

Joel (2m 58s):

And I'm sorry Chad. The correct answer is England, unlike Mbappé or whoever you said, I can pronounce Harry Kane and I can say that in a pub. So the correct answer is England will win against France this weekend. Let's get to shout outs, shall we?

Chad (3m 19s):

That's right, baby. Here we go. First shout out. Here comes shout out to the US Army.

Joel (3m 27s):

Oh Man.

sfx (3m 28s):

We do more before 9:00 AM than most people do all day. Be all that you can be, Hey, first sergeant, good morning. You can do it in the army.

Joel (3m 41s):

Holy eighties. Flashback Batman. You shout out to the army. Okay, this should be good. As an army veteran, I can't wait for this.

Chad (3m 49s):

Yes. That jingle makes me smile so much. I never smiled so much actually serving in the military. But the United States Army is the best recruiting program in the world. And it's harkening back to the old days, olden days with a throwback advertising campaign. Be all that you can be, that jingle played everywhere for years. That's like ingrained in our psyche. Oh yeah. What do you think about when you actually hear that, other than just having to smile because you remember when you were a kid.

Joel (4m 20s):

Well, obviously it takes me back to the eighties in a more simple, simple time before all the things you just talked about, kids and presents and everything else. So, and it also makes me think back to Stripes with Bill Murray when they sing.

Chad (4m 36s):

That's a fact, Jack.

Joel (4m 38s):

Yeah. When they they sing it on the bus, I think to, to bootcamp. But yeah, a lot of eighties flashbacks for me when I hear that, because that ad was prevalent and everywhere and before social media, it was the days where everyone watched the same TV shows.

Chad (4m 55s):


Joel (4m 55s):

And that ad ran at every popular TV show back in the eighties.

Chad (4m 59s):

Yes and I mean, it was on every radio station, so that ad that jingle was everywhere. So shout out to the US Army for bringing it back.

Joel (5m 8s):

I'm glad it gives you good memories and not like cold sweats and, you know, screaming in the middle of the night. That's good. That's good. All right. My shout out. Much less patriotic. Kristina Salen

Chad (5m 20s):


Joel (5m 20s):

Who the fuck is Kristina? Kristina Salen you might ask. Yeah, well, she's the new CFO at popular ATS Greenhouse. Why should we care? Repeat after me? Chad IPO. Greenhouse has raised over a hundred million dollars and has hit the 10 year mark. So their investors are obviously looking for a little liquidation event likely to happen in the next, oh, I don't know, 12 to 24 months. A little trip down to Wall Street as soon as the IPO market loosens up. Salen was at Etsy when they went public. One of your favorite craft sites that you liked to buy embroidered scarfs from.

Joel (6m 1s):

Obviously they've also just hired a chief legal officer and added a new board member. All of this is Latin for IPO. Shout out to Kristina Salen and the inevitable journey to the public markets for our friends at Greenhouse.

Chad (6m 17s):

Yeah, I see more on the 24 month side of the house than I do the 12 months. It's gonna take a minute. It's gonna take a minute.

Joel (6m 25s):

Well, like most of my predictions, Chad,

sfx (6m 28s):

60% of the time it works every time.

Chad (6m 33s):

Shout out to Chris Manion, who knows how to say he's sorry. He sends alcohol.

Joel (6m 38s):


Chad (6m 39s):

I love that. I can't even remember what he did to be sorry for, to be quite frank, but he sent Port and here in Portugal, obviously that's where Port comes from. We've just found out this new port in tonic mixture that is fucking delightful. It's called Portonica. So something we'll bring back with us, Joel, so that we can enjoy.

Joel (7m 2s):

So it's a pre-made drink or it's a cocktail that gets mixed.

Chad (7m 5s):

Yeah. It's a cocktail. It gets mixed.

Joel (7m 7s):

So a little tip for me, if you're a Guinness drinker.

Chad (7m 11s):


Joel (7m 11s):

Add a shot of port to your Guinness. Mm. It's quite lovely. It's quite lovely. Yes. And next on the cocktail show with Chad and Cheese. No, no, that's good. Yeah. Port, it's not just for lunch people.

Chad (7m 25s):

I'm doing it later tonight.

Joel (7m 27s):

Well, thanks Chris. And happy birthday belated by the way.

Chad (7m 29s):


Joel (7m 29s):

Which I think is the third or fourth shoutout to his birthday. So he should be feeling a lot better. My, my last shoutout goes to billionaire Ken Griffin.

Chad (7m 39s):


Joel (7m 39s):

Ken is the founder of Hedge Funds, Citadel and Citadel Securities. But that's not why he's getting a shout out. Griffin paid out of his own pockets of his own pockets for about 10,000 of his staff and their families to converge on Walt Disney World in Florida for three days of celebration at the Magic Kingdom and other theme parks there at Disney. He picked up the tab for airfares from New York, Houston, Paris, Zurich, and other cities, and paid for hotels, park tickets and meals ranging from lamb chops to sushi and paella. Paella?

Chad (8m 15s):


Joel (8m 15s):

Paella. Yeah. Sorry, I go to Portuguese from my paellla, to applaud blockbuster returns and big anniversaries. Chad fave, Coldplay even played a private show for the Citadel workers. Don't worry about Ken though. Citadel manages about $60 billion in assets, so I think he's still gonna be able to make that Red Rider BB gun payment for Ralphie this coming Christmas. Hurray Capitalism. Shout out to Mickey Mouse loving Ken Griffin. Yeah.

Chad (8m 47s):

And a bunch of radio flyers I'm sure with the BB gun. Yeah. That motherfucker needed a tax write off. Good for him. Yeah. Good for the rest of his staff. My God. He's like, looking at his returns. He's like, sweetheart, we're gonna have to do something dramatic for some good tax write-offs.

Joel (9m 5s):

I'm feeling a real golf clap on this one from you, Chad.

Chad (9m 11s):

So I've gotta give a shout out to Spotify marketing. They are amazing. They've created a way to, I guess you could just say sexualize podcasting data. They make it sexy. That's what they do. Oh,

Joel (9m 27s):

Yes. They make it sexy.

Chad (9m 28s):

So at the end of the year, you know how they do these wrap-ups for everybody? For us. They actually packaged everything and they showed us we were the top 5% of all podcasts globally. We increased over 60% in followers. Nearly 60% rise in listens and some other cool stats. 167 episodes to date. That's thus far in 2022.

Joel (9m 54s):

That's a lot.

Chad (9m 55s):

That's a lot of fucking episodes. 4,900 minutes of content. Fuck and transcriptions to go with all that. Don't forget about that. Plus we're in nearly 850 listeners top 10 podcasts that they listen to.

Joel (10m 14s):


Chad (10m 14s):

That is just sexy. So we put it out there in the LinkedIns. People are are soaking it up. I love it. Spotify knows how to market their platform.

Joel (10m 23s):

That's right. That's what happens when you're fueled by Taco Bell kids. That's what the secret is. And a lot of booze as well, Chad.

Chad (10m 32s):


Joel (10m 33s):

Which brings us to the booze winners for this month. All right. Do you know how this, this works? We got whiskey from Textkernel. Peter Simandl, I think I'm saying that correctly. Was our winner. Simandl You say Simandll. I say Samundle, let's call the whole thing off. He won our whiskey for the month. Our beer winner from Aspen Tech Labs. Tracy Morris from West Virginia University.

Chad (11m 1s):


Joel (11m 2s):

A fine, nice, fine educational establishment. And rum with Plum goes to Kim Gray, happy birthday to her as well. We also have t-shirts where pretty much everybody wins.

Chad (11m 13s):


Joel (11m 13s):

Frankly. And if you haven't signed up for those, you just gotta head to, click the free link, submit your information, and wait for the goodies to start flowing in kids. That's how this works.

Chad (11m 26s):

Yeah, that's what Mannion was having a problem with. He didn't put his birthday in when he actually submitted for free. Again, kids, if you want Birthday Rum from Plum. Yep. You gotta do that. You gotta do that. Kids.

Joel (11m 39s):

Yeah. We can't read minds people. We can podcast and talk shit, but we can't really read your minds.

Chad (11m 46s):

We're not going to the county courthouse to look through your shit to see when your birthday was. Okay. Just not gonna happen.

Joel (11m 52s):

We're not monitoring you through your webcam. We don't know when your birthday is, but we do know the following birthdays.

Chad (12m 1s):


Joel (12m 2s):

Because these folks did actually submit their birthday information.

sfx (12m 4s):

Happy Birthday!

Joel (12m 4s):

Now, if you listen to last week's show, you'll know that I forgot last week's birthdays because I was so busy with Chris Mannion whining about how he didn't get called out for a birthday. So.

Chad (12m 18s):

Hey, he paid up.

Joel (12m 19s):

Here's two weeks of birthdays. We got James Hickman, Deidra Pitts, who got her T-shirt. Finally I'd like to report, by the way, she was whining about that.

Chad (12m 31s):

She was not happy.

Joel (12m 33s):

Frank Wittenauer, Matt Grafflin, Mary Kelly, Michael Cox, Nathan, Lana Schumann, Terry Kahler, Stephen Branch, Matt Miller, Kim Stewart, Lars Kuze, Chase Johnson, Patrick Hodgdon, Ryan Cook, John Jorgenson, Matt Stubbsy Stubbs and Torin Ellis. Everybody that is the birthdays.

Chad (12m 56s):

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. It's a also, you forgot the most important one.

Joel (13m 2s):

I did. I did. Well, let me get a drum roll for this.

Chad (13m 7s):

Okay. Get ready. Happy birthday to a hot and powerful blonde with bad eyesight. Yeah. That's my wife, Julie Sowash.

sfx (13m 16s):

Happy Birthday!

Joel (13m 17s):

Julie Sowash. Yes.

Chad (13m 18s):

And I, I know who should be winning the rum with Plum this month, by the way.

Joel (13m 24s):

And we know who wins rum with Plums every day of the week everybody?

sfx (13m 31s):

Can you feel the tension in the air right now? I know I can. I can feel it all the way down to my plums.

Joel (13m 38s):

Oh, and speaking of way down to your plums, let's do a leaderboard report on fantasy football, shall we?

Chad (13m 44s):

Here we go.

Joel (13m 45s):

This is brought to you by our friends at FactoryFix. Guys, we are in the back nine of the season. There's two weeks left before the playoffs. This is your leaderboard from first to worst at number one in the new spot, Dennis. And number one in our hearts, two Tupper is our top spot, followed by Joe. How is this guy with Kirk Cousins in second place? Wilkie, Chris Port Authority, Manion, Joel claim to playoff position Cheesman. Chad, I have Pat Mahomes and you don't Sowash. Christie from Utah with Love Kellling.

Joel (14m 25s):

Matt doing about as well as Colt's qb Matt, Ryan Hill, Serge racing to the bottom as fast as Austin Matthews crashes the net Boudreaux. Mike, how does someone with Jalen Hertz and Justin Herbert get stuck in such mediocrity Schaffer? Jason, I beat Cheesman by 30 last week and I'm still in 10th place Putnam. James, like cutting crew, I just died in your arms tonight Gilliam, and Dan must have gotten run over by a reindeer Shoemaker. That is.

Chad (14m 60s):


Joel (15m 1s):

Your leaderboard for fantasy football everybody.

Chad (15m 2s):

It's been a fun season. It's been a fun season. It's not over yet, kids. It's not over yet.

Joel (15m 7s):


Chad (15m 8s):

You still have an opportunity.

Joel (15m 10s):

We're all about this same record. It's mostly points now that separates anyone.

Chad (15m 13s):

Yes. You and I are separated, but I think four points.

Joel (15m 17s):

Four points. That's it.

Chad (15m 19s):


Joel (15m 23s):

Yeah, yeah. It's gonna be a fun couple of weeks with Fantasy Football.

Chad (15m 28s):


Joel (15m 29s):

All right. If you're not somewhat aware of Open AI and more specifically chat G P T, then you're apparently too busy buying NFTs and creating AI generated portraits of yourself.

Chad (15m 41s):


Joel (15m 42s):

To do so. Anyway, Wikipedia defines chat. GPT as a prototype. Artificial intelligence chat bot launched just last month. Its garnered attention for its detailed responses and historical knowledge. It's been called everything from a Google killer to dumber than you think by popular media outlets. Chad, you are all over this one. What say you?

Chad (16m 10s):

Well, this is our, is it live or Memorex portion of the podcast. Remember that? I mean, we don't know what's real anymore. That's the thing we have.

sfx (16m 19s):

Shall we play a game?

Chad (16m 22s):

Chad and Cheese podcasts that are coming out that aren't really our voices. We have poems that are being written by ai. It it is fucking amazing. But I gotta say, dude, our AI overlords have taught us the best ways to drive product adoption. It's too easy. It's vanity and it's coolness. Vanity, you just talked about it. Have you seen all the new AI generated picks that are littering the inner webs? People are paying for this service and they're giving the app and the company all their facial data. But hell, we've been doing that for over a decade by posting selfies into social media.

Chad (17m 2s):

But the vanity to look like an astronaut, a Blade runner, or I don't know, a character from Game of Fucking Thrones is so alluring that people are using those pictures as their profile picks. Vanity is training the ai, right? We're so easy as human beings, then we have the cool factor AI that can write screenplays, sonnets, poems, essays. I mean, that's cool enough that over a million new users have logged in and are using this new version in open AI chat GPT bot, whatever they wanna fucking call it.

Chad (17m 42s):

But the coolness in vanity are just to the bedrock factors around adoption to a new product. And it's something that our industry is really bad at. We put stuff out there, but we don't wrap it in vanity, in coolness enough. I think these two plays that I just threw out there are amazing. Then we can start to talk about the big stuff that this can do. But let's talk about the actual product itself. Does it surprise the fuck out of you that everybody who's been bitching about facial recognition and AI taking over shit, they're just glomming onto these things.

Joel (18m 19s):

It does make you look really good in visual form. I'm refusing at this point to do it. We are vain creatures. We love novelty and new shiny things.

Chad (18m 30s):


Joel (18m 30s):

You wrap that into what some have called a horrific dystopian future that's ahead of us with this thing. It doesn't surprise me that human beings, this is what happened. It's like in 2001 where the ape man picks up the bone and sort of, you know, playfully breaks the bones of a dead animal, which then turns into full on killing of another tribe. It went from fun to serious really quick, I want to underscore that this thing is a month old. Yes. I remember when Clubhouse was cool for about a week.

Chad (19m 6s):

You cannot put them in the same category. You just can't.

Joel (19m 9s):

I use Alexa now mostly to turn my lights off. And that was gonna change the world too. So, so I'm gonna reserve some opinion on this until it gets some legs on it. I remember when bored apes were all the rage and people were using that as their profile pictures on social media. Now, I will say clearly, if you are in the content creation, writing stuff, blog posts for SEO, papers for school, script writing, if you're in any kind of the content creation business, this should kind of scare the shit out of you.

Chad (19m 49s):


Joel (19m 49s):

If you create stuff that has no nuance, like news summaries or press reports, like this should scare the shit outta you because this thing can spit those out pretty easily. I'm impressed with, you know, like, hey, write a summary of the Chad and Cheese podcast. I'm not sure which one is the plump and stubby one in the description. But that said, it got pretty close. And, maybe we'll post that poem on the socials, so our friend or on the website so people can see it. But you know, if you start thinking about, okay, let's take the robots that are scaring us to death. Let's take this AI that's scaring us to death, and then let's take the Chad and Cheese podcast in five different languages or whatever. That scares us to death.

Chad (20m 30s):


Joel (20m 30s):