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The Emperor's New Eightfold

Halloween is right around the corner, and this episode of HR's most dangerous podcast is full of tricks and treats. For companies like Eightfold, Jobsync, The Mom Project, Gem, Jobscore and Burger King, the bag of goodies is full of M&Ms, Snickers and Reese's. But who got a rock? The Charlie Browns on this week's show include TikTok wannabe Heroes Jobs, MySpace wannabe Everyone Social and has-been Monster. Sorry, we can't compete with the horrors of Election Day and a global pandemic, but for talent acquisition, this week's podcast is right up there with The Exorcist and Poltergeist.

As always, Sovren, JobAdx and Jobvite are the ones filling our goodie bag. PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION sponsored by:

INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (20s):

Oh yeah. COVID is spiking around the globe. The stock market is crashing and election day is coming and Oh yeah. Halloween is right around the corner. So how's your week going? This is the Chad and cheese podcast. I'm your cohost Joel GDP Cheeseman.

Chad (40s):

And I'm Chad "Freddy Krueger" Sowash.

Joel (43s):

On this week's show. Eight-fold more like a billion fold. Am I right?

Chad (47s):

Am I right?

Joel (48s):

TikTok for jobs is finally here and clowns!

Chad (53s):


Joel (53s):

Be very, very afraid.

Jobvite PROMO (56s):

Jobvite the leading end to end talent acquisition suite. Named a leader in ATS, recruitment, marketing, CRM, and onboarding on G2. Kim B says "Jobvite is a user friendly passionate enterprise team that takes care of you. Jolly good." Jeffrey R says, "candidates are constantly telling us we get it right compared to other orgs." Love that! Results driven by AI. Connections built by humans. Jobvite, learn how you can evolve your TA function at

Chad (1m 26s):

Poppy cock!

Joel (1m 29s):


Chad (1m 31s):

All right, kids. It's Halloween. It's Halloween! Round two of the scariest movie characters polls. Here we go. Leatherface from the chainsaw massacre, Texas Chainsaw Massacre versus Freddy "Nightmare on Elm Street" Kruger and Freddy wins in a runaway kids. Wow!

Joel (1m 53s):

Was this an actual poll that you had?

Chad (1m 54s):

Yeah, I did a poll on LinkedIn.

Joel (1m 57s):

See, Freddy, Freddy was scary as shit in the first one, but by the last one he's like break dancing and wrestling Hulk Hogan. So I don't know which Freddy they were talking about. I'd go Leatherface all day.

Chad (2m 9s):

Yeah. So that's what happens when you have like 27 sequels? I mean, it's like, it just gets out of hand. It's like Jason and Friday the 13th.

Joel (2m 21s):

Yeah. When the cast of, you know, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure shows up on your horror film, it's probably time to give up the game.

Chad (2m 29s):

You probably jumped the shark. Yes.

Joel (2m 31s):

Shout Out to voting.

Chad (2m 32s):


Joel (2m 33s):

God Dammit. Where's MTV's Rock the Vote when you need it. Tuesday, I've already voted. You probably have too.

Chad (2m 41s):

Oh yeah!

Joel (2m 41s):

In fact I'm pretty sure that you have, but if you haven't man.

Chad (2m 44s):

Weeks ago.

Joel (2m 44s):

But if you haven't man, everybody vote. That's how you get shit done. Don't break windows. Don't beat up. People go vote. Very important.

Chad (2m 52s):

Don't put that shit in the mail right now because the mail is running about 10 fucking days behind. Hand carry that shit and drop it off. Just don't put it in the mail now because it's not going to make it!

Joel (3m 5s):


Chad (3m 5s):

Shout out to Parker Pell out of Memphis who loves the podcast and uses the Chad and Cheese to help him with his own podcast called the Inchternship Show Parker. You might want to think twice about that, buddy. Hans Mangelschots. We've got the best fucking listener names, Hans Mangelschots. And you think it's B it would be like at a Germany or Belgium or something. No, he's in Silicon Valley. He loves the podcast as well. Hans, Parker did all your friends, peers, family, subscribe, listen, go to or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Joel (3m 44s):

By the way, while we're waxing nostalgic on the nineties, do you remember a Parker Lewis can't lose.

Chad (3m 50s):

Yeah, God.

Joel (3m 52s):

That starts some dude that went to Broad Ripple High School here in Indianapolis. Anyway, tangent Shout Out to our buddies, Tyler Weeks and Bill Fanning both have new gigs. Tyler's gone from Intel to Hired, Hired a what is it?

Chad (4m 11s):

Hired Scored.

Joel (4m 12s):

Hired Scored, Hired Score. Yeah. Anyway, work on that brand. Bill Fanning. Where'd he end up?

Chad (4m 19s):

He is now at This Way Global with Angela Hood and the AI for jobs claim.

Joel (4m 27s):

Oh, nice. Well, good luck guys. Keep listening to this show no matter where you're working.

Chad (4m 32s):

That's right. We have a listener question, Joel. This one's from Matthew Woodcock. You know that dude.

Joel (4m 38s):

Is that his porn name? What did we get these names this week?

Chad (4m 42s):

Should I use or not use LinkedIn to talk about topics like politics, social justice and other things I'm passionate about outside of work?

Joel (4m 53s):

On LinkedIn?

Chad (4m 54s):


Joel (4m 55s):

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, LinkedIn is basically Facebook in 2012 with stories. And, and since they have stories, I'd say it's anything is fair game. Now again, with stories, they disappear in 24 hours. So if you want to like test this theory and see how it goes over, like post a few stories, see how it goes, see how many views you get. And if there's no big backlash, like roll with it.

Chad (5m 18s):

I think we are way too pensive. And we get this whole it's unprofessional to post things in your own public space. That's my profile page. That's my stream. And as an employer, who's built teams and managed teams over the years. I want somebody who's going to come to me, who is real, not fake and plastic and bullshit. So if you play this that's unprofessional game. That to me just turns me off. I want to know who the real person is that I'm going to be working with day in, day out. And if you're just playing that cosmetic Barbie bullshit game, that's not the type of person that I want. So again, I think this is, it's a personal opinion and you feel about more space, but that is my space on LinkedIn.

Chad (6m 2s):

If you don't like it ...

Joel (6m 4s):

Don't follow me.

Chad (6m 5s):

Don't follow me. It's that Fucking easy.

Joel (6m 6s):

By the way, I, I posted a picture on our eightfold shred that we did. And it's a unicorn in a donut, like the floaties in the pool.

Chad (6m 16s):


Joel (6m 17s):

And someone literally messaged me and said, is that a unicorn having sex with a donut? I'm not sure that's really appropriate for LinkedIn. I'm like, are you fucking kidding me? Like I know, I'm I know I, I am who I am, but I'm not like posting unicorn sex with pastries on LinkedIn. Like, dude really gets your mind out of the gutter. I know it's 2020, but shit unicorn fucking a donut? Nice.

Chad (6m 42s):

There were sprinkles on the donut too. I believe so. Come on. People just pay attention.

Joel (6m 47s):

Multicolored, multicolored, sprinkles, all white sprinkles I might ... Anyway shout out to sponsor Recruitology and Job Score on a job score on SMB ATS, Dan Arkin, a friend of the show and fan of the show. They partnered up to provide programmatic advertising to Jobs Scores clients. So a Shout Out to them for doing some good stuff for the SMBs out there.

Chad (7m 12s):

Very nice, very nice. Shout Out to Christie Weymouth from Indianapolis, right around the corner from you, man. She loves the podcast and the industry insights and Christie. Guess what we love you. And we love you even more when you share the podcast!

Joel (7m 28s):

Most definitely have fun there at Jobvite. Hopefully one day we'll get to visit the headquarters and say, hi. Shout out to iCIMS new logo. I did my own polling this week and out of 76 votes, 53% prefer the new logos. So Susan Vitale, it wasn't a wrong answer. It was a right answer when you change that logo.

Chad (7m 55s):

That's right. For some reason last week we had a listener question and everybody's asking us questions. So here's another question from a listener who wanted to stay anonymous and you'll know why, here in a second. Here's here's from the listener. I've noticed some high level white dudes in talent acquisition with diversity and inclusion in their title. Okay, Joel. So I want you to answer this. If you had, if you personally had as a white dude, a diversity and inclusion experience, would you accept the high level position or title in DNI?

Joel (8m 31s):

This whole fat of like putting me on the spot with these questions is going to be done. Cause last week you asked me about ghosting and I'm like, why is he fucking asking me about ghosting? And I came up with some story about not finding a babysitter so I can like, that's a landmine for me. Any DNI question for me is super landmine. I mean, I'm going to lean yes on this one. I think.

Chad (8m 53s):

So you would, you would take the position?

Joel (8m 55s):

I think so. Yeah.

Chad (8m 56s):

Okay. Yeah. I wouldn't!

Joel (8m 58s):


Chad (8m 59s):

This is an opinion. This is there's no right or wrong answer, except mine is right.

Joel (9m 3s):

Oh, there's the right answer.

Chad (9m 4s):

Yeah. I don't think I personally, those positions are focused on being able to drive equity and seeing a white dude in that position, I really think sends like the wrong message, not just to the organization, but everybody outside of the organization. So personally, if somebody offered me a position that had DNI, in it at all, I would say, "No."

Joel (9m 28s):

All right. Let's, let's set a rule that in the future, if it's not a question about like, you know, QR codes, don't ask me, just save it, man.

Chad (9m 37s):

No more questions for Cheeseman people.

Joel (9m 39s):

Yeah. We should do more questions. Anyway. Shout Out to Jeremy Roberts looking really good in that Superfly, Chad and Cheese t-shirt that he posts. You're going to see more of these around the internet as we send those out and kids, if you want a free t-shirt you gotta play the game. You gotta go to That's Chad backslash free. If you want to look like one of the cool kids.

Chad (10m 5s):

No. Yeah. Jeremy doesn't get a Shout Out on this one. He like blocked out his face. I mean, there's the t-shirt that's there. Yeah. If you want to do, if you want to do a selfie with the Chad and Cheese t-shirt you can learn from Jeremy and not doing what he did.

Joel (10m 22s):

Did he explain why he, he blocked out his face?

Chad (10m 25s):

He, he didn't. I don't know. He's afraid of somebody like sharing it or something. Fuck. I don't know.

Joel (10m 32s):

Didn't look like he was getting busted or something and some, a drug under an undercover drug ring or something. Geez

Chad (10m 38s):

Oh, God. Tell me about Beer Drop.

Joel (10m 40s):

Beer Drop is the bomb! Dude. So if you, if you need, if you need some beer and goddammit, it's 2020, and what's going on, everybody needs a drink. Chad and Cheese are making it a little easier. We're giving out free beer, sponsored by our buddies at Ad Zoona. And I can announce October's winner. Yes. If you'd like? It's Jennifer Shanahan.

Chad (11m 7s):


Joel (11m 8s):

So Jennifer, if you haven't got it already, by the time you listen to this, a good assortment of IPA's cause that's what she chose is coming your way. We're going to do a little zoom tasting with her probably next week or the week after. Whenever her schedule is free to do that. We're going to talk with her, have some beer and, and have a laugh. But yes, if you want to be like Jennifer, enjoying some free beer, go to That's

Chad (11m 38s):

And dude, there's like 20 beers that are going to be sent to her. I mean, that is legit. And they're all, I mean an assortment of different IPA's! When you sent me the list I, I had to give you major kudos. You did a great job Cheeseman.

Joel (11m 55s):

Thank you! Thank you. Yeah, we don't play on this show. We're not, we're not sending like a six, a Corona worse than being like the real craft local bomb shit to people.

Chad (12m 7s):

So get their Not to mention you could perspectively win a t-shirt and a bunch of other shit that we could be giving out throughout the rest of this year. And next year!

Joel (12m 18s):

We might send you some JobadX shit. Who knows?

Chad (12m 20s):

Who knows? Who knows?

Joel (12m 22s):

If you don't have Chad and Cheese in your pocket, you're missing some of the big news flashes in our industry. You don't have to wait till Friday. Just text CC. That's the letter C and C to (833) 799-0321. And as I understand it, we're even in the UK now?

Chad (12m 40s):

We're we're testing or testing in the UK.

Joel (12m 43s):

So Gordo, hopefully we're going to be in Scotland there soon. And so you can get our updates

Chad (12m 49s):

And t-shirts and Chad and Xheese in your pocket powered by

Joel (12m 56s):

Oh yeah. By the way, a little tease we're going to really make the holiday special this year. So make sure you listen to the show. We've got a special thing coming. That's all I'm going to say, right?

Chad (13m 7s):

Oh dude. Yeah. I'm excited about it right now. Topics!

Joel (13m 14s):


Chad (13m 14s):

All right. So if you have subscribed to Chad and Cheese in your pocket, you would have already known this because we sent it pretty much as soon as it happened. So Eight Fold got some cash. Tell us about it.

Joel (13m 27s):

Jeez. Major bucks. So these guys are only four years old, which is pretty incredible. San Francisco Bay area based a recruiting firm. They are, they are looking to be the platform for everything. We heare, we joke about the, from hi to hiring. That's sort of like, they want to be everything. They raise $125 million in series D a grand total of 180 million. They have a valuation now of $1 billion, which makes them officially a unicorn.

Chad (13m 58s):

So bloated!

Joel (13m 58s):

In the startup world. We don't, we don't get a lot of those in recruitment, but, but these guys have come on 110 countries. They're in 17 industries, they're 13 languages. One of the things that I saw that I thought was really interesting in terms of quotes was the CEO said, you know, "the Eightfold team has been last four years, developing a single platform, servicing all talent, lifecycle needs, bypassing single point solutions entirely. This is the future of our industry." And to me, the whole like no single point solutions is pretty interesting. They want to be everything to every body. Can they pull it off? I don't know. I'm a little skeptical, but we're going to have to see.

Joel (14m 40s):

I also think that with evaluation like this, an IPO is in their future. And one of the investors alluded that that was probably very likely. So I think this'll be a really interesting company to watch over the next couple of years. And a lot of investors think the same. They're they're really tackling the enterprise. They've talked about business going through the roof since the pandemic has hit. So a lot of things going right for these guys, hitting things at the right time. The trends of automation, sort of virtual productivity and employee engagement that we've seen since the pandemic, these guys are in that, in that wheelhouse.

Joel (15m 21s):

And we'll see a lot of people are battling for this one platform to roll all. You've been down in it in the past. I assume you still are critical of it. We'll just have to see, but it's pretty clear that money is going into that corner. And we'll see who comes out on top. If anybody.

Chad (15m 37s):

Yeah. I spoke to about 20 different people about this.

Joel (15m 42s):

You know, 20 people? Damn

Chad (15m 44s):

The response from a few of them and I kid you not, it was the exact same response, "this is whacked!"

Joel (15m 51s):

As in the company's whacked? Or the investments whacked or both?

Chad (15m 55s):

Let me get into it. And anyone who's ever listened to this podcast knows that I am a big fan of matching tech. It's the hardest, it's the hardest working tech in the industry and could easily facilitate faster, better candidate placements hires. And it's a great market validation for anyone in the space, but I am not a big fan of this move. You can take that. There is a thing where you take too much money and they, what do they need $180 million in funding to do? I mean, what are they going to do with it? Are they going to develop something that's going to compete with the ATS market? I mean, because ATSs, are already integrating with this type of tech in their platform, iCIMS acquired Andre Wade and, and, and her, Angela Hood and AI for jobs is, is deeply integrated into Salesforce.

Chad (16m 50s):

Our buddy, Robert Ruff sponsor Sovren, pretty much owns the vendor space and then Hired Scored, I had to put them in there because now they have Tyler Weeks and Athena Karp. So exactly what's going to be different and what's so damn revolutionary?

Joel (17m 7s):

Well, so these guys are super ambitious. Another quote from the founder was "Our mission is to leverage our expertise in AI to provide the right career for everyone in the world." So...

Chad (17m 20s):

Come on.

Joel (17m 20s):

That's the ambition that they have. So...

Chad (17m 23s):

Come on.

Joel (17m 24s):

In terms of scale and, and, and achieving that dream, it might take $180 million.

Chad (17m 30s):

So taking this much money, knocks them off just about all acquisition targets.

Joel (17m 37s):

Yeah. Like maybe 10 companies would do it and their names, their name, Microsoft and Google, and

Chad (17m 43s):

I have two scenarios. Number one, they can use this, these dollars for acquisitions to fill gaps, okay. Because to think that they don't have gaps is nothing but naive. Number two, they can run hard with integration combined with a killer sales and marketing team to drive revenue quickly in the hopes that a money pit like SAP acquires them. I think a company like that could perspectively be a target, but most of the other targets just fell away.

Joel (18m 13s):


Chad (18m 13s):

This is, this is not a core system. They've just shown their hand to other core platforms. And if a core platform doesn't currently have matching tech to be able to match what they're trying to do, I'm going to say, I predict that that will happen. You also have to remember when you are a Jack of all, you are a master of none. If they could of focused, not taking so much money, they could have focused. And the market was already, already validated in the matching space as it was and just ran hard after that. I think there, there could have been something there, but going on this trajectory, I think personally, I think they're fucked.

Joel (18m 53s):

So, all right. So Chad is weighed in.

Crowd (18m 54s):


Joel (18m 55s):

That's a big, big, boo. Let's, let's play a quick game of Who'd You Rather? So we talked about Handshake, I think last week, getting, was it 80 million around?

Crowd (19m 7s):


Joel (19m 7s):

And these guys just got her 125, would you rather, but you know, would you rather have the money in Handshake at that, at that kind of valuation or, or Eightfold?

Chad (19m 18s):

Handshake? Okay. When you take a look at Handshake or somebody who is more focused in a niche, they know I'm sorry, but $180 million is not enough to make you a leader in this industry.

Joel (19m 29s):

Fair enough. Fair enough. Time will tell. I'm going to get on record as saying I'd rather be in Eightfold's corner as opposed to Handshake. And in five years, we'll do a show and see who's right and who's wrong.

Chad (19m 41s):

They both kick ass, take names. And we, and we can actually take a look at some, some business cases around this because everybody that I've talked, I mean, everybody that I talked to, they were all like, that's way too much money, too much money, too fast.

Joel (19m 56s):

Well, someone I think we can agree is a wrong bet is going to be Monster who was in the news this week, they've partnered with Job Sync or should say Death Match winner, Job Sync. They're integrating with monster to streamline the apply process. You know, I think it's, this is similar to Monster outsourcing video to video my job. It's, it's a situation of, we'd rather outsource it, use someone else's tech than try to buy it or try to either buy it or build it ourselves. And I think that in, in hindsight, when we look at the story with CareerBuilder and the outage that they had, and a lot of that was like, okay, let's call back all the engineers that we fired to me.

Joel (20m 43s):

This is a real nice juxtaposition with Eightfold and saying, Monster should be doing these big things. And they should have been doing it 10, 15 years ago. And they did. And we're seeing these companies die in front of us and leveraging other people's technology when they should be doing it themselves. I think it's a great win for Job Sync. A Monster still gets nice traffic. It's a nice logo to put on their website, but long-term, I think this is indicative of, of sort of like the sickness that's that's had that's had Monster for years and not being able to take the initiative and build this stuff themselves. Eightfold, at least in contrast to that is building this stuff themselves has the core competency so I thought this was a nice story to sort of build, you know, tale of two cities.

Joel (21m 30s):

Who's up, who's down? Monster, definitely down in my eyes.

Chad (21m 35s):

Yeah. Well, you see Monster had matching with TroveX way, you know, years ago. And that was the best matching that was on the market back then, period. They bought it. It was theirs. The problem was, once again, Monster wanted to be everything to everybody. They were a Jack of all trades. That's what they started to be. And they became master of the shit pile. Right. So again, I mean, I think, you're making my point for me, whether it's happening now or it happened, then there is so much history to be able to understand that if you can do something and be the expert in it, in this type of a segment and just kill it as opposed to try to do everything, your opportunity indeed, your opportunity to actually win the mountain is much greater.

Chad (22m 24s):

So that's why I think, you know, that was Monsters folly and it, hopefully not, but I, I th I think it's going to be Eightfolds folly as well.

Joel (22m 32s):

Well, I think part of Monster's folly was hubris in thinking that they were the shit.

Chad (22m 36s):

Did you read the press release? Jobs for everybody? I mean, give me a, I mean, there there's, there's the same shit that's happening.

Joel (22m 43s):

There's, there's, there's, there's a high level of ambition and there's hubris and there's, those are two different tales of maybe the same coin. I don't know, two sides of the same coin, but, you know, and by the way, I mean, monster, I think it's at its height, it was a $10 billion valuation. You would probably know better than I would, at the height of the .com craziness. So it's kind of funny that we're talking about a billion dollar company as being crazy anyway, that's the industry that we're in. So anyway, by the way, valuation of, of Eightfold is more than the selling price of CareerBuilder and Monster together. So you have that.

Chad (23m 21s):

Talking about money.

Joel (23m 23s):

Yeah. We're talking about money. So George LaRocque doing work, his partnership with Unleash they've released funding figures for Q3, I believe. And it's, it's a big number total for everything that's gone out is 1.6, for 8 billion that's for Q3 2020 resulting in a 15 quarter average of 862.3 million. This quarters investment was spread across 67 deals. This made Q3 2020, the second largest quarter for HR tech VC investment. Since the rock began tracking it in 2017, the main themes of a lot of the companies that got money were collaboration and communication, learning, wellness, core HR shit and safety.

Joel (24m 15s):

A few, companies worth noting that we talk about on the show in terms of talent, traction, where Gem, the Mom Project, by the way, if you haven't listened to our interview with them, go back and look at that in the archives and our buddies at Jobcase, we've done a few interviews with them. So that was sort of my take, the money is flowing a pandemic be damned, the money's flowing.

Chad (24m 38s):

Yeah. I mean, funding was slowed by COVID. So, I mean, there's, there was this buildup that the market was looking in and trying to see what was going to happen? And then that buildup just turned into a huge shot of a wad in Q3.

Joel (24m 54s):

A lot of pent up.

Chad (24m 56s):

Yeah. A lot of pent up. Yeah. So, you know, 67 deals, 41 of them happening in the US the number two was UK with seven deals. But George did say what's missing from this report? Job boards and a new COVID world. You know, we've got to ask ourselves, are we going to finally move away from duration based job posting platforms and toward more targeted performance driven, programmatic? Are, we're going to really start looking at, as Eightfold gets a shit ton of cash looking at using that on the candidates that we already have?

Joel (25m 34s):


Chad (25m 34s):

The necessary evil of posting jobs on job boards goes down dramatically, because you're going to start leveraging the candidates that you've bought over the past, who knows two, three, 10, who knows how many years. So I think COVID is really changed many different ways that we look at this process and this industry, whether it is matching versus posting or automation versus people for scale.

Joel (26m 3s):

Yeah. Yeah. And it, which is a real contrast to many of his prior reports, which talks a lot about money, still going into job boards. Job boards, aren't dead. And there, there certainly were two on this list, Jobcase, which was sort of a little bit of a, it wasn't like an original deal. That was a little bit of engineering. I think you can go back and listen to that podcast. The Mom Project certainly was a play on job boards, but it was also play on diversity and a few other things. So even the job boards that are getting funded, they have to have something extra. They can't just be, you know, and get somebody. Gotta be a little more than that. Yeah. Yeah.

Chad (26m 41s):

If you want to go deeper into the numbers, just go to in a great job. Once again, George, you're already always putting out the money shot, man.

Joel (26m 51s):

Yep. And he's already building that database cause you got to register for the site to actually read this shit. Very nice. Well, you know who you don't have to register for?

Chad (26m 60s):


Joel (27m 0s):

JobadX. Let's take a quick break.

JobAdX PROMO (27m 2s):

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3 (28m 13s):

Send us a note today with your unique challenge, to see how we can help you in the new state of recruiting, make the next step forward and start your results focused campaign now at that's

Chad (28m 30s):

Everybody's so sure. Now everyone.

Joel (28m 34s):

So Chad, I posted on LinkedIn a while back basically like who's dumb enough to build Tiktok for jobs. And a few weeks later, someone messaged me and said, these guys are dumb enough to do it.

Chad (28m 49s):


Joel (28m 50s):

So, so yeah, they're, they're on iPhone. I don't know if you've checked to see if they're on Android or not.

Chad (28m 55s):


Joel (28m 55s):

But it's heroesjobs, which is a great name heroesjobs. So it's awful. If you remember, if you remember like the, the Tinder for Jobs folks or the Instagram for Jobs where like you would, you would swipe left and right. And all you would get is basically a job description. You would get words, you wouldn't get anything cool and interactive from companies, which by the way, you never will. And then like, Oh, that's a job I'd like swipe, right. Oh, that's not a job I want so swipe left. Jobor was an acquisition by Monster that I, that I recall. So this is similar. They give you jobs based on where you are.

Joel (29m 36s):

They're not relevant at all. I mean, I got jobs for, you know, server and shit that I am not qualified for whatever, would ever do. So that was really a waste of my time. And then it was just job descriptions. And if I wanted to apply, I had to create a cute little video, with filters and everything else to apply to a job. They talk about being able to chat with companies, which I really doubt that because these people aren't actually customers, they're just pulling jobs from somewhere else. So this is a piece of shit. I haven't said hot garbage in a long time, but this thing is hot garbage! It's humorous because they have a ton of positive reviews on Apple, which is bullshit. Like there's no way that many people use this piece of junk and even if they do use it, they're not happy with it.

Joel (30m 22s):

So heroesjobs. If you want to waste about 10, 15 minutes of your time that you'll never get back, go check it out on your iPhone.

Chad (30m 29s):

Yeah. The last thing that we need in the hiring process right now is more video applications for goodness sakes. I mean, it's, we just talked about matching and then also screening to be able to make sure that you get the right people faster. This is laden with bias. I mean, this is just, this is dumb. I did just check an Android. It is on Android with like over 10,000 downloads?

Joel (30m 57s):

Yeah right.

Chad (30m 57s):

It's just, it's it to me again this is somebody who does not know how this industry works and they're like, Oh, there's no Tiktok for jobs? Yeah, there's a reason for that, dumb ass.

Joel (31m 11s):

Yeah. Yeah. Are we sure this isn't the Cootbie guys that, that launched this thing? Cause it's really bad. All right. I'm done wasting time on heroes jobs. Let's talk about a real company that we may or may not agree is a good idea. Everyone's Social. They actually got some money, 7.6 million in a series. A Everyone's Social is basically corporate social media. So imagine Facebook at your company. We have Yammer, which was basically Twitter at your company. We kind of know what happened to them, but what are your thoughts on a social media solution for your company?

Chad (31m 52s):

From my understanding, I mean, it, it, it is, and this is what the description is. Everyone's Social is an employee advocacy platform used by organizations to best engage employees and empower marketing sales, recruiting, and communications through social media. So this is like a social media aggregator and a platform so that you can use it through your company, kind of like aggregator, right. Which is, which is employee social. The big question is, do you want your employer in your social media business? Because that's what it is. They're going to, they're going to suggest that you use these tweets that marketing has created for you or these Facebook posts or what have you.

Chad (32m 39s):

No, I don't, I don't want to see any of this. And this to me is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

Joel (32m 47s):


Chad (32m 47s):

Can employers mandate that their employees use these platforms? I don't fucking think so. So I think to easily round this out, these are two ideas that are hot garbage!

Joel (33m 1s):

When I read this story, I looked back to Eons. It reminded me of the, and so for listeners that don't know, Jeff Taylor Monster, founder leaves Monster, and he creates a social network for old people called Eons. I know you remember it. Oh yeah. If you go YouTube, the old commercial, it's great. Like see if you can find it on, on, on YouTube. But the thing with Eons was old. People don't want to know that they're old, right? They don't want to be on some geriatric blue haired social media site when all the cool kids are over here on what at the time was probably MySpace, but Facebook as well, like this feels very similar.

Joel (33m 42s):

Like why do I want to be a dork on my corporate social media site? So anyway, I just think people will use this because they have to, because their boss says, Hey, you're not socializing. And I can totally see like the marketing manager roaming the hall saying, Hey, have you guys posted anything on Everyone's Social today? Or have you guys shared that story on everyone's social and people being really pissed off at the marketing manager for bugging them to do something on this site. To me, it's a waste of time. I don't see a whole ton of value. How the hell they got 7.6 million is beyond me, but Hey, hot garbage for both these guys. I dig it. It's Halloween.

Joel (34m 21s):

Fuck 'em.

Chad (34m 23s):

Jeff Taylor with Eons created this community of 50 plus owners who could write obituaries about their friends. Well, that was the only thing that works. All he really needed to do was create a dating network for 50 plus people. That was very specific because again, all people want to do no matter what their age is get laid on the internet.

Joel (34m 52s):

You're right. And one of the earliest, one of the earliest like good businesses on the internet and still continues to be, is dating. Yes, it will. And forever continue to be a good business model. But yes, Eons is basically become obituaries. I don't think it's still around. Is it?

Chad (35m 7s):

I do not believe so.

Joel (35m 9s): Who knows? They've got a bunch of money,

Chad (35m 10s):

But, but there, there are 44% of the population who can't even fucking get there in the first place.

Joel (35m 17s):

Yeah. So it's not so a little correction. It's not 44% of everybody. It's 44% of households with income under 30 grand don't have high-speed internet. So it's not quite as big a number as you related. This is a Pew Report from data. From last year. I got some, I posted this on social media and there was a good amount of, you know, pushback from people like who gives a shit, you know, internet is for fun and internet is checking email and shit.

Chad (35m 45s):


Joel (35m 45s):

And it's unfortunate that people still think of the internet as that. To me, I think we're going to be on the same page here. Yeah. Internet high-speed particularly for, for kids that are in school, particularly now, when they're being homeschooled and let's face it, we're going to lose a generation of kids that can't keep up. That aren't learning right now and are being left behind. But the real question is should, should internet and broadband be considered a utility similarly to how, you know, we all use the same roads. We all have electricity grids that we can all use. I certainly think that we're getting to a point where broadband is as important as the roads and heating and water and running water.

Joel (36m 30s):

And I think that it could even be considered almost like section eight housing, right, where poor families could apply for it. Government would subsidize whatever service that they were using up to a certain amount of money. You know, if the family, if there's if the felonies, if a felony was committed, you could sort of have that as a thing like, Hey, you're going to lose, you're potentially going to lose your high-speed internet for criminal activity. But to me, like, it's just that important. And, and to think that, you know, what, if we empower the next, you know, cancer cure or what if we empower the next great scientist that takes us to, you know, planets unknown. And it's worth it to me to pay, to make that investment in young people and families to give poor people broadband, to sort of enable them to do that.

Joel (37m 17s):

I don't like the idea of leaving behind so many kids that just don't have the wherewithal and it's not their fault necessarily that they don't. Yeah. And, and we, as a society should help them to stay, to stay up as much as possible with kids that do have the wherewithal.

Chad (37m 35s):

Who created the internet?

Joel (37m 36s):

The government.

Chad (37m 37s):

Yeah. So why in the hell are companies taking something my tax dollars fucking paid for and charging me an arm and a leg for broadband. I mean, while not affording it to every single American at an affordable price. Now let's jump further into this, this rabbit hole for a minute. COVID is exposing the USA's weaknesses. These are ones that we've known for for decades, but they're becoming even worse instead of investing in people and paying them a better wage, which is one of the reasons why 44% of this cohort couldn't actually afford internet because we're not fucking paying them enough. We're not paying them enough.

Chad (38m 18s):

And we're not using the money to build infrastructure like broadband to rural communities. We sent the money to the top, waiting for it, to trickle down to the tune of $2.5 trillion per year. We are having these problems today. People can't, they've got, they have to choose between food and rent versus being able to allow their kids to actually go to school online because we're not paying them enough. And because the wage chasm is now part of our lives here in the US.

Joel (38m 53s):

Was it you who shared the story of the school kid that would walk to his school and sit outside of it, to get the internet connection, because they, the school was closed, but the internet was still available and he would walk and basically sit outside the school to access internet. And by the way, the libraries are closed too. So the argument of like, well, they can just go to the library, is a little bit shallow in my opinion.

Chad (39m 16s):

The problem is, that the middle class is looking at working class and saying, why can't you do better? There's dissension within those two ranks, as opposed to looking up to the top where all the fucking money's going, that's where we have a problem. We don't have. It's not the fault of these kids that they can't get fucking broadband. And it's not the fault of these, these individuals who are only making $30,000 a year when the fucking minimum wage is only 7.25. Yeah. Or maybe, maybe, maybe $15. We're trying to get it up to $15. That's only $30,000 a year before taxes people.

Chad (39m 56s):

Yeah. We don't pay our people enough. We need to take care of them and build infrastructure instead of making sure motherfucker has a new yacht.

Joel (40m 5s):

You know, you brought up, you brought up a good point as well in terms of the rural angle. And I think that, that people default to sort of inner city kids, when there's a lot of evidence that says rural kids are really suffering right now in terms of being able to access technologies like this. And unfortunately it won't happen. Like we can't even agree on, on healthcare for kids that can't afford it. Like, we're definitely not coming to any conclusions on broadband internet for children. So we can argue this till the cows come home, but it's probably not going to happen.

Chad (40m 39s):

Can we end on a light note after this ad for goodness sakes?

Joel (40m 43s):

Yeah. Yeah, we can. Is it too early to start drinking? Probably.

Chad (40m 47s):

No. Hold on.


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Chad (41m 16s):

Eli Dodi and BK Marketing is on fire!

Joel (41m 22s):

Crushing it! Crushing it!

Chad (41m 23s):

Fire! so in the spirit of Bloody Mary, get it spirit. If you say canceled clown, three times in front of a mirror in certain Burger King restaurants in Scandinavia, the lights will dim and a vision of a scary ass ronald McDonald will appear. The nightmare is stunt is part of a fast food chains, Halloween campaign in Sweden and Denmark made possible by new voice recognition software. And I was just thinking about this dude, was the Ronald McDonald face one of the new 10 Guy upgrades they announced?

Joel (42m 2s):

Well, if being interviewed by a robotic Ronald McDonald, isn't scary as shit, I don't know what it is. Did you see the video of the kids that went running out of the restaurant? It's fucking great, man. Crushing it. Unbelievable.

Chad (42m 19s):

And then a few other stunts in, in July Burger King, Finland offered customers free delivery If they ordered their food to McDonald's and it placed ads for this outside of McDonald's restaurants. Then last month, Burger King Finland unveiled posters featuring Ronald McDonald and their Burger King kissing as a part of Helsinki pride. We talked about this on the show and recently Burger King in Luxembourg. I love this. And Belgium asked the Michelin guide to review its restaurants after suggesting that its new burger was worthy of a coveted Michelin star.

Chad (43m 0s):

These are all just fucking marketing gold!

Joel (43m 5s):

For sure, by the way, are you, are you doing Halloween this year? Are you going to dress up?

Chad (43m 9s):

We'll dress up, but we're going to put candy on the porch like in a bowl and just kinda like let self-serve

Joel (43m 16s):

So what's your costume? What are you going with this year?

Chad (43m 19s):

I've got a skeleton with a top hat and a cane.

Joel (43m 23s):

Okay. Is this like the body suit with the bones? Is it glow in the dark?

Chad (43m 27s):

Yes, it is.

Joel (43m 28s):

That's nice. So I'm debating whether I'm doing the prisoner, like the 1930s with the ball and chain prison, prison outfit or the beekeeper, which Christine, my wife has a bee outfit and Peepers, our dog has a bee outfit. So it might be like those two days with me with like the net, the netting mask and all that good stuff. So yeah, we're going to, we're going to find some time to have a few drinks, have a good time. Watch our three-year-old go nuts with candy and run around the neighborhood. And try to forget 2020 for a few hours.

Chad (44m 2s):

And that being said, you said something about a beer.

Joel (44m 5s):

I did. Are you thirsty too?

Chad (44m 7s):

I am. We Out.

Joel (44m 9s):

We Out.

OUTRO (44m 10s):

Thank you for listening to, what's it called? The podcast with Chad, the Cheese. Brilliant. They talk about recruiting. They talk about technology, but most of all, they talk about nothing. Just a lot of Shout Outs of people, you don't even know and yet you're listening. It's incredible. And not one word about cheese, not one cheddar, blue, nacho, pepper jack, Swiss. So many cheeses and not one word. So weird. Any hoo be sure to subscribe today on iTunes, Spotify, Google play, or wherever you listen to your podcasts, that way you won't miss an episode.

OUTRO (44m 54s):

And while you're at it, visit just don't expect to find any recipes for grilled cheese. Is so weird. We out.


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