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Twitter's Job Board Blip & Amazon's Chat

Can't get no satisfaction with those other podcasts? Well, you've come to the right place. This week was one helluva news cycle, including an 'F bomb' from our favorite billionaire nut job, Elon Musk, to go along with a job board launch out of Twitter, er, X. Spoiler alert: Indeed's probably not losing a lot of sleep over it, but if employers don't want jobs on a platform with antisemitic content, they may want to pay attention. (Talkin' to you, too, Appcast.) Plus, Amazon is officially in the ChatGPT competition game, with something HR should be paying attention to, LinkedIn has finally figured out it can make money in healthcare, unions keep winning, and Machine Gun Kelly is hoping to poach NFL star Travis Kelce back to his hometown Cleveland. Who says you can't always get what you want? Not our listeners. We even throw in some AARP-inspired "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up" jokes to talk about The Rolling Stones recent ticket pre-sale on AARP's website. Don't want to spoil it for you, but the computer screen was 'painted black' for a lot of would-be ticket buyers.


Intro: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls. It's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel: Oh Yeah. We gave up drinking whiskey this week. It was the worst 20 minutes of our entire lives. What's up kids? You're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast. I'm your co-host, Joel Kissinger Cheeseman.

Chad: And this is Chad. Get the popcorn ready Sowash.

Joel: And on this episode, Amazon has a queue. LinkedIn hits on nurses and boomers can't get no satisfaction. Let's do this. What's up. Chad, were you, were you overserved last night on the beach?

Chad: Oh my God, man, it wasn't my intent to go out last night. I was going to stay home 'cause, Julie, has trash TV night with the girls They watch Too hot to handle.

Joel: Is this the points game or the money game? Where if you like.

Chad: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like if you.

Joel: Get naughty.

Chad: If you kiss or you screw or whatever, they take money away from it. Yeah. It's stupid.

Joel: Is it people from multiple countries this season?

Chad: I Don't know. I don't know.

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: I don't know. But it's, I mean, it's like brainless TV, which is.

Joel: Sure.

Chad: You got hot people on TV. It's totally brainless. You don't have to think about anything. Well, I was just gonna watch Blue Samurai, Blue-Eyed Samurai, which is awesome on Netflix if you haven't watched it. It's really fucking.

Joel: I haven't.

Chad: It's awesome. It is awesome. You gotta watch it.

Joel: Not Spoiling it. What's it about?

Chad: I'm not gonna, I'm not even gonna tell you when you get into it. You will get sucked right into it.

Joel: Blue-eyed Samurai.

Chad: Blue-Eyed Samurai.

Joel: Okay.

Chad: Anyway, so I was lured down to the bar, which is not hard. And yeah, I didn't, we didn't, I didn't get home till 3:00 AM So, that being said, [laughter] Yeah.


Joel: Well, it sounds like you my friend, need one of our favorite sound bites to feel better. Have a listen.

S4: Like That thing's giant. How many times bigger is it than Earth? Like.

S5: The moon?

S4: Yeah.

S5: No, no Not bigger [laughter]

S4: Here it is.

Joel: I wish we had a visual on this. 'Cause you could see the guy like, okay, do I wanna screw this up? Okay. Maybe it is. Maybe it's, maybe it is bigger.

Chad: Maybe I just go with it. Depends on how hot she is apparently.

S4: The moon is bigger than Earth.

Joel: Oh. Yeah. That's why we need the visual to really appreciate.

Chad: Has to be.


Joel: I love Australia. Australia is just the gift that keeps on giving. It is the Florida of the Southern Hemisphere.

Chad: I know. It definitely is. It definitely is. It definitely is.

Joel: Alright. Well, can you gather the strength for some shout outs?

Chad: I think I can. I think I can.

Joel: Maybe. One. Can we get one shout out. I'll, I'll give one if you give one.

Chad: Let's give a shout out to Canadian Journalism's win over Google. That's right. Over the years we've talked about how the internet, mainly Google at this point, has killed journalism. Well, not in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated quote, "after months of holding strong and demonstrating our commitment to local journalism, to strong, independent journalism getting paid for their work, Google has agreed to properly support journalists including local journalism." End quote. What does that mean? Well, the Canadian government had estimated earlier this year that Google's compensation to news outlets should be about $172 million. Google's estimates were a little bit lower, around a hundred billion. It's still chump change for Google, but remember, many other countries are watching very closely for the outcome of this fight. And they're going to want their piece of Google.

S6: Take off. Lee. We're doing our movie. Don't wreck our show. You Hoser.

Chad: To the great white North.

Joel: Google calls that lunch money.

Chad: Oh, yeah.


Chad: How many times are they gonna have to do this though? From country to country to country to country.

Joel: Yeah. I mean, the, the defense on this, and, and Zuckerberg basically said, Zuckoff, to Justin Trudeau. I think from this whole process, I saw a story a few weeks ago about how little referral traffic news stories get now. On Facebook, which basically says like, okay, you want money, we're just gonna take you off the platform.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: So very few tra... Very little traffic now comes from Facebook. Google It's a little bit tough because it's a search engine and those are trusted stories. And, but like Facebook, you can kind of get away with it 'cause you're sharing pictures of, of babies. And.

Chad: My sunset. Yeah.

Joel: You're drunk a night out with your wife and your, and your, and your your food on the beach in Portugal. Like, that's what I have to deal with on Facebook now instead of, instead of...

Chad: That's news [laughter]

Joel: That's a good one. That's news. That's news. And so is this even much less? Less so, but yes. Travis Kelce's been in the news, a lot.

Chad: Taylor Swift.

Joel: He's dating someone named Taylor Swift. I, haven't heard of her, but she's kind of a big deal apparently. Well, Kelce, Travis and his brother have a podcast. We talk a lot about poaching on the show. You remember, American Airlines going after UPS and FedEx pilots with $250,000 to get them to.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: To come to American Airlines. Well, machine Gun Kelly, another Clevelander as is Kelce, took poaching to a whole new level. I wanna play you, something from their, their podcast this week.

Kelce Travis: Kel's What's Good Dog.

Machine Gun Kelly: I'm sure you get asked this question behind closed doors a lot.

Chad: Oh shit.

Machine Gun Kelly: But I would be, remissed if due to the nature of our friendship and just as a clevelander that I did not insert this question personally.

Joel: Okay.

Chad: I don't even know What's...

Machine Gun Kelly: I will give you $500,000 cash upon arrival just for shopping or whatever you want, as well as matching that same amount as a donation to both of our high schools. Both Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights, as well as every day breakfast and coffee delivery from my restaurant [laughter]

Joel: Oh.

Chad: Oh my Gosh.

Machine Gun Kelly: If you would just come home and put on these colors right here and.


Kelce Travis: You mother, you know, that was the original Dream Dog.


Joel: So Machine Gun Kelly 500K Cash money, tax free.

Chad: Breakfast.

Joel: Basically.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Breakfast in bed coffee for Taylor Swift, from his restaurant. It's great. So Shaker Heights is Machine Gun Kelly, Cleveland Heights. I lived in University Heights for a long time, which is wedged in between the two. So this one hit close to home as a Browns fan and, and as a still clevelander in many, in many ways. But this takes poaching to a whole new level. And I wanna see more of this in sports.

Chad: Well they've gotta get somebody to throw him the ball in Cleveland and they just don't have that. So, I mean, there's no reason for him to go there in the first place. 'Cause he can't throw himself the ball. Okay. So it's unfortunate, but it's just, it's just the case.

Joel: Yeah.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: He goes on to say like, I'm not gonna lie to you. I got, I got it pretty good in Kansas City. So he goes, he goes on to say like, it's not too bad, but you know what they say about quarterbacks in Cleveland.

S9: 60% of the time it works every time.

Chad: It's more like 10% of the time it works every time. [laughter]

Joel: Well, you know, who's winning is people who sign up for free Shit.

Chad: Our Listeners are winning. That's right. If you go to, you can get yourself a T-shirt, from our friends at JobGet, beer, craft beer delivered to your doorstep. Not by us. It's gonna be UPS or or somebody like that. FedEx from Aspen Tech Labs. Our friends over at Aspen Tech Labs Whiskey two bottles. I don't want to think about Whiskey.

SFX: I Happy.

Chad: I wanna think about whiskey right now, but two bottles you're gonna get delivered from Textkernel. That's right. Our friend's at Textkernel. And if it's your birthday, it's

S11: Really? Can you feel the tension in the air right now? I know I can [laughter] I can feel it all the way down in my plum.

Chad: Sounds like he needs to take that plum assessment is what it sounds like he needs.

Joel: Yeah. Best, best sponsorship ever. [laughter] alright, so, rum with Plum, if it's your birthday this month, you could win a, a great bottle of rum from our friends at Plum.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: So celebrating another trip around the sun this week. Listeners Deidre Pitts, Frank Wittenauer, Mary Kelly, Michael Cox, Nathan Budziak, Terry Kaler, Steven Branch, Andy Parker, Kyle Pollard, Alex Murphy.

Chad: Oh.

Joel: Ryan Irwin, Mason Wong and Matt Grafflin. And our friend Torin Ellis all take another trip around the sun.

SFX: Happy birthday.

Joel: This week. Happy birthday to them. And by the way, Chad, we're working on our Christmas cards for the year, which you can only get if you sign up as a fan. So...

Chad: Free stuff.

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Chad: We send cool stuff. And it's for free. Gotta say it's gonna be great next week. Yeah, it is. Next week. Jesus gonna fly out on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to seeing all my friends and people in London for TA Tech Europe next week. I'm especially interested to see what a room full of tech vendors think innovation looks like these days. Chat GPT was launched, to the public about a year ago. And I mean, it's gonna be, it's really gonna be interesting to see large language models and data sets, those types of things. I wanna see these brains working. So this is my challenge to you. Everybody coming to TA Tech don't come with the basic bullshit stuff. Okay. I don't wanna hear about emails. Okay. I don't want to hear about, I wanna hear about the really cool innovation that you guys are bringing to the market.

Joel: I think you're saying not not too much fish and chips. Not too much [laughter] Not too many pints before you come.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Come to play. 'Cause Chad's got his game face on.

Chad: That's right.

Joel: Chad, we got, we got a lot of great shows, but we got another one.

SFX: Another one.

Joel: That maybe people don't know about. We're doing the Chad and Cheese podcast does data with Toby Dayton from Linkup. We look every month at the Fed numbers, employment numbers, economic numbers, and we dive in. We give it a Chad and Cheese spin to it. But if you, if you haven't, plugged into that, it's only on YouTube, check us out at Chad Cheese and get all the economic goodness from our, our friend Sasquatch of Statistics, Toby Dayton.

SFX: Economic goodness.

Joel: That's right. That's right.

Chad: Oh, no.

Joel: Oh, it's winding down Chad. And not looking good for me.

Chad: Oh no.

Joel: I'm gonna just have to root for you. [laughter] Well, fantasy football. Fantasy football. Again, our friends at Factory Fix, we appreciate it. Not looking good for me. Chad is looking pretty good here in week 13, I think. But here's your, here's your leaderboard. I feel pretty good about my nicknames this Chad, you ready? [laughter]

Chad: Okay.

Joel: And number one, we got Marcy Mallrat, number two. Michelle, Sergeant Peppers. Number three, Vitamin Dina Perro. Number four. Chad, GPT Sowash. Oh, that was pretty good. [laughter] That was after about three grams of, of Scotch. Number five Bag of Dixon [laughter] That's Joe Bag of Dixon, by the way. Number six. Cyprus Jill Patterson for the Cypress Hill fans.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Number seven. Cool Modine Ossner.

Chad: Very nice.

Joel: Number eight, Brent Locey How much you could save bundling your home in auto. You may not get that 'cause you're not in the US anymore. [laughter] but if you watch football, you know that one. Number nine, Joel Gargan Zola Cheeseman. By the way, Chad, did you know that there is 1,871 types of cheese in the world? I didn't know that.

Chad: I did not. Yeah.

Joel: Number 10. Jasper Eyewear Spanx Spanjar [laughter] number 11, Dennis Quaid Tupper. And number 12, the caboose. Kristin Urban Dictionary. And that is our factory fix. Fantasy football leaderboard. Put me outta my misery. The season is almost over.

Intro: Topics. Oh, that Hurt.

Joel: What's topics This bitch. And what better way to start our topics than Elon Musk. Elon Musk speaking at the 2023 Deal book Summit. Defiantly addressed advertisers leaving X formerly Twitter due to anti-Semitic. Anti-Semitic.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Did I say that right?

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Posts. He boosted Musk told them to go fuck yourself and threatened to expose their actions. He admitted posting foolish content and denied being anti-Semitic. Musk, discussed unions. China's influence and voiced AI concerns. I couldn't believe that he actually said, go fuck yourself. So we had to go to the audio Chad. [laughter], enjoy it.

Bob Iger: You don't want them to advertise?

Elon Musk: No.

Bob Iger: What do you mean?

Elon Musk: If somebody's gonna try to blackmail me with advertising, blackmail me with money, go fuck yourself.

Bob Iger: But.

Elon Musk: Go fuck yourself, [laughter] Is that clear? I hope it is. Hey, Bob.

Joel: So there you go, Chad. Go fuck yourself. In job site news, however, is now live. Yes. It redirects to 'Cause isn't working currently. But, whatever, whatever, dude. If you, if you had quote, it'll look like Indeed Circa 2008. Well, you've, you win. Because it looks just like indeed Circa 2008 reviews of the new job board. Vertical search, I don't know. Job search engine, are mostly positive, but this whole effort is barely halfway to first base. Chad, your thoughts on all things Elon this week?

Chad: Yeah. Alright. Let's, let's go to the, the, the things that matter most, and it kind of trickle down. So kids were watching the richest man in the world melt down right in front of our eyes. The high Bob comments at the end was for Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, who pulled Disney's ad budget from Twitter after some of Musk's controversial tweets. Retweets boosting that kinda shit. But Disney isn't the only advertiser finding the exit. IBM, Warner Brothers Discovery. Sony, Comcast, NBC, Universal and Lionsgate are some who have left the burning building. I think it's fairly simple brands and people don't want to associate with a platform full of antisemitism conspiracy theories and division. For starters, the optics are bad and the moral dilemma is even worse when advertising dollars go to fuel this hate machine. Right. So the following is from, a Slate article, just last month quote, since Musk bought Twitter in October, 2022.

Chad: Can't believe it was only that long ago. It's lost approximately 13% of its apps daily active users. According to new data from mobile research firm, Apptopia and its rebrand as X only accelerated the decline end quote. So blue checks ad dollars, a thousand dollars monthly business accounts and 1990 style job boards. It, they can't save this dumpster fire. They are throwing everything at the wall, but the thing that everybody's hearing one of the smartest, richest man in the world looking like a total fucking ass. Every, it's, it's, it feels like it's almost every single day. So, I mean, who wants to be a part of this, this, this fucking dumpster fire? I mean, obviously these big brands don't, and it's their prerogative not to. And since he told them to fuck off, I guess they, they sure the hell don't have to come back.

SFX: Doesn't anyone notice this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

Joel: You remember the movie Brewster's Millions?

Chad: Yes.

Joel: So for the kids out there that don't know Richard Pryor, John Candy's in it. Anyway, it's kind of a, it's a forgettable movie, but the premise is, Richard Pryor, if he can spend I think a million dollars over 30 days, he gets.

Chad: I think it was 30 million or something like that, but it was a lot of money. He had to spend a shit ton of cash.

Joel: Like a million dollars a day for 30 days or something.

Chad: Yeah. Something like that.

Joel: So anyway, he had to spend a ton of money.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Which in 1980, whatever. Was a lot of like, that was like, he was buying teams. He was buying like real estate and crazy stuff.

Chad: Yep.

Joel: And he was given money to employ people. Everyone knew that it was gonna end badly.

Chad: Well, and he couldn't have any assets at the end of it.

Joel: Oh, that was it. Yeah. Get rid of the money and the, yeah. So.

Chad: And he couldn't have any assets. Yeah.

Joel: Anyway, the point of it is, it was entertaining as hell.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: To watch this guy spin down the toilet and know that, know that the whole shit show is gonna end badly and that it was at least gonna be entertaining for everybody. And no one was really gonna get hurt other than him.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: There's an element of this to me that's incredibly entertaining in a Brewster's millions type way. [laughter], I mean, you always think about having so much money that you don't give a shit. Elon Musk has so much money, he doesn't give a shit. And we get to watch it every day with crazy shit like going on CNBC and saying, go fuck yourself to like the top companies in the world, frankly.

Chad: Yeah. Yeah.

Joel: So that's, it's very entertaining. If you don't like Twitter or X go somewhere else. I don't feel like, like unlike Facebook, Twitter's not destroying teens from what I can tell. Unlike TikTok, it's not the greatest propaganda machine for the, for the CCP of all time. You don't like Twitter, get the hell off it otherwise, or don't advertise on it. Don't watch it. But it's a fun train wreck for me at this point to watch. We enjoyed the hell talking about it. Let's talk about the jobs thing for a second. We didn't know what it would look like. Would it look like a little, little search bar on top of Twitter? Would it be in the sidebar? But that's hard because mobile is most of what Twitter is. So now it looks like it's a standalone, and it's basically put in your keyword and put in your location. You can click the little map icon to get where you are.

Chad: It's a job search. It's all it is.

Joel: It's a job search. So there's, there's no, you can share a job. There's no bookmarking, there are no job alerts. All, all the sort of traditional things you think about when you think about these things. You can't really join like your Twitter account, it doesn't really wrap into applying.

Chad: Why are they wasting their money on this? I don't understand.

Joel: They've certainly partnered with Appcast to provide content. 'Cause most of the jobs I clicked on were Appcast. So they're at least making money on the clicks from Appcast. It looks like there's a deal with Greenhouse because a lot of, a lot of the jobs are Greenhouse, so maybe they're plugged into Greenhouse XXML feed or something.

Chad: ATS feed. Yeah.

Joel: Tesla jobs are all over the place, which I thought was interesting.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: You know, all of Elon's stuff is gonna get preferential, treatment. Will it make 10 million a year? I like, are they gonna promote this thing, you can't post jobs on it. I assume if you have, if you pay for the job posting thing, those jobs are on the board. But the applies sometimes go directly to the job description. Sometimes they go just to the job search page.

Chad: It's a mess.

Joel: Which is a whole list of jobs, which you then have to go and find what job I was applying to. There's no direct apply. They should have called jib sink to like, direct apply to all these things. It's a mess. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that it's early, they still are a big platform with a lot of people. This feels a lot like when Facebook had jobs for a while, and then it was just a mess. If they ever open the floodgates of you can, you can put a job up for free or for some cost, then it's just Craigslist, then it's just like, then it's just chaos and anarchy, which maybe Elon wants, but it's nothing to get excited about at this point. Go see if your jobs are there, I guess. And see how, how you feel about that. And does antisemitism come into play with your jobs being on this platform?

Chad: That's the thing right there is.

Joel: That's the thing, right?

Chad: Yeah. Oh, I mean, it, it, think about it. All these companies who are literally, they're leaving. They, they're not interacting or engaging on, Twitter anymore. I mean, you've seen some of these, these marketing departments from some of these big companies. They've gone radio silent. Right? They, they're just not engaging anymore because they can't be a part of it, not just pulling down ad dollars. So what if you're using Lever or Greenhouse or, or one of these applicant tracking systems and your jobs just magically show up on Twitter? I would go fucking nuts.

Joel: Yeah. Do you think Appcast has had a call yet around, why is my job on Twitter Because they're gonna get those calls.

Chad: To this yeah. Oh, I'm gonna be reaching out to 'them after this, because I think about all the ad agencies that are using Appcast and whatnot. Do they know that their clients could prospectively be going to Twitter? Right? I mean, dude, there are just so many bad optics that are happening here for, for any brand, right? Unless you're a red balloon kind of company. Okay, great. Right? That's good for you. That's, that's awesome for you. But a lot of these companies do not wanna be associated with, with this bullshit. And they might be, their brand might be included, and they have no fucking idea that their brand is included. So, reach out to Greenhouse, to our friends at Appcast and so on and so forth to see, if, if they're getting the okay from these companies to be able to actually push them to Twitter. Because if they're not, oh, that's gonna, we're gonna have a, we're gonna have a whole fucking segment around that.

Joel: Yeah. If you're listening and you're a blogger, if you need a good blog post [laughter], go look at all the advertisers that have, like left Twitter for this shit and see if their jobs are on the job board. And that that'll be a great post for you to get traffic about, all the companies that are on Twitter with jobs, even though they're not advertising with the company. Oh, it's just, it's just fun to watch.

Chad: Whew. My headache just got worse.

Joel: Alright. From one car crash to the other let's go to Amazon. Well, they finally have an answer to ChatGPT Chat. Amazon launched Q a generative AI powered business chatbot responding to competitors like OpenAIs ChatGPT, that was this week. I'm sure the folks at, 007, have nothing to say about the name Q as a, as a brand anyway. It, it aims to synthesize content, streamline communications, and assist with tasks. Q can do things like synthesize content. I just read that. I think.


Joel: Q can do things like synthesize content, streamline day-to-day communications, and help employees with tasks like generating blog posts. As well as aid employees with tasks like support tickets and policy inquiries priced at $20 per user monthly. It competes with Microsoft's and Google's enterprise Chatbots resources discuss AI management in the workplace and its potential in HR tasks. The first 100 customers get a complimentary toy penis rocket from Blue Origin [laughter] Okay, I made that last part up. But seriously, Chad, big deal. Little deal, or no deal.

Chad: Yeah. I mean, late to the party's not a big deal for them because they, they have so much data to train on in the first place. I mean, this is just going to be a suite of services for all of these companies. I mean, you take a look at Microsoft, take a look at Google. This is gonna be a part of a, a part of the suite of services. I I really believe though, that the new big evolution of these large language models, is actually gonna be just around the data piece. So a large language model, if you think about it, is like a car. And the data is like the fuel. And much like the walled garden platform that have cut Google out of indexing their content over the years, the exact same thing's gonna happen here. So go back to the, my earlier shout out where journalists will start getting paid for their work on Google.

Chad: Assessing training data or accessing training. Training data will, be the evolution of this same situation. You want to access the news. You pay, you wanna access the data you pay. Knowledge is power and access to that knowledge is gonna cost money. So who wins in the war? Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Anthropic. And much like the Canadians are doing, for journalists, we're going to have to build legislation around this as well. Just because I'm using Google, Gmail, G Suite, that doesn't mean I'm allowing Google to use my data to train their LLM. Same goes for Microsoft Windows 365 and all their other products. This is not just a, a conversation around the really cool AI, it's what's fueling the AI. And that's a lot of the contents like we're talking about again, for, for Google being shut out, and a lot of these, these walled gardens, how are they gonna pay? We need regulations. And that's gonna be the next evolution, I think.

SFX: What are you doing step-bro?

Joel: Do you remember when smartphones were all the rage?

Chad: Oh, yeah.

Joel: After Apple made the iPhone, Android came out, which made sense. Open, you know, open source and all that. But then Microsoft had a phone. Amazon had a phone. Facebook had a phone. They did the software on it. And we sit here today with Coke and Pepsi, Android and iPhone for the most part. And AI to me is no different. You had open AI come the floodgates open, by the way, him coming back to the company. We, like, we touched on that on the, the Turkey show. But like, it's like, back to the future. It's all back to normal. We'll get a new board. We'll make a ton of money. It's all good. Anyway so to me, it's like, if you don't have AI, then you're just screwed. You look like a backwaters hick from an Australian dating show...

Chad: Everybody's gonna have it.

Joel: So, so all these companies are like, we gotta have an AI. So open AI, Google has barred, Llama or whatever, Lambda, Llama Lambda Alpha Lambda Lambda.

Chad: Anyway, Lambda Lambda Lambda. Yeah.

Joel: Revenge of the Nerds. I'll reference for those of you Gen Xers out there. Yeah. And now Amazon has to have, this chat bot. Now what's interesting is it's a, it's an enterprise work-related chatbot. So they're, coming at a different angle. Their one benefit is the AWS spin on it, because a lot of companies have their sites hosted on AWS. So if they push this thing to all the techies, all the CTOs out there, like, Hey, you're already using AWS here's this really cool workplace chat bot. We already have your content through your database that we're running on AWS, like, why not make a cool sort of conversational thing? And that uses all your data, from the company that you want some that does whatever they want. I don't know how that'll work. But that is the one in, they don't have to advertise this on TV. Like, Hey, if you got a, if you're at work, like use the AWS chatbot at work, they can just like wrap this in to a company's AWS account. And that way it could work. But I don't see a ton of people like getting all juiced up about Aw. About Q, Enterprise, chatbot. I just don't see it getting all that excited.

Chad: Yeah. No, I, but, but I mean, it, it, think about it, this is just gonna be like cloud computing wise. It was, it was like everybody has it now. It's, it's just how you do business. These co-pilots are going to, to get better. All of those companies have cloud services. Right. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud. I mean, they all have cloud services. So Yeah. I mean, this is just gonna be something that everybody has. The biggest question is, once again, are they going to be able to use your data in the larger scheme of things to be able to train their large language models? That to me is, that's going to be the big question.

Joel: Similar to the, the mobile wars, I guess. It really became a game of who has the apps that people want. Like where are people developing the apps? And that ultimately was the iPhone and Android. Blackberry's marketplace sucked. Everyone else sucked or didn't have enough traffic. So AI similar in that if you don't have the data, then it's kind of worthless. And if I were.

Chad: It's like a car with no fuel.

Joel: Like I, I argued back in the day that Microsoft should just give the best apps like a bucket of money and say you're gonna exclusively put Angry Birds. Or any, whatever was hot back then on Microsoft's platform and no other platform. So people would start buying Microsoft phones because that's where Angry Birds was.

Chad: Xbox and Halo back in the day.

Joel: And we're seeing this happen. If I'm the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, whatever, I'm going to all these companies and saying, who wants it? Who wants all their data trained on this stuff, on this great content? And it'll basically potentially strangle or suffocate all the other AI services or make them become niche around internal content or whatever. That could be a play. We'll see. But to me it's similar, like the apps or who's gonna win the data is who's gonna win if this thing becomes more of a commodity, who's gonna develop on it? Let's take a break and come right back and talk about LinkedIn.

SFX: Alright. Alright. Alright.

Joel: Alright, Chad, well let me start by saying congratulations on your 20th anniversary with, with LinkedIn this week.

Chad: [laughter] Yes.

Joel: You, my friend joined two years before me. 'cause I had to go check. I wanted to say 2005. Was when I got on LinkedIn. Now, at the time it was mostly a sales thing. You were a sales guy. I was, you know, I was marketing guy at the time, so I could see where you would be more, in tune with it than I was. But anyway, they've added a new feature. They're going after New Market. LinkedIn has enhanced its job search features, specifically for nurses aiming to cater to the 3 million nursing professionals on the platform. The updates include specialized filters for job searches, adding over 65 nursing credentials, and 35 skills to user profiles with nurse shortages and increasing demand. Various job sites, including Shift Key and Shift Med, have garnered significant investments reflecting the industry's growth. Chad, celebrate that anniversary and tell us what you think about LinkedIn's move into healthcare.

Chad: Yeah, I mean, adding some filters here and there, credentials, and I mean, for, for a segment of their working population who doesn't frequent LinkedIn that much in the first place, I, I don't think it really matters. Right, what does make sense though, is becoming the lifestyle app for these workers. So, for example, as you can see, I actually wore my Harri gear today, but for example, like, Harri, they are an app that employees use on a daily basis. Why do they use it on a daily basis? When I want to check my work schedule, where do I go? I go to the Harri app. What about clocking in and clocking out the Harri app? What if I go, what if I'm in the ICU and I need to message my boss who's in their office and they're three floors away?

Chad: Well, I go to the Harri app and, and I, I message them there. Right? That's how you become a lifestyle platform, right? And then, and then you build an ecosystem around that. Then you also have companies like Paradox who have started to move toward that applicant tracking system, right. Being the applicant tracking system being more of the actual, system for those workers, the frontline workers, these companies, these, these, the, the Harri's, the, the, the paradoxes, what have you. They're going to beat the shit out of, mark my words, the LinkedIns and the the Indeeds because they're going to be sticky and the employees are going to be there the entire time. They can build ecosystems, not just for employers, but for the entire frontline ecosystem itself. So if I want to get a shift and I'm working, you know, at this hospital today, and I want to go get a shift and I see that there's open, they already have my information, I'm in the system, I can pop over and I can run a shift shift over there. That's what tomorrow's workforce is definitely gonna look like for, for, for nurses. Right. And really a lot of frontline employees. So I don't think this does anything to move the needle at all for LinkedIn. You know, it's cute, it's nice. But to be quite frank, at the end of the day, it's just not gonna do what LinkedIn needs it to do. They need to move down the funnel.

Joel: Yeah. By the way, we have some hidden footage from, the meeting where LinkedIn decided to, sort of get into the space.

S4: Like that thing's giant. How many times bigger is it than Earth? Like.

Joel: Okay, the part about the filters. Remember when Google came out with the ad about veteran...

Chad: Oh God. Yeah.

Joel: Categories is the wrong word they had filters for like, number, you know, you know this, this is your lane.

Chad: Yeah. It was, it was a military occupation coach. And they fucked it up. [laughter]

Joel: Yeah. It sounded great. Like as a non, a non-veteran, I watched, I was like, oh, that's pretty cool. That seems really, really awesome. And then you like, you, you peed on, peed in my Cheerios and said like, now this is bullshit [laughter] So I gotta think at some point, nurses are gonna look at these filters and whatever LinkedIn has done and said like, well this is stupid. This is bullshit. So techies hate LinkedIn. Developers hate LinkedIn. That's why they're on GitHub and all the other places. Because all they do on LinkedIn is get hit up by recruiters. They get no value out of being on LinkedIn other than I get recruited. So the people that don't want 18 calls a day from recruiters. Just say, I'm not on fucking LinkedIn. [laughter] And LinkedIn has pretty minimal privacy stuff. So it's like if you're on LinkedIn, you're gonna get hit up. I gotta think nurses either feel the same way or are going to feel the same way. The 3 million that they have, that's really a small number for someone like LinkedIn who has a global footprint the way they do. I gotta think the only people on LinkedIn and like our, our recent nurses, people that just got outta school and like heard you gotta be on LinkedIn, they're getting hit up...

Chad: Or they're administrators.

Joel: On the regular from, from recruiters. Yeah. So it's like nurses just like developers are not gonna like flock to LinkedIn because they have new filters for job search or whatever.

Chad: No.

Joel: So it's like really stupid. Now I will give them this, they will be able to go to every hospital, every healthcare system in the country, probably the world and get half of them to be like, yes, we want the new nursing, whatever, because we need nurses. So it's like...

Chad: 'cause they're suckers. Yeah.

Joel: They're gonna make money from this, they're gonna like, get companies use it and like Monster back in the day. And indeed today no one gets fired. 'cause they use LinkedIn, so they're gonna get people write checks to this. So in that, in that case, it's a win. But five years from now, we're not gonna be talking about LinkedIn as like this juggernaut healthcare, nursing, platform.

Chad: No.

Joel: Like it's, it's total. It's a, it's a, it's a really quick money play. It's like Twitter launching jobs. It's like people, the, you know, the strategy meeting at LinkedIn was like, how do we get a quick hundred million dollars? And someone said, nursing, let's target nurses [laughter] in the next 12, 24 months. They will make that, you know, a hundred million dollars or whatever. And then they'll be like, it's a big success. And then it'll, it'll fizzle out and like it'll be done.

Chad: It Was the same, it was the exact same conversation that they had in the boardroom at Twitter. How are we gonna make some more money? Job search. We'll start our job board. [laughter]

Joel: Yeah. We have that tape too from, from X.

SFX: Just the two [laughter]

Joel: All right. So, let's go to our next story. Unions are back in the news.

SFX: Winning.

Joel: Well, after smacking around Detroit's big three, the UAW has launched an unprecedented organizing campaign. Unprecedented is saying a lot for the unions. By the way, Chad, aiming to unionize thousands of non-union auto workers at over a dozen automakers in the us including Rivian, Lucid, and pretty much everything out of Japan and Germany. It covers nearly 150,000 workers, since winning, winning big.

SFX: Oops. Winning.

Joel: There it is. Since winning big various automakers have responded by raising pay, but the UAW asserts that non-union workers still lag behind in benefits and rights. Chad, your thoughts on this year's cinematic hit, the union strikes back.

Chad: So Sean Fain is for real, and we called this a couple of weeks ago, so I'm not just gonna go ahead and, and retread this. Just go ahead and play the audio from earlier this month.

Joel: Yeah. Right.

Chad: This is all power to the people, there's a huge shift and the union side of the house. Hell, we're talking about non-union workers who are getting the UAW bump, right? Anybody who's not a part of the union, they're gonna get a bump. But what do you think that's gonna make them think about? Should I join the union? Toyota, 9% bump. Should I join the union? Maybe I could have got more. Should I join the union? You take a look at Tesla after, you know, Elon's bullshit in Sweden and Swedish Tesla workers are on strike. But even better dock workers are refusing to let Teslas into the country in solidarity. Why? Because they're like, you know what? That might not be my job. I might not be a Tesla worker, but they're a worker just like I am. I think we're finally getting to the point where it's like, Hey, I can actually feel your pain.

Chad: And I understand that that could be me. Okay, so one word, momentum. Sean Fain has it, and Elon Musk does not. I mean, can you imagine the meltdown Elon would have if Tesla workers unionize? I mean, get the popcorn ready, kids. No shit. And as you'd said in, in a video, Fein points out that electric vehicle makers, Tesla, Rivian, and Lucid, they've reported huge profits then Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, 470 billion in profits over the, the past decade. So, I mean, he's, he's looking at the numbers. He, he's incredibly smart. He's being transparent about all this. And he's saying, look, we know what you're making. We know not only what you're making from a profit standpoint, but we know what you're making and you're actually pushing up in salaries, in bonuses to the people who aren't doing the work. And that's the fucking c-suite that people are doing the work deserve the, more pay.

Chad: Right. And I mean, so this is, this is something that again, I really believe is resonating all over the United States. We used to be the individualism is, is key you know, contrary. And we see that, that did nothing but fuck us at the bottom line while other people were, were getting paid millions and millions and millions and more dollars. And they're like, wait a minute. That's why they want us to just think about ourselves. Right? 'cause when we do that, and we're not together, we're not as strong. So now they're starting to coalesce, they're starting to come together, and they're becoming stronger, and they're going to get more money out of it. I, I think it's, I think it's, it's just gonna happen. And I, I can't wait to see the, the union boom.

Joel: Yeah. I can hear Elon saying, go fuck yourself to all his workers, yeah. As we speak.

Chad: Good, good luck with that one.

Joel: [laughter] Yeah. We're, we're capitalists on the way up in Socialists on the way down.

Chad: [laughter] Can we find a middle ground? I mean, seriously.

Joel: It's really interesting to me you remember when Meta launched, their metaverse thing, like they changed their name. They, they were all in on the metaverse. Until they found out the metaverse wasn't like gonna happen. At least not in the way that, that I and Zuckerberg, thought it would...

Chad: [laughter] wanted it to.

Joel: So what did they do? So what did they do? They said, we're gonna cut the budget for Metaverse. We're gonna get efficient around, our profits. We're gonna get serious about what we do Well, and their stock is like fucking blown to the moon. And their quarterly earnings report was insane in terms of like cutting costs, but making more money. It was ridiculous. So it's no surprise to me that this week we had news outta GM that they're cutting the budget of the cruise, the cruise department or cruise business. For better or worse companies are, the car companies are gonna be forced to look at what is profitable and what is like R&D money pit down the toilet investments. And it, to me, it bodes, it's not a great sign for automated driverless cars that they're getting out of this for, I mean, not getting out of it, but they're cutting the budget, and also reports that, electric vehicles aren't exactly what, the market thought it would be, or the government or, you know, like a lot of budgets that Ford and, and car companies are talking about spending on EVs is now getting pulled back. 'cause they find out, well, EVs look like shit. That's my own opinion. Tesla, Rivian, Fisker, they're the only ones that look good. I look at a Mustang EV and I want to puke [laughter] because I was of a, I'm at a certain age where Mustang to me is like 66 Mustang pa... Like muscle car speed.

Joel: And I look at this, this CRV basically Mustang and I wanna puke. So anyway, EVs aren't happening. Automated driverless cars aren't happening. So companies, car companies are like, look, we got the union, tsunami coming. We need to start like getting serious about our business, start cutting costs, start, stop doing frivolous stuff. Leave that to the startups and the crazy ones, as Steve Jobs would say. So the good news is, I guess companies are like getting serious about paying workers because they know the unions are coming and they can't be spending frivolously on stuff that's not working, so for me, that's a good sign. Media's going through the same thing, right? Disney, we gotta get into streaming. Well, shit, streaming is like, not as much as this cash machine that we have over here, do we dump streaming? So companies are really coming to Jesus about what makes money, what doesn't, and shareholders are forcing their hand. But it's great to see that unions, in addition to getting workers what they're, they're due. They're making the marketplace work as it should and only put money behind the things that are actually working. And in this case, that means people. And that's a great thing for civilization and, America.

Chad: Yes. Yes. And yes.

Joel: And what else is great for America, Chad? Oh, the Rolling Stones are back. [laughter] Let's take a quick break. Alright, Chad, the Rolling Stones revealed their 2024 North American Hackney Diamonds Tour sponsored by Wait for it AARP. That's right. The organization for Americans aged 50 and above that includes us, Chad [laughter], with Mick Jagger at 80, Keith Richards at 79. How is that dude Still still pumping. Okay. Ronnie Woods at 76, the band released their first album since losing their original drummer, Charlie Watts back in 21. The tour span 16 cities with an exclusive presale for AARP members of which I am not Chad, I won't, I won't speak for you, but I refuse to join AARP the, the result of this presale. Well, that's right. You can guess. You can guess it. Chad [laughter], I've fallen and I can't get up. The AARP site crashed inspiring boomers everywhere to lament the days of camping out for multiple nights in real life to score tickets. I'm sure all those AOL dial-up accounts that still exist didn't help either. Talk about, can't get no satisfaction Chad, what are your thoughts on the Rolling Stones tour?

Chad: Talk about prolific being able, not just to put out fricking music, but to be able to perform on stage. And I don't care if they, they don't have the energy that they used to or what have you. No fucking kidding. Mick Jagger's 80 years old so yeah, I mean, I think, I think it's amazing. I think, first and foremost, it, it, I can't believe it's taken them so long AARP to get them to get Rolling Stones on board, or at least an older act like them on board, and then the whole ticket sales thing. I mean, did we not learn from Taylor Swift? I mean, and her, like, just like buckling the internet for God's sakes. This shit's gonna happen. I mean, it, it reminds me back in the day when, monster and HotJobs did the, the Super Bowl commercials and HotJobs literally just went away. It went away for like a day because it [laughter] 'cause the traffic broke it. Right, this is what happened here. I don't, I don't know, understand why they can't be ready for load balancing and traffic these days. It's, it's crazy.

Joel: Yeah. Yeah. Hey, Chad.

Chad: What?

Joel: Hey, Chad.

Chad: What?

Joel: You can't always get what you want. [laughter] We out.

Chad: We out.

S16: Wow. Look at you. You made it through an entire episode of the Chad and Chase podcast. Or maybe you cheated and fast forwarded to the end. Either way, there's no doubt you wish you had that time back. Valuable time you could have used to buy a nutritious meal at Taco Bell. Enjoy a pour of your favorite whiskey. Or just watch big booty Latinas send bug fights on TikTok. No, you hung out with these two chuggle heads. Instead, now go take a shower and wash off all the guilt, but save some soap because you'll be back like an awful train wreck. You can't look away. And like Chad's favorite Western, you can't quit them either. We out.


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