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ZipRecruiter & JobAdder Screw-Ups

Maybe they're just well-rested from the Labor Day weekend, or maybe they're just antsy with HR Tech in Vegas next week, but the boys are pretty salty this week. After covering the big news of the week: Sense acquiring Skillate, the move-in for the kill, covering news out of ZipRecruiter, Jobadder, and California. It's all very fantastic! But never fear, we release some stress from the campus of Cannabis Community College. All's well that ends well. See you in Vegas!

INTRO (0s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast. d and

Joel (21s):

Oh Yeah. Google is clamping down on employee travel, limiting execs to business critical trips only. Guess that means we won't see Google at HR Tech next week then. Huh? Hey, kids you're listening to the Chad Cheese podcast. This is your cohost Joel "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" Cheeseman.

Chad (42s):

This is Chad "bittersweet symphony" Sowash.

Joel (45s):

And on this week's show Sense goes shopping, Zip saves America and JobAdder gets punched down under, let's do this

Chad (54s):

Oo. Man ooo Vegas, Vegas, and then Nashville and then Paris. And then Chad's keeping his ass in Europe for about three months. But other than that, I mean, it's gonna be a slow 2022.

Joel (1m 10s):

Yeah. I've I've been detoxing for two weeks in preparation of HR Tech.

Chad (1m 14s):


Joel (1m 15s):

Yeah. Very smart. And then I'll probably be detoxing the two weeks after HR Tech. Geez, we got a lot going on. We do, but we got a lot going on this week. Should we get to shoutouts? Cuz we get a lot to cover.

Chad (1m 27s):

Let's do it kid. It's a bitter sweet symphony shoutout as Susan Vitale, the Chief Marketing Officer over at iCIMS and Mike Wilczak, the Chief Product Officer over at iCIMS, literally two amazing people are leaving iCIMS.

sfx (1m 45s):

What did you say?

Chad (1m 46s):

Yeah. Leaving iCIMS. So Susan started at iCIMS as a marketing coordinator in 2005 and has climbed the ladder all the way to CMO. You can't think of iCIMS without thinking of Susan, who's been a part of the core iCIMS team, I mean forever obviously. Yeah. If anyone has ever heard me speak of Mike Wilczak they know I'm a fanboy. Mike has done everything from partnerships to leading MNA and now the Chief Product Officer. There's not a more plugged in person in the industry than Mike, not just tech but funding also. So these are two great people leaving two very big holes to fill over at iCIMS.

Chad (2m 28s):

They say they're gonna be back. When and where don't know, but until then take a breath, blow some of that iCIMS Willy Wonka cash and enjoy life my friends. It's bittersweet though. Yeah,

Joel (2m 41s):

Yeah it is. And, not to throw pontification on this, but to do that before the impending IPO, which we think is still gonna happen is a little curious. It's a little curious to leave before an IPO, but both of them are very smart and obviously did what was best for them and their families and great people. I might add. Always great people, always a little New Jersey attitude from Susan Vitale that I know that this show she needs to come back just to get back on the show and whatever company she ends up with. But nice melancholy bittersweet shoutout on that one.

Chad (3m 17s):

I think with, with the chains off, they'll be on the show. They can come on the show.

Joel (3m 21s):

The chains are off

Chad (3m 22s):

So much better.

Joel (3m 24s):

Susan Vitaly, unchained. I can imagine that that show's gonna be a best seller. Little more on the bid than the suite on this one. This shout out for Megos to Marilyn Loden, the woman who coined the phrase "glass ceiling" in 1978, which still inspires women today has passed away after a battle with cancer. She was 76 years old Loden first said the phrase during a panel at the 1978 Women's Action Alliance conference in New York City. In 2018, she told the Washington post, she hoped the saying would quote "become an antiquated phrase where people will say there was a time when there was a glass ceiling"

Joel (4m 9s):

end quote. Of course we all know there's still a lot of work to do on that glass ceiling. Shout out to Marilyn Loden, the woman behind the glass ceiling.

Chad (4m 21s):

Yeah, not quite there yet kids keep working. Shout out to our listeners. So last week I opened up the show with a question to you, Joel. Yeah. What would happen if you were working for a defense contractor, you were quit fired and you took sensitive information, possibly confidential material home with you. Listeners you can listen last week's show for Joel's response. I'm sure you know what it is. But I had a few anonymous responses from practitioners at government contractors. Here's a quote from one quote, "penalties can include termination, civil and or criminal prosecution by the company, the government has its own roles, which are playing out in the news, AKA Edward Snowden and Reality Winner.

Chad (5m 8s):

So if you remember Reality Winner leaked a one page intelligence report about Russian interference in the 2016 US elections to a news outlet and received five years and three months in a federal prison. Harboring or leaking confidential or compartmentalized information is a serious offense. It doesn't matter. I mean just ask Edward Snowden. Where's he at today?

Joel (5m 35s):

Yeah. Didn't Trump call for the death penalty for Snowden back in the day. I seem to remember that.

Chad (5m 42s):

Imagine that. Yeah.

Joel (5m 44s):

Yeah. Let alone put Hillary in prison for what she allegedly did or didn't do. Yeah. It's tough when you put the mirror back on you.

Chad (5m 52s):

But just regular people who do this stuff as a job are getting slammed or finding themselves in Russia. Right? Because that's the only place they can live without getting thrown in jail. But yeah. It's but yeah, it's, you know, we, we fire a dude and he thinks it's okay to take shit.

Joel (6m 11s):

Would we be shocked if Trump ended up in Moscow?

Chad (6m 14s):


Joel (6m 14s):

I would not be shocked. It would be shocking, but I would not be shocked.

Chad (6m 19s):

I wouldn't be shocked. And I would would also not be shocked if we found him in Moscow. And then a few years later "he fell out a window."

Joel (6m 30s):

Along with the release of the pee pee tape. That apparently is as he exists somewhere. Oh man. Oh fuck. All right. Let's let's get back on track here. I gotta shout out to Salih Mujcic. Salih Mujcisc lives in Australia and is head of Product Innovation at Hello Monday and he's a Chad and Cheese super fan. Chad the fact that we can reach so many people around the world is awesome. And frankly, it's really humbling when people around the globe reach out to us on the socials and say, thank you. And that they really love this show. So I wanna just take a second to thsank Salih Mujcic for listening to this show and being a big fan.

Joel (7m 10s):

He's probably riding a kangaroo and drinking a Fosters right now as he's listening to this, shout out. We appreciate it, man. Keep it up and keep listening. Thanks

Chad (7m 20s):

For listening. Thanks for the connections and make sure all your friends, family, people that you work with. They're listening too.

Joel (7m 26s):

I told him to leave a review like everyone else who listens to the show.

Chad (7m 30s):

Oh, good call.

Joel (7m 30s):

Which he is hopefully gonna do this week.

Chad (7m 32s):

Yeah. Let's hope that happens. Free stuff.

Joel (7m 34s):

Hold on, Chad. I got a special shout out.

Chad (7m 38s):

Oh yes, no, go, go

Joel (7m 39s):

Cold Cheeseman who celebrated a birthday, we noted that on last week's show is now Chipotle's newest employee.

Chad (7m 53s):

Oh my God.

Joel (7m 54s):

Actually we have, we have a clip from his interview. Ready? Ready? Hold on.

sfx (7m 59s):

Oh my God. I want Chipotle, Chipotle's my life.

Joel (8m 4s):

That's right.

Chad (8m 4s):

And then right after that hired.

Joel (8m 6s):

Yeah. Yeah. I think he's more excited about the free food that employees get than he is the salary. But, but I'm a proud Papa to see him employed in corporate America. Shout out to Cole, Cheeseman, eating a Bar-b-que bowl and loving life.

Chad (8m 25s):

That's awesome. That's awesome. Well, let's talk a little bit about free stuff. So Cole gets some free foods. He's gonna have to work for it, but he gets a little free food, but you, my friend, listener, anybody out there can get free stuff. You go to to register. And guess what? We have new t-shirts that's right. Brand spanking new t-shirts coming out, powered by our friends over at JobGet! That's right if you're gonna be at HR tech, I believe hopefully we'll be able to get some of these new t-shirts out and you can go to the JobGet booth to get, get it?

Chad (9m 5s):

Your free t-shirt.

Joel (9m 6s):

Everyone say a prayer that we get those in time. I'm I'm a little less optimistic, but we'll see. We'll see.

Chad (9m 13s):

Just in case then Textkernel's giving away whiskey that's right. Two fifths of whiskey kids. You get one from Chad, one from Cheese, from our friends over at Textkernel because the Dutch like whiskey apparently. And then we have beer from Aspen Tech Labs. That's right. Check out Aspen Tech Labs, free stuff, free stuff, free stuff.

Joel (9m 42s):

Free stuff. Love our sponsors giving away shit and killing everybody's liver and clothing. I love it. Clothing our fans gotta love it.

Chad (9m 50s):

Clothing our fans. So we've got fantasy football from Factory Fix to talk about.

Joel (9m 56s):

Yes, sir. We drafted on Tuesday.

Chad (9m 57s):

Yes. How do you feel about your team? I not too bad. Not too bad. It's going to be an interesting league this year. We threw in quarterback as kinda like a Superflex.

Joel (10m 8s):


Chad (10m 8s):

And then we also shortened up the bench to only five with no IR.

Joel (10m 13s):


Chad (10m 13s):

So it's going to be a very interesting season. The one thing that I thought was funny was like 15 minutes before we started the draft, we got a message from Joe Wilke over at JobGet, and his power went out right before the draft started. So he had to hop in a car and go to the Panera, I guess, which was the closest because Joe would not autodraft he was not having that.

Joel (10m 39s):

That's dedication. So yeah, the two QBs will be interesting. I, I felt like you came out strong on that. You got Mahomes and who's your second guy. Oh,

Chad (10m 47s):

Burrow, Joe Burrow.

Joel (10m 48s):

Burrow. That's right. Like that, those two could carry you through most of the season. Let's hope the BI weeks are gonna be a bitch.

Chad (10m 54s):


Joel (10m 54s):

I mean, a lot of people are gonna lose people. There's gonna be some trades. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised that the winner has a 500 record. I mean, that's how like weird this league could get, but yeah, we'll, we'll be posting the leaderboard every week on the socials. We'll be talking about it here on the show, but yeah, big ups to Factory Fix for supporting fantasy football, another addiction of the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Chad (11m 18s):

Yeah. We're gonna have Factory Fix kind of like Wayne's World top to bottom of the week videos.

Joel (11m 25s):

Are they gonna do that?

Chad (11m 27s):

Yep. And then we're gonna do, we're gonna do also, you know, some of the trades that happen, stupid trades, smart trades, all that other fun stuff. So the guys over Factory Fix, man, they love them some football.

Joel (11m 39s):

They do. Good Chicago boys who won't have much to do after week four or five in Chicago than to talk about fantasy.

Chad (11m 44s):

Oh God don't say that.

Joel (11m 45s):

Cause that's roughly when the season that season will end. Well, speaking of Chicago, are we going anywhere soon?

Chad (11m 50s):

First off, you'll see that we will be donning the Shaker Recruitment Marketing gear very soon because next week kids ~ HR Tech in Vegas. Now it's okay, our dance cards are full. Tuesday the drinks with Chad and Cheese on Tatio event is full. Wednesday we have the penthouse podcast with drinks with This Way Global that is also full, but you can find us roaming the floor. You can buy us a drink I'm sure on our way from party to party. That's cool. We really wanna see you guys go over to JobGet look for some t-shirts go to over to Textkernel, look for drinks.

Chad (12m 34s):

Any of our sponsors, check 'em out. Tell 'em that Chad and Cheese said hi. We have that going on. Obviously Vegas you're prepped and ready. Right? You've your liver's ready.

Joel (12m 44s):

I'm pretty ready for Vegas for sure. I mean, it's one way. It's one thing to talk about it, but until you actually get in the game, you know, reading about it and looking at past experience is never quite an adjustment for what's gonna happen. I mean, look, we've been cooped up for two years. This is the first HR tech that people are gonna really throw their, put their hair back, put on the Sunday best.

Chad (13m 5s):

Let it fly.

Joel (13m 6s):

Probably get a little bit nuts. I'm guessing. So yeah.

Chad (13m 9s):


Joel (13m 9s):

It'll be interesting.

Chad (13m 11s):

Well then we're going early October we're going to Nashville for Inspire. So gotta check that out.

Joel (13m 21s):


Chad (13m 21s):

Yes. Vegas then Nashville. That's a great follow up, but there's no question kids we have after that mid-October yes. Unleash in Paris! Man if you have not been to Unleash America, go to Paris. It's a great reason to get out, enjoy Paris, enjoy HR TA Tech. It's Paris. Not to mention 20% off kids. That's right. 20% off, go to register for all of these events. Oh yeah. Go! Spend money. You gotta go 20% off on the Unleash event. Register. We can't wait to see that be there.

Joel (14m 2s):

That's a good bit of a change there. That's a good, it is. That's nice. That's Grouponesque! Very nice. Well, someone, some people who love a Groupon, but one of them may have to settle for rum.

Chad (14m 15s):


Joel (14m 16s):

That's right, Chad, you know, we've been doing birthdays for quite a while and you know, we're always looking for creative ways and companies are coming to us for creative ways to promote their companies and get their name out there. Well, our friends at Plum said, Hey guys, what if every month we picked a birthday boy or girl to get a nice little bottle of rum on Plum. So starting this month, boys and girls, if it's your birthday, you got a chance to win a nice bottle of rum from our friends at Plum. Geez. That's some good marketing right there. Well, let's, let's highlight. Who's celebrating this week. Another trip around the sun.

Joel (14m 56s):

Happy Birthday! Jim Lowe. Lucas Roscoe. Who won whiskey at one point? Didn't he? Oh, JD Gentry. John Tehan. Kevin Lowe, which I first read is Kevin Love as a Kevin ears fan, but found it was not the Kevin Love. Now Amy Hoover, James Ellis. Oh, Gary Cross. Nancy Holland, Dan Shabel and Matt Adam. Long timer at NAS. All celebrate another trip around the sun. Happy Birthday, everybody Happy Birthday every day.

Chad (15m 32s):

The sun on Plum with some rum.

Joel (15m 37s):

Damn. We're good. Damn.

Chad (15m 39s):


Joel (15m 39s):

All right. We're rolling here. All right. San Francisco based Sense a recent firing squad guest, by the way, if you haven't checked that out, I highly recommend it in the archives. They pulled a double applause, double rainbow rating, not to spoil.

Chad (15m 57s):

Double rainbow!

Joel (15m 58s):

They've acquired India based Skillate in terms of the deal we're not disclosed, but Skillate had last raised 1 million in its pre-series A funding from angel investors in 2019, and also raised undisclosed seed funding from incubate India fund back in 2017. Skillate is an AI recruitment platform incubated within SAP startup studio and Sens is a talent engagement platform. In addition to expanding Sense's matching capabilities this acquisition brings AI powered talent engagement to senses customers, The likes that include Sony, Coca-Cola, Anheiser Bush along with the majority of unicorns in India.

Joel (16m 42s):

Founded in 2016, Skillate employees 36 people, that's according to LinkedIn and the three Skillate founders, as well as it sounds like all the employees will be joining Sense. Chad, what are your thoughts on this deal?

Chad (16m 56s):

Skillate. I thought that was an item on the Bob Evans menu. Am I wrong? Am I wrong? No,

Joel (17m 3s):

It is enough. Skillate is enough.

Chad (17m 7s):

Yeah. So since the 90 close to $90 million in funding, 40,000 users, daily 700 companies using, 600 of them are staffing companies! 30 million ARR. I mean the team is legit. Focus on healthcare, retail, hospitality, warehousing, but mostly staffing, obviously Skillate's been around since 2016. 2 rounds of funding amounts were not listed according to Crunchbase. And they were, as I think you'd said an SAP incubator program. So the thing that's interesting here to me is that it seems like Skillate does almost the exact same kind of shit that Sense was doing. Yep. So why buy?

Chad (17m 48s):

Is this a portfolio buy? Is this an Aqua hire or maybe they're just trying to get rid of vendors parsing and matching? Because as we know many of these platforms that are out there today, who tout parsing and matching or just matching as one of their products? Well, it's actually something that's white labeled from another company. So I'm wondering if this is like shoring up senses real true technical assets and then also getting, you know, good acquihire at the same time?

Joel (18m 20s):

Yep. Yep. I think you're onto something there. You mentioned the $89 million that that since is raised, which includes SoftBank, little player in the VC game.

Chad (18m 27s):


Joel (18m 28s):

That gives you a lot of money to go shopping. When you get that kind of money, they want you to spend it. And you had mentioned that crunch base was a little bit lacking in funding information on Skillate. But I had found that they had raised $1 million in a pre-series A, and another undisclosed in 2017. So let's call it less than 2 million that they had raised. So this was a really affordable acquisition for them. And, I'm gonna highlight three things that make sense to me in terms of this getting done. And I agree with you that it's a lot of similarities in terms of what they do. Yeah. But number one, Aqua hire, I mean the three founders are gonna be joining Sense.

Joel (19m 11s):

I'm gonna guess they're pretty smart people. It sounds like most, if not all of the employees from Skillate are gonna be joining since a lot of which are probably developers. So that was a good move for them. Number two, I think customer acquisition is part of it. Although most of Skillate's customers look pretty small. There aren't any big hitters in there. Integrations are pretty similar although I think the Smart Recruiters is one that that Sense does not have currently. So that may be some that they can do. But I think most importantly to highlight here is the SAP relationship. To get into a company that has relationships with SAP, who frankly can spend the kind of money that Sense is gonna need to be acquired.

Joel (19m 57s):

The list of companies that buy companies that have gotten $90 million is pretty small, but SAP is in that universe.

Chad (20m 3s):


Joel (20m 3s):

But for me it was a good move to say, Hey, let's get close to SAP and a company that was funded by them, just in case we want to be acquired down the road this might be a really good relationship to have. So acquihire, a few one integration at least so that they don't have. Maybe a few customers that they didn't. But I think the SAP connection was paramount in doing this deal that got Punkaj's attention.

Chad (20m 29s):

I think. Yeah. I think we're gonna be seeing a lot of this kids. We're gonna see a lot of consolidation, but a lot of the consolidations going to be with companies that look like they do just about the same thing, but what they're actually doing is they're shoring up their tech and they're shoring up their teams. Again, this is an Indian company. So more than likely they got an opportunity to get some really good developers and some tech on the cheap. So good for them.

Joel (21m 1s):

Yeah. We talk about India, not a lot, but quite a bit, as companies I think start shifting away from China. I think India is gonna be where a lot of the energy money starts flowing. Indian companies are gonna be well well positioned to, to profit from that. So good on Sense. Keep your eye on them. They're doing a lot of really good things. I was really impressed in their firing squad and we'll see them in Vegas I think. Maybe.

Chad (21m 27s):


Joel (21m 28s):

Maybe a drink with Punkaj. Really get him talking. All right. Our second story here involves JobAdder. Come

Chad (21m 38s):

Come from the land down under.

Joel (21m 40s):

From Sydney JobAdder headquarters. So the following message came in from one of our super fans regarding ATS provider JobAdder. Quote, "I'm assuming you're on top of the fuckup that JobAdder has made to their customers with price increase announcements. It's all over LinkedIn" end quote. Sure enough it is all over LinkedIn. Australian and Kiwi customers especially, aren't very happy. Here's a taste of the commentary from LinkedIn. Following the price increase, quote, "you unilaterally increase prices without any prior communication or intent" end quote. Quote "You need a better PR person full stop"

Joel (22m 20s):

end quote. And this one in response to JobAdder's holding a webinar to hopefully iron things out. Quote "you're hosting a live webinar but once again, telling your customers to listen and interact on your terms."

Chad (22m 36s):


Joel (22m 37s):

"This is tone deaf and adds fuel to the fire" end quote. Ouch. A video apology from CEO Martin Herbst on LinkedIn seemed to only add fuel to the Bar-bee. Chad, what are your thoughts?

Chad (22m 49s):

Martin, Martin, Martin, nothing like shooting yourself in the fucking foot man. All of JobAdder the entire company is trying to stop the bleeding from this self-inflicted wound. And Martin pulled the goddamn trigger. We're looking at, I think 7% increase for new customers all the way up to 50% increases for customers who've been around and loyal a while.

Joel (23m 14s):

Did you say 50%?

sfx (23m 15s):


Chad (23m 16s):

So, and this is not just a comms issue, okay. Let's dig in a little bit deeper because I watched the whole webinar and I, there are just some distinct issues that's happening with JobAdder. First and foremost, JobAdder is extremely exposed. All contracts are month to month. I mean what the actual fuck? So instead of moving to a more secure annual model and then slightly raising prices every year, which is expected, they stay in a monthly contract situation that bring out huge price, increase bomb. I mean, it's crazy. Martin's reasoning was, well, we haven't raised prices since I've been here.

Chad (23m 57s):

I mean, okay. So whose fucking fault is that? We have great NPS scores so let's raise the prices now because customers won't leave that. You could see that in his brain. He's like, well, we've got great NPS. People aren't gonna leave. They're happy with us. And he also said, it's pretty much, I'm paraphrasing, it's the customer's fault. If they aren't getting the most outta JobAdder, that's on them. So comms is key here. There's no question and JobAdder fucked up the comms. I get it. But this is a masterclass on how not to raise prices. This move was fucked seven days to Sunday, before it even happened. And I'm surprised that JobAdder's owner Seek hasn't already locked off Martin Herbst's head.

Chad (24m 42s):

Seriously. I mean, their model needs to evolve. Their pricing needs to nudge slightly annually, with market rate rates and JobAdder will remain exposed while they play this month to month bullshit game. If you're gonna play with the big boys, you've gotta become a real company and you obviously don't have the leadership that actually has the business acumen to get this done.

Joel (25m 5s):

Damn, bro, that was good. Doing homework the week before HR Tech, that's the kind of quality podcasting that you're gonna get from this show. So in doing some of my research on this, I was Googling for commentary. And, so there was an ad on Google from Creely their competitor and the title of the Creely ad was why overpay for outdated tools. So, well played to Creely. I gotta give them a good one on the mark in there. So for an industry that gets to read all the time about CEOs and organizations who, you know, get layoffs wrong and fail to adequately communicate the decisions they make.

Joel (25m 46s):

There's really no excuse to drop a price increase with no apparent heads up to your customers. Many of which have been with you for a really long time and maybe love your service. That's just not a good idea. This is especially important, to me something like an ATS and I know that the pricing is month to month, but most people don't buy an ATS month to month. Like they wanna integrate it and keep it for a long time. They usually make a decision to buy something like an ATS. If you're a job board and you raise rates, like people can just say, well fuck that, I'm gonna put all my money to a competitor. It's not that big of a deal, which is probably why job boards, unless you're named Indeed and can get away with it that don't raise their rates that often.

Joel (26m 28s):

I think a sincere apology and maybe reversing to more of a soft landing for customers. Maybe some grandfathering in there or something might work. But overall, this is a really, really bad move, bro. Yeah.

Chad (26m 39s):

I've gotta give a shout out though, to JobAdder customer service and sales teams. I mean really the entire staff, these people are the ones who are taking the brunt of this bullshit, of this self inflicted wound by their, their CEO. So I suggest, and Martin, here's a great idea. I suggest this huge price hike go to staff raises for having to put up with your shitty leadership.

Joel (27m 9s):

Nice call. Nice call, at least buy a Fosters keg for everybody. Jesus Christ. Take them to Outback Steakhouse.

Chad (27m 15s):

Subway. Yeah.

Joel (27m 16s):

Treat him to a Crocodile Dundee movie marathon or something make 'em feel better. All right.

Chad (27m 21s):

Raises for everyone.

Joel (27m 22s):

We're gonna take a break. The rants do not stop people. You're gonna wanna stick around. Chad. I'm not sure if you've heard, huh? There's a major teaching shortage in the US.

Chad (27m 39s):

It's everywhere. Yes.

Joel (27m 40s):

Yeah. And in true Washington fashion, President Biden had a meeting. That meeting included Indeed, Handshake and ZipRecruiter from our industry. Indeed announced virtual hiring fairs for educators nationwide and Handshake will host a nationwide virtual event in October to help college students learn about careers in education. But Zip Recruiter took it a step further launching 'School Jobs Near Me, which is specifically tailored to K through 12 education jobs on the internet. Yeah. The industry has finally saved America everybody. Chad, give us your thoughts on ZipRecruiter and the industry taking on the teacher shortage in America.

Chad (28m 22s):

These all three of them are weak attempts, but ZipRecruiter, no question, a weak attempt to just throw up another job board and say, look, we did something. When an all reality, it's not about exposing open positions to people who are looking. It's about teachers leaving shitty teaching jobs, shitty pay, shitty working conditions. We need to fix the problem before anyone of sound mind and body actually takes the mantle of teaching. Funding cuts, which lead to no pay raises means teachers leave, teachers leaving means bigger classrooms, bigger classrooms does not make for better education.

Chad (29m 3s):

And that is what we need. That's the big issue here. So from USA today, the latest results of international exam given to teenagers rank the US ninth in reading and 31st in math literacy, out of nine countries. And then a quote from Balance quote "the truth is that the US ranks near the bottom in survey of students, math skills in 30 industrialized countries", instead of knowing and confronting the facts, which is not what these assholes are doing many Americans are in denial. So ZipRecruiter isn't in denial, but they are playing off Americans denial and throwing up a fucking job board that will do little, if anything, to drive another, look at me, look at me, press release.

Chad (29m 53s):

ZipRecruiter isn't helping the problem at all. Indeed, isn't helping the problem at all. Handshake you're not helping the problem at all.

Joel (30m 3s):

So I did the following Google searches, Chad. Education jobs, teaching jobs, school jobs. I got nothing. So I searched school jobs near me, which is the actual zip URL for this site. You know, who wasn't advertising for any of these searches.

Chad (30m 21s):

Zip Recruiter.

Joel (30m 23s):

Zip Recruiter, you know, where school jobs near me is not being promoted? Zip Recruiter's homepage. And you know, what's not a trending job type or title on Zip Recruiter, anything involving education.

Chad (30m 34s):


Joel (30m 34s):

Feels good to talk the talk, but you gotta walk the walk, guys. This is window dressing and PR that will do nothing to cure the problems we have in public education and the lack of teachers in this country. 62% of public schools reported in June, that they were concerned about filling staff vacancies. 88% of public schools reported teacher and staff burnout was a concern during the 2021 through 22 school year. This is a real problem that our industry can actually help impact. We can actually help this problem, but instead we get Zip Recruiters Ian Siegel saying, quote, "we are committed to leveraging our technology for this great cause.

Joel (31m 17s):

Our nation's children depend on us and we must all rise to the occasion" end quote. Bullshit, hot garbage. Fuck you Zip Recruiter. Nice PR, but you're doing zip to cure this problem that ails America. This is an embarrassment for our industry and everyone should be ashamed.

Chad (31m 34s):

Mic drop here.

Joel (31m 35s):

California. Geez. The rants are coming. All right, here we go.

Chad (31m 39s):


Joel (31m 39s):

The state of California is in the news for workplace issues recently. First a new law could raise fast food minimum wage significantly in the golden state. Under the legislation, a council could raise the minimum wage for fast food workers up to $22 an hour.

Chad (31m 57s):


Joel (31m 58s):

Well, above the $15 an hour in the state for employers with more 26 workers. The new standards apply to chains with at least a hundred locations nationally. So McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell. All the major food groups that are in my diet, basically. Of course, fast food isn't happy. McDonald's president Joe Erlinger called the legislation, "lopsided hypocritical and ill conceived" end quote, but Cali isn't done there, Chad. Could I interest you in a little paid transparency? I thought I could. The state legislature passed a law requiring all employers based or hiring in the state to post salary ranges on all job listings.

Joel (32m 40s):

The law will also require California based companies with more than 100 employees to show their median gender and racial pay gaps, a first for a US state. Governor Newsom has yet to sign the bill into law. Chad, what are your thoughts on what's going on in California?

Chad (32m 57s):

Yeah, I think it's interesting, you know, the fast food industrial complex that we have here in the US where you can have pretty much a Starbucks right across the street from another Starbucks or a McDonald's just down the road from another McDonald's believe that we need to have more because we don't number one. In California, the living wage, and this is the mean living wage is $18 and 66 cents. And that is just for one person. The amount goes up dramatically with the addition of children. For one person or one child jumps to $40 and 34 cents, for two it's $50.

Chad (33m 38s):

Okay. So 22 cents to be able to ensure that these franchisees aren't opening 27 fucking locations, maybe they cut that in half and they start to be smarter about how they market, as opposed to trying to, you know, again, own every fucking corner. This is not a smart business move for them. Right? They're gonna have to think about business differently. Then we start talking about pay transparency. This in itself is going to talk more to the fortune 500 companies who have been hiding from transparency for a very long time. I'll make this point once again, the only reason why the US women's national soccer team achieved pay equity with the men's national soccer team was due to pay transparency.

Chad (34m 20s):

The women knew they were getting paid less, so they fucking rectified it. That's what corporate America does not want to happen because that's gonna be cash out of their pockets. But guess what kids it's coming. And the first form is just on job postings, which means, you know what the new people are getting paid. You don't know what the person next to you is getting paid. Yet.

Joel (34m 45s):

So, so we have some footage from Miso Robotics when this story came out. Yeah. They're pretty excited about it. So these things always have unintended consequences. It always sounds good and politicians like talking about this stuff, but every dollar that we put on the hourly wage means, you know, one less minute that we have for humans to be serving, cooking, and doing all the services that we know and love in the fast food industry. Someone at McDonald's and young brands and everywhere else are getting calculators out. And they're saying, how soon before we can bring in the robots? What's the depreciation on these robots? What's the initial investment?

Joel (35m 25s):

What's it gonna cost? Because that's where this thing is going. And maybe it's just states realizing that the automation is coming and we might as well like milk it for all we can before the robots do take over. But although everything you said sounds great, but the robots are coming. And the more that we put regulation and money on minimum wage, we're closer to that automation. So that's my take on the $22 an hour. On the transparency thing, you know that to me, that's lovely. Look, California joins Colorado, New York City and Washington state, as well as Indeed, by the way, we've talked about them putting in, you know, salaries whether you like it or not good for Indeed.

Joel (36m 14s):

So all these states are adopting job posting transparency with salaries only Colorado's law is actually currently in effect. New York City based employers will have to start listing pay ranges starting November 1st, the New York state legislature also passed a similar bill that's awaiting Governor Kathy Hochul's signature. If the California, New York governors who are both Democrats sign the pending laws, almost a quarter of the US population will live in states with such salary disclosure requirements. I'm guessing it won't go to a hundred percent of states. And I'm guessing that a lot of the U-Haul moving trucks, you see leaving California and New York are going to Texas and Florida, but I think this is a solid step in the right direction.

Joel (36m 59s):

You and I both have talked extensively about, we need pay transparency for equality and equity. And I think, you know, laws like this should be applauded. And I think companies like Indeed that take tactics to put salaries within job postings are a step in the right direction.

Chad (37m 16s):

It is. So you worked fast food, right?

Joel (37m 19s):


Chad (37m 19s):

I worked fast food. Yeah, hated it. I got out as soon as I fucking could. Could you imagine being a grown ass man, working fast food and getting paid $15 an hour and having a family?

Joel (37m 32s):

The answer's no, but the context to a lot of that is when we worked fast food, it was a quote entry level, you know, first job, summer thing.

Chad (37m 41s):

When manufacturing existed in the US.

Joel (37m 44s):

It's a totally different game now.

Chad (37m 46s):

There are only so many jobs that are actually available that I can actually pay. Right? So it's one of those things where we here in the US, we outsource manufacturing. And then what happens? The, fast food industrial complex came in. Prices still went up, but yet we didn't pay people more. So I don't think the problem is to be quite Frank. I, I can't wait for the fucking automation to come in to fast food, but we have way too many fast food locations. It is fucking ridiculous.

Joel (38m 20s):

I'm cool. I'm cool. With a Taco Bell on every corner, man.

Chad (38m 26s):

I'm sure you are.

Joel (38m 28s):

Let's take a break from all this ranting and cool it down with some cannabis.

Chad (38m 31s):

Cool it down to slow it down.

Joel (38m 33s):

Chad, are you familiar with cannabis community college?

Chad (38m 35s):

I am not, but it sounds amazing!

Joel (38m 38s):

Any of your kids visit that campus before they decided on a school?

Chad (38m 42s):

I didn't know it existed, or I would've pushed them there.

Joel (38m 46s):

I know. Right? So, so this news caught my attention just for one, for the fact that there's actually a cannabis community college, but they're going digital, which means you may be hearing more, a little bit about them. So, first a little bit about the institution of higher learning, known as the Cannabis Community College, it was specifically developed for job seekers, employees, and enthusiasts of the cannabis industry. Founded in Las Vegas in 2020, so it's brand new, the platform teaches every legal state's educational requirements to work in a licensed marijuana establishment, including state specific compliance, standard operating procedures, and many essential courses developed to ensure that the students are properly trained with the necessary knowledge and technical skills to work in a variety of settings.

Joel (39m 42s):

But announced this week, you don't have to go to Vegas anymore Chad. Cannabis Community College has an online course featuring the five course bundle. No you're not buying insurance, you're getting an education, which includes the cultivating a cannabis career course taught by HR leader Brian Olson, who I checked actually does have some HR chops. Chad, are you ready to take a few online courses in cannabis?

Chad (40m 11s):

Well, let's see, especially for all of the global listeners that are out there outside the US. So the US has 50 states and also District of Columbia. Medical marijuana is legal in 45 states. Recreational marijuana is legal in 23 states. Marijuana sales are expected to top $33 billion in 2022.

sfx (40m 33s):

What did you say?

Chad (40m 35s):

Just this year? $33 billion, right? So yes little Trump Universities, like these are gonna pop up. There's no question, but this is going to be a real industry, at least here in the US. As we start to see, I think Europe maybe, you know, see the, the capitalization of marijuana, recreation and us not going crazy with reefer madness over here. I think it'll catch on there too.

Joel (41m 3s):

My kid gets a job at Chipotle. We got fast food news outta California, and now weed. I've got the munchies. We out.

Chad (41m 11s):

We out.

OUTRO (41m 50s):

Thank you for listening to, what's it called? The podcast with Chad, the Cheese. Brilliant. They talk about recruiting. They talk about technology, but most of all, they talk about nothing. Just a lot of Shout Outs of people, you don't even know and yet you're listening. It's incredible. And not one word about cheese, not one cheddar, blue, nacho, pepper jack, Swiss. So many cheeses and not one word. So weird. Any hoo be sure to subscribe today on iTunes, Spotify, Google play, or wherever you listen to your podcasts, that way you won't miss an episode. And while you're at it, visit just don't expect to find any recipes for grilled cheese. Is so weird. We out.


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