Digging Into Glassdoor's 'Best Places to Work'

Like the Oscars, Emmy’s or Razzies, employers around the world await Glassdoor’s ‘Best Places to Work’ with great anticipation. Ehhh, not so much, but we’ll discuss it anyway. We’ll also dig into

- Hire by Google candidate matching launches out of beta

- Facebook falls from grace

- LinkedIn’s salary data is sneaky good

- Jobiak’s AreMyJobsOnGoogle.com campaign

- Dice CEO Art Zeile is dodging the pod

- and (serenity now!) the rise of Gen Z.

Enjoy and visit sponsors Sovren, Canvas, and JobAdX turns ONE,


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Chad: Alright.

Joel: Hell yeah, Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Yippee-ki-yay, motherfuckers. You're listening to Chad and Cheese, HR's most dangerous podcast. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad: And I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel: On this week's show, straight outta beta. Hire by Google unleashes candidate discovery for the masses. Glassdoor's out with it's Best Places to Work, and Facebook is not number one. And if you thought millennials suck, and I do, wait'll you get a load of Gen Z. Mom's clickin' chicken and collard greens. We'll be right back after a word from JobAdX, who's celebrating a birthday this month.

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Chad: Happy birthday.

Joel: Well hopefully my audio's better this week.

Chad: You sound better, at least from my standpoint you sound better.

Joel: Do I sound sexy though?

Chad: You always sound sexy. You sound even more sexy.

Joel: That's what I'm talking about. Yeah, dude. Happy birthday, JobAdX celebrating one year. Obviously still around because they advertise on the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Chad: Well yeah. Duh.

Joel: (laughs)

Joel: Give me your Dice rant real quick.

Chad: Okay, so, this is pretty funny. I reached out to Dice just to be able to see if we could get Art on the show, because when we saw him down in New Orleans he pretty much ran from us. We were like, hey dude, we want to get you on the show, we want to do an interview with you. And he was like, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. And then I think he just hit the eject button, got the fuck out.

Joel: Didn't he jump out of a window? No? I think I remember seeing that. Maybe. Maybe not.

Chad: He could have. But I reached out and I was like, hey, look, we'd like to get Art on the show, get an interview. Obviously we had Mike Durney before, who's the old CEO. And got the very prompt response that says pretty much, thanks but no thanks.

Joel: Yeah, that's pretty weak man. We've interviewed some decent folks, including, as you said, the former Dice CEO. I thought we were very respectable. Obviously we didn't come with softball questions.

Chad: No.

Joel: But yeah. Art, dude. You should come out, man. It's all good. We'll be nice, we'll be fair, we'll be a little bit tough. But it's all good. The only thing I can think of is they're in the midst of a sell or something, a sale. Maybe don't want to rock the boat with some weird interview on some weird podcast with two knuckleheads.

Chad: Yeah. It's still, it's all about transparency, right? If you're afraid to actually come on a podcast where you know you're gonna get hard questions, and we're not just gonna throw fluff at you, then your game is pretty fucking weak.

Joel: Part of your job, I believe, as a CEO is to be out in the public. To be the voice of a company, to justify the vision, to frame the activities that are going on. To me, CEOs that don't do that fail in their CEO roles.

Chad: Weak man, weak.

Joel: I'm gonna give a shout out to Gap.

Chad: Okay.

Joel: I'm a loyal Gap user, buyer, customer. I probably joined their email list back in the early 2000's, I still get emails. But for the first time that I can remember, I got an email from them saying basically, love Gap? We're hiring. With an email of sort of branding message, why it's a great place to work, click here to link to jobs.

Joel: I bring this up as a shout out simply because, retailers in particular who don't take advantage of their fans to promote jobs, I think are really missing a grand opportunity. I can only imagine how many people are in Gap's database, and how many applies they probably got from this campaign. I know what you're gonna say, you're gonna say like, likewise, anyone who applies for a job for Gap should be getting marketing messages in some fashion if they opt into them from Gap. So it kinda works both ways, but kudos and shout out to Gap for at least taking that step of saying hey, you're on our list as a buyer, we'd love to have you as an employee. Or hey, forward this to someone who might be. Kudos to them for doing that.

Chad: Yeah. Well you could see in the email, I would assume they were live links, that you could obviously go and take a look at jobs, or you could shop. So it was like, hey, lets go ahead and hit this from both angles because it is the brand that you obviously like. Yeah, pretty cool.

Joel: It all took me to Gap.

Chad: All about the Gap man.

Joel: That's for sure. And I probably got a pair of socks while I was there.

Chad: (laughs)

Chad: Okay, so dude, we have to talk about one of the funniest things

that just happened. So, Joel and I were prepping for this call, and Joel received a call from his pre-op nurse, to talk about his colonoscopy tomorrow. And it was the funniest fucking call, ever.

Joel: The thing is, if you work in the endoscopy industry, you've gotta have a pretty good sense of humor. I will also highlight the fact that there's nothing wrong with me, knock on wood. I'm going up for my annual or whatever, not annual, but my checkup, shout out to my anus. I guess we'll bring that in there as well. This is virgin territory so I'm praying for a gentle doctor tomorrow. Otherwise, yeah, everyone goes through this particularly males that are aging in the realm that we are, I'm sure you'll be up for your inspection soon as well. And we can make fun of you when that day comes up.

Chad: (laughs)

Chad: Soon to be your monthly visit for your monthly colonoscopy.

Joel: Yes. By the way, we're recording in the morning, which we normally do anyway, but at two o'clock I take about a handful of Dulcolax. I will be in the toilet for the rest of the day.

Chad: Okay, too far.

Joel: On Thursday or Friday, Thursday, yeah. If you called me Thursday by the time this comes out and I didn't answer, this is why.

Chad: Too far. Lets go ahead and switch gears. So shout out to David, an engineering nerd herder at Amazon who loved Chad and Cheese chat bot episode with Quincy. Shared a picture of him listening to Chad and Cheese while walking his dog, so a double shout out, a Chad and Cheese pod fan and a dog lover. You gotta love that.

Joel: Yeah, that was a great picture. And by the way, you shared his Twitter account. Did he share it on Twitter, I believe?

Chad: Yeah, it was on Twitter.