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Google Goes Limp

The Labor Day edition of this week's Chad & Cheese Podcast is full of goodness: Hire by Google shuts it down, Entelo and ConveyIQ get cozy, AllyO may be melting down and much, much more.

Enjoy and show some love to our sponsors: Sovren, JobAdX, and Canvas.


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Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most

dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Oh, tight turn.

Chad: Round about.

Joel: All right, welcome to the hungover Sweden road trip edition of the Chad and Cheese podcast, HR's most dangerous.

Chad: Thanks to my wife Julie for chaffering us. Joel and I are in the backseat of a VW Polo.

Joel: I really wish Julie would've worn the black top hat that I got her for the chauffer gig. She did wear the black gloves, though, so I'm okay with that.

Chad: Okay, we should stop calling her Jeeves, that's really creepy. That's really fucking ...

Joel: If somebody farts in this car, we're stopping the podcast.

Chad: We're stopping the podcast.

Joel: That's all I'm saying. Yeah, so in this week's show, we're going to be talking about Hire by Google going limp, Entelo and Convey IQ getting married.

Chad: Getting jiggy.

Joel: And signs of meltdown at Ally O. Stick around, we'll be right back after this word from our sponsor.

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Chad: And we're back.

Joel: And we're back. We're on the road in Sweden, north of Torekov or Gurkenschkerken, Vertiferken.

Chad: Last night, that was hilarious. We had dinner with a bunch of Swedes, go figure. We are in Sweden and they, again, very mad that thinking the Swedish chef

is Swedish, because the Swedish chef is apparently Danish.

Joel: Danish.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: Which makes no sense and their argument is weak.

Chad: Very weak.

Joel: So, I'm not buying it.

Chad: I'm not buying it either. They should like the Swedish chef.

Joel: They do, they do, they do. Yeah, Swedes are a fun group. The robot does not eat in case anyone was interested. It does not eat food, it just exists to destroy us one day.

Chad: But I think they've given it some new looks, because I think it was giving you the side eye yesterday.

Joel: Yeah, so we had meetings all day and they had the robot at the front of the table and it just stares at ... I think it looks directly at everyone no matter what angle you look at it.

Chad: I don't think so, I think it was giving you the side eye.

Joel: It was looking at me, yeah. It haunts my dreams every night. Let's get to some shout outs.

Chad: Shout outs.

Joel: Obviously Tin Guy in the group, Jalen CEO Charlotte marketing exec. We're making friends and building bridges from America to Sweden if you will.

Chad: As a matter of fact, we've also heard that the South of Sweden is for sale, so if we can just tell Trump to get off of Greenland possibly, we can have a piece of Sweden.

Joel: Yeah, much better real estate here in Sweden than Greenland, maybe less natural resources, but who knows? Who knows?

Chad: Shoutout to my boy, Roy Etnyer from Monster. He's originally from Columbus, Indiana, came home to see moms, said hey would you like to play a round of golf? Went and played a round of golf and he unloaded a bunch of Monster golf swag, which was fucking awesome. Great job, Roy.

Joel: Yeah, this is where I note the vice president Mike Pence also a brother, a son of Columbus.

Chad: Just go ahead and let's smother that one as Julie flips you off.

Joel: I'm going to give a shout out to Holland Dombeck, our buddy at Delta.

Chad: Yeah, Holland.

Joel: She heard our story about Google Events, Hire Events, Indeed Hire Events.

Chad: Yeah, Indeed.

Joel: Sorry, it's a little hot in here. Can you turn the air on a little bit, Julie? Thanks. Anyway, she had some numbers for us. I don't know if you have those handy or not, but it looks like about $2,000 for these hire events, so in case you didn't know, there are no billboards in Sweden. All the billboards are trucks that farmers have rolled in to make a little extra money, but I did hear that they have to have wheels. They can't be stationary.

Chad: Oh, really?

Joel: Yes. And all the cows here look really happy.

Chad: Anyway, shoutout to Holland for giving us some insights on that. She said they were working well for her.

Joel: Yeah, she spoke positively about them. I think we both agree that price will go up on those as they continue to roll them out. It's still in beta.

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: I had the opinion that Indeed ... everybody wants to be a platform and Indeed is no different, so if Indeed is also your event, job fair whatever you want to call it provider, that's just another reason to stick around with Indeed, similar to Apple launching music or other services that just add features to make sure you stay on the platform.

Chad: I like doubling the price with this whole pain view thing, so yeah, if you start the fricking heroine drip guys, just know you're not getting off of it for awhile. The Indeed heroine drip.

Joel: And Indeed's okay with that, I think.

Chad: Oh, they're fine with it, yeah.

Joel: I think that's their preference.

Chad: Yeah, I think they're incredibly smart for doing that and if you're out there using them and just lapping it up, you're probably the dumb one.

Joel: Of course, in this case, the first hit is not free, it's about $2,000.

Chad: It's not free, yeah. Shout out to Henrik Christiansen, so this dude sees on Twitter that we're coming to Sweden, said hey, come on over to Copenhagen. He didn't know we were already going to be there, so he takes us to dinner at this place called War Pigs, which is amazing. The thing he didn't know ...

Joel: Now, when you say "us" it's you and your wife.

Chad: Julie, my other half, right yeah.

Joel: [crosstalk 00:07:38] ... in this whatsoever.

Chad: It's because you didn't show up.

Joel: Yeah, I know.

Chad: That's what happens when you don't come. So Julie and I go and here's this collaboration with Three Floyd's Brewery that is an Indiana company. I come all the way to fucking ...

Joel: Yeah, Munster, Indiana.

Chad: Yeah, Munster.

Joel: If I'm not mistaken.

Chad: I fly all the way to fucking Copenhagen and they're like this is the best beer, you can't imagine how great ... yeah, no it is the best beer. You know why? It's fucking Indiana beer.

Joel: That is a bizarre discovery.

Chad: It is awesome, though. It was awesome.

Joel: The beers we've had you can't get in the U.S. outside of Carlberg, which is not Swedish.

Chad: Right.

Joel: So, if you follow me on Instagram, I'll be posting my beer tour from Sweden here.

Chad: Beer tour, but Henrik also the next morning got up and took me on that 5K run around Christiana, which is that free town that we talked about.

Joel: Did you say torture or tour? Because 5K sounds a little torturous to me.

Chad: He slowed it down for me, that was nice. But yeah, we went through around Christiana, which is the free town where you pretty much can go get high and do all your stuff.

Joel: The Thunderdome of Copenhagen, apparently.

Chad: Yes exactly, exactly.

Joel: Minus the death.

Chad: Thanks a lot, Henrik. Appreciate it. Love that you took me to a place that had amazing beer and a run the next morning. He planned that shit.

Joel: Did you mention his company?

Chad: Yeah, he's the CEO of Job Safari.

Joel: All right, give him a little shoutout, a little love.

Chad: Also the COO of Job Index, still affiliated with ...

Joel: Where are we going soon?

Chad: Where are we going? We're going to Recruiter Nation Live in San Francisco.

Joel: And if you look at the lineup, it's a home run.

Chad: In the Bay Area, I mean you've got to do it.

Joel: Yep.

Chad: And we've got TA Tech and you know what that means.

Joel: Death match, baby.

Chad: Death match.

Joel: Full roster.

Chad: In Austin.

Joel: Who's joining us this year?

Chad: Who is joining us this year? We have ...

Joel: Asses First.

Chad: Asses First, my favorite company.

Joel: SeekOut.

Chad: SeekOut.

Joel: And Pez Candy.


Joel: What is your favorite Pez head?

Chad: I don't know, I had so many of them when I was little.

Joel: That's a tough one.

Chad: Yeah, I loved the new ...

Joel: I'm going to go with the Flintstones.

Chad: The Flintstones, Barney or ... ?

Joel: Barney, Fred.

Chad: Oh.

Joel: I guess Fred would be my favorite.

Chad: Like the family? Okay, okay.

Joel: Yeah, so I'm going to go with the Flintstones. It's kind of an old school.

Chad: Mine was always a Marvel kind of like the Hulk.

Joel: Thor, Hulk, yeah.

Chad: Yeah, the Hulk, Spider-Man, that kind of stuff.

Joel: It's endless, the magic never stops with Pez.

Chad: Dude, it's amazing. So smart. Smart marketing. I just don't know why they don't do them as much anymore.

Joel: HR Tech, we're getting into November. I guess we could get it October 1. We got Unleash in Paris.

Chad: We do, I think yeah HR Tech's first.

Joel: Is that in October or November?

Chad: HR Tech is in ...

Joel: It is October.

Chad: October, early October.

Joel: You're right, okay.

Chad: Or mid-October.

Joel: My bad.

Chad: HR Tech going to Vegas, they're letting us in.

Joel: Viva Las Vegas.

Chad: As a matter of fact, not just letting us in, we're going to be on stage


Joel: Viva Las Vegas. Twice?

Chad: Twice.

Joel: They went from banning us to giving us two show spots, I love it.

Chad: Yeah no, I love that stuff.

Joel: Spreading the love.

Chad: We'll be clad in Shaker Recruitment Marketing gear, I'm sure. Still waiting on the sizing for my Shaker Recruitment Marketing suit.

Joel: Three-piece suits.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: With the Chicago Cubs lining. I think that's going to be in there.

Chad: And your tuxedo t-shirt. So yeah, that and then, we go to Unleash, which is in Paris.

Joel: The trip is sponsored by SmashFly?

Chad: Smash Fly.

Joel: Yeah. Trip powered by SmashFly.

Chad: Trip's powered by SmashFly. HRTech powered by JobCase.

Joel: Love it.

Chad: Don't forget about JobCase. Fred Goff and the kids over there.

Joel: LinkedIn for those who aren't on LinkedIn.

Chad: Yes, for the 70 percent of people who are not on LinkedIn, JobCase. That's your play. That's their new slogan.

Joel: Did we just come up with their marketing campaign? They get $100 million in funding and we just came up with their marketing.

Chad: We've already ...

Joel: Say it ain't so. Let's get to the news, because ...

Chad: Topics.

Joel: ... news is hot this week.

Chad: Hot.

Joel: We leave the country and things fall apart.

Chad: So hot.

Joel: Google ...

Chad: What is up with this?

Joel: ... Hire ...

Chad: This is crazy.

Joel: ... letter goes out to users this week that they are sun setting the product.

Chad: In a year.

Joel: The Internet's go wild with conspiracy theories, opinion. What are your takeaways on this move? Because shock is the first thing that came to my mind.

Chad: I think the Google Hire team was shocked and here's why I think the Google Hire team was shocked ...

Joel: It's Hire by Google, we should get it right.

Chad: Okay, yeah, they should just first and foremost stop changing the name, but ...

Joel: I think they are. I think they're done changing the name.

Chad: Now, they're going to stop changing the name, yeah. That's why. They finally found the name, they're like okay, we're done.

Joel: Maybe that's the hidden reason.

Chad: It could've been.

Joel: What do we call ourselves this month? Damn it, we can't come up with anything, so let's just shut it down.

Chad: We're done. So, last week, they were doing webinars about sampling HR integrations, partnerships, those types of things. Earlier this month, they released a customer-success video from Four Points Brewing, I believe it is, so all of this was happening and they're driving this amazing content and they're doing all the right things.

Joel: There was no writing on the wall ...

Chad: None.

Joel: ... that things were falling apart.

Chad: None. Dude, I'm telling you right now, this came from the top. They pointed and said sorry, you've got to go and I personally believe that this has to do with this antitrust case that you had a decision between becoming an entire system for recruiting or just doing search and if you become the entire system, then there's antitrust possibilities that could be thrown around in there, but if you just do search and you're focused on search and you've made some of the changes and customizations that they've made inside Google for Jobs, then you're okay.

Joel: It was definitely a Pompeii type of situation, right?

Chad: Oh yeah.

Joel: Like the volcano erupted unexpectedly, everyone's left in the rubble. So, this was not a slow death. It looks like something happened quickly to kill this thing off. We will never know probably why.

Chad: We hear some people saying that it just was going to be too hard ...