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Bain Capital House Party

It's a house party, ya'll! House of HR party, that is. The company just received funding from Bain Capital in return for 55% of the organization. But if that's not unicorn-y enough for you, Guild just joined the $4+ billion valuation club. What else? Elon says get back in the office, Recruit Holdings of Indeed and Glassdoor fame embrace women (in a good way, sickos!), CEO pay is out of control and Chili's introduces Rita the Robot to more locations nationwide.

Pass the Old Timer with Cheese, yo!


INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast

Joel (23s):

Oh yeah. Def wins the tween parties. And Cheryl says peace out Zuke. Hey boys and girls, you're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast. This is your co-host Joel "Platinum Jubilee" Cheeseman.

Chad (37s):

This is Chad "I'm still fucking drunk" Sowash.

Joel (40s):

And on this week, show, House of HR, more like House party of HR. Elon says, get your ass back to the office. And oh my God, Oprah. Let's do this. I'm almost back to normal from Vegas. Oh, you stayed an extra day. You stayed a few more days. So yeah. You're still hurting a little bit.

Chad (1m 1s):

I stayed through the weekend.

Joel (1m 4s):

You broke the a three-day Vegas rule. I set my limit on Vegas.

Chad (1m 9s):

I doubled up my burn rate is three days I doubled up on that. That was not a good idea.

Joel (1m 15s):

Yeah. Plus your birthday. Did you have fun? Did you do anything special?

Chad (1m 19s):

Oh yeah. Yeah. Plenty of stuff we can't talk about on the show, but yeah.

Joel (1m 22s):

PG-rated for the kids. Please. Please give keep it PG-rated. Yeah. So yeah, mine was more parental, you know, filled with the kids, had some friends come over. Did some drinking and grilling and yeah. Did the middle-aged white guy birthday.

Chad (1m 38s):

Memorial Day weekend. Yeah. Awesome.

Joel (1m 41s):

The 500, weather it was nice. Hit the pool a little bit. Yeah. Summer's here and I couldn't be happier. It's not a beach in Portugal, but Hey, it's a middle America. What are you gonna do?

Chad (1m 52s):

We can't have it all.

Joel (1m 53s):

We can't have it all week. We all can't be Sowashes. All right. Shout outs?

Chad (1m 59s):

Shout outs, baby. I'm on my first shout out, goes to Elena Valentine. You might know her as the co-founder of Skill Scout. That's right.

Joel (2m 8s):

Love her.

Chad (2m 9s):

Like a boss. She emceed Unleash America in Vegas last week and knocked the cover off the ball. Shout out to Elena! You rocked it.

Joel (2m 19s):

She raised the bar for our RekFest appearance. I feel like I need to really warm up for that one. She raised the bar on emceeing conferences. Good for you Elena. My first shout out.

Chad (2m 30s):


Joel (2m 30s):

And there's a sound bite. That's right kids. There's a Canadian shout out alert. Let's talk about Cherry Health. She's my Cherry Health. All right. The Calgary based

Chad (2m 42s):

Wait, is this healthcare for strippers? What are we talking aobut?

Joel (2m 45s):

I don't know. I, yeah, the Cherry Health. We got to get them on firing squad and ask about the name. I'm not sure where Cherry Health comes from. Anyway, the Calgary based health tech startup describes itself as Canada's medical staffing network and offers a smartphone-based self-serve job matching app that connects doctors to medical clinics seeking to fill temporary positions.

Chad (3m 8s):


Joel (3m 8s):

Hey, doctors want a gig too. Shout out to Cherry Health of Calgary, Canada,

Chad (3m 14s):

Strippers need healthcare too. And they get it universally in Canada. So, yeah. Okay. Shout out to Kyle Lagunas over at General Motors, who is taking a sabbatical or what he's calling "hot girl summer". Good for you. Kyle find find your way to Key West, grab some margs and a hot tub, man. You deserve it.

Joel (3m 36s):

Well, I can't compete with hot girl summer, but I can compete with some Australian heat. Shout out to Vervoe. One of our favorite Aussie based companies and our first ever firing squad survivor they've hired Lynn Foster as their Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships.

Chad (3m 55s):

Great Catch.

Joel (3m 55s):

Cue up the Coming to America soundbite

sfx (3m 56s):

Coming to America

Joel (3m 57s):

Soundbite based in California, Lynn has spent a decade in the industry with the likes of HireRight, Cornerstone, SmashFly, Fetcher and Beamery. Talk about some experience, shout out to VRBO and their shiny new executive

Chad (4m 12s):

And VRBO. Yes, of course.

Joel (4m 14s):

Sorry. The Verve is a great band from the nineties.

Chad (4m 17s):

Shout out to Matt Alder, that British guy! He came all the way to the U S to just to interview us for his show. I'm sure anyone listening to us is definitely listening to the Erecruiting Future podcast. Because I think between our two shows, we probably hit 99.9% of HR TA in tech vendor space. So thanks for having us on Matt. We appreciate it.

Joel (4m 40s):

My next shout out. It's not a bittersweet symphony for Our Work. The Boston-based startup that touts itself as a recruitment and retention platform for quick serve restaurant franchise owners. Announced this week, some additional Series A to the tune of $2.5 million, bringing its total raised in the round at $12.5 million. The company says they improve retention by constantly engaging employees with automatic check-ins. Time to turn up the pieces of flair to 11 and pledge your allegiance to Red Lobster Chad. Shout out to Our Work.

Chad (5m 16s):

Oh yeah. We're gonna hear so many bitches and complaints after a while because employees had nobody like reaching out to them. And now they're going to have like this overabundance.

Joel (5m 27s):

Spam alert.

Chad (5m 28s):

Spam alert.

Joel (5m 28s):

Your employer wants to know how you're feeling.

Chad (5m 30s):

There we go. Okay. Shout out to lists. Joel and I love lists. The, we made the list, the Chad and Cheese podcast made the list for the top recruitment and HR podcast you should listen to in 2022 via Occupy. Have you ever heard of Occupy prior to?

Joel (5m 47s):

Well, no, but if there's any way to make sure podcasters know who you are, it's put them on a fucking list. That's how you do it kids.

Chad (5m 55s):

Yeah. Maybe Occupy should be on firing squad? so if you're listening, Occupy,

Joel (5m 59s):

I like the man

Chad (6m 1s):

Call me baby Call me.

Joel (6m 2s):

And Occupy. I'm getting hungry. Jeez.

Chad (6m 4s):

And my last shout out goes to FOMO. Okay. People, if you missed Unleashed, you know, you felt the FOMO. Don't miss it again. Especially it's coming in Paris and sure as hell, do not miss RecFest on July 7th at Knebworth Park, north of London. We will be emceeing the disrupt stage, which it's all about technology. So did you also see that the RekFest festival map dropped this week?

Joel (6m 33s):

I did. I did lots of circus tents. I like it.

Chad (6m 36s):

Lots of tents everywhere. The problem that I'm seeing here and I'm sure Jamie and Bobby and the team will rectify this, this year, the bars aren't actually in the tents. So we're going to have to have a runner. I think that'll get drinks for us. This is first world problems. Kids, no matter get your RecFest tickets, book, your travel hotel. Let's do this. Also. If you want to know what events we're scheduled to go to get a upper right hand corner, click on events. We want to see you there buy us a drink. We'd love it.

Joel (7m 8s):

C'mon Chad. You know, you're concerned about me staying sober till noon. You probably worked out that the bar was farther away from the tent that we were working. Don't try to play with me.

Chad (7m 17s):

You caught me

Joel (7m 18s):

Speaking of FOMO, kids, if you love free shit, you gotta get over to Sign up for free stuff. We're giving away t-shirts from Emissary beer, from our friends at Pillar and whiskey. You get a choice, a Chad choice and a Cheese choice. What could be better from our friends at Textkernel? Just go to and sign up.

Chad (7m 37s):

Love it.

Joel (7m 38s):

And let's talk about some Birthdays. First up, we have Katrina Collier we missed her last week and our Las Vegas filled haze. She shares a birthday with Mr Sowash. So I'm sure that's a special connection that you share with Catrina.

Chad (7m 55s):

My twin.

Joel (7m 55s):

Yeah. Your twin across the Atlantic. Also celebrating a birthday, Hung Lee everyone's favorite newsletter guy and looking forward to seeing him in England as well. Also, Anna Breca who remembers the Kennedy conferences? That's when Anna celebrates a birthday and Matt "that British guy" Alder. He celebrates another trip around the sun, as well as Andrew Gadomski, Anders Foreman, Andy Patterson, Martin "don't call him Rodney" Dangerfield. That's the list. Celebrating another trip around the sun. Thanks for listening. Thanks for being a fan and happy birthday.

Chad (8m 43s):

Happy birthday.

Joel (8m 44s):

All right, Chad. Well, once again, everything this podcast touches turns to gold. We should change our name to the Midas touch show. Anyway, our good friends at house of HR in Belgium announced that private investment firm, Bain Capital, maybe you've heard of them as entered into a share purchasing agreement for the acquisition of a 55% stake in the company. Financial details were not disclosed, but trust me, when we say it was a big number of kids. House of HR CEO, Rika Coppens said, quote, "with Bain Capital's investment in House of HR, we start a new chapter in our incredible story. We intend to continue our growth path based on strong organic growth, combined with targeted and specialized M and A in existing markets."

Joel (9m 29s):

For the full year 2021 House of HR reported revenue of 2.2 billion euros, an increase of 18.8% compared to 2020. Chad, this is clearly a house made out of bricks your thoughts.

Chad (9m 43s):

We're going to need a bigger boat and well, you know, Bain has a superyacht so why the fuck not? So, first of all, House of HR, as you just said, they hit $2.4 billion that's USD in revenue last year, while many US and Europeans haven't even heard of them before. Why? Because House of HR are silent, fucking killers. That's why. House of HR is a house of brands with over 40, I believe right now it's actually approaching 50 different brands in their house. So instead of buying a company and slapping their logo on it, like Adecco or Randstad might do.

Chad (10m 23s):

Rika Coppens, who is probably one of the most savvy fucking business people that we've had the honor to meet and actually speak to Rika, Lieven and the team of House of HR, understand that if you're going to acquire a company, rip its logo off and slap yours on it. It's pretty much akin to pulling the heart out of the founder's chest. House of HR, they don't do that. They want the founder in the leadership team of the acquired companies to stay and embrace the House so that the founders don't just linger during their contract terms, but they doubled down and they don't eject after 18 months or 24 months, they stay and thrive.

Chad (11m 5s):

Now why Bain Capital? Here's a great line from an episode of HBO's The Wire. You come at the king, you best not miss. Well, House of HR is coming for the king, which is currently Randstad and they're going to need the AMO to ensure that they do not miss. When I heard Bain Capital was in the mix, my jaw dropped. Bain has approximately $160 billion in assets currently under management. Again, you come at the king, you best not miss and after all of the shuffling at the top, I see a silent killer in the shadows.

Joel (11m 40s):

Yeah and that time that you just talked about the news, they've added two or three brands to the House of HR by the way. When we started the European podcast, we did so in large part, because we could see that a lot of money, attention and ideas were flowing into and out of the continent. I think that instinct to start a new show focusing on Europe has only been proven correct in the year since starting our "does Europe" portion of the show. So here you have Boston based Bain Capital writing, a big check to accompany that to most of Americans, like you said, unless they listened to our show, have never heard of this company. House of HR has kind of adopted us as their American orphans.

Joel (12m 22s):

And I frankly, couldn't be happier for Rika Lieven and the rest of the team. And as far as for Europe pay attention kids because once this whole Russia thing comes to an end, and it will, Europe is going to take up a lot of the oxygen in our space. I'm talking more investment, more startups and more acquisitions. Keep your house, keep your eye on House of HR.

Chad (12m 45s):


Joel (12m 45s):

Next up. Oh, I know what I forgot. Chad, the unicorn sound bite.

Chad (12m 50s):

Can you add it?

Joel (12m 53s):

Hold on. Yeah, I can.

Chad (12m 54s):

I can't believe you forgot that.

Joel (12m 58s):

All right, Chad, next up.

sfx (12m 60s):

Happy fluffy unicorns

Joel (13m 1s):

You know that sound baby. It's your Guild provider of an online education platform with a focus on upscaling frontline employees announced it has raised $175 million in a Series F round, which sets a $4.4 billion valuation for the seven year old Denver based company. Oprah Winfrey, Chad, Oprah also participated in the round, adding a plug for Guild to a company, its funding announcement with this statement, quote, again, this is from Oprah. "I deeply believe in the power of education to change the trajectory of a person's life and Guild is creating a more equitable path to quality education."

Joel (13m 45s):

You get a unicorn, you get a unicorn, Chad, wipe the glitter out of your eyes and give us your thoughts on Guild.

Chad (13m 52s):

You get a unicorn, that that was a part of, that was a part of the, the quote by the way, kids. Apparently upskilling is a thing. I still can't believe that corporations haven't figured this out yet. I mean, seriously, we're always hearing about companies talk about talent pipelines and they have no fucking clue what a talent pipeline really is. So since they're dumb asses, haven't bridged the skills gap. They're going to need someone to do it for them. Enter Guild. Guild's cost is for students is between three to $6,000 a year for courses provided by partnering universities and learning providers.

Chad (14m 34s):

The average tuition and fees for US, private universities is around $38K per year or around $10k annually for public schools. This is a legit unicorn sector, not just Guild, but the entire sector is legit unicorn. And there is plenty of room for the herd of unicorns that are going to be happening in this space. I'm a huge fan of this. And again, when you take a look at a gap that has failed to be bridged, being the skills gap in this case in corporate America, and corporate global corporations, haven't been able to fill this there. They're going to need somebody to fill it for them.

Chad (15m 15s):

These guys will be able to do it.

Joel (15m 17s):

Yup. Yup. First of all, what's in the water in Denver? We talked about Glow. We talked about Velocity Global last week getting $400 million out of, out of Denver and now Guild. Jeez, Denver is becoming a hot spot for our space. Anyway, since the pandemic, there've been three major trends in our space, Chad, it's a RAD, it's a RAD thing. Remote work, Automation and DEI. While those are still in focus to varying degrees. Here's what I think is warming up in 2022 and likely will be red hot as we head into next year. Number one, healthcare. Number two, upskilling, and number three, robots.

Joel (15m 56s):

Boomers aren't getting any younger and the pandemic really sucked for nurses. So there's your healthcare companies. Can't hide and retention is paramount. So there's, you're upskilling and you just sort of encapsulated all of those comments around Guild. And well, humans are a pain in my ass and customers are getting more comfortable with machines. So bring on the robots, which we will also talk about later in the show. I think those are the three turns that are taking off Guild is on the frontline of that and they are going to profit immensely from this trend.

Chad (16m 31s):

Yeah. I think those three things we're already seeing happening. So to be able to predict something that we know is going to happen, come on.

Joel (16m 39s):

I said warming up and I said, red hot going into next year, man. The only thing is I can't, I can't get a good like HUR her I don't, I don't know. It doesn't roll off like RAD does. I got to work on that one. I got to work on this on which maybe I'll do it during the break. All right. Let's pay some bills and talk about Elon Musk. Who's that guy? Oh boy. Chad Elon smacked the hornet's nest on this. You're going to love this.

Chad (17m 6s):

He's doing that a lot lately.

Joel (17m 7s):

Yeah. I know. He needs to divert attention from his Twitter debacle. Anyway, Elon Musk asked all Tesla employees to come back to the office or quit this week in the leaked email to employees. Some highlights include quote. "Everyone at Tesla is required to spend a minimum of 40 hours, and I mean a minimum in the office per week, moreover, the office must be where your actual colleagues are located not some remote pseudo office. If you don't show up, we will assume you have resigned" end quote. Elon also said, quote, "there are of course companies that don't require this, but when was the last time they shipped a great new product?

Joel (17m 50s):

It's been a while." And let me take a wild guess, Chad, and say you're opposed to Elon's choice to bring everyone back to the office. What you got?

Chad (17m 60s):

Yeah. You don't say. Yeah, he didn't ask anything. This is an order. I mean really. And Elon Musk who is amazingly smart has also shown that he's a total asshole. This move shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. I mean, he was ordering the workers back to production lines during the pandemic when we didn't even have a damn vaccine yet. So the man doesn't care about people and what they want. A new CareerBuilder survey.

Joel (18m 27s):


Chad (18m 27s):

We're talking about a CareerBuilder survey.

Joel (18m 29s):

It's been a long time. CareerBuilder folks.

Chad (18m 32s):

We're not talking about tech or their amazing revenues. No, we're talking about a CareerBuilderer survey. What shows 67% of people surveyed would like to work remote, hear that remote, at least three days per week and 28% would prefer to work remote at least full time capacity. 38% of employees and 51% of our favorite millennials said they would quit if they weren't able to work remote. So quitting is still happening in the millions per month. So let's see if we have a Goldman Sachs situation where only half showed up after they were demanded back, or if Tesla employees comply?

Chad (19m 16s):

Either way through this pandemic, we have seen who Elon Musk really is. A megalomaniac asshole.

Joel (19m 22s):

Who would have thought that the first time we talk about CareerBuilder it's in regards to a survey and not jaw-dropping innovation.

Chad (19m 31s):

A survey.

Joel (19m 32s):

Anyway, Chad, who am I to disagree with the world's richest man? What's happening with knowledge based work quite frankly, is fascinating. Progressive software based companies like Airbnb are saying, you know what? Work whenever, however, and wherever you want. And those companies aren't losing a beat and they're prime to win huge bigly in the future. Yet the three martini lunch crowd on Wall Street who says, get back in the office. And you have companies who are tech companies, but make things like Apple, Google, Tesla, Peloton, et cetera, we've debated whether or not the iPhone could be developed in a work from home environment? You being on the yes. Me probably being on the no.

Joel (20m 14s):

And whether you think it can or not, the iPhone has not yet been created in a remote work environment. And to that degree, I think Elon's right. If you're a knowledge-based worker and you want to make physical shit, you're probably going to have to go back to a physical location. If you don't want that, Hey, we got choices, get a software job and make digital things only. What's also interesting to me is there will be fewer goods that are remarkable. Because there will be fewer people choosing this kind of work, which means the best of the best go to a few winners, like maybe Tesla, Apple, Mercedes, et cetera, which also says there's going to be more robots in this work.

Joel (20m 54s):

So to summarize, Chad, you have get your ass back to work that are sort of the traditional knowledge-based accountants, penny pushers, penny pinchers counters, whatever bean counters. You have techies that are only software that are going to be able to work from home. And then you have somewhere in the middle. Yeah. We're technology, but we also make shit, so you're going to have to be back in the office. I don't know if you're going to see Apple, Tesla, et cetera, re embrace remote work, and that's going to limit their talent pool. All the good people are going to go to software.

Chad (21m 24s):

Yeah. Well see, I think you're incredibly wrong because most of these people that are actually developing physical things, I know engineers who develop diesel engines for a fucking living. Okay. They do pop in every now and again to work, but most of their work is actually done on a goddamn computer. So to be able to say that is total bullshit. Number one. Number two, this is a, he said 40 hours a week. Once again, there's no flexibility, no autonomy. There he is literally just playing the iron fist bullshit game. So around the thought of this has to be a full-time in the office narrative. That is total bullshit.

Chad (22m 4s):

I don't care what you are creating. So the hybrid, the autonomy, that's one of the things that, again, at the top, you shouldn't give two fucks about. I don't care how it gets done as long as it gets done. And as soon as we start to move to that narrative, then we can get out of the 19 fucking fifties, stop the punching of the time clock and actually just get to work and enjoy life at the very same fucking time.

Joel (22m 29s):

Tweaking a diesel engine is not the same as creating an iPhone.

Chad (22m 32s):

It sure the fuck is.

Joel (22m 34s):

Call me, call me when the next great consumer product is made with a remote workforce and then name the great consumer product that was made remotely.

Chad (22m 43s):

We've been here a few years. We've been creating diesel engines for fucking ever, right? So therefore you got to give it a minute chief. It doesn't happen over goddamn nights.

Joel (22m 54s):

So in summary time will tell whether you're right or Elon's right.

Chad (22m 60s):

Elon's an asshole.

Joel (23m 0s):

Well, speaking of non assholes, your best, your best new friend Chad, Indeed and Recruit Holdings are in the news. This is from Reuters, Indeed and Glassdoor owner Recruit Holdings based in Japan, says it wants to have women in 50% of its senior executive and managerial roles within 10 years. A rare pledge in a country where men dominate the top echelon of companies, politics and civil service. That being Japan again. As of April 1st, 21% of recruits, senior executives, including heads of major business units were women. This is compared to just 10% a year earlier.

Joel (23m 42s):

If my math is right, that's doubling it Chad. So all at progress, the push for more women, as part of a diversity drive to ensure a flow of bright business ideas said Chief Operating Officer, Ayano Senaha its most senior female executive, who's also just a spry 39 year old. Chad, I assume you're a fan, but what's your take?

Chad (24m 7s):

Usually I would say this is all fluff and just pandering. But as you had said, it took them a year to go from 10% to 21%. That's actual movement. That's awesome. Then I wondered if that movement was from poaching or manufacturing your own female leadership. And the answer is that Recruit's workforce is young and half are female. Recruit COO, as you just talked about Aiyana, she is 39 and was promoted to the board in June of 2020, a couple of years ago, becoming the youngest female director among the Nikkei 225.

Chad (24m 47s):

I'm a fan of action, not words. And this is major action. This is big applause to recruit. And now let's hope they're also paying these females equitably.

Joel (24m 58s):

Yeah, I think this is great. I mean, you're looking, I don't think that as Americans, we really appreciate for the cultural limitations of women in Japan historically. And I think that these are great numbers and great initiatives. It's also a business that doesn't make stuff. So they're not sort of hooked into a lot of the traditional, I guess, trappings of, you know, making cars and other industrial items. So I say hats off to them as well, major applause. And again, another thing that Indeed Recruit Holdings has done, right? What I did find interesting though is Rony Cohan founder of Indeed is the only foreigner on their board of directors.

Joel (25m 41s):

So maybe a little more diversity on the board is in the offing as you buy up more and more global companies, I would like to see more foreigners non-Japanese folks on the board. I think that would be a good thing.

Chad (25m 55s):

We would like to see more older white dudes

Joel (25m 58s):

White dudes who aren't Japanese on the board please, who says I don't embrace diversity. Chad, who says I don't embrace diversity? Well, let's bad mouth some CEOs before we get too much into bad mouthing me. This is from a Fortune writer who asked quote, "should there be a maximum wage?" end quote. In 2021, fortune 500 CEOs picked up pay packages worth a median of 205 times the typical workers annual salary. Meanwhile, average US hourly wages fell 2.4% last year when adjusted for skyrocketing inflation. Some of the most highly paid CEOs last year also had some of the largest pay ratios at Warner Brothers Discovery for example, David Zaslav's $247 milliop and granted compensation is 2,972 times his median worker's salary, which is $82,964.

Joel (26m 57s):

That's not chump change anyway. All right, Chad, put down that Pitchfork and tell us what you think of this issue.

Chad (27m 6s):

Three words trickle down economics, or it also masquerades as supply side economics. Anyway, when these three words were first pitched to the American people, the massive profits companies would make were supposed to trickle down to everyone. The pie was supposed to get bigger and everyone was supposed to get a bigger piece of that pie. So let's be clear over the last 40 years since trickle-down has become a unfortunate piece of American history CEO pay has increased dramatically and most corporations who paid a CEO 35 times that of a median employee before trickle down 40 years ago. Now guess what?

Chad (27m 46s):

They pay around 350 times that of a median worker. So we wonder why we have such a rift in America today. Well, it's pretty simple. When the people who are actually doing the day to day work, those essential workers have experienced wage stagnation, some not even making a living wage. Then we have assholes like Jeff Bezos who keep the profits and they're building super yachts with smaller support yachts for their helicopter. Our country is divided more than ev and this is all started by a narrative that we would all enjoy the benefits of a bigger economy. And that was nothing more than a lie.

Chad (28m 29s):

And during this time we've turned from a democracy into a plutocracy, which means we're basically governed by the wealthy. We need to get guard rails back in place like we did before Reagan.

Joel (28m 41s):

This is America Chad agree or disagree. I just don't know what you do about it? If you think your CEO makes too much money work somewhere else, this isn't, these aren't all oligarchs, right? You know, if you don't like working for a CEO gets more than you go work somewhere else. If you want to change the laws in taxation, vote for vote for people that are going to do something about CEO pay. I just don't think that the majority of Americans care that much, that CEOs are making as much as they are because at the end of the day, nothing they're doing is illegal.

Chad (29m 12s):

How many people do we have quitting?

Joel (29m 14s):

But are they quitting because their CEO makes too much money?

Chad (29m 17s):

They're quitting because they're not making enough. And why aren't they making enough?

Joel (29m 22s):

So go, so go work for a company that has a different attitude around salaries.

Chad (29m 26s):

It's everywhere. Dude, it's fucking everywhere.

Joel (29m 28s):

Vote for vote for a government. That's actually going to have minimum wage. Yeah.

Chad (29m 33s):

I don't get me down that fucking rabbit hole because voting, oh my God.

Joel (29m 36s):

You know, and let's be honest. Like, I mean, the Democrats have controlled things for a few years. And before that they control things and nothing ever gets done.

Chad (29m 45s):

Gets done has nothing to do with fucking Republican or Democrat for God's sakes. They've both fucked us over the last 40 years. So when you start diverting by saying Democrat or Republican, yes, you just did. You can't do that.

Joel (29m 59s):

Then I won't. But if you want things changed, our system is such that you can change them, but things aren't going to change with, CEO pay because no one cares that much.

Chad (30m 9s):

Or you can find a beach in Portugal.

Joel (30m 11s):

Not nearly as much as I care about my old timer with Cheese, Chad, and let's take a quick break, take a deep breath. And we'll talk about robots at Chili's.

Chad (30m 22s):

And this is how you finish a podcast.

Joel (30m 24s):

At least our podcast robots, old timer with cheese, anyone that's right. A robot may be greeting you at the door during your next visit to Chili's. Everyone meet Rita, the robot, the newest Chilihead that's apparently what workers at Chili's are called, who looks more like a meal tray on wheels than an actual person. Chili's has expanded its partnership with bear robotics, the maker of Rita to 51 additional locations around eight states in the next month. Previously to that, they were in 10 stores nationwide. The casual chain has been testing the robot, which can lead guests to tables, run food, and sing a birthday song to guests.

Joel (31m 9s):

Come on folks. Chili's found that 82% of guests felt their experience was better because of Rita. 77% said their human server spent more time with them thanks to the bot. And 84% of Chili heads are excited about Rita. Chad are you excited about Rita the robot? And when was the last time you ate at a Chili's?

Chad (31m 29s):

It's been a minute. It's been a minute. Who wouldn't be excited to see a little robot? If you think about it, when we were kids, these are things that we dreamt about. We, everything that we were thinking about just about everything that we were thinking about, when we were kids is now like a part of every day, right? And this is one of those little, little robots popping around now. Here's the cool thing. They actually said that because of these robots, the server had a chance to do what? To be able to spend more time with the people, to give them that white glove service, this people recruiters, listen, this is what automation is for. And this is why you need to embrace automation. It's not going to take your fucking job.

Chad (32m 12s):

It's going to take this shit tasks out of your job so that you get an opportunity to give the candidates and hiring managers, the white glove service that you've always wanted to. So this is a great parallel to our industry.

Joel (32m 32s):

Is Rita single? Because delivering bottomless chips and salsa and Buffalo chicken sandwiches means Rita won't be on Tinder much longer. In fact, Chad, Rita Cheeseman has a pretty nice ring to it. Doesn't it?

Chad (32m 48s):

She's in mass production and not to mention you're not single.

Joel (32m 54s):

Everybody gets a Rita, everybody, everybody. Oh.

Chad and Cheese (32m 57s):

We out

8 (32m 58s):

Thank you for listening to what's it called the podcast, the Chad, the cheese and the talk about recruiting. They talk about technology, but most of all, they talk about nothing. Just a lot of shout outs of people you don't even know. And yet you're listening. It's incredible. And not one word about chase, not one cheddar blue nacho pepper, Jack Swiss, so many cheeses and not one word. So weird. Any who be sure to subscribe today on iTunes, Spotify, Google play, or wherever you listen to your podcasts, that way you won't miss an episode.

8 (33m 43s):

And while you're at it, visit w w w dot Chad just don't expect to find any recipes for grilled cheese is so weird. We out.


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