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Best and Worst - Holiday Show

Maybe you've noticed that we're on the doorstep of another holiday season. If not, what's wrong with ya', ya' filthy animal? As such, The Chad & Cheese Podcast Does Recruitment Marketing, featuring Julie Calli, President at, dives into the movies and songs that make the season so special (or a nightmare, in this case). Specifically, the gang shares their favorite and least favorite flicks and tunes. Hallelujah! Where's the Tylenol?

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sfx (0s):

Merry Christmas, a filthy animal and a happy New Year.

INTRO (8s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (33s):

Oh, yeah. Support for Trump is cratering. England is out of the World Cup and Elon just got booed at a Dave Chappelle stand up. Hallelujah. Holy shit. Where's the Tylenol? Hi, kids. You were listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast does Recruitment Marketing. I'm your co-host Joel "cuddly as a cactus" Cheesman.

Chad (53s):

This is Chad "Lethal Weapon is a Christmas movie" Sowash

Julie (57s):

Julie, "bringing joy to the world" Calli.

Joel (1m 1s):

On this episode it's sugar plums in your pie hole and coal in your stocking. Let's do this. Happy holidays, kids.

Chad (1m 14s):

Happy holidays, all the holidays. Loving life here in 20 degrees Celsius weather, which is about 68 degrees Fahrenheit for you.

Joel (1m 23s):

You suck, dude. Nobody likes you.

sfx (1m 25s):


Joel (1m 25s):

This is why no one invites you to the parties, Chad.

Julie (1m 28s):

Meanwhile, I'm in New England with a beautiful snow covered atmosphere.

Chad (1m 34s):

See! She loves it.

Joel (1m 34s):

That's lovely. Yeah,

Chad (1m 35s):

There's nothing wrong with that.

Joel (1m 36s):

You should be in the spirit for this one. All right, so we're taking a break from the hard-hitting news and commentary.

Chad (1m 42s):


Joel (1m 42s):

That we're known for and we're gonna do a little holiday fun. We're gonna go through each of us and we're gonna talk about our favorite holiday songs and movies, but also, cuz it is the Chad and Cheese with Julie Calli. We're also doing the worst holiday songs

Chad (2m 2s):


Joel (2m 2s):

And holiday movies.

Chad (2m 3s):

According to us.

Joel (2m 4s):

Are you ready for this?

Chad (2m 5s):

Let's do it.

Joel (2m 6s):

Before we get to the list. Oh, yeah. I wanna highlight the folks at Recruitment Marketing are putting on a little vote, little contest.

Chad (2m 17s):

Little awards.

Joel (2m 17s):

Julie, tell us about that. And how the kids out there can vote. Give a gift, if you will, to the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Chad (2m 24s):

What do we win?

Julie (2m 26s):

Yeah. Do you enjoy this podcast? Well you should go to We're doing a survey for the audience to find out what is their favorite podcast? What is their favorite job site? Ask a couple questions to find out what people love, what shows they love, what sites they love. So we can give out some awards to the industry in January.

Joel (2m 50s):

Conferences. Conferences are on there.

Julie (2m 51s):

Conferences as well.

Joel (2m 53s):

You guys cover all the bases. All the bases. Kids.

Chad (3m 0s):

But do we win alcohol? That's the question.

Joel (3m 3s):

We win glory.

Julie (3m 5s):

You win glory and bragging rights.

Joel (3m 7s):

Glory in the metaphorical gutting of our competition.

Julie (3m 9s):


Joel (3m 9s):

That's what we get. That's what we get to do. Shall we get to the list people?

Chad (3m 17s):

Let's do it.

Joel (3m 19s):

All right. First up, let's talk. Favorite holiday films? Chad, you're up.

Chad (3m 23s):

Oh, yeah. So a staple that we have watched ever since I was a little kid. 1954's White Christmas with Bing Crosby, Danny Kay, Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen. This is a standard for all Christmas movies. It's even in Technicolor and VistaVision, which in the 1950s was the ancestor of 4K movie resolution, for all you kids out there. Anyway, White Christmas is a comedy, a musical, and a love story, set just after World War III, Danny and Bing find themselves snowed in a lodge in the hills of Vermont, much like Julie Cali is probably right now.

Chad (4m 6s):

And it is just a great film and it's one that you can watch over and over and over and just get you in the Christmas spirit. So I love, and the kids love White Christmas.

Joel (4m 17s):

So great that you've lost everyone under 40 on our podcast. That's Chad's vote for best holiday film. Julie, what's your fave?

Julie (4m 26s):

This is really hard to pick because there's so many that I love, but yeah, what I really enjoyed, and I watched a lot when I was young, was Scrooged. I am a huge Bill Murray fan.

Joel (4m 40s):

Bill Murray.

Julie (4m 40s):

I love.

Joel (4m 41s):

And the eighties Hair, the Mullet with Bill Murray.

Julie (4m 44s):

Yes. He did have a mullet in that. There are so many lines from that movie that we quote in our house on a regular basis. So I'd say that is a daily part of my life that movie.

Joel (4m 56s):

Scrooged came out in '89, I think. '88, '89.

Julie (4m 58s):

Oh really?

Joel (4m 59s):

That was.

Julie (4m 60s):

My, I remember it was like a new and modern movie for Christmas. Yeah, it's a good story. It's a good comedy. I I really love that.

Joel (5m 8s):

Trust me, it'll be new for a lot of our listeners. They'll, they'll consider that one new, especially after Chad's pick from 1824. This is a really new. All right. All right kids. So my favorite movie for the holiday season, A Christmas Story.

Chad (5m 26s):


Joel (5m 27s):

Who Doesn't Love Ralphie Red Ryder came out in 1983, which Ralphie was roughly the same age as I was when the movie came out. So there's a little bit of a special yes. Sort of bond that I have there with Ralphie in Ohio. If you haven't seen the movie, Ralphie hopes to get a Red Ryder, BB Gun for Christmas. Insanity ensues with dogs in the neighbor, bullies in the lot, et cetera. The film also took place, or filmed partially in Cleveland, Ohio, where I lived for 10 years and still have a special place in my heart. If you're ever in Cleveland, the house that this movie was filmed in is a museum that you can go visit.

Joel (6m 10s):

The Bumpus' house next door where the dog, the Bumpus' dogs, that is also available to tour. And you can also spend the night in the Bumpus' house if you're so inclined to do so.

Chad (6m 25s):

Can you buy a leg lamp?

Joel (6m 26s):

Terminal tower if you're in Cleveland is at the beginning of the movie. There's a parade that goes through downtown Cleveland. A little history on the movie. Jack Nicholson was supposed to play the part of the father who instead was playing by Darren McGavin, a famous actor. But because Nicholson had just gotten done filming The Shining, they didn't think that him being like a holiday Christmas dad was really something that made a lot of sense. Peter Billingsley, who plays Ralphie in the movie, beat out Will Wheaton for you Star Trek fans.

Chad (7m 1s):


Joel (7m 1s):

And Stand By Me fans.

Chad (7m 3s):


Joel (7m 3s):

For the part of that. And to me it's just a great American classic thirties and forties. It's supposed to take place in northern Indiana where I live today. So there's a lot of connections to the Midwest, but for me, a Christmas Story is just a great movie. National Lampoon's Vacation was a close second for me, but a Christmas Story does win out on this one.

Chad (7m 28s):

Yes. Christmas Vacation. Yes. Shooter's full Clark. That's always

Joel (7m 31s):

Shooter's full Clark. Yes. Yes. Holy shit, there's

Julie (7m 33s):

So many things we could relate to with our families in that, right? That play out. Yes.

Joel (7m 40s):

No one picked Die Hard, which I was,I thought somebody might do that. All right, let's get to the the worst holiday movies for everybody. Chad, who? You got?

Chad (7m 54s):

It's the pure antithesis of what Christmas films represent. Christmas films represent family togetherness, tradition, much like White Christmas. But that movie is Bad Santa from 2003. Billy Bob Thornton plays a conman and he and his partner pose as Santa and his little elf, and they rob the department stores on Christmas Eve. They try to turn this into kinda like this anti-hero kind of movie thing with Billy Bob.

Joel (8m 25s):

Feel good.

Chad (8m 26s):

When he befriends this little fat kid who's getting bullied. Anyways no family, no togetherness, no tradition. Just incredibly awkward scenes in one line that I've never heard in a movie before. Quote. "Yeah, Mary, you're not gonna shit right for a week. That escalated quickly, I believe Bad Santa set out to do.

Julie (8m 51s):

You are selling me on it being a bad movie.

Chad (8m 55s):

Exactly. What they wanted was to create the worst Christmas movie of all time. And they did that.

Joel (9m 2s):

All right. Bad Santa. All right, Julie, who you got for worst holiday film?

Julie (9m 7s):

I think it's whenever somebody tries to put a sequel, you know, and Joel, I'm with you. I love the Christmas Story. And they just came out with the sequel Christmas Story Two. Not a fan.

Joel (9m 19s):

Another history, there's been three remakes of that movie, which no one has ever seen, and that's perfectly fine.

Julie (9m 25s):

So I guess there's all the, between one and two.

Joel (9m 27s):

You can watch on Netflix now. Yeah.

Julie (9m 28s):

But yeah, all of them.

Joel (9m 30s):

So I'm with you on the sequels,

Julie (9m 32s):

Man. Don't, there's Jingle All the Way Two, there's Home Alone Two, there's Santa Claus, Santa Claus two.

Joel (9m 36s):

How many of those are there?

Julie (9m 38s):

Whenever they try to do a sequel, it never goes.

Joel (9m 44s):

Martin Short couldn't even save that. Awful, awful, awful movies. All right. All the sequels get a big Boo.

Chad (9m 52s):


Joel (9m 52s):

On Julie Calli. All right. So my worst movie also happens to be my wife's favorite holiday movie.

Chad (9m 58s):

Oh my God.

Joel (9m 60s):

And I need to make sure that I'm loaded up on Buffalo Trace and Old Forester whenever we watch it. If I wanna make it through there. So my wife's favorite movie and my least favorite is Babes in Toyland.

Chad (10m 16s):


Joel (10m 16s):

From 1986, this movie starred a probably coked out in drunk, 11 year old Drew Barrymore, as well as Keanu Reeves. So if you haven't seen this, it's sort of a Dorothy Wizard of Oz thing where Drew Barrymore lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. Yes. I've got a fuo Ohio combo for my best.

Chad (10m 38s):

Drew Barrymore in Cinci. Yeah.

Joel (10m 40s):

Cinci. Yeah. And there's a horrible song, Cincinnati, I don't always sing it cuz I'll throw up on the podcast, but she gets knocked out. She goes into this mystical land where there are police bears and battling toy soldiers. There's a bad guy named Barnaby who in the real world is like a sexual harassing boss that she has at work. Keanu Reeves, which frankly is the only star and stand out in this movie that's worth watching, is on it. Drew Barrymore is forced to marry this Barnaby guy who's also apparently related to her in some way.

Joel (11m 22s):

It's just, there's some sort of like bottle of evil instead of, instead of a witch or it's just really bad in there.

Chad (11m 30s):

Are there dragons? It sounds like House of Dragons.

Joel (11m 32s):

No Dragons, I don't think. Okay. I mean, I'm about four Old Fashions in by the time the end of this thing goes down. But she comes to, remember when Dorothy came to and the whole family's there and like, Hey Dorothy, you just had a bad dream. Right? So Drew Barrymore, I think is in a car wreck and gets like a major head gash. She wakes up at home, not in the hospital. Right? Like, you gotta love the eighties, like rub some dirt on it and get over it. Kid, you'd be fine. Yeah. Again, horrible movie Babes in Toyland 1986. The only redeeming thing is Keanu Reeves, who is so eighties cool. I can hardly stand it. You can have Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze and Andrew McCarthy.

Joel (12m 14s):

For me only River Phoenix was cooler in the eighties, but this movie is a big stinker Babes in Toyland 1986, we'll be right back to talk about our worst and favorite holiday songs. Alright, let's get musical with it. Talking about favorite and least favorite holiday songs. Chad, what's your favorite holiday tune?

Chad (12m 48s):

Merry Christmas off the album Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey, 1994 Christmas album. First and foremost, you, you just got to check out the album cover and then listen to this sexy sultry sounds of Mariah Carey's.

Joel (13m 2s):

What's on the cover? I don't know,

Chad (13m 5s):

It's a hot little Mariah Carey in a tight Santa outfit. Let keep going here.

Joel (13m 9s):

You're in the zone, man. I'll let you go. Yeah,

Chad (13m 11s):

Yeah. So the most played song, all I Want for Christmas is You, which is probably one that Julie hates because she heard it over and over and over. It makes $600,000 every year in royalties alone.

Joel (13m 28s):


Chad (13m 28s):

Just that one song. $600,000 dollars.

Julie (13m 32s):


Chad (13m 32s):

Plus again, check out the album cover. That's my favorite. Mariah Carey love the album. But the song, all I Want for Christmas is You and the album cover. Thank you.

Joel (13m 41s):

Alright that's a Chad fave. Although I think we need a category for best cover, according to Chad and his commentary there. All right, Julie, let's get to your favorite holiday tune. What is it?

Julie (13m 54s):

My favorite is definitely the Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. Like his version of it. I just love his voice. I hear that song and I just wanna snuggle under a blanket with a hot chocolate by the fire looking at the Christmas tree. I just feel all the feels when I hear that song.

Joel (14m 15s):

So you should watch Chad's favorite movie from 1749 in your favorite song and feel really old in your La-z-Boy and your slippers. That's nice. Are you a fan of Nat King Cole Chad? I know you are right?

Chad (14m 27s):

Yes. Anything, I mean, again, we're talking, we're talking about Christmas, we're talking about tradition. So therefore.

Joel (14m 31s):


Chad (14m 31s):

You know, you gotta get some tradition in there.

Joel (14m 34s):

I feel it, man. I feel it. All right.

Chad (14m 36s):

I think you do.

Joel (14m 37s):

Well, maybe with this one you'll think I do. All right. My favorite song. So I thought about going old school on this. Yeah. I thought about Bing Crosby - White Christmas. I thought about Elvis's Blue Christmas or maybe, maybe some newer stuff like Bruce Springsteen's Santa Claus's Coming to Town. No. Or maybe even Cold Play's Christmas Lights, which I know Chad's a big fan of. But I landed somewhere I didn't think I would as I dug into this issue. The best holiday song ever is You Are A Mean One Mr. Grinch sung by Thurl Ravens Croft in the sixties cartoon that I watched growing up, and I know Chad did as well.

Chad (15m 16s):


Joel (15m 16s):

Again, here's why it's such a great song.

Chad (15m 20s):


Joel (15m 21s):

Well, if you love Yo Mama jokes, self-loathing and being dead inside, and who doesn't? This song helped blaze a trail to all of those things. Here's a hot list of personal attacks from the song. You're as cuddly as a cactus. You're as charming as an eel. You got termites in your smile. Your heart's an empty hole. You got garlic in your soul. Your heart's a dead tomato splotch with moldy purple spots. And the coup de grâce on this song was, you're a three decker sauerkraut and toad stool sandwich with arsenic sauce. Stink, stank, and stunk, the best holiday song ever is your mean one.

Joel (16m 5s):

Mr. Grant sung by the Deep throated Thurl Ravenscroft.

Chad (16m 7s):

Very much, very much so. I've gotta throw in a close second cuz you're gonna love this Cheesman.

Joel (16m 17s):

Oh, okay.

Chad (16m 18s):

You're gonna love this. I love Christmas and Hollis. 1987, bring on Run-D.M.C.

Joel (16m 25s):

That's it's Christmas time in Hollands Queens.

Chad (16m 28s):

Oh yeah. Mom's cooking chicken and greens, rice and stuffing, macaroni and cheese. Yeah. Love it. Christmas and Hollis.

Joel (16m 34s):

So not Last Christmas by Wham, that's not your close second. Your Honorable mention.

Chad (16m 42s):

And now that's a little bit further down my list. Yes.

Joel (16m 47s):

All right. Well, what everyone's been waiting for is everyone's worst. Worst. We're talking about the real stinkers here. Everybody, the worst holiday films or sorry songs. Chad, you're up.

Chad (16m 60s):

Okay. So for the band that was obviously trying too damn hard in 1989, the New Kids on the Block released the worst Christmas song of all time called Funky, funky Christmas. Just listen to the chorus.

Joel (17m 16s):

Oh my God.

Chad (17m 18s):

Just listen to the chorus of Have a Funky, funky Christmas. And I can confidently say that it's only rivaled by Tiny Tim's. Santa Claushas got the aids this year. This album was released, I think, at the peak of New Kids on the Block, and this was signaling that they were jumping the Shark.

Joel (17m 36s):

Yeah, that was a bad album. I remember that. I forgot that song until you mentioned it. Yeah. All right. That's awful. Okay, before I jump out of a window, Julie, what's your least favorite holiday song?

Julie (17m 51s):

Well, my least favorite, I mean, I know it's a traditional favorite for many, but for me It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year by Andy Williams, is it brings back memories of working in retail. And that song would play on repeat. I'd be on my feet for 16 hours a day, line out the door, people screaming at me. Everybody's running outta patience. And all I could hear is, it's the most wonderful time. Is it torturing you as you're in like a state of absolute stress and frenzy to hear that song on repeat? So that one is the absolute worst for me. When I hear it, it brings back trauma.

Joel (18m 26s):

Those are two pretty good, bad ones. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to top those, but I'm gonna try, I'm gonna get some pushback on this. I think so. I love the Beatles. I think The Beatles are a gift from God. I don't even know if they're human. They may be from another planet.

Chad (18m 44s):

They could be.

Joel (18m 44s):

Kids. If you haven't done this, go listen to every Beatles album from Rubber Soul to Let it Be. And everything you need to know about the human condition will be revealed to you in song. John Lennon's, Happy Christmas War Is Over, is one of my favorite songs. Yeah. However, Paul McCartney's Wonderful Christmas Time from 1979 is so awful.

Chad (19m 10s):

Oh, come on.

Joel (19m 11s):

It breaks my heart every time I hear it because it's such a stain on the Beatles. Oh, legacy. Let me count the ways that this song sucks. Number one, you simply expect more from a Beatle, you listen to this and think, what in the hell is a Beatle doing singing a song that's not named Ringo? Number two, the synthesizers make even 1979, seem over disco and cheesy. It's awful. Number three, the lyrics are so sophmoric with kids singing in the background in the chorus.

Joel (19m 51s):

Ding ding, dong ding. Shoot. May so many reasons why this is bad, if this wasn't a Beatle singing, it wouldn't even get played on the radio. What makes it mower sickening? You mentioned the royalties on one of your songs, Chad. Forbes says, this song has made Paul McCartney nearly $15 million since its debut in 1979 in royalty checks, it sucks. And I'm sure Paul is crying all the way to the bank as I'm saying these words. Wonderful Christmas time by Paul McCartney is my least favorite song of the holidays. Thank you very much.

Chad (20m 31s):

It set the standard for how not to use a synthesizer, but it did have a hook that just doesn't get outta your fucking brain. And it's incredibly soft work. There's no question because it's for kids and it's a holiday song. So yeah, it's like a coloring book. But through the vocal chords of Paul McCartney.

Joel (20m 50s):

If you remember the Cassio keyboards from the seventies and eighties. It gives me nightmares still. So let's wrap up here and review everyone's favorite. Chad, your favorite movie was?

Chad (21m 6s):

Oh my God, white Christmas.

Joel (21m 7s):

Julie, your favorite movie was?

Julie (21m 8s):


Joel (21m 9s):

My favorite movie was a Christmas Story. Chad, your worst movie?

Chad (21m 13s):

Bad Santa.

Joel (21m 13s):

Julie's worst was every sequel made. I'll just go ahead and throw that in there. My worst movie is Babes in Toyland, in 1986, believe it or not, it's a remake from probably a worst movie from I think the forties or fifties. And then we had favorite songs. Chad, you picked.

Chad (21m 29s):

Mariah Carey. Just go by the album. Okay. The first off by one album, take

Joel (21m 36s):

Or just save it on your computer wall screen and have it as your, as your wallpaper. Julie, your favorite holiday song.

Julie (21m 46s):

The Christmas song by Nat King Cole.

Joel (21m 50s):

Mine was, You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch and our worst holiday songs, Chad?

Chad (21m 54s):

New Kids on the Block, Funky, Funky Christmas.

Joel (21m 57s):

Oh oh oh, Julie, your?

Julie (21m 58s):

Andy Williams. It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year. The most, except for when you're in retail.

Chad (22m 5s):

The most Wonderful time ...

Joel (22m 6s):

And mine as much as it breaks my heart goes to Paul McCartney's Wonderful Christmas time. And with that Happy Holidays everybody. We love you. We'll get to some real content in the new year, but until then

Chad and Cheese (22m 27s):

We out. We Out.

sfx (22m 29s):

Merry Christmas, A Filthy Animal and a Happy New Year.

OUTRO (23m 14s):

Thank you for listening to, what's it called? The podcast with Chad, the Cheese. Brilliant. They talk about recruiting. They talk about technology, but most of all, they talk about nothing. Just a lot of Shout Outs of people, you don't even know and yet you're listening. It's incredible. And not one word about cheese, not one cheddar, blue, nacho, pepper jack, Swiss. So many cheeses and not one word. So weird. Any hoo be sure to subscribe today on iTunes, Spotify, Google play, or wherever you listen to your podcasts, that way you won't miss an episode. And while you're at it, visit just don't expect to find any recipes for grilled cheese. Is so weird. We out.

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