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Naughty & Nice 2022

What's a holiday season without the boys giving their top picks for naughtiest and nicest stories, characters and commentary from the year that was 2022? Hot garbage, that's what! Featured are Slack, LinkedIn, pay transparency, Indeed and (of course) OnlyFans. The boys also give their picks for most binge-worthy content from music to podcasts to movies and more. Enjoy ... and don't shoot your eye out!

INTRO (1s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (22s):

Oh, yeah, big announcement, Chad and Cheese NFTs coming soon, only $99 a piece. Hi di, ho ho ho kids. You're listening to the Chad and Cheese podcast. This is your cohost, Joel "Kringle" Cheesman.

Chad (37s):

This is Chad "release the hounds. No, no, no. I mean, Trump's taxes" Sowash.

Joel (42s):

And on this episode, we get a little festive and announce our naughty and nice awards for the year and give you our favorite binge-worthy content to go with your yummy cup of eggnog. Don't shoot your eye out. Let's do this.

Chad (1m 0s):

I love the holidays!

Joel (1m 2s):

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Chad (1m 5s):

It's beautiful. You guys are getting ready to get like this bomb or something that's coming up.

Joel (1m 11s):

Yeah, yeah. They're building this thing up, so it'll be like an inch of snow, but apparently we're taping this on Wednesday, Thursday. Late cold front snow. They're saying three to six inches in our area. If you're north of that, you're gonna get a lot more apparently. Cold temperatures, like negatives. Could be a white Christmas though, which would make the kids and everybody really happy.

Chad (1m 37s):

Hopefully it doesn't come too early because we have family flying out of Cincinnati to come to Paris to meet us. So Yeah, they're flying out on Thursday afternoon or so hopefully they'll get out

Joel (1m 50s):

Cinci's in that like one to three. So, I think Cinci'll be fine. Good, good. From what, at least the forecast we're getting.

Chad (1m 58s):

Yeah. We're looking at some of the radar on that. I'm like, holy fuck.

Joel (2m 1s):

Yeah. Yeah. Think of me when you're barefoot on the beach drinking a Duvel. Would you?

Chad (2m 7s):

I'll do my best.

Joel (2m 9s):

In your stocking cap. Yeah.

Chad (2m 13s):

So the first present we're gonna give to the listeners today is bingeable stuff, right? I mean, we're gonna talk about our favorite binges right now.

Joel (2m 23s):

Two middle-aged white guys are gonna tell you what's cool, everybody. What could be better than that? So Chad and I have talked, we've come up with a movie of the year, a show, usually probably a streaming show, but any show, an album or music of the year, and then a podcast, because that's what we do. And I'll go ahead and go first if you are okay with that Chad.

Chad (2m 47s):

Have it.

Joel (2m 47s):

All right. My first movie is Facing Nolan. If you're a baseball fan, if you're around watching that in the eighties, seventies, even into the nineties.

Chad (2m 57s):


Joel (2m 57s):

You know the name Nolan Ryan, personally, my favorite pitcher of all time, grew up in Houston and watched him kind of play with the Astros and then the Rangers. Anyway, this is a documentary on Netflix that outlines his life. Early kid in Texas with just a gift. Married his high school sweetheart, has tons of records. Played 27 years, I think in the majors. Texas, Americana, sports like baseball. It's it all. It's a feel good story. And, side note about my father who I gave birthday shoutouts. He celebrated 83 years on Pplanet earth yesterday, my father, after he retired, moved to Austin. He owns a minor league team called the Express.

Joel (3m 39s):

My father was the clubhouse guy for the visiting team. So my dad actually worked for Nolan Ryan. So there's a little bit of a family connection.

Chad (3m 47s):


Joel (3m 47s):

To this movie that's nice. But if you like sports docs, check out Facing Nolan.

Chad (3m 55s):

That's awesome. So my movie, it's on Netflix. It's called Bullet Train. So this is for the lovers of Snatch and Deadpool. You're gonna wanna pop some corn, grab a beer and hold on and enjoy the ride. Oh yeah,

Joel (4m 10s):

Yeah. Snatch is number one in your heart.

Chad (4m 13s):

It is. And Deadpool. I mean, it's just one of those things where you can turn your brain off, laugh your ass off. It's fast. It's fun. It's a blast. So check it out. Turn your brain off. Don't think too hard about this one.

Joel (4m 27s):

Sounds like holiday fun for the kids.

Chad (4m 29s):

Bullet Train.

Joel (4m 29s):

And, your wife will love it too, cuz Brad Pit is starring in it. I'll go to my favorite show of the year.

Chad (4m 36s):


Joel (4m 37s):

And I had a little bit of recency bias. I wanted to put White Lotus in, which is still great, but I was like, it was just on, just finished. I need to go back in the archives of the shows that I watched and I came with, my favorite show of the year was a show called The Bear. Stared the old guy or the one of the kids from Shameless. He's a chef in Chicago. His brother dies. He takes over the restaurant, which is, imagine this an Italian beef place, which appeals to me, obviously. Chaos ensues. Apparently it's as close to like a restaurant situation as possible. But if you love good drama, kitchen drama Chicago, a lot of flavor of the Windy City?

Joel (5m 18s):

The Bear is something that you should check out. I think it's already been green lighted for a second season, which should be coming next year. The Bear.

Chad (5m 28s):

The Bear. My bingeable show is on Netflix. It's called 1899. It's an eight episode series. It's about a ship that's headed to America in 1899, hence the title. That comes across it's a sister ship that was lost at sea months prior. It's a time and space bending journey, and it's just as creepy as it is cool. This is one that you're gonna want to turn your brain on for. The first one was brainless. This one's a thinker. It's pretty cool.

Joel (6m 1s):

Which means it'll be awful for our audience. But anyway, when you first said that, I thought it was one of the Yellowstone shows. They have like, oh yeah, 1893, 1923. I'm like, I thought that was one of these Yellowstone shows. But no, this is a separate, has nothing to do with Yellowstone whatsoever.

Chad (6m 17s):


Joel (6m 18s):


Chad (6m 19s):

Nothing. The cool thing about this is it's Netflix is doing really cool content all over the world.

Joel (6m 24s):


Chad (6m 24s):

So, I mean, you're talking about like our foreign language podcasts, right?

Joel (6m 31s):

By Veritone.

Chad (6m 32s):

Right. Yeah. But they're all in these different languages, right? It's either Spanish or German or what have you. This one is multi-language and it is incredibly cool because you can tell that individuals are actually speaking different languages and if you turn the subtitles off.

Joel (6m 48s):


Chad (6m 48s):

I mean, it gets a little freaky, but it's really cool. At first we started watching it cuz we're here in Portugal, and for some reason it started right out of the gate in Spanish. And I'm like, what in the hell? And then some people were talking in English. I had to go in turn on the dubbing. It's, it's really cool. Netflix is doing some really cool shit.

Joel (7m 4s):

That's kind of a thing now, isn't it? Wasn't there a movie called Here, There and Everywhere that was hot that did kind of, that it'd go to English and then like different languages. Like, that's a thing now. All right, let's go to music, which I hate because as a younger man, I would watch the Grammys and they would get, like, in the nineties, they would give the album of the year to Bob Dylan. And I would think you guys are so outta touch giving awards to Paul McCartney, like they're so past their prime. So I'm a little hesitant as a 50 something to give my musical choice of the year. But, what the hell. So my favorite album this year was Arcade Fire's We. For all of our Canadian listeners, and we, we know that there are many out there.

Joel (7m 49s):

For my money the best Canadian band of all time, sorry, Rush fans. It's a great album. It's sort of recorded on the pandemic, but it has some like inspirational, positive, optimistic viewpoints of where the future's going. Sort of a double album that's not a double album. Another side note on this one is it's Lead singer Will Butler was caught in a scandal of sexual misconduct this past year. His wife is in the band, so I'm thinking that might be a little bit volatile for their future. So this may be the last Arcade Fire album for all we know. So that gave it a little bit of, you know, higher level of importance to me that this might be the Swan Song of Arcade Fire in their 20 some year career.

Chad (8m 35s):

Very Fleetwood Mac on that one.

Joel (8m 37s):

Yeah. Yeah.

Chad (8m 37s):

Yeah, mine, it's a throwback, but it's my favorite. I went to my Spotify to see what I listened, to the most this year. And it's Miles Davis' Kind of Blue. It's not new, but it's probably one of the most amazing albums that's out there. 1959, I believe it actually came out. John Coltrane played on Kind of Blue. Again, it's a staple and it's something I listen to just about on The Daily.

Joel (9m 7s):

All right. All right. If we're going back that way, I'm gonna throw in Revolver, which was reissued this year. Oh, it has some really, Ooh, really great stuff. Arguably the best Beatles album of all time, but that's a whole separate podcast. All right, well, let's get to our favorite podcasts of the year, because we know a thing or two about podcasts. So for me, I think the most digestible podcast for anyone, I listen to politics stuff and, and technology. But the one I think anyone that's listening could gravitate to is the 60 songs that explain the nineties. They're well past 60 songs at this point, but if you enjoyed nineties music, every hit song is covered.

Joel (9m 49s):

They just did Vanilla Ice, Ice, Ice, Baby. They did Salt and Pepper recently. He's just great. There's no ads. He's a journalist. Great sort of setup for these songs. Just pick your favorite songs from the nineties and there's an episode on it. It's very digestible. Check it out. That is 60 songs that Explain the Nineties and it's way past 60 because the nineties was complicated. You need more, more songs than 60 to explain the decade.

Chad (10m 21s):

Totally. Exactly. My podcast is Pitchfork Economics. I've talked about this podcast several times over the years, mainly because it's how it relates to recruitment, employees and business. The specific episode that I think that you will enjoy, Joel is Nick Hanauer. Again, a billionaire just had Scott Galloway on to talk about his new book. America Isn't Lost, It's Adrift. So, I think it's a great podcast to be able to really get into economics and obviously opinion as well. Pitchfork economics.

Joel (10m 59s):

All right, kids. And that is our binge worthy content from 2022. Let's get into our nice and naughty list Chad by starting with the things we thought were nice from 2022.

Chad (11m 13s):

All right. First and foremost, it's transparency to the people kids. So on the Recruitment Flex with Serge and Shelly, we recorded a 2022 recap podcast episode that dropped earlier this week where you predicted that pay transparency will have a moment in 2023. Well, I think it had some pretty damn good moments in 2022, earlier this year that US Women's Soccer team received pay equity and parody with the US men's team. And that was mainly due to pay transparency. New York City, California and the EU have dropped regulations in the EUs case, a proposal for all EU nations around pay transparency.

Chad (11m 60s):

And in the US, California, and New York City join Colorado in dropping actual regulation. In California and New York, New York City, those pay transparency regulations go into effect January, 2023. That's next month A couple years behind Colorado, who actually dropped the same types of regs in 2021. Specifically in our industry though Adzuna added salary to jobs and they also launched a salary transparency petition while reaching out an engaging US and UK politicians. So, UK, NYC, California, and everyone who is driving real salary and pay transparency, including the women's soccer team.

Chad (12m 48s):

You go on the nice list for 2022.

Joel (12m 51s):

Alright, transparency on the nice list. Alright, well, incarcerated workers, getting a second chance has been a theme of our show every year since we've been doing this I thing. But my nice list starts with Slack, the workplace messaging app, in case you didn't know. They have a program called Next Chapter that train formerly incarcerated people to become software engineers. The program which has trained 30 apprentices so far, as we reported a few months ago, has helped all of them secure full-time tech jobs at companies such as Slack, Dropbox, Square, and Zoom. In a partnership with the Aspen Institute, Slack is launching Rework Reentry, a project that aims to make it easier for other companies to follow their model.

Joel (13m 37s):

The project will provide a tactical playbook for companies, host events between tech leaders and justice reform advocates, and release short documentary films about the experiences of formerly incarcerated people after they leave prison. Shout out to Slack and they made my nice list. This is in light of 70 Million Jobs, by the way, if you wanna look back on our archives, an interview with Richard Bronson talks about their company, they went out of business last year due to covid and pandemic issues. Also, throw in that we talked about an advertisement by Mod Pizza, which featured a worker with an ankle bracelet, which I thought was a fantastic message for the kids out there.

Joel (14m 21s):

Fortunately, there are sites like Honest Jobs out there and Indeed have also created similar goals, but more corporations getting involved is a great thing. And Slack is driving this initiative. So they make my nice list for 2022.

Chad (14m 36s):

Yeah, The only way to get this, get this taken care of is for companies to actually get into the game. Vendors are great, love it, but the company's got to be involved.

Joel (14m 49s):

When we get back, we'll get to what everyone wants the naughty list. All right, Chad, who's the first recipient of a naughty award from 2022?

Chad (15m 0s):

Well, I'm gonna talk about LinkedIn's snuff film that they made this year, much like a Rob Zombie movie. It took about six years for LinkedIn to finish its snuff film with IQ and was finally wrapped up and in the can in 2022. So after this snuff of HighQ, we now see a world closed innovation when it comes to data and HR tech platforms. And it didn't have to be this way. Instead of snuffing out a startup like HighQ who would have liked access to LinkedIn's public data to create more innovative point solutions, LinkedIn could have created a marketplace, we've heard of these, which would have spurred innovation and given LinkedIn embedded information on how well these new startup platforms and ideas were performing instead of finding a way to just kill innovation.

Chad (15m 55s):

So LinkedIn, with the help of the US courts have snuffed out HighQ, they've snuffed out innovation and new blood and ideas that our industry desperately, desperately need. That's why LinkedIn is on my naughty list for 2022.

sfx (16m 14s):

That escalated quickly.

Joel (16m 15s):

Yeah, that's naughty. That's naughty.

Chad (16m 16s):


Joel (16m 17s):

We'll miss that topic. That's been a zombie topic for us for five years.

Chad (16m 21s):


Joel (16m 22s):

That we won't get to talk about anymore. LinkedIn has put a head of every startup on a spike outside of its headquarters to warn everyone about don't fuck with us. Thanks LinkedIn. Thanks LinkedIn. All right.

Chad (16m 33s):

Not cool.

Joel (16m 33s):

Let's get to my naughty and there were a lot of candidates for this topic. Chad, there was Hurricane CEO, there was United Furniture that laid everybody off with a text message in the middle of the night.

Chad (16m 48s):

Oh yeah.

Joel (16m 49s):

The 70 K year CEO that was misconducting himself with the ladies at work.

Chad (16m 54s):

The ladies.

Joel (16m 54s):

I wrote these down. I went through the year and I said, okay, I'm gonna just dump these on a page. And I got to one that was Chris LaVoy of a formerly top recruiter reality show. And I thought, well, I'm gonna go dig into this. And I spent about two hours last night in a wormhole going over this story. So a little context, Chris LaVoy is a guy that came into our industry. He actually started as a recruiter. He did some film stuff. He started a show in 2014 called Top Recruiter. Some people that we know and people that are listening to this, know some of the people on the show. It had three seasons, I don't know even where to start with this.

Joel (17m 35s):

A guy named Nick Fishman, who I worked for, talked about getting pitched by Chris back in the day for $50,000 to do this show. Chris had these trailers and previews on YouTube. These trailers shows had like 500,000 views. Very few comments, right? I mean, totally bought these impressions and views of these YouTube videos. So Nick Fishman, to his credit, said, no, I'm good on sponsoring this show. But we know some of the members on this program. Anyway, this guy got money shows really weren't produced. People were told that it was gonna be on Netflix, Apple TV, Google Play. Unfortunately, most of shows on streaming services are only on one service.

Joel (18m 18s):

So like very few shows go across multiple,

Chad (18m 22s):


Joel (18m 22s):

Platforms, right? So people could have asked those questions. Anyway, he moved into other shows called Four Days to Save the World. And his scam was, he would have telemarketers call influencers and sell them on the idea of paying $25,000 to $50,000 to be on these shows.

Chad (18m 40s):

Ooh, wow.

Joel (18m 40s):

They would build their brand, they'd be on Netflix and all these major, you know, platforms, they'd be famous and get their time in the sunlight. So these telemarketers in terms of, there's a five piece story in the Toronto Sun, which I encourage anyone to go read if they wanna know more about this. He cleared about five to $6 million in this scam. So he would get people to come to Toronto, or sorry, Montreal, on their own dime. And I came across the name Aaron Stewart, which we all know as listeners of the show is the CEO of Aaron was one of the participants, as I'm reading this story that actually went to Montreal. Aaron was convinced to bring out a guest, fly out on his own dime to Montreal.

Chad (19m 22s):


Joel (19m 23s):

They show for this show. It's a total crackerjack operation. People are totally scammed. Then they sign this NDA that says, don't talk about the show until it's released. Right? So it there's this inbed. People are silent about the scam because they're afraid to get sued because if they talk about the show, that's gonna be a bad thing. They actually had cameos, we're familiar with Cameo where celebrities give messages. So, this cat had Cameos by Ray Lewis and Elijah Wood, or Frodo as someone know from Lord of the Rings.

Chad (19m 55s):

Jesus Christ.

Joel (19m 55s):

So, part of the pitch was like, you know, Ray Lewis, Hall of Fame football player saying, you know, he's behind this organization, good luck with it, da da da. And so he makes it look like such a legitimate thing. People came out that are brands to be judges just for like the hell of it. They wanted to be involved in this project. Anyway, I don't wanna go on, I don't wanna give a similar oxygen than it's worth, but Chris LaVoy, who was Top Recruiter, people will maybe know the show, his organization, or if you go out to Human to Human is the website that's still around. Most of the shows are just trailers. But you can watch the Top Recruiter shows Chris's LinkedIn page is gone. Any kind of social media is gone.

Joel (20m 38s):

The Top Recruiter TV website is gone. You can go into and look at some of the old pages. But this guy has done stuff in recruiting. So if you're listening and Chris LaVoy calls, please do yourself a favor. Do your homework and act accordingly.

Chad (20m 57s):

Hang up!

Joel (20m 58s):

Act accordingly. Yes. This guy has a weird history of doing some shady shit and he, I think deserves aptly a Naughty Award from me for just being a douchebag, I guess. Like Chris LaVoy. Congratulations.

Chad (21m 14s):

The Douchebag Award. Okay. No.

Joel (21m 16s):

Okay. All right. Let's go back to the nice list.

Chad (21m 21s):


Joel (21m 21s):

Who makes your nice for 2022?

Chad (21m 24s):

Well, this one I'm calling the Bridges of Skills Gap County.

Joel (21m 31s):

Clint Eastwood reference. Nice.

Chad (21m 32s):

Yes, Exactly. Thought you'd like that. Ever since the US and other governments around the world started narrowly focusing on prepping kids for university and pulling focus away from the trades, we have started to see a huge gap in talent in the skilled trade area. This year, Home Depot created the Path to Pro program, where the Home Depot is helping businesses around the US to amplify skilled trades careers, and also surface educational programs to help people choose a path that might be different than going to university. The Home Depot's Path to Pro program should be a template for all other organizations who are experiencing a skills gap in talent pipeline shortage.

Chad (22m 19s):

This program itself could be an easy template and picked up by companies who need to drive talent into software, jobs, pharma jobs, engineering jobs, and the list goes on. So I think the Home Depot for me is definitely much like Slack on the nice for 2022 list. Companies have to step the fuck up and they've got to stop looking for corporate welfare from the government. You gotta do it yourself kids.

Joel (22m 50s):

Well, my nice recipient is a little bit naughty. Chad.

Chad (22m 55s):


sfx (22m 55s):

What are you doing? Step bro!

Joel (22m 58s):

All right, my nice for '22 goes to OnlyFans. OnlyFans had a minute in 2022, Chad?

Chad (23m 4s):

Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Joel (23m 5s):

The great resignation story after story. I encourage you, if you're interested, go Google, you know, OnlyFans, side hustle, success stories, whatever, but we've talked about on the show teachers, you know, side hustles, nurses, cops, Carmen Electra, GenX, you know, fireball starting an OnlyFans page, millions of dollars extra income. Like this was a huge story, sadly, in part because a lot of these women got fired for what they were doing. Now this is an adult site, they're adults. Kids should not be on these sites, you know, for teachers, you know, do you really care if your police lady is doing something on the side?

Joel (23m 50s):

Look, men are stupid people, stupid creatures. And you know, they're profiting off that stupidity, which let's be honest, they deserve, because we've been running the show for so long, they might as well get a little bit of something from us, from a cash standpoint. We remember Ukraine? OnlyFans banned Russian accounts. Ukrainian women in droves went to the platform for extra funds as they were under attack from Russia. 23 year olds are making millions of dollars buying investment properties. Bad baby. One of your favorite stars out there had receipts or proof that she had made $52 million on OnlyFans last year.

Joel (24m 33s):

The great resignation was a huge story in '22, which former porn star Bre Olson thinks is all traceable back to OnlyFans. So I want to end my nice with s share from Bre Olson, who, if you know Charlie Sheen, she was his girlfriend for a period. So she has a little bit of history there. You can Google her, but she has this to say about the great resignation.

sfx (24m 55s):

I'm watching 60 Minutes and they're like, where are the Gen Z female workers going? That is like the biggest one besides boomers. Where are they? Like they're quitting their jobs and they're not coming back and they're interviewing someone from LinkedIn and they're like, well, what they're quitting the most is service industry jobs and retail jobs. It's like, have y'all not heard of OnlyFans? Do you know the millions of women on there, on Fan Centro on all these other websites? Like, finally, now that sex work isn't stigmatized the way it was when I started when I was 18, why go put yourself through 40 hours a week when you can work five hours a week and make even more?

sfx (25m 41s):

Like, why is this a discussion in the news still? Really? Why?

Joel (25m 44s):

That's right. Kids OnlyFans. It's my second nice list award.

Chad (25m 46s):

Was she on a gondola? It sounded like she was in Venice and there was like music playing in background.

Joel (25m 54s):

She was in my living room, dude. We were playing Jenga.

Chad (26m 4s):


Joel (26m 4s):

All right, man, let's take a break from our naughty and nice list and get to our final naughties for 2022.

Chad (26m 12s):

Good idea.

Joel (26m 13s):

All right, Chad, you know, our fans want to end this on a naughty note. So who gets your second naughty award for 2022?

Chad (26m 23s):

I'm gonna surprise everybody.

Joel (26m 26s):


Chad (26m 26s):

I'm gonna surprise everybody.

Joel (26m 28s):


Chad (26m 29s):

Okay. Not so much. So my next one's called a new level of Indeed Jujitsu. So for years, indeed has demonstrated it's business jujitsu skills, and all coordinated to this one statement. It's for a better job seeker experience. Using that phrase, Indeed has cut off direct feeds of jobs from direct employers, stopped allowing free feeds from job boards and staffing companies because it was better for the job seeker, although if the job boards or staffing companies paid the ransom, then Indeed allowed their jobs on the site, which meant somehow magically those same jobs were better for the job seeker at the time.

Chad (27m 15s):

Then Indeed re-engineered from a job search engine to a job board when introducing the two paying upgrade, which literally stopped taking job seekers directly to jobs on hiring company sites to apply in one click and gave them an interstitial job description, landing page, just like a job board, and still charge the company's a pay per click as if the candidate was still landing on the corporate career site and they were not. All to this year, in 2022, the Ultimate Jujitsu move happened.

Chad (27m 56s):

Indeed introduced the Pay per Apply Start, which literally was the exact same model the Indeed Job search engine had prior sans the interstitial page. What this means is that Indeed just added another click and changed the term ppc to pay per apply start or ppa start. The exact same shit while raising prices dramatically. So therefore, Indeed made my naughty list for 2022

Joel (28m 27s):

And aptly so.

sfx (28m 28s):

Merry Christmas. ya filthy animal.

Joel (28m 29s):

All right. My second naughty. Here's a hint.

sfx (28m 32s):

bell chime.

Joel (28m 32s):

Alright, let's talk about fast food. One of my favorite topics, but not Taco Bell, who I was gonna say almost a nice recipient. Wow. And they're the lead on favorite for 2023 because they're releasing two different versions of the Mexican pizza, which, you know, I love. They're gonna add a spicy version apparently, and a triple decker crispy version.

Chad (28m 59s):


Joel (28m 60s):

Let's get to Burger King as my naughty. So Kevin Ford, an employee at Burger King in Las Vegas, has received over $100,000 in donations on GoFundMe. Why you ask? A video of him receiving a goodie bag on his 27th work anniversary went viral on TikTok and Twitter. Let me remind everyone, 27th year of work at Burger King. Okay, the bag contained, get this a movie ticket, a Starbucks cup, and some candy. Many online criticize the gift as inadequate. No shit. For an employee who had worked at the fast food chain for almost three decades.

Joel (29m 43s):

Ford's daughter created the GoFundMe page to allow her father to visit his grandchildren in Texas. The fundraiser quickly exceeded its original goal and received donations from comedian David Spade and others. Burger King say that the gift was a quote, "reward and recognition of a short-term positive performance experience". And that the company has a quote, "robust employee recognition program" end quote for such milestones. Robust employee recognition program, including, again, a movie ticket, a Starbucks cup, and some candy.

Chad (30m 18s):

Not even a lifetime supply of Whoppers?

Joel (30m 26s):

That's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. Burger King, man. Come on. Come on, man.

sfx (30m 31s):

Merry Christmas you filthy animal.

Joel (30m 32s):

Oh, man. All right. That I think, ends our annual show where there's little news to talk about and Chad and I review the year. That was 2022. Chad, that is our naughty and nice list and our binge worthy content from 2022. Happy holidays. It's been a good year.

Chad and Cheese (30m 56s):

We out. We out.

OUTRO (31m 40s):

Thank you for listening to, what's it called? The podcast with Chad, the Cheese. Brilliant. They talk about recruiting. They talk about technology, but most of all, they talk about nothing. Just a lot of Shout Outs of people, you don't even know and yet you're listening. It's incredible. And not one word about cheese, not one cheddar, blue, nacho, pepper jack, Swiss. So many cheeses and not one word. So weird. Any hoo be sure to subscribe today on iTunes, Spotify, Google play, or wherever you listen to your podcasts, that way you won't miss an episode. And while you're at it, visit just don't expect to find any recipes for grilled cheese. Is so weird. We out.


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