Seekout, JobandTalent Open The Vault

Cha-ching! Seekout, Jobsandtalent open the damned vault!

Let's just cut to the chase. This episode has everything our listeners crave:

- Mad investment dollars going into Seekout and JobandTalent

- International intrigue,

- Recruiting robots in your pocket,

- Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster and Amazon bashing,

- Women worshipping, and yes, even Burger King.

So throw that into your iPod Classic and smoke it! Special thanks to Sovren, JobAdx, and Jobvite for powering this monstrosity.


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INTRO (0s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (28s):

Oh Yeah. The only thing hotter than non fungible tokens and herd immunity. This is the Chad and Cheese podcast. I'm your cohost Joel "stimulus-bill" Cheeseman.

Chad (41s):

And I'm Chad "got my first shot" Sowash.

Joel (43s):

And on this week's show, Seek Out more like Cash In, am I right? Tim Guy in your pocket and BK says, get back in the kitchen. Have you tried this chicken sandwich yet?

Chad (55s):


JobAdX (56s):

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Chad (1m 45s):

Damn dude. So how was virtually podcasting in the great white North?

Joel (1m 51s):

Oh, it was lovely. I dressed extra warm with my Toque. That was a gift from the boys at Rec Text back in Christmas. And I may have had a sip of alcohol to keep warm as well. And also, you know, I'm just a better podcaster when I'm drunk. Yes, we had a good time. Hopefully, if you haven't heard that one, go check it out on whatever that podcast name is. I don't even remember.

Chad (2m 16s):

The Recruitment Flex.

Joel (2m 17s):

The Recruitment Flex. That's right. And no one knows flexing like me, so I should remember that.

Chad (2m 23s):

Yeah. I mean, Shelly actually coming in and guest hosting, she was delightful, knowledgeable and easy to listen to. Everything you're not.

Joel (2m 31s):

Yeah, I was gonna say so is nothing like our regular show. People must love that.

Chad (2m 34s):

Entirely. It was a great departure. Let me say.

Joel (2m 40s):

Thoughtfulness, intelligence, class.

Chad (2m 44s):

Nothing like our listeners are used to, which is why they probably liked it so much. She does love the sexy, careless, whisper saxophone. That's for sure.

Joel (2m 54s):

And who doesn't, which is by the way, why we're announcing that I'm leaving the show as of today. And Shelly is now moving, moving into my place.

Chad (3m 2s):

Don't say that. Cause you will, you will get her

Joel (3m 4s):

I need therapy. Dammit. This is my weekly therapy session and we didn't do it last week. So I'm destined to cry on this show. I may, I may release gas. I don't know, but I need some, I need some Chad time.

Chad (3m 19s):

Well, first and foremost, I need a big thank you because you would not be on the vaccination list right now. If it weren't for Chad looking out for you.

Joel (3m 26s):

Yeah, I appreciate that. So you actually got a shot. We'll get to that in a second, but yeah, you, I guess you got alerted that you're on some wait lists and then told me like, Hey dude, you're almost you're, we're both almost 50. It was like, Hey, if it's four months, four months before it or into it you're you can get it. And I was like, I don't know. And I went to the wrong link and you shared the right link and I was able to get on. So, you know, : I scheduled the earliest time of day, which was April 23rd at 12:20, I think here locally. So by our birthday, the 28th and 27th, I should be ready for the summer of love.

Chad (4m 3s):

Amen, brother. That's what I'm talking.

Joel (4m 5s):

Amen. Indeed.

Chad (4m 6s):

Yeah. I was lucky enough to have somebody actually looking out for me. They saw that there was a cancellation and they had just changed the age restrictions. So I literally got in the day before and I got the shot the next day. And that's when I contacted you and said, Hey, are you on the list yet? And you're like, no, we're not 50. And I'm like, that's what I thought too. But there's obviously a trick to this fucking thing. You have to be, you know, 50 in July or some shit, which makes no sense. But anyway.

Joel (4m 40s):

J and J or did you get a Pfizer? Moderna?

Chad (4m 43s):

I got Pfizer.

Joel (4m 44s):

Okay. So you still got to get the other one. I'm getting Mederna. I think I thought it was Modelo at first and I was going to get a beer. By the way, what the fuck is up with Texas? My 81 year old father who survived two bouts of cancer, isn't vaccinated yet. They've released masks. Like the mandate is out. So whatever's going on in Texas. It ain't good.

Chad (5m 8s):

If he was closer to any of those white, rich senators or representatives or some shit like that, or if he was like a huge donor, he'd probably they would have come to his house and are already given. Yeah.

Joel (5m 21s):

The Ted Cruz vaccination tour is what he needs to get on and Cancun, Cabo or Cancun. Which do you prefer?

Chad (5m 30s):