SmartRecruiters' New Pal

More fun than a press conference at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping parking lot, Chad & Cheese bring plenty of red meat this week. We're talkin' big acquisitions, ousted CEOs, empowered women, and ticked-off Mexicans. It's gettin' loco out there, amigos, so take a break from the world and slide away to the sweet sounds of two middle-aged white guys from the American Midwest.

It's a party, and Sovren, JobAdx, and Jobvite are bringing the appetizers.


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INTRO (2s):

Hide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast.

Joel (21s):

All right. All right. All right. Coming at, you live from the Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia, PA it's the Chad and Cheese podcast AKA HR's most dangerous. I'm your cohost Joel "Podcaster Elect" Cheeseman.

Chad (39s):

And this is Chad "We're Peaking Again" Sowash.

Joel (42s):

And on this week show Smart Recruiters gets a new pal, Hired loses a CEO and Mexican presidents don't fuck around. Time to pay some bills, this beer is not going to by itself people.

Jobvite (58s):

Jobvite the leading end to end talent acquisition suite. Named a leader in ATS, recruitment, marketing, CRM, and onboarding on G2. Kim B says "Jobvite is a user friendly passionate enterprise team that takes care of you. Jolly good." Jeffrey R says, "candidates are constantly telling us we get it right compared to other orgs." Love that! Results driven by AI. Connections built by humans. Jobvite, learn how you can evolve your TA function at

Chad (1m 28s):

Love that.

SFX (1m 29s):

We'll accept that. Yes.

Joel (1m 32s):

Which brings us to my first SHOUT OUT.

Chad (1m 34s):

Oh, Alex Trebek.

Joel (1m 36s):

Alex Trebek.

Chad (1m 37s):

Yeah. Oh man. My wife is hurting right now. She? Literally, I think she would, she would have left me for Alex Trebeck in a heartbeat or Sean Connery or Sean Connery.

Joel (1m 48s):

Does she prefer the mustachioed Trebek or the sans mustachioed Tribek.

Chad (1m 53s):

Do you like the mustached Trebek or the non mustached? (Chad's wife in background) Mustache? She likes the mustache.

Joel (1m 59s):

She likes the mustache? okay. Okay. I like the cleaner look myself. I like the, the more distinguished clean shorn Tribek and yes, Sean Connery as well. Our second favorite Scott next to Adam Gordon and entries and maybe third next to Mel Gibson are our second favorite scot.

Chad (2m 20s):

He's not a scot. Okay. he did play Braveheart. I get.

Joel (2m 27s):

Gordon gets so mad about us on Australian playing a famous Scot in history. But yes, two men that will be missed. I don't, I don't know of any like celebrity guests hosts. It was always Trebek like the dude was the iron man of game shows.

Chad (2m 44s):

Very impressive. Very impressive. I've got to say I'm I am sad that this week, and I know you are too Joel, that there are no listener questions. So I'd like to definitely make sure that listeners understand that joel loves to answers questions, so get some hard questions in here and we'll we'll ask Joe, he loves the, the diversity and equity questions the most though.

President Trump (3m 6s):

Don't be rude.

Joel (3m 7s):

Yeah. I love those. I love those. We allegedly have a new president here in America. The reign of terror from orange Hitler is over, we're we're hopeful. Anyway. So Biden and Kamala Kamala Harris. Dammit. I always make that mistake. Kamala Harris. Congratulations. Don't fuck it up.

Chad (3m 27s):

Does that mean not Nazi Barbie's not going to be on the TV anymore doing like press confeences?

Joel (3m 33s):

Nazi Barbie. That's nice. She has a nice leather skirt collection. I don't know. That must be a subscription model that she's yeah, the Ava Braun monthly.

Chad (3m 47s):

Oh, big SHOUT OUT to Nick Livingston CEO, founder, over at it's who mailed some bootleg bourbon balls. Did you get those yet?

SFX (3m 58s):

We'll accept that yes.

Joel (3m 59s):

Yes. Yes I did. I, I got to think because Nick is so square. He's so like by the rules that he wasn't going to ship alcohol for risk of like the feds showing up to his, to his house. So he, he went with the balls, the bourbon balls. So thank you. Thank you, Nick.

Chad (4m 15s):

I'll also in the mail Adzooma sent swag. Are you going to, are you going to go ahead and knock on the swag?

Joel (4m 25s):

No, you know, I'm a hard guy to fit, you know, I'm a big, I'm a big boy. I'm used to like getting XLs and then I just give it to my wife or my son is now like a large. He'll be the kid at school with like all these brands that no one knows of, which I feel for him. But yeah, it's, it's good stuff. I could always use more water bottles, pens and bottle openers. And who couldn't?

Chad (4m 52s):

Well, I liked it also, thanks to Adzooma for beer drop. And yesterday we had the beer drop tasting party and people, what does that? But we had Jennifer Shanahan, our first winner, she had about 20 beers that landed, dropped, beer drop on her front stoop. And we had an hour beer tasting with Chad and cheese and some of the, some of the dudes over at, at Adzooma. So we had a good time. So she had some one-on-one time with us. I don't know if that's good or bad. You're going to have to ask Jennifer.

Joel (5m 26s):

It was good. It was, that was fun. Like I think, I think I speak for everyone. Who's stuck in sort of a zoom business rut only talking about, you know, sales leads and you know, the bottom line. And, and it was just nice to like, I think four, eventually four of us were on this call, five of us, and it was just nice to hang out and have some beers and talk about everything from sports to weather, to clothing. To obviously we talked a little recruitment, but there's a void in my life. I think of socializing in that way. And if Chad and Cheese can help fix that void, that would be nice. But more on that later, right?

Chad (6m 5s):

That's right kids. Because if you want to receive, you know, a bunch of beer for free on your front doorstep contactless , and then have a, have a little tasting with Chad and Cheese, a little, little, little one on two on one time, then go, go and register.

Joel (6m 26s):

And I think will be, we'll be selecting November's winter a couple of weeks. So there's definitely time to get into the mix here for November. Give extra Thanksgiving. If you're here in the States and you celebrate Thanksgiving in November, unlike those, those heathens in the North, Canada.

Chad (6m 45s):

And Steven Rothberg also sporting the Chad and Cheese t-shirt look, you're looking good. Boy, That's where you can get the free Chad and Cheese powered t-shirts again. We are trying to make sure our listeners are getting beer making COVID a little bit easier getting Chad and Cheese t-shirts making COVID a little bit easier. Are we going to tell them about the new making COVID easier promotion?

Joel (7m 15s):

We sure can, but I do want to say goddammit Rothberg makes it into every show and I'm going to make sure he doesn't get in one of these weeks. Anyway, Stephen, we love you go. Vikings, right? Yes. So we're super pumped at our latest giveaway. So if you're a bourbon drinker, you already know, if you're not, you need to learn one of the most highly sought after bourbons in the world, Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve, this stuff is what, we've got is roughly $2,200 per bottle. And people like per bottle, that's retail. Like you pick up this stuff on the black market, you're going to pay three, four, five times that.

Joel (7m 57s):

All right. So who, who of our sponsors did we first think of to like back, you know, to like bank roll this thing, Robert Ruff. It was Robert, Robert Sovre