A.I. School for HR w/ Jeanne Meister

After our "Automation and A.I.: Is Your Job Safe" Smart Stage presentation at SHRM Talent we were immediately ambushed by Jeanne Meister who wanted to talk about taking HR to AI School, so we broke out the mics. Enjoy!

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Jeanne: I said I had ...

Joel: Oh, you don't put your name on your little pamphlet here?

Jeanne: No, I didn't.

Joel: I guess it doesn't matter, right?

Jeanne: It doesn't.

Joel: Well, we'll get to that. We'll do the intro here real quick-

Jeanne: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Joel: ... and then you can tell us who the hell you are.

Jeanne: Exactly.

Joel: What's up everybody? We're here at SHRM Talent, Nashville, Tennessee.

Chad: Nashville, man. It's warm, dude.

Joel: The outdoor edition of the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Chad: Love it.

Joel: Really enjoying the weather here right now.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: I think only a beer is missing from this picture right now.

Chad: A beer and then a nap, and a hammock.

Joel: Did I just say you need a nap?

Chad: I know I need a nap.

Joel: Wow.

Chad: After a beer and a hammock.

Joel: You heard it here first.

Chad: It's awesome.

Joel: We just got off stage talking about AI and automation to-

Chad: Shaking up here at SHRM.

Joel: ... a standing, standing room only I think is fair enough to say what we just did there, but so someone, a mystery lady came up to us.

Chad: She said, "I want to be on the podcast."

Joel: She's the, I'm going to go with founder of Future Workplace, okay, and she has partnered with SHRM to do some AI courses. So mystery lady, why don't you tell us who you are and why we should care, and then we'll get to questioning you.

Jeanne: All right, here goes. Jeanne Meister, founding partner of Future Workplace, an HR advisory and research firm. We have a network called the Future Workplace network of I like to think of them as the pioneers in HR that are on the cusp of trying the latest new ways to engage employees and create a more compelling employee experience. So we took a poll of our members about a year ago and it said, "What's the one thing that you really need to do better as we're entering 2020?" and they said, "AI for HR."

Joel: Of course, they did.

Jeanne: Right?

Chad: Of course, they, and-

Jeanne: And they said we don't know anything about it.

Chad: ... they need to do a lot of things better for HR, but yeah, AI is going to be able to help them do that. Is that how you feel about it?

Jeanne: AI is going to put the humanity back in HR.

Joel: I like that.

Chad: I do.

Joel: Can we use that?

Jeanne: You can.

Joel: You haven't trademarked it?

Jeanne: Yeah. Well, go-

Joel: So how long has Future Workplace been around?

Jeanne: Six years.

Joel: Six years. Okay, so you're a baby, you're still in diapers as corporations go.

Jeanne: Well, I'm just starting to walk really.

Joel: Okay, starting to walk. She's stumbling a little bit, holding onto the rail, but that's great. So your members want AI and where does it go from there?

Jeanne: It goes from there, they want to recreate the employee and the candidate experience. That's what they're after.

Chad: Okay.

Jeanne: They see a lot of opportunity to take the routine activities that HR is just burdened with quite honestly, and take them away and offload them to AI so that they can ideally focus on the more strategic areas like closing the sale, right? I mean, AI isn't going to make the job offer, but there's so many opportunities along the way in the sourcing process.

Jeanne: I think one of t