Greenhouse Green

Hallelujah podcasts can't be impeached! Because Chad & Cheese are always dancing on the line of what's legal in at least 17 states, and this week is no exception.

On this week's show:

Big investment in popular ATS Greenhouse

Buy or Sell with Syndio, JobandTalent, Swyg, and, Employee Navigator

HireVue finally buys a clue on facial recognition

NYC cracking down on hiring algorithms

Insurrection firings go into high gear

Get reincarnated as a Microsoft chatbot zombies

Yeah, we're not right in the head, but we go great with a nice bottle of bourbon on a cold night.

Enjoy another week, sponsored by Jobvite, Sovren, and JobAdx.


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INTRO (1s):

oHide your kids! Lock the doors! You're listening to HR’s most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman are here to punch the recruiting industry, right where it hurts! Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark, buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese podcast. udible>

Joel (22s):

Thank God podcasts can't be impeached. Am I right? Welcome to the Chad and Cheese podcast, boys and girls. Your favorite guilty pleasure. I'm your cohost Joel "banned from Pinterest" Cheeseman.

Chad (36s):

Chad "never been on Parlor" Sowash.

Joel (39s):

And on this week's episode, Greenhouse just got a lot greener, Hirevue gets nervous and rioting on the nation's Capitol will get your ass fired even if you live with your mother, which reminds me, Hey mom is my grilled cheese ready yet?

Chad (56s):

The meatloaf.

Joel (57s):

Hang on, people.

Jobvite PROMO (58s):

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Joel (1m 30s):

Oh shit.

Chad (1m 32s):

Oh yeah!

Joel (1m 34s):

This has me dancing. Like after the Browns won, hell yeah.

Chad (1m 41s):

This is a groove right there, man.

Joel (1m 43s):

Total groove. This is our new intro music right?

Chad (1m 45s):

That's that's that's our new group. That's all I got to say. We've got we're grooving.

Joel (1m 49s):

Heall Yeah.

Chad (1m 50s):


Joel (1m 50s):

Love it? Love it. Get funky with it. That's got some stuff

Chad (1m 54s):

Talking about grooving and some stank that then, then Browns put some stank on the seat of the Steelers A Team.

Joel (2m 0s):

Holy shit. I still think it's a dream. I'm ready to wake up, but they're their reward for winning is go play the number one seed at their place Sunday afternoon. But hey, stranger things have happened. My homes, my homes is due for a bad game. My homes is due.

Chad (2m 17s):

You got to wake up from the dream sometime, unfortunately.

Joel (2m 22s):

So he liked this weekend real quick. We got a Bill's and Ravens. Who you like there?

Chad (2m 27s):

Oh, I love me some Dobbins, but the Ravens are, the Bills are hot. I I'm sorry. I still gotta go with my heart. Ravens. Gotta go with Ravens.

Joel (2m 36s):

Okay. You got Ravens there. I guess you got Chiefs based on your last comment.

Chad (2m 40s):

Yeah. Yeah.

Joel (2m 42s):

And then we got Rams and Packers in Green Bay.

Chad (2m 45s):

Yeah the pack.

Joel (2m 46s):

Pack should roll that one. And then the old man go at it with the Buccaneers and the Saints with an average age quarterback of what? 43, 45, something like that. Who do you got there?

Chad (3m 0s):

Drew Brees has his boys back. So Camaro's back. And so is, you know, our boy Thomas. So I'm hoping they can pull it out. The problem is the saints have not been putting up the offensive numbers that we're used to seeing in past years. So, I mean, I really think that the Buccaneers that, they have the upper hand in this one.

Joel (3m 24s):