TextKernel Catches a Whopper!

Chad is too busy building his Portuguese real estate empire, we've brought on industry Brainfooder Hung Lee to the show to join Cheese and Lieven in tackling the continent's biggest stories. First, we're talking about the acquisition of Sovren by Dutch-based Textkernel. Then, we tackle the latest funding round by Jobandtalent, a company now valued at over $3 billion. Want some buy-or-sell, European-style? The boys cover Quinyx, Screenloop and Blink - no, not Blink182 - and whether or not they'd be buyers or sellers. Then a Dutch pizza company promised to send an employee to space. Is it just good PR or a sound strategy to recruit and retain the best and brightest? Gotta listen to find out.


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Chad and Cheese Podcast Does Europe INTRO (5s):

Some podcasts, do it for the fun. Some do it for the fame, Chad and Cheese they do it for global effin domination. That's why bringing America to its knees was just the beginning. Now they have their eyes set on conquering Europe and they've drafted industry veteran Lieven Van Nieuwenhuyze of Belgium to help them navigate the old country and bring HR's most dangerous podcast across the pond to trash-talk like never before. Not safe for work in any language. The Chad and Cheese podcast does Europe.

Joel (38s):

Oh yeah. The Omicron variant is ravaging Europe. The same month Chad is touring the continent coincidence I'll let you be the judge. You are listening to the Chad and Cheese Podcast Does Europe, everybody. This time sans Chad, who's busy building his Portuguese real estate empire. I'm your cohost Joel "variant of concern" Cheeseman. And I'm

Lieven (1m 1s):

I'm still just Lieven Van Nieuwenhuyze.

Joel (1m 3s):

Good enough. On this episode, Tex Colonel scoops up an American competitor, job and talent lands a $500 million investment, and a little game of buy or sell, and don't forget our mystery guests coming up. Let's do this. All right, everybody. I'm going to give you a little hint to our, our mystery guest. Ready? Here we go. Let's start with a little mood music then,

sfx (1m 27s):

What are you doing step-bro?

Joel (1m 30s):

Or you know, that sound means there's porn in the house. What's up, everybody. I want to welcome our favorite industry porn star Hung Lee to the show. He has no B game. Welcome Hung.

Hung (1m 43s):

What an entrance. THungk you for that. THungk you for that intro Joel. I really appreciate it. It helps my credibility and massively.

Joel (1m 53s):

So polite, such a Brit, such a Brit. So most of our listeners will know you as the recruiting brain food guy. Talk a little bit about that and anything else you think our listeners should know about you real quick.

Hung (2m 6s):

Okay, cool. So basically that's it. I mean, I write a newsletter every week called the Recruiting Brain Food. You should subscribe to it. And I do a bunch of other stuff around that, including, you know, live streams, videos, podcasts, et cetera, just basically talking to industry people and then supporting the ecosystem as best I can.

Joel (2m 28s):

And you regularly highlight the Chad and Cheese podcast. So we really appreciate that. Lieven how are you doing, man?

Lieven (2m 38s):

I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm feeling a bit omicron today, but nothing more. So I guess it's not a real difference.

Joel (2m 45s):

Give us, American's a bit of flavor of what it's like in Europe right now with Omicron.

Lieven (2m 50s):

We had to postpone the best festival was not the best Congress in the world. So we don't like Omicron, but it's getting better. It's getting better.

Joel (2m 60s):

Yeah. That was some bullshit. How about in the UL Hung?

Hung (3m 2s):

Okay. I think the UK has a slightly different approach. Whenever I speak to like our mainland European friends that have come over, they're usually quite surprised at how generally lax things are over here. But yeah, I think we'll probably get a few more days worth of going out before we all voluntarily kind of shut things down and move into the Christmas spirit, you know?

Joel (3m 28s):

You're saying I can still get a pint in Britain.

Hung (3m 30s):

Yeah. A hundred percent. You can walk in and get a pint, no worries.

Joel (3m 33s):

Life is good. All right, let's get some quick shout outs. My shout-out in this episode goes out to Austrian brothels. That's right. A brothel in Austria is offering free vouchers to adults who get their COVID-19 vaccine at the building. Fun palace, which is what it's called, I'm guessing that's Fun Palace in Austrian is located in the capital city of Vienna is hoping to boost vaccination rates as well as client numbers that have dropped during the pandemic. I'm sure they have dropped. Visitors will be entitled to a free 30 minute session and a quote "Sonic club"

Joel (4m 13s):

end quote with the lady of their choice if they get their shot. Austria has one of the worst vaccine uptakes in Western Europe. No word yet on how much the freebies are impacting vaccination rates, but I'm guessing they're moving the needle a little bit to the positive side if they're Hungding out freebies. Have you guys been to Austria recently?

Hung (4m 38s):

Not recently. Three years since I was last in Vienna so I am certainly overdue, although that's nothing to do with that new story.

Joel (4m 49s):

Nice. Lieven, do you have any shout outs? Anything you want to let the listeners know about before we get into news.

Lieven (4m 53s):

Okay, we have a shutout to the recruitment Congress, which was the Congress House of HR, which are organizers, so which should have been it's November 25th, but we had to postpone it because of Omicron. And now we have a new date. So does the shout out to the new date is May 6th, 2022. If there is no dollar Sigma or whatever, the events, it will be May 6th.

Joel (5m 18s):

Yeah. Which I'm sure it's equally nice to be in Europe, in May, as it is in November.

Lieven (5m 23s):

It's a much better, much better.

Joel (5m 25s):

Better, much better, much better. Yeah. I need a quick pity party. I, after being cooped up in my house, I was supposed to go to HR tech in Vegas, back in the fall, and my wife had an emergency appendectomy, so I didn't get to go. And then I was really excited to get out of the house to go to Europe and then this thing gets canceled. So I'm hoping that 2022 travel actually happens again. Hung, do you have any shout outs for the listeners?

Hung (5m 55s):

I do. I do. I have two sports shout outs this week because two exciting and remarkable things happened to two teams I support. So quick shout out to New Castle United football club who secured their first win of the entire season this week. They're still bottom of the league of course, however, three wins, three points is three points. So now joy bottom, which is fantastic and their hope is in the air. And shout out also too at the Detroit Lions, of course, in the NFL, similarly winless until last Sunday, they pulled it off.

Hung (6m 36s):

And, and that gives me hope. You know, it gives me hope that these horrendous units of organization can pull it together and turn it around and, you know, give the fans a glimmer of some things. So, yeah.

Joel (6m 50s):

So this is interesting. So I'm going to come at this from an American perspective. We have two or three games a year that, that happened in London. Usually I think Wembley stadium, the teams come in and the stadium is always packed and I tend to default to, oh, that's just Americans over in Europe that want to go see a football game. Now, are you just being nice because you're on our podcast or do you actually keep track of American football? And what is your sense of the English acceptance of the sport?

Hung (7m 21s):

I'm basically an outlier in the sense that I am a fan of the NFL. So I have followed the NFL for a very long time. So since that's true for, I even played it at a really basic level when I was a kid, cause there was a massive surge of interest in where you guys would call football, over here at around the time when I could play. But the reason why it's packed out is because of genuine fans. There's enough fans, basically in England, certainly to basically make the journey to go to an event, pay a hundred pounds or whatever it is, ridiculous amount of money.

Hung (8m 2s):

I think it's a big number these days and sit there for three and a half hours to watch these guys play. So, I think it's a genuine fan interest. I think that, you know, you're gonna get 50-60,000 people to watch these things, whether you get it every week, I don't know because it's still like what three or four times, isn't it. So it's, it's still like a big event, but I think that yeah, club will do well over in the UK.

Joel (8m 31s):

You're all for a London-based American football team.

Hung (8m 34s):

I would not say so now I wouldn't say so. I think the reason why the fans are interested is because there's the fans of