Google Rocks It, Glassdoor Rumored IPO, Monster says Job Search SUCKS & It's a New CareerBui

March Madness is podcast madness, apparently.

On this week's episode, the "badasses" are talkin':

- Wait... Albert the Frog has LinkedIn endorsements?

- Google keeps kickin' ass and takin' names in employment tech

- Bloomberg says Glassdoor is headed toward IPO country

- Facebook eyes global market with jobs plus messenger update / impact

- RealMatch is now PandoLogic, er, pandoIQ er, PandoProdux?

- New CareerBuilder looks pretty much like the old CareerBuilder, minus the orange Chucks

- Monster's new 'hype' video and adds purple Chucks

- Cash keeps flowing: Peakon get 22 million, Nomad Health gets 12 million

... and a shit-ton more...

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Joel Cheesman: Welcome to March, boys and girls. Welcome to Chad and Cheese, HR's most dangerous podcast. I'm Joel Cheesman.

Chad Sowash: And I'm Chad Sowash.

Joel Cheesman: On this week's episode, Google continues to kick ass and take names. Glassdoor eyes, Wall Street, and Real Match really rebrands itself, Pandologic Really. Really, Real Match? Stay tuned. We'll be right back for real.

Chad Sowash: Really, really.

Joel Cheesman: Really, really.

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Chad Sowash: I feel all nice and warm and cozy in my America's Job Exchange Columbia jacket.

Joel Cheesman: As I'm writing show notes in my AJE notebook, yes. They need a new ad, man. They've had that one for a while. We need to get on them for a little spunky ad.

Chad Sowash: Oh yeah, oh yeah. Well, I mean, [crosstalk 00:02:16] when it comes to compliance, you've got to sex it up, right? So we might have to do a little bit of that. We'll just put the Barry White of podcasting on that.

Joel Cheesman: Did you say compliance? I think you did. Oh man. All right. We've got two rants to start off the show. Do you want to go first or you want me to rant away?

Chad Sowash: Oh, you know I do.

Joel Cheesman: Okay.

Chad Sowash: Do you receive these random LinkedIn endorsement from people you don't even know?

Joel Cheesman: Yeah.

Chad Sowash: Okay, okay. So like Jeff endorses you for leadership. And I'm like, "I don't even know who the fuck Jeff is." I mean, I've never worked with Jeff, so I thought for some reason, I don't know why. But I thought I'm going to go check this out. I'm going to go check Albert the Frog's profile to see if this purple little guy actually ... No, seriously. I want to see if he receives endorsement.

Joel Cheesman: Don't tell me the frog has endorsements.

Chad Sowash: The frog has endorsements. As a matter of fact, six people endorsed a damn purple frog for talent acquisition. And this is gone too God damn far, LinkedIn. It's time to get rid of endorsements because we all know they're just a ploy to suck us back into your system. But they don't really mean anything.

Joel Cheesman: Did you know any of the endorsers?

Chad Sowash: I did not. I was actually second connection to all of them. But I do know, just being connected to this purple frog. I mean, come on. So Jim Stroud, buddy Jim Stroud, we love him. John Sumser, the couple of guys, they're connected to this guy. I mean, come on. They were not-

Joel Cheesman: Come on, Jimmy.

Chad Sowash: They didn't provide any endorsements although, I mean, come on. This is literally, this is not legit for a quote unquote "professional platform", especially when we have Twitter and Facebook going through all this validation shit with bots and whatnot. Don't play with the fucking purple frog, okay?

Joel Cheesman: Agreed, agreed. Now what company is the frog again? Do we know?

Chad Sowash: Preferred Hired, I think.

Joel Cheesman: Preferred Hired, okay.

Chad Sowash: Yeah.

Joel Cheesman: All right. Yeah. Change that. My rant is LinkedIn as well.

Chad Sowash: Really?

Joel Cheesman: Basically. So, I don't know if it's a millennial thing because most of the cases are with younger folk.

Chad Sowash: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Joel Cheesman: But they connect with you on LinkedIn and I appreciate the fact that maybe they listen to the show or they read my shit or whatever, but as soon as they connect, they email me and they want advise. They want connections. They want something. It's like, take, take, take. And you got to give in this industry, people. Don't just take. Give three times or more before you ask for something. Or at least tell me, "Man, you wrote such and such," or "When you said such and such, I really liked that and here's why." And then maybe get around to asking me for something. Don't just ask me for something as soon as I connect with you.

Chad Sowash: Well, that's not a LinkedIn rant. That is really a millennial rant but they're trying to get at you through the professional mechanism as we know as LinkedIn which also houses a purple frog named Albert. I know we have LinkedIn peeps that listen to us. Can you please fix this shit? That would be awesome.

Joel Cheesman: Fix the millennials' LinkedIn. If you can do that, we'll all be a lot happier. Okay, let's get onto the real thing.

Chad Sowash: Shout outs. Okay, so shout out to Thomas and Jim over at Talent Nexus. So, it's interesting because we're hearing so much about Google for jobs and whatnot here in the states because we see it. They're not seeing it in Europe yet but they're going on. From my understand, job boards across the pond are scared as hell about Google For Jobs.

Joel Cheesman: As they should.

Chad Sowash: The total uncertainty is apparently paralyzing them right now, which is another great reason why ... Listen up, people. If you're over in Europe and you're not going to TA Tech in Europe, in Dublin, this is one of these reasons why we have these types of conferences. You should be there. If you haven't registered for TA Tech Dublin. It's or go to

and click on the banner, "Meet Chad and Cheese". It's right there, too. But you should be there. If you're paralyzed or you're uncertain about Google For Jobs, then go find out about this shit, guys.

Joel Cheesman: Because Chad and I will be there. We may not be sober enough to remember our conversation, but we will be in Dublin at some point this month. Which also remind the folks of our Vegas tour later on in April, is that right? We're doing TA Tech in Vegas and also Shurm. So we're going to kill it in Vegas.

Chad Sowash: TA Tech, I mean Peter and the gang over there, they know and I think they've baby-proofed everything for TA Tech. I call it the Spring Edition. For some reason, Peter likes to call it a Congress but we all know Congress doesn't get shit accomplished. So I'm rebranding it at TA Tech Spring Edition. Once again, go to the Chad Cheese Website. Click on Meet Us, the Chad and Cheese. We're also going to be at SHRM Talent, who I guarantee you have not baby-proofed anything for Chad and Cheese while we're in Vegas.

Joel Cheesman: They don't know what the hell's coming at them at that show.

Chad Sowash: SHRM, SHRM, SHRM-

Joel Cheesman: Is engaging with us.

Chad Sowash: It's awesome.

Joel Cheesman: It's the end of the world as we know it. Millennial and SHRM, okay. Here we go.

Chad Sowash: You've been getting trolled by Jonathan Zila on Twitter so I wanted to give a quick #ChadCheese shout out to Johnathan. Love that guy. Keep trolling Joel. We love it. Mason Wong-

Joel Cheesman: All right, stop, stop, stop. Okay. Zila, number one, he's jealous of my beard because it's better than his. And number two, he comes off as this really nice spiritual sort of earthy granola guy. And then he just unloads on Twitter. So Zila, I'm not buying it, your little Recruitics, analytics company isn't fooling anybody. We know the real you and the next time I see you, I'm shaving the beard of, just to be ready.

Chad Sowash: Okay. So I would have your body guards ready. You won't need it for Joel because he's not going to do it, seriously. Mason Wong, also trolling you. He said, "Yammer my ass." He didn't really say that. I'm putting words in his mouth. He said, "Joel, you need to get educated on Microsoft Teams." Because we were talking about the whole dynamic signal thing. He's like, "Yeah, you got to get edumacated, Joel."

Joel Cheesman: Was this Mason?

Chad Sowash: That was Mason. Mason's trolling.

Joel Cheesman: Mason.