FIRING SQUAD: Jobiak's Founder & CEO Venkat Janapareddy

Venkat Janapareddy, CEO of Jobiak promises to take job postings and put them on Google for Jobs, SEO 'em and throw-in a good helping of AI. Can they survive the firing squad?

Gotta listen to this Talroo exclusive to find out.


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Chad: Hey, Joel?

Joel: What up?

Chad: Would you say that companies find it hard to attract the right candidates to apply for their jobs?

Joel: Well, Jobs2Careers thought so.

Chad: Jobs2Careers? You mean Talroo.

Joel: Talroo?

Chad: Yeah, Talroo. T-A-L-R-O-O.

Joel: What is that? Like a cross between talent and a kangaroo?

Chad: Ha-ha, no. It's a cross between talent and recruiting.

Joel: But-

Chad: Talroo is focused on predicting, optimizing, and delivering talent directly to your email or ATS.

Joel: Ah, okay. So it's totally data-driven talent attraction, which means the Talroo platform enables recruiters to reach the right talent at the right time and at the right price.

Chad: Okay, so that was weirdly intuitive but yes. Guess what the best part is?

Joel: Let me take a shot here. You only pay for the candidates Talroo delivers.

Chad: Holy shit. Okay, so you've heard this before. So if you're out there listening in podcast land and you are attracting the wrong candidates, and we know you are. Or you feel like you're in a recruiting hamster wheel and there's just nowhere to go right? You can go to Again, that's and learn how Talroo can get you better candidates for less cash.

Joel: Or just go to and click on the Talroo logo. I'm all about the simple.

Chad: You are a simple man.

Announcer: Lost me precious. Lost me precious candidate to what's it so sweet precious. Lost.

Announcer: Like Shark Tank? Then you'll love Firing Squad. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to put the recruiting industries bravest, balliest, and baddest startups through the gauntlet to see if they got what it takes to make it out alive.

Announcer: Dig a foxhole and duck for cover, kids. The Chad and Cheese podcast is taking it to a whole other level.

Joel: All right, all right, all right. Guys, we got a treat today. It's the non-chat bot firing squad episode. I know everyone's kind of sick of that shit.

Chad: Geez.

Joel: Today, we have a much different business. I want to introduce then Venkat Janapareddy. Is that right? I totally butchered that. I'm just going to call you Big Cat for the rest of the show. Welcome and give us a quick bio on you.

Venkat: Thank you guys. Thank you for having me. My name is Venkat Janapareddy, founder and CEO of Jobiak. Jobiak is my third startup. Both my previous startups. which I founded had successful exits. My first one, XpertTech, a technology consulting and staffing company, which I ran for eight years, got acquired by a UK-based private equity firm. My second startup probably you might have heard, Gozaik, which was a social jobs platform for Twitter and Facebook was acquired by Monster World Wide a few years back.

Joel: Fantastic. Thanks for being here. That was concise and we love concise. Chad, give him the rules of the show and we'll let him pitch.

Chad: All right, Venkat. You're going to have two minutes to pitch Jobiak. At the end of the two minutes, you will hear the bell-

Joel: Hold on, hold on, hold on. I need a bigger screen for ... For the soundboard.

Chad: That sounds like a personal problem. Then Joel and I will hit you with rapid

fire Q&A. If your answers aren't concise, you're going to hear some crickets.

Chad: You need to tighten up your game and move it along.

Joel: I think Big Kats got to go. I don't think we're gonna have crickets today.

Chad: At the end of Q&A, you're going to get graded by both of us. You're either going to receive big applause ... You killed it, great job.

Chad: You're on your way, but there's good amount of work to be done. Or what you don't want to hear is the fire squad.

Chad: That it's probably time to pack your shit up and go home. So that's firing squad Venkat. Are you ready?

Venkat: I am ready.

Chad: All right, Joel. Get her going.

Joel: All right man, two minutes starting ...

Venkat: Great. Jobiak is an AI-based recruitment marketing platform for Google for Jobs. For those who don't know, last summer, Google launched their own job search engine called Google for Jobs. Just to give you some stats, 70% of job seekers started job searches on Google today, which is roughly about 150 to 200 million job searches a month. But to get your jobs on Google, employers that are required to add certain code to the web pages. This process can take several weeks just to get started. That's why 80% of employers are still struggling to get their jobs on Google for Jobs platform.

Venkat: At Jobiak, we made this process radically simple. Using our platform, employers can now publish their jobs without having to write a single piece of code. Jobiak is very easy to use. It's a simple three step process. Using our platform, it takes about two minutes to get your jobs and Google for Jobs. We are the first to machine learning platform that can read any job web page from any site in any language and predict Google job schema tags with a 90% success rate.

Venkat: To achieve this, for the past nine months, we have hired 60 plus engineers across the globe, trained over a million jobs, and developed 27 different machine learning models. We launched our public beta four weeks back. We are having an extraordinary level of interest from employers and industry leaders. And we are super excited about it.

Joel: And we can learn more about you where? I always have to do this.

Venkat: Yeah, check us out at We do have a free plan where you can publish three jobs for free and get your jobs on Google for Jobs.

Joel: And that's J-O-B-I-A-K, correct? [crosstalk 00:06:09]. Gotta spell this thing for people. All right. That's two minutes, man. Chad, get them.

Chad: Whoo, okay. So the whole premise is Google for Jobs is out there. Your jobs are not on Google for Jobs. And we're going to help you get your jobs on Google for Jobs. Is it just that laser focused? Or is there more to be had here?

Venkat: They're two important points. One, first to get your jobs on Google for Jobs, that's part of our MVP. The next version, which we are releasing in December, it's going to focus on optimization of your job posting. It's okay to get your jobs on Google for Jobs, but you do want to get better visibility. So we have two goals. First, get your jobs on Google for Jobs and help you get better visibility in front of job seekers.

Chad: Okay, so here's some questions. We're gonna die deep into the optimization because a lot of the optimization that we hear about with SEO and whatnot's bullshit. So how are you going to help them optimize?

Venkat: Well, let me start with how I started Jobiak. First, you know, lots of my friends and colleagues have asked me what is Google for Jobs? What do we have to do to get my jobs on Google? So we scraped a million jobs from Google to find out who's really using Google for Jobs. Turns out 80% of them are from job boards and job aggregators and LinkedIn, especially in LinkedIn is 20%, Glassdoor 15, and ZipRecruiter 11%.

Venkat: So we took that data. Now, we are scraping additional 1 million more jobs. And we are going to look at Google jobs schema has nine different fields, as you can see on Google for Jobs. One is description, location, title, salary. We're going to look at all these and building a new machine learning model to figure out how Google is ranking when a candidate searches for jobs.