Events are Dead, Long Live Events!

While the planet largely remains in lockdown, turns out, employment is still where a ton of activity is still taking place.

Plus - Layoffs at iCIMS & Greenhouse - Oyster & Remote getting seed money - evolves into Hourly - Bullhorn is rumored to be on the market

- Are all COVID TV ads by the same agency?

Plus, the boys chat about the future of events ... is the future virtual, in-person or a hybrid of all that shit.

Enjoy this quarantined episode, brought to you via social distancing and Sovren, Canvas, and JobAdx.


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James Ellis: Employer brand isn't something you sprinkle on your recruiting like magic fairy pixie dust to kind of make it better. It is both a craft and a calling. If that's the kind of work you want to do with your employer brand, come join me James Ellis at the Talent Cast.

Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: It's quarantine time boys and girls.

Chad: Still?

Joel: Another 4.4 million Americans filed for unemployment this week, bringing the COVID total to 26 million, so how's your week going? Welcome to The Chad and Cheese Podcast everybody. I'm your co-host Joel almost out of toilet paper Cheeseman.

Chad: And I'm Chad get me the fuck out of here Sowash.

Joel: And on this week show, Karen joins the ranks of the unemployed. Indeed embraces it's inner warm and fuzzies. And yep, layoffs, they keep coming.

Chad: Layoffs?

Joel: Going to check my mailbox now to see if Chad has sent me a pink slip. Be right back.

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Chad: Yeah. Now you'll probably get an SMS from me.

Joel: Do I sense a little cabin fever setting in there my friend?

Chad: Oh, no kidding man. I mean, I'm looking forward to the NFL draft tonight.

SFX: Hell yeah.

Chad: The numbers keep mounting as you were talking about the unemployment and I mean just everything that's going on. You're just trying to find shiny bits. Yesterday was gorgeous. We got to spend all day outside working, which is awesome. Today it's rainy, so I'm really kind of pissy. But yeah, this is a perfect time to do a podcast.

Joel: Yeah. We get a weekend of rainy, cold, nasty weather here in Indiana. So I'm looking forward to that. Shout-out quickly to Big Red Liquors. If you're in the Indianapolis area, they have a sale 25% off everything made in Indiana. If you're in the neighborhood

Chad: That's a good call.

Joel: ... good discount on some decent alcohol.

Chad: Yeah. Now that's a given. And we do beer and whiskeys pretty well. Shout-out to Daniel Fellows from Get Optimal. He gets a shout-out because he has an adorable kid that thinks saying Chad and Cheese is hilarious. And it was funny, you saw his face when Daniel actually said, "Chad's in the army." And the kid looked at him like, why did you make this not funny anymore to dad?

Joel: We used to have our kids do the outro of our show and hearing him say, "Chad and Cheese." In an English accent really made me opine and long for the days when the kids did the outro. Maybe Dan, we can convince him to have his son who I don't know his name, do a little outro or some sort of soundbite for the show because I think that would be fantastic.

Chad: Yeah. Now, I think I might be able to actually capture off that video. Not to mention his kids, I believe helped make him that custom Chad and Cheese t-shirt we've seen on social media. Double shout-out to Dan and kids.

Joel: No doubt. There's your teaser for the upcoming Death Match on TAtech's conference. I don't know exactly what we're calling it now Unleash Online or something, but that's Monday.

Chad: TAtech Europe

Joel: Digital. Okay. That's coming Monday. If you haven't signed up for it, head out to and get registered. We have four awesome start-ups that we're bringing on to Zoom to Q&A. It's a lot of fun but a little bit different.

Chad: Certainly is.

Joel: And speaking of more events, there aren't enough online Zoom meetings out there. Our friends at Skill Scout are having their first ever. What are they calling it?

Chad: It's a film festival.

Joel: Film festival. Yeah. It's humans at work. The URL is unique. It's humans and then the word at, and then dot work. If you haven't signed up for that yet, got some great guests and entertainment and big brains presenting there. So check that out.

Chad: Yeah. I think with all the webinars, the COVID shit that we're hearing today and whatnot, we all need a break from that. This whole, I guess focus was really just bringing the humanity back into work. So very unAmazon like. Good job Skill Scout. Good job.

Joel: Who better than Elena and Abby Cheesman, no relation whatsoever, believe it or not, to bring a little joy into the industry. Thanks girl.

Chad: Somebody had to.

Joel: Somebody had to do the name Cheesman right, so I appreciate that, because I'm dragging it through the mud.

Chad: Thanks to Bruce Reed from PracticeLink for calling us a must listen podcast. Love the PracticeLink peeps, Ken and the gang over there you got to love it.

Joel: I'm going to give a shout-out to Ford Motors, sorry to bring it back to COVID. But the company is testing wristbands for their employees to alert you through good vibrations that someone is within six feet of you. Ford's doing a little bit of R&D I guess with protecting their employees, which is a good thing I guess.

Chad: Yeah. They're just taking those haptic bracelets that Amazon had to be able to track their people when they went to the bathroom, and they're using them for good instead of for evil like Jeff Bezos does.

Joel: This is going to be really bad for office romance. It's going to be really bad for office romance.

Chad: Ariel Lou Biag says to keep our insights and perspectives coming. We appreciate it Ariel. It sounds very French Canadian.

Joel: Yeah. We have the strangest names that love our show. Ariel Lou Biag.

Chad: We're global.

Joel: Global. Yeah. And speaking of global, the folks at Adzuna let me know that in light of our story of Indeed crushing former publishers of their content, that was an option. Adzuna wanted our listeners to know that they were also an option if you needed some content for your job site.

Chad: That's exactly right kids, get away from the evil empire we know as Indeed. Checkout Adzuna or today. Caroline Auto from Berlin won the HR hackathon selfie challenge. She and the wonderful [Eva Zilz 00:07:09.29] who actually orchestrated the entire hackathon event online will be wearing brand spanking new Chad and Cheese t-shirts.

Joel: Love it, love it, love it. Shout-out to my mood, which is pretty good right now. And in light of the NFL draft tonight and the Browns picking 10th, it's definitely an absolute yes that they will fuck my mood up later today. I'm going to give a shout-out to my current mood, which is relatively good considering the circumstances.

Chad: While we'll be watching, I'm sure Julie actually made a mention while we were watching TV the other night and I guarantee you we're going to see it tonight too. The COVID ads are all over the place and it's almost as if every company out there, every brand is going to the exact same ad agency and they're getting pitched the exact same thing. And all the brands are lik