iCIMS Snuggles Microsoft

Another 3.2 million Americans filed for unemployment this week, bringing the total job loss to at least 33 million since the national lockdown, so how's your day going?

On this week's episode: - iCIMS gets cozy with Microsoft, - CareerBuilder wants to unload, - Monster throws a Hail Mary ...and robots are corona-safe, so bow down to your metallic overlords.

Enjoy and share our sponsors some TLC: Sovren, Canvas, and JobAdx.


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Intro: Hide your kids, lock the doors, you're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion and loads of snark. Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for The Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Joel: Another 3.2 million Americans filed for unemployment this week,

bringing the total job loss to at least 33 million since the corona lockdown.

Chad: Fuck.

Joel: How's your week going, Chad?

Chad: Aargh.

Joel: Hey kids, and welcome to another installment of The Chad and Cheese Podcast. I'm your co-host Joel, where's my bailout, Cheesman.

Chad: I'm Chad, lockdown and pissed off, Sowash.

Joel: And on this week's episode, CareerBuilder wants to unload. Monster throws a Hail Mary and robots are corona safe, so bow down to your metallic overlords while you listen to this spot from one of our cherished advertisers.

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Chad: Software so human you'll want it to come to work for you because it can't catch the coronavirus.

Joel: Eat the dinner with a mask and gloves and six feet of separation.

Chad: Yes. Luckily this last weekend here in the US or at least in Indiana, in

Columbus, Indiana, we can get out and run and walk the dogs and those types of things. And Julie actually got out and she completed her first half marathon.

SFX: Hell yeah.

Chad: So that's a big applause for that. She actually beat her stretch goal and ran home after that. I think she ran home faster because she knew that a Summer Shandy was waiting for her.

Joel: Are we sure she wasn't just running away from you because she's been in lockdown with you for too much?

Chad: She was probably running away from me for the most part, yeah. She's like, "How much time can I spend away from this asshole?"

Joel: Because it takes everything I have not to slit my wrists after every podcast with you at this point.

Chad: Oh, you're so sweet.

Joel: I know, I'm so sweet. It's a beautiful day out today. Again, four weeks and the world heals itself. It's nice. Shout-Out to Terry Baker for a myriad of things. One, sending us booze, which we always love.

Chad: Love it.

Joel: But we had a surprise guest appearance on the PandoLogic Zoom

meeting encompassing people from around the world. I'll name a few of the people notably aside from Terry, Brendan Macomber, who's a big fan, actually had an image of us as his background.

Chad: He's awesome.

Joel: Which mental issues. I'm going to call him the Israeli Arnold


Chad: Moshe.

Joel: Moshe. Yeah, right. That was fun. And then Erin Karchefsky, a Brown fan who actually had the Browns helmet as her logo, that was a lot of fun. And then shout-out to those guys at PandoLogic.

Chad: Yes. They had some really good questions and I think there are many unanswered questions from the group. It was a large group, but from the group. I think we might come back just to have a Q&A session, because they were asking some hard questions. I really enjoy that kind of shit.

Joel: Reaffirmation that you weren't hugged enough as a child. You have to continually Zoom bomb these corporate meetings. Shout-out to Death Matches. You're dropping these this week and into next week I believe.

Chad: Yeah, we've got Cloud RPO that's dropped. Optimal just dropped today. SonicJobs is going to be out soon. And then the grand champ JobSync. I mean it was a virtual event, but that was pretty fun, right?

Joel: I had a lot of fun. I mean we didn't have mimosas and bloody marys on demand, but we certainly had

Chad: We had beer.

Joel: We had the kegerator on hand for sure, so I'm not hating life too much.

Chad: And thanks to all of the contestants, TAtech and those wacky kids over at Pontoon Solutions.

Joel: No doubt. Craig.

Chad: After all of that time with Craig at Pontoon Solutions, can you actually say that you finally understand what RXO is?

Joel: I do understand what RXO is and I want a Grim Reaper, whatever the hell that thing was that Craig had branded RXO for my office if that's possible.

Chad: Yes, you should get one of those, but I still don't believe that you know what RXO means. Next shout-out goes to Jacob Dooley, founder of start-up ShopHire.co. He said the brand relevance podcast episode that we did from Banff was money, and I'm paraphrasing.

Joel: It was. Very cool. Very cool. Well, I'm excited this week or this coming week, we're going to be doing another round of Death Matches. These will air on the 19th, tatech.org, register today if you haven't already. Sponsored by Joveo, our new buddies, who have great taste in booze as well. Shout-out to ... I got a Four Roses Small Batch. You don't know quite yet what you're getting.

Chad: Picking mine up tomorrow, so really excited about that. These guys, they're actually creating custom Zoom backgrounds for us. Obviously getting us bourbon. KJ over at Joveo will be judging with us but I wonder, and here's a challenge, I wonder if he's going to have a cocktail in hand when he's doing it with us because we will.

Joel: That'll be interesting. We've seen the backgrounds and they are safe for our kids, so it's okay to watch during work. We know it's easy to put headphones on, but we want to make sure the visuals are safe for work

Chad: Exactly.

Joel: ... and we've made sure to do that.

Chad: And real quick to the contestants.

Joel: Absolutely.

Chad: We have Adam Chambers and Applichat.

Joel: Yep. Our favorite Hispanic Irishman.

Chad: That's right.

Joel: That'll be fun.

Chad: Yeah, that guy can salsa with the best of other Irish men. Scot Sessions and TalVista. Our favorite Russian, Aida Fazylova at XOR.ai. And I'm really excited that Bradley Cooper will be pitching for RexTxt. I can't believe Bradley Cooper is going to be on the show.

Joel: Yeah. He kind of looks a little Bradley ask actually, not really.

Chad: Oh, wait a minute. That's Clark, shit, Bradley Clark. Goddamn it. For fuck's sake.

Joel: It's okay. I'm encouraging them to come as Doug and Bob McKenzie from Strange Brew, an eighties comedy classic. And also my first exposure to Canada I think as a child.

Chad: Shout-out to Tara Repecci from Beamery for listening to the show and connecting on the socials, been seeing a lot of engagement from the people over at Beamery. Thanks for listening Tara and all your friends over at Beamery.

Joel: Cool. A shout-out to Erik Kostelnik. Some will remember Erik, we've interviewed him once or twice.

Chad: He's going Postal, right?

Joel: Founder of TextRecruit. He just launched his new company Postal.io this week. And their motto is offline is the new online. What they do, it's pretty interesting, they try to sort of create analytics around, I don't know, old school mailings, sending gifts, cards, postcards, whatever. When you're trying to cut through the clutter and people's inboxes are full with spam, sometimes getting a letter in the mail is the best marketing. Shout-out to him, best of luck. He got $9 million too, so he's got that going for him.

Chad: Yeah. And it's sales and marketing and there's a shit ton of money in those industries as we all know. So incredibly smart, which obviously we know Erik is. Big shout-out to a Satish Kumar, COO of GLIDER.ai. Thanks for listening buddy and connecting on the socials.

Joel: Shout-out to probably my favorite honey badgers of corporate America these days, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. I know you love both those guys. Elon sort of went off the rails this week, had a kid, he tweeted out, our stock is too high. The stock then went down 10%. He's brilliant, but he's a freak. And apparently they named the kid, he had a kid with pop star Grimes or alternative star Grimes. I don't know if she's Canadian, so a whole different country. He had an interesting week. And then Bezos, and we talked about Bezos taking over Amazon again. He's back, he's bad, he's rested, he's ready. I encourage you to open your mind to a new Bezos era at Amazon. He said, "Stockholders, I know you want me to announce that we have profits." But he said, "Sorry." They're putting like $4 billion to be a corona woke organization in terms of keeping employees safe, paying people more. I'm just keeping the door open for Jeff to take the reigns of this whole employment branding situation they have and making it better, improving it, and hopefully even proving to you that they can turn things around at Amazon for the employees.

Chad: Yeah. Fuck employment branding. Let's just bring humanity back to Amazon overall.

SFX: Hell yeah.

Chad: Yeah, good luck with that. Hopefully we can Jeff, that would be great. As he kicks humans out the door and he starts to throw robots in the warehouses. A big shout-out to our friends over at HiQ Labs. They have a response going to The Supreme Court soon. Just want to say, go get them guys. Obviously we had you on very early talking about this pretty much from day one. And if you are a start-up, if you're in this industry and you're not one of the 800 pound gorillas, you should do everything you can to support HiQ in this case. Because they, my opinion, they are representing the little guy that is focused on innovation and LinkedIn in this case, sons of bitches who were trying to squeeze all of those different start-ups and really suffocate them.

Joel: Apparently from the news, at least one of the judges is open to h