Fantastic Four? Interviews w/ VideoMyJob, YouVisit, Seekout & AllyO

Hey kids, this week Joel was in San Diego at ERE and Chad was in San Francisco at a Biddle Consulting Group Institute Summit - swanky right?

Luckily between naps Joel was able to get some quick interviews from - VideoMyJob - Kristen Graham, Co-founder - YouVisit - Erik Carlson, National Ad Director - Seekout - Anoop Gupta, CEO - AllyO - Ankit Somani. Co-founder

Look for these companies to get in front of the FIRING SQUAD very soon.

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Chad: It's Chad. This week, Joel was in San Diego at ERE. And I was in San Francisco at a Biddle Consulting Group Institute summit. Swanky, right? Luckily, between naps, Joel was able to get some quick interviews from VideoMyJob, YouVisit, Seekout, and AllyO. The problem is, without me around, well, Joel goes a little soft on the interview. So look for some of these companies to get in front of the firing squad very, very soon. Enjoy.

Joel: I'm here with Kristen Graham of VideoMyJob. Kristen, give us the ... Well, you're Australian so welcome to the States here, first of all. Talk clearly, 'cause our audience is a little slow. Give us the elevator pitch about what VideoMyJob does.

Kristen: VideoMyJob is exactly that. We bring jobs to life on a scalable way for organizations to govern their brand and ensure their brand is ... Can we start again?

Joel: Pause. Go.

Kristen: VideoMyJob helps organizations bring their jobs to life on a global scale.

Joel: Very good. There are a ton of video solutions out there. What makes you guys different? What's your differentiator?

Kristen: So, VideoMyJob helps organizations film with in-app features like teleprompter, lighting balance, volume, audio enhancement. We then allow you to edit the video and add B-roll footage of your team or the environment that you're working in. And then, we share. So, we allow the organization to share throughout their ecosystem. Whether it's on a job board or whether it's on their internal Vimeo, internet, or whether it's an email or text message. Or on all their social platforms in the right file format.

Kristen: And then, we track that video. So the fourth thing we do, we track how the video's performing. How many applications it's getting. Views, comments, engagement, all that sort of thing.

Joel: There's some debate about video. About whether it should be sort of a high-priced ad agency manicured video, versus just push play on the iPhone or record on the iPhone and submit to YouTube. What are your thoughts on those two worlds? And where do you guys sort of come closer to?

Kristen: Sure. I think there's always a place for highly polished corporate videos, especially for TV and promoting products. But when it comes to promoting a job, it's the people that sell the opportunity. And it's ... people join companies for people. And a hiring manager or recruiter or even an employee in the job are the best people to actually describe what the actual opportunity is. So I think there's somewhere in between. Picking up your iPhone and recording, I think, is a little bit too casual for a corporate environment. But VideoMyJob helps you get that authenticity across in a video. And, yeah. I think that's pretty much covered it.

Joel: Yeah, to me, you guys ... And we certainly can't show this on a podcast, but you guys have some features that sort of allow you to have a raw type video but then also look professional at the same time. Talk about those features that allow users to do that.

Kristen: Sure. So, we work with an organization's marketing team. So we set the brand guidelines in the app, and then close it down so your employees can be generating the content but keeping their brand guidelines set to the company's brand. We also have governance across, in the app. Where a standard user can create, edit, and ... But the administrator is the one that shares and promotes the video.

Joel: And one of the features that I think is cool is almost a little teleprompter where you can have a script and be video taping someone and they can read the script. So anyone sort of shy of video and nervous, I think you guys kind of take that out of the process.

Joel: Tell me a little bit about your pricing, the product breakdown. What does your typical client look like?

Kristen: A typical client looks like a large corporate client who really has a great brand. They have a great employee brand and they want to bring that to life through using video. So, we have different pricing models for size of company. But we're just started out in America. And opened our office in San Francisco 10 weeks ago. And we're going to market with a US launch special of 2,000 a month. And that allows an organization across America to create unlimited video, have unlimited users on the platform. We also ... that includes your onboarding. So, your users get to go through our online training platform. We also have these cool little selfie sticks that you get for your team. And also all your brand set up integration, that's all included.

Joel: Any thoughts on VR? Augmented reality? Are you bullish on that, bearish? What are your thoughts?

Kristen: I love it. Especially if ... for grad campaign show days where you try to really immerse the person in the role. I think it's an awesome opportunity. I am struggling to see how that can come to life in everyday job ads. I still feel typical bringing a job to life through seeing real people is a better, more scalable approach to that. If VR can be scalable, how awesome would that be?

Joel: She's trying to speak English, which is her second language. So she's stumbling through some of this. It's okay.

Joel: Where can I find out more about VideoMyJob?


Joel: Thanks Kristen.

Kristen: You want coffee with that?

Joel: It's commercial time.

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Chad: It's show time.

Joel: Hey guys. I'm at the ERE conference, as you know. I'm here at the YouVisit booth. We're talking VR headset employment, which I've always found fascinating. Chad doesn't think so much of it, but I do. They are the only VR headset company here at the show. So I wanted to take a second to talk to them. Here I've got Eric Carlson, senior sales manager. Eric, how are you doing?

Eric: Great, thanks. Thanks for coming by.

Joel: Excellent. Well, give us the quick elevator pitch on what you do.

Eric: We create virtual reality and interactive 360 experiences for different use cases. From recruiting purposes, for training, branding, et cetera.

Joel: So a lot of people will say, "I don't have a VR headset. I've never done VR." What is sort of your opinion on the future of this? Is it really gonna take off? I assume your business is predicated on it actually being popular, or maybe it doesn't. What are your thoughts on VR sort of as a general business strategy? And ... yeah.

Eric: Well, VR ... Part of the ... Is VR is gonna continue to evolve as content becomes more available and accessible to be able to use it. Our platform actually, you don't need just the VR headset. You can actually access and have full interactivity on your mobile phone, on any platform. Tablet and desktop as well.

Joel: So you're working with Deloitte to do this. Tell us exactly what you're doing for Deloitte and how they're benefiting from VR.

Eric: Yeah, we've worked with a lot of companies. From Cisco, Deloitte, Pilot. And what we're doing is creating experiences that show a day in the life. So, someone walks in the door goin through ... it could be a different job track, for example. Something like that. With a compass group is something we created, where you can choose the job track that you're going on and now follow that person in a virtual experience, and a day in the life and see what their day is like and what it's gonna be like to work there.

Joel: What would Deloitte or one of your companies say is sort of the goal of VR? Is it actual leader candidate generation? Is it just a branding tool? What are they getting out of it?

Eric: It can be both. It's certainly branding. The part of it is vetting. You wanna get the right person who's truly interested in your company for the right reasons to come through the door to ... When, sometimes people are spending resources to bring people in for interviews, things like that too, you wanna make sure that you've vetted the right person and that there's true interest. Also, people are spending a lot of time researching your company. From going to LinkedIn, Glassdoor, whatever it might be. And going to your website. If they go to your website and find a link that can take them through a 360 experience and different parts of your company, there's a true value to that. For them to truly have an understanding of what it's going to be like to work with you.

Joel: Now, one of the things that your product sort of requires is that a user download a native application on Google Play or iTunes. Have you found that to be a hurdle for adoption or not so much?

Eric: That's only one component. You can use the mobile app for the mobile experience. Or, to put that into a VR headset. But the other components of what we do, as well, is that you can have the full interactivity on any platform. On a desktop or even a mobile device without downloading the app. The value to downloading the app is getting a fully cached experience. You don't have to worry about wifi, for example, or internet connection. But then also, being able to put it into a VR experience, which works really well. If you wanna bring some sort of cardboard headset, for example, to any type of event that you're doing or hosting. Or even use as a mailer to drive attention and to brand yourself.

Joel: Now, one of the things that I find amusing ... and I've been doing this for a while. When webcams were first on the scene, and not every computer had a screen on it, companies would actually send out branded webcams to candidates to then do over the internet interviews. And you guys have a nice little package here where I don't have to necessarily have a VR headset. I don't necessarily have to have the tools. So tell our audience a little bit about the packages that you're enabling companies to send to people, how they're using it, and just exactly how that's working.

Eric: Sure. We work with companies that you can actually ... it's called a cardboard headset. It folds down to basically like a four by six and a one-half inch deep. Very light. And these are something that you can actually brand. You put your logo information on it. On the back side, you can put the information. "Download this app. Put your phone into the headset." And now they have the VR experience. So this is something that you can use as giveaways and also as mailers. People will often mail it out, too, when you've identified a certain quality audience that you want to send this experience to. And now they have a branded headset specifically with directions to have the VR experience that we've created for you. And they're gonna hang onto this headset, as well to continue with your branding.

Joel: To me, it looks a little bit like a DVD box.

Eric: Yeah.

Joel: About the size of a DVD. Tell me about pricing.

Eric: Pricing ... the experiences really range depending on the level of interactivity that we do. We're a full-service solution from pre-production, going on location and shooting, post-production. Pricing starts in the 20k range and then builds from there depending on how many interactive elements we build into it. We are, with the experiences, able to take your existing videos and photos, et cetera, and build them in as hot spots, as well. So you can use your existing media as part of the experience.

Joel: Where can I find out more about you?

Eric: Come to

Joel: Thanks, Eric.

Eric: All right. Thank you.

Joel: It's commercial time.

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Chad: It's show time.