Live Show: Recruit Philly

What happens when you get about 100 recruiters in Philly to witness a live Chad & Cheese podcast? A whole lotta trash talkin' about CareerBuilder, Monster, Ladders, Indeed and anyone else who gets out of line, apparently. Grab a Yuengling and get jawn. You're bound to enjoy this live show.

Afterwards, give love to our sponsors Sovren, Canvas and JobAdx.


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Keca Ward: How many of you do listen to the Chad and Cheese Podcast? Yeah. They're going to be doing it live, and you're gonna hear this I think tomorrow, right guys? Maybe?

Joel: If Chad sobers up.

Keca Ward: Okay. Depends on the sobriety level of these guys. Please give a big, warm welcome. It is 1:15, so we can get going to Chad and Cheese.

Announcer: Hide your kids. Lock the doors. You're listening to HR's most dangerous podcast. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts. Complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark.

Buckle up boys and girls, it's time for the Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Chad: All right, Philly!

Chad: So, luckily, we got beer, because we almost left.

Joel: Yo guys, this is the weekly show, so you guys gotta represent Philly...

Chad: Right.

Joel: Because the whole world listens to our show. And all of you will be listening after today. But you gotta bring it for Philly in this weekly podcast.

Chad: Represent!

Joel: I just learned the word "jawn" so I'm going to try to work it in.

Chad: This is our jawn, so we're going to try to...

Joel: I'm a little gassy after that cheesesteak though, so I gotta work that in...

Chad: Sit over there!

Joel: How we doing, Philly? We doing all right? We have some great fans in Philly.

Chad: Yes.

Joel: For those of you who don't know, I am the Cheese segment of the duo here. My name is Joel Cheesman, believe it or not, that's not my acting porn name. This is Chad, which is pretty self-explanatory. But we do a weekly podcast, couple monthly shows, we do like a Shark Tank-style start-up interview. We travel a lot and do shows and interviews that way. Anything recruiting, you want to learn more stuff, who's out there doing cool things, we like to think that our podcast is the shiz. Or the "jawn", maybe, is what I should have...

Chad: It is, it is a jawn. It's totally the jawn. So yeah, we've got a world tour this year, it's been awesome. We just got back from Portugal, and now we're in Philly, love it, I mean, it makes sense, right? Right? But...

Joel: It's better in Philly.

Chad: What's that?

Joel: It's better in Philly.

Chad: Oh yeah, so much better in Philly. I mean, we definitely want to give some shout-outs. If you've listened to our podcast, right out of the gate, we like to give what we call shout-outs to people in the industry who give us live. Or we see some cool shit happening. Oh yeah, by the way, this is an explicit podcast/presentation, so you might have to do earmuffs every now and again.

Joel: I think we're okay in Philly.

Chad: I'm just saying.

Joel: I think Philly's all right.

Chad: Just saying. Gotta do it.

Joel: Montgomery, Alabama, that shit was bad, right?.

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Montgomery didn't go very well.

Chad: I don't think we're going to Montgomery, Alabama.

Joel: Yeah, and if you guys wanna shout out questions or have anything, please feel free to engage. Our show's about forty minutes, this is an hour that we have on stage, so we're bound to run out of gas. So hopefully...

Chad: He won't run out of gas. That's for sure.

Joel: Well, not that kind of gas.

Chad: That's half a cheesesteak.

Joel: So, think of questions as we go on and we'd love to engage with you guys and have more of a conversation...

Chad: Yep.

Joel: ...than us just talking at you.

Chad: So big shout-out, first and foremost, the guys who actually brought us here. Not just the Recruit Philly peeps, because they've been kicking ass, taking names, give them a big round of applause. But Emissary.AI. They are the guys, they brought us here. Without their gas money... Yeah. So if you've seen...

Joel: My twelve-year-old told me about that app, it's awesome.

Chad: Yeah. Nancy, if you could stand up and show the...

Joel: Nancy from Philly!

Chad: Yes. Nancy from Philly.

Joel: Early fan, early fan.

Chad: There it is. Chad and Cheese Podcast.

Chad: Big Emissary logo on the back.

Joel: Nancy stocked us in the early days. We were a little freaked out by it.

Chad: Yeah, so her and Ed, who's not here. Ed, what the fuck, dude?

Joel: Everyone add Zatisky, -tasky, what's his...?

Chad: Yeah, Ed Z, right? Yeah, Ed Z.

Joel: No one knows Ed? He put this thing together.

Chad: Yeah, he's part of team. Love it, Ed's actually off his... His wife is graduating from, I believe it's nursing...

Joel: High school, right?

Chad: Yes. High school. Big round of applause. For Ed's wife.

Joel: I'm so mad he wasn't here to hear that.

Chad: Oh, he'll hear it. He'll hear it.

Joel: I know he will. Love you, Ed.

Chad: Goddammit, Ed.

Chad: Patrick. Where's Patrick at? He got us the beer.

Joel: Patrick is...

Chad: Yeah.

Joel: Patrick is so jawn. Thank you, dude.

Chad: Dude, yeah. Patrick is so jawn.

Chad: I need to hear stuff from up top, too. You guys just can't be lazy and go in food comas, thank you.

Joel: We've gotta raise the roof up top. I love it. Terry Baker's on his phone, dude, he's see this..

Chad: There you go. Arsenio woof woof woof.

Chad: Jesus, dude.

Chad: Mark Feffer from HCM Tech Report. He actually came down so he could meet us and actually report on this amazing event, first annual, right? First annual, right? Every year? Okay. Just making sure this wasn't a one-time go.

Joel: We won't be back, so enjoy it while we're here.

Chad: Like "fuck these guys."

Joel: By the way, saying we're from Indiana isn't very dangerous. These crazy cats from Indiana. We're gonna break shit up.

Chad: It's like stealthy.

Chad: Judge Group, and also I want to read a tweet from o